25 Striking Jaw-Length Blunt Bob Cuts to Complement All Face Shapes

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Jaw-Length Sleek Blunt Bob with No Bangs
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#1: Sleek Bob with No Bangs

For a simple, stylish look, try a sleek bob without bangs. A sleek bob creates a dramatic look, enhanced when it does not include bangs. A round brush and minimal layering make for an easy, sleek bob styling. A sleek bob requires a trim every 6-7 weeks to maintain its shape as it grows.

#2: Platinum Blonde Blunt Style

The platinum blonde blunt style is one of the most classic bobs. Great if you have fine or thin hair, a sharp, blunt chop can give the illusion of fullness.

#3: Jaw-Length Chop with Sweeping Fringe

One of the best things you can do for your face is to try a jaw-length chop with a sweeping fringe. This chic look highlights your best features while creating volume and body throughout.

#4: Super Sleek Blunt Cut with Dark Roots

Try a super sleek blunt bob with dark roots for a classy look. A blunt bob is perfect for women because it can be customized to your face shape, hair texture, and preferred length.

#5: Very Blunt Platinum Bob

A very blunt platinum bob is ideal for a woman wanting a statement hairstyle. Most bleached-out looks are perfect for girls who have 50% grey or more. As long as you know platinum is a high-maintenance color, it’s a fun way to make a statement.

Jaw-Length French Bob
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#6: Jaw-Length French Bob

Go for a jaw-length French bob because it works for all hair types. Jaw-length bobs give an instant slimming effect to the chin and neck. For a soft classic look, consider a jaw-length blunt bob with bangs.

Tousled Modern Bob with a Side Part
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#7: Tousled Modern Bob with a Side Part

Consider a tousled modern blunt bob with a side part that can be styled in so many ways giving its versatility. The most universal jaw-length haircut for all hair types and faces shapes. Short bobs will never go out of style!

#8: Tousled Bob for Fine Hair

A tousled bob for fine hair is a great way to add fullness and volume. Give your hair a thicker appearance and lots of movement. A jaw-length blunt bob for fine hair is easy to style or wash and go!

#9: Short Bob with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

A short bob with curtain bangs for round faces gives a playful look with the hair softly draping around the face. A jaw-length blunt bob hairstyle gives instant emphasis to eyes and cheekbones and highlights a soft jawline.

#10: Red Jaw-Length Bob with Short Bangs

A red jaw-length bob with short bangs gives a classic bob more of an edge! Perfect for women who want an edgy blunt cut, it gives the illusion of a classic bob.

#11: Jaw-Length Blunt Haircut with Micro Bangs

A jaw-length blunt haircut with micro bangs really emphasizes the face and eyes! Straight, fine to medium texture works best with a jaw-length blunt bob with a fringe.

#12: Blonde Micro Bob with Blunt Ends

A blonde micro bob with blunt ends is ideal for fine hair texture to give a fullness effect and look. Consider a jaw-length blunt blonde bob for an easy haircut to maintain.

Short Blunt Cut for Women Over 60
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#13: Short Blunt Cut for Women Over 60

A short blunt cut for women over 60 gives a youthful appearance and instant lift to the hair. Short hairstyles are perfect for fine to medium hair to give more fullness and volume at the root! Blow-dry for an extra bounce!

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#14: Jaw-Length Gray Bob with Side Bangs for Older Ladies

A jaw-length gray bob with side bangs for older ladies’ face frames softly around the face can help conceal any wrinkles. Blunt bobs can be customized for every face shape and hair texture, too.

Side-Parted Ginger Bob for Square Face Shapes
Instagram @griproff

#15: Side-Parted Ginger Bob for Square Face Shapes

A side-parted ginger bob for square face shapes gives an oval shape appearance by hitting around the chin softly. Ask your stylist for a jaw-length bob to elongate facial features. Create a deep side part for a romantic short style.

Blunt Bob Haircut with Side Bangs
Instagram @mix_use

#16: Blunt Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

A jaw-length blunt bob haircut with side bangs is a great way to add movement and texture to hair. Perfect for all hair types, the blunt style gives natural texture and is effortless. Give your classic bob a side fringe jaw-length hairstyle.

#17: Round Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

A round blunt bob for thick hair is a weightless and chic effortless bob style. The jaw-length cut is perfect for busy women that need a style that is short and fast to style! Consider a jaw-length blunt bob for thick hair to remove bulk. Use a flat iron for an extra sleek blunt hairstyle.

Soft Blunt Cut with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#18: Soft Blunt Cut with a Middle Part

A soft blunt cut with a middle part works best with medium to thick hair and textured hair. A jaw-length style elongates the neck and creates an oval face shape. Ask your stylist to use a razor when cutting jaw-length blunt soft bob cuts.

Textured Jaw-Length Blunt Hair
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#19: Textured Jaw-Length Blunt Hair

Textured jaw-length blunt hair gives a classic bob more of a tousled look. A wavy texture would be ideal for a jaw-length short blunt bob.

Messy Bob on Straight Hair
Instagram @nikcabral

#20: Messy Bob on Straight Hair

A messy bob on straight hair gives texture and movement to hair for effortless styling. Wavy hair is ideal for short haircuts.

Silver-Gray Blunt Bob
Instagram @aerielengland

#21: Silver-Gray Blunt Bob

A silver-gray blunt bob is perfect for women who want an edgy jaw-length style. Can be rocked at any age! High fashion colors are a great match with short hair, so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for this color and cut combo.

Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @aerielengland

#22: Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

A wavy bob with face-framing bangs is a great way to open up the face with more movement and texture. Ideal for straight and wavy hair for added lift and fullness. Ask your stylist for a jaw-length wavy blunt bob.

#23: Sleek Blunt Cut for Thin Hair

A sleek blunt cut for fine hair is easy to style and always looks chic. The blunt ends give a fuller appearance. A jaw-length blunt bob cut is perfect for fine hair.

#24: Jaw-Length Blunt Bob for Heart-Shaped Faces

A jaw-length blunt bob for heart-shaped faces helps elongate the neck and chin for a more oval-shaped appearance. Fine to medium hair types work well with a blunt jaw-length bob.

Straight Blunt Cut on Bright Copper Hair
Instagram @vegas_hairenvy

#25: Straight Blunt Cut on Bright Copper Hair

Fine to medium hair textured looks best with a jaw-length blunt cut bob. A straight blunt short cut on bright copper hair can really enhance the color by giving instant bounce.

A jaw-length blunt bob is cut in one length, grazing the jawline. It’s a short versatile chop that looks stunning on either straight, wavy, or curly hair. It’s a classic statement that’s suitable for any age!

Jammie Thompson is a salon owner and the Surface Hair educator from Saint John’s, FