24 Coolest Jaw-Length Choppy Bob with Bangs for a Mod Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A jaw-length choppy bob with bangs is a short haircut with textured layers. It adds volume and movement to the tresses, which means no more flat, boring short hairstyles!

Stylist Marion Castang from Vancouver, Canada, shares an essential tip if you want a choppy bob haircut. “Keep as much length as possible at first, and the same for the layers,” she states. You can always cut more if you like the result.

A bob haircut can be a drastic change. Avoid cutting the hair too short, as it may look awful and be a nightmare to style.

Consultation is significant before getting a chop. “Ask your stylist to adapt the bob to your face shape and hair type. Get tips on how you must style your locks according to your hair type and texture,” Castang explains.

A short choppy cut is very convenient to style. You can either do a quick blow-dry or iron styling. It would always look so chic, too!

Steal stunning and inspiring hair ideas from this gallery. Collected here are the trendiest styles for a jaw-length choppy bob with bangs!

Jaw-Length Bob with Crisp Choppy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#1: Crisp Choppy Layers and Bangs

A French bob enhanced with crisp choppy layers and bangs is not just beautiful but also creates a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle, perfect for natural texture. Choose a straight razor haircut to create an effortless style. It allows your hair to dry naturally without much effort. Seek out a stylist who uses a straight razor or a similar tool, as such tools are essential to achieving an effortless and easy haircut.

Vintage Choppy Bob with Bangs at Jaw-Length
Instagram @sarimercer

#2: Vintage Choppy Bob at Jaw-Length

A French bob is a vintage choppy bob cut at jaw length. The French bob is a classic style that works on any face shape. The choppier cut makes it less sleek and severe and more easygoing and natural. Styling will be best with a flat Denman brush and finishing with a little texture spray or light hairspray.

Jaw-length bob with soft choppy layers and delicate bangs

#3 Effortless Jaw-Length Bob with Soft Choppy Layers

This jaw-length bob features soft, choppy layers and delicate bangs, perfect for adding volume and movement to fine hair. The straight razor cut creates an effortless, lived-in look that’s low-maintenance and ideal for natural texture. Great for oval and heart-shaped faces, this style can be dried naturally or styled with minimal product. One unique feature is the subtle undercut at the nape, adding an extra touch of dimension and reducing bulk.

Jaw-Length Dark Auburn Flicked-Out Choppy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @frazerhair

#4: Dark Auburn Flicked-Out Bob

One of the best times of the year is underway, and dark auburn is appearing. It’s a color pallet with a range, so to avoid glowing, make sure to ask about the maintenance of the color. It can also look great in various lengths and styles like the flicked-out bob to pair sass with hue.

Soft Jaw-Length Blunt Bob with Subtle Choppy Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#5: Soft Blunt Bob with Subtle Choppy Layers

If you’re thinking soft and chic, consider a soft blunt bob with subtle choppy layers. A jaw-length hairstyle, this style of cut is best on straight hair for a more relaxed look and less movement. Style your choppy cut with minimal hair spray and a quick flat iron.

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Jaw-Length Choppy Bob with Bangs Blonde Cool-Girl Hair
Instagram @joeprofita

#6: Blonde Cool-Girl Short Bob for Fine Hair

Jaw-length bobs are the perfect combo of bold and classy. If you are daring and fearless of stepping outside your comfort zone, I suggest a French baby bang. This style can be worn straight and blunt or textured and wavy. The best way to achieve your look is by asking your hairdresser for styling tips.

Jaw-Length Dark Red Bob with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @salsalhair

#7: Dark Red Bob with Choppy Fringe

A dark red bob with a choppy fringe is a trendy shape that will make you feel stylish. In my opinion, a bob is one of the best cuts out there. Whatever face shape you have, a messy bob will work well. If you have a narrow face shape, style with volume on the sides. If you have a round face, the choppy bang and hair coming towards your face is an asset. You’ll want to style your bob tousled and closer to your head using a texture paste and your hands for awesome results.

Sleek Blonde Choppy Tapered Bob with Fringe
Instagram @kisasackadin

#8: Sleek Blonde Choppy Tapered Bob

A sleek blonde choppy, tapered bob is a creative and daring haircut style. Try a bold bang if you enjoy taking haircut risks. This shape is also a great one to transition into if you’re either growing out a pixie or would like to try a choppy pixie. A choppy bob will help you try a shorter haircut with a safety net of some length around your face.

#9: Jaw-Length Permed Bob Cut

A jaw-length permed bob cut can give young women two different looks with some great styling! A short hairstyle doesn’t have to be repetitive. It can take on several looks to fit the occasion. For a reserved white-collar look, a simple flat iron and bump will suffice. Then, take it up a notch with some mousse on naturally wavy hair for a slightly wet look.

Tousled Choppy Jaw-Length Bob with Wispy Layers
Instagram @kara.lovelocks

#10: Tousled Choppy Bob with Wispy Layers

Get into a tousled choppy bob with wispy layers. Women with fine hair can rock this choppy hairstyle with bangs and get the fullness they want with great razor cutting. Creating a messy or tousled look can be achieved with a flat iron and good finger styling. Paul Mitchell’s Work It! hairspray is a great product to finish.

