33 Jaw-Length Bob Haircuts to See If You Want a Chic Crop

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A jaw-length bob is a short haircut that grazes the jawline area. It looks cute in a low bun or a claw clip. It’s fun to wear with effortless waves, creating a trendy and flirty look!

Stylist Chelsie Meyers of Dallas, TX, suggests this cut to women with fine to medium hair types. It would still work with thick hair, yet more effort in styling would be needed.

Shorter hair is a commitment. “You’ll immediately feel the hair when it starts to grow out. It’s trickier to manage once it sits on the shoulders, so you must be willing to style it,” says Meyers.

Give some of your time to consult a trusted stylist. Ask if any modification can make your short bob easier to style and maintain.

Meyers loves a bob cut when looking soft yet very blunt. She creates an undercut and a lot of point-cutting on the ends.

“I don’t do a bunch of layering on the top. I like to keep most layers internal to achieve a blunt effect that still has a movement,” Meyers adds.

Do you want to try a fresh look? Here are inspiring images of the best and trendiest jaw-length bob cuts you must see!

Jaw-Length Wispy Brunette Bob with Short Layers
Instagram @nikcabral

#1: Wispy Brunette Bob with Short Layers

The wispy brunette bob with short layers is a gorgeous hairstyle, ideal if your hair is straight and has fine to medium density. It’s one of the best haircuts to create texture and movement and, at the same time, keep it classy, simple, and beautiful. The ideal length, based on my experience, is below the hairline at the nape.

#2: Jaw-Length Sleek Bob for Thick Hair

A sleek jaw-length bob on thick hair is a bold choice. I love cutting a bob on thick hair because it creates a gorgeous blunt perimeter. This cut pairs well with long round layers that bevel the ends, affording your hair movement.

#3: Short Boyfriend Bob for Longer Faces

short boyfriend bob with a middle part might be a suitable haircut for long faces. This haircut, at jaw length, mirrors the jawline and emphasizes its sharpness. Keep in mind that while this single-length bob is easy to style, frequent salon visits will be necessary to maintain its shape.

Jaw-Length Sleek Razored Bob with Graduation
Instagram @joeprofita

#4: Sleek Razored Bob with Graduation

You’ll fall for the solid yet refined design of a sleek razored bob with a graduated cut. The sleek shape is stunning in its simplicity. This hairstyle works wonders in slimming down round face shapes. Ask your stylist for a graduated cut to gently ease the lines of the style. Jaw-length bobs can be blow-dried with a medium round brush and a smoothing serum for an easy finish.

Jaw-Length French-Inspired Bob Cut with fringe
Instagram @ultraluxsalon

#5: Jaw-Length French-Inspired Bob Cut

Consider a jaw-length French-inspired cut with fringe. A jaw-length cut with fringe is a versatile option, offering a chic and polished look. A bob cut at the jaw length frames the face beautifully, giving a classic and elegant appearance. Adding a fringe brings a touch of softness and helps highlight your features. This hairstyle works well for various hair types, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. The length and layering of the bob cut allow for movement and bounce, and the fringe can draw attention to your eyes and create a youthful appearance.

#6: Jaw-Length Blonde Bob with Curtain Fringe

Adjust a jaw-length blonde bob by including a curtain fringe. Incorporating bangs into your haircut can revamp your look. A hairstyle with length at the jaw accentuates her sharp jawline and raised cheekbones. When ready for this look, seek advice on your hair and face type options.

Ashy Brown Jaw-Length Bob Haircut
Instagram @borisboriswho

#7: Ashy Brown Jaw-Length Bob

An ashy brown, jaw-length bob will give you an edgy, muted look. This cut is best for women with medium to fine hair. The style works to create a chin-length layered bob, too! To keep the ashy brown color cool, schedule toners every 6-8 weeks.

#8: Tiny Bob with Very Short Bangs

A bob with very short bangs is a perfect choice for girls looking for a cut that is bold and daring. Tiny bobs are all about embracing fun energy while maintaining a polished look. The bob is tailored to provide ample structure around the jawline and face. The short and choppy bangs add a touch of spunkiness. This cut is ideal for those with smaller features and a confident personality.