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Wavy Jaw-Length Choppy Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @tonyelmendelek

#11: Choppy Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Get into a wavy choppy bob with side bangs! Rather than keeping reservations, give your short bob with bangs some edgy vibes with a choppy cut and a beach waves style. Razor cutting is the trick to getting this sharp look on the ends. Use a flat iron and light working spray at home to re-create your beach waves.

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Curly Jaw-Length Bob with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @heartandmane

#12: Curly Bob Haircut with Feathered Bangs

Try a curly bob with feathered bangs if you want something short with your curly hair. Curly hair patterns aren’t just for long hair. They can be worn in a cute jaw-length bob hairstyle and styled effortlessly. Women with naturally large wave patterns can let their curls do the styling for them, letting them fall where they may. This type of short style is great for providing fullness and depth.

Messy Jaw-Length Choppy Bob and Bangs
Instagram @keithkristofer

#13: Messy Choppy Bob and Bangs

If you’re thinking of chopping it off, consider a messy choppy bob and bangs. Jaw-length choppy bobs with fringe don’t fall flat, as they’re typically created with great razoring techniques. So many layers in short bobs with bangs will give you much movement and definition.

Flipped-Out Jaw-Length Bob Style with a Fringe
Instagram @feverfewhair

#14: Flipped-Out Bob Style with a Fringe

A flipped-out bob style with a fringe is trending again, as it frames your face effortlessly. A jaw-length haircut, this shaggy look is fringed out around the edges and highlights your face structure. To style a short bob with fringe, use a mousse and blow dryer on wavy hair patterns or pomade on more straight hair patterns.

#15: Graduated Bob with Thin Layers

A classic haircut to consider is a graduated bob with thin layers. Known as a stacked bob, this timeless haircut is great for women over 50. Longer layers in the front tend to keep some reservation with higher stacked layers in the back for a ton of volume. This is also a great style choice for women growing out of choppy inverted bob, where the back would grow out from a tapered cut.

Short Choppy Cut with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @megumicolor

#16: Short Choppy Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Rock a short choppy bob cut with side-swept bangs for a short cut that can still create a ton of movement. Short enough for wispy textured ends yet long enough to pull up in different ways, this jaw-length choppy bob with bangs can be chic at any given time. For the rose gold color, your color specialist should lift and tone with a professional color line such as Joico for consistency.

Shaggy and Jaw-Length French Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @funkee_cuts

#17: Shaggy French Bob with Curtain Bangs

Consider a shaggy French bob with curtain bangs if you’re short, but want more life to your haircut. Choppy bobs almost always need some good razor and texturizing shear techniques for movement. But if you’re already rocking a short layered hair style, re-shaping instead of cutting more off can do just the trick to give your short haircut more life.

Voluminous Jaw-Length Choppy Bob with Layers
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#18: Voluminous Choppy Textured Bob with Layers

Think grand if you’re going for a voluminous choppy bob with layers. To take this choppy haircut to the next level, some serious texturizing and razor techniques are necessary to give this layered haircut a ton of edge. For styling, use a pomade or working spray to piece the ends and fingerstyle.

#19: Short Feathered Razor Cut

Try a short feathered razor cut for something lightweight. Ideal for women with heavy and/or flat hair, a jaw-length choppy bob cut with bangs takes away weight and adds movement. Short haircuts with plenty of texturizing on the ends frame the face well and highlight your beautiful features.

Jaw-Length Choppy Shag Cut
Instagram @florence.hair

#20: Jaw-Length Choppy Shag Cut

Jaw-length choppy shag cuts are cute wavy haircuts you can have shaped up as you grow your hair from a “big chop.” Very soft in the styling, this choppy style isn’t so choppy. To style your jaw-length cut, apply mousse and use a blow dryer to fingerstyle to allow your natural wave pattern to create the look.

#21: Razor Cut Bob with Short Bangs for Thin Hair

Who says a razor cut bob with short bangs can’t be a soft look? For women over 50, a softer touch may be the desired look and feel. Jaw-length bobs can be tailored to give more movement with wispy razor-cut ends and finger styling.

Curly French Bob with Micro Bangs
Instagram @craftyourhair

#22: Curly French Bob with Micro Bangs

Consider micro bangs with a curly French bob if you want a low-maintenance style. Bob cuts with bangs can be easy to maintain, especially if you’re styling with curls for texture and bounce. For women who like to keep on the go, jaw-length choppy bob haircuts with bangs are a great fit! The texture on the ends and easy styling make the mornings easy-going.

Wavy Ombre Hair with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @deathrayy_

#23: Wavy Ombre Hair with Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs with a wavy ombre hair color are cool if you feel a jaw-length choppy bob with a fringe. For a more exaggerated fringe, have your stylist use a combination of razor techniques and texturizing shears. The ombre color can be achieved with the original backcombing or trending balayage techniques.

Shaggy Layers on Choppy Bobbed Hair
Instagram @samanthak_hair

#24: Shaggy Layers on Choppy Bobbed Hair

Shaggy layers on choppy bobbed hair with summer colors feel warm, especially with gold highlights. Ideal for thick hair, this jaw-length style keeps your hair full in the crown and edgy through the ends with razor cutting. Keeping the bangs cut long allows for some style versatility, swaying them to either side. Style easily with a large barrel curling iron and hair spray.

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