#9: Jaw-Length Bob Makeover

A jaw-length bob makeover can change your appearance by giving you a fresh and youthful look. This style is for women who prefer to keep their natural color but want to bring a modern twist to their hair. Ask your stylist to add texture to your hair for a more tousled look!

Jaw-Length Bixie Cut with Layers for women with short blonde hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#10: Jaw-Length Bixie Cut with Layers

Looking for a fresh and modern short hairstyle that will showcase your blonde locks? Consider a jaw-length bixie cut with layers. This haircut offers a feminine look that suits women with short hair. The layers create texture and movement. It adds volume to your tresses without compromising their length. If you love the idea of this cut, remember to select a stylist with experience working with bixie cuts. They can expertly blend in the layers and tailor them to suit your face shape and hair type.

#11: Jaw-Length Power Bob

Try a jaw-length power bob if you want a fresh style. Power bob haircuts are great for women who want to exude confidence and exert authority. Ask about the most appropriate length for your bob. Your stylist will educate you on what looks best on your face shape.

Jaw-Length Sharp Edges on a Bob with Bangs for women with thick blonde hair
Instagram @jaymahmood

#12: Sharp Edges on a Bob with Bangs

If you want a statement with your style, the best idea is to go for something bold. A short box sharp-edged bob is an iconic look. Chat with your stylist about where on the jaw you want it to sit. This style works well on fine to medium-straight hair. But if your hair doesn’t fit this category, chat about how you can manage this at home.

#13: The Sleekest Blunt Cut Bob with Blunt Fringe

The sleekest blunt cut bob with blunt fringe is super edgy and made for a daring person ready to take a hair risk. This is a great style for someone wanting a “wow factor” haircut. An ode to the ’20s, this mini bob gives all the retro feels. Ask for a blunt one-length bob that sits under your cheekbone but above the chin. You’ll also want to specify you want a thick blunt bang with minimal texture.

Soft Jaw-Length Layered Bob for Older Women
Instagram @nacirsomera

#14: Soft Layered Bob for Older Women

Consider the stylish simplicity of a soft layered bob for older women. If you want to get the most out of your aging hair, cutting your hair shorter will help. Shorter hair is easier for you to manage and gets rid of frizzy ends. Try drying your medium layers smooth with a metal barrel round brush and smoothing cream.

#15: Chocolate Bob with Copper Tones

Here’s a chocolate bob with copper tones that will make you feel chic. You don’t have to aim for a dramatic look to turn heads. This jaw-length style offers an effortless way of styling your hair. With its blunt cut ends, this bob brings out the natural beauty of your features. To get the most out of this look, I recommend using some serum or wax for shine and definition when styling.

#16: Chocolate Short Bob

This chocolate short bob is the best way to show off major confidence and a good outfit. Try to work with your stylist to create a length of this haircut that best suits your face structure. Incorporate a flat iron at home to keep your ends styled.

Vintage Jaw-Length French Bob Cut
Instagram @samvintagemama

#17: Vintage French Bob

The French bob is a timeless haircut. It’s great for all ages and will give you a way to look put together with very little effort. If your hair is wavy, this cut still looks good, but it is best for women with straight hair.

Short Straight Bob with Bangs at the Jawline
Instagram @bobhairdaily

#18: Short Straight Bob with Bangs

Consider a short bob with fringe for a posh and polished look. A short-length a-line bob is great for fine-medium hair types. Ask your stylist to add a fresh bang to frame your face. Use a flat iron to get a straight, shiny finish. For added protection, use a heat styling spray to prevent damage.

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#19: Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Want a carefree, easy-going style? A wavy bob with side bangs is for you. Jaw-length styles make natural curls pop for weightless, tousled hair. For naturally straight hair, a small curling iron can be used in alternating directions for a more natural messy look.

Jaw-Length Short Side-Parted Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @hair_trending_

#20: Short Side-Parted Bob for Round Faces

A short side-parted bob is great for round faces. The side part allows the hair to fall forward to frame the face and minimize roundness. A short bob requires minimal styling, and your stylist will go over what products will help support your style at home. Maintenance will be trimming every 4-6 weeks.

#21: Textured Bob with Grey Blending for Women Over 60

A textured bob is the perfect haircut for women over 60. Bob cuts accentuate the jawline and are easily styled and maintained.

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#22: Modern Jaw-Grazing Stacked Bob

For the woman looking for a new hairdo, go for a jaw-gazing stacked bob that never goes out of style. Soft and subtle layers blend seamlessly for height and volume. A bob hairstyle grows out softly for more time in between salon visits.

Asymmetrical Jaw-Length Bob for Women Over 50
Instagram @artistrybylyd

#23: Asymmetrical Bob for Women Over 50

For women over 50, show off your personality with an asymmetrical bob. For all different hair textures, jaw-length cuts can be worn straight and polished or with natural waves. With one side longer than the other, an asymmetrical cut shows off your edgy yet sophisticated style.

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Blunt Bob with Hidden Undercut at the Jawline
Instagram @tassojames

#24: Blunt Bob with Hidden Undercut and Side Part

If an edgy style is what you desire, consider a bob with a hidden undercut. An undercut will remove unwanted bulk and weight for thicker hair. A jaw-length blunt bob is suitable for any age and can be worn on all different hair types.

One-Length Sleek Bob Style at the Jawline
Instagram @larin_hair

#25: One-Length Sleek Blunt Haircut

To avoid weighing down fine hair, a one-length bob style is for you. Blunt ends give fullness to strands to look thicker. Bob styles are easily maintained and styled even for the hair impaired. Use a finishing gloss at the ends for a sleek and shiny finish.

French Shaggy Jaw-Length Bob with Messy Layers
Instagram @guilles.salon

#26: French Shaggy Bob with Messy Layers

If you want something chic and trendy, consider a French bob with messy layers. Jaw-length bobs are great for heart and long shape faces. Soft waves add a delicate touch to a messy, undone texture.

#27: Jaw-Length Blunt Cut with Blunt Bangs

Look like the cool it-girl and try a blunt cut with blunt bangs. For a heart or long face shape, the jaw-length blunt bob gives a more oval appearance. A short cut is great for easy maintenance and a soft grow-out.

#28: Soft Tousled Hair with Fringe

Get instant bedhead vibes with soft tousled hair with fringe. This carefree, jaw-length haircut can be achieved with a razor for more textured raw ends. Create messy bends in the hair with a flat iron and use texture spray to hold.

Jaw-Length Curly Hair
Instagram @hairhag

#29: Jaw-Length Curly Hair

Wash, scrunch, and go with the perfect jaw-length blonde bob for curly hair. A curly bob looks messy and effortless for a modern look. Style with a Denman brush to separate curls, and use cream to show off your corkscrew tendrils.

#30: Jaw-Length Graduated Bob on Thick Hair

Suitable for all hair types, including thick hair, a jaw-length graduated bob is stylish and trendy. Remove excess weight and bulk with a bob haircut to have hair fall into place with ease. Add a fun bang or pop of color to customize and show off your personality.

Razor Cut Jaw-Length Bob with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @bluecollards

#31: Razor Cut Bob with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

To give fine hair texture in an edgy fashion, try a razor-cut bob with shaggy layers and bangs. A jaw-length hairstyle with layers gives a weightless body and is easily styled for a bedhead, messy look. Use a styling paste and mess it up.

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Jaw-Length Choppy Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @stanleyman001

#32: Jaw-Length Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

To give fine hair a boost, try an edgy jaw-length choppy bob. Make your hair feel thicker and denser with a jaw-length choppy bob with bangs. Chip into the bangs to soften and give a feather-light feel.

#33: Layered Concave Bob

For a feminine look that flatters many different face shapes, try a layered concave bob. The inverted bob gives maximum body at the crown for big height and movement. The jaw-level cut does require a bit more advanced styling, so be handy with the round brush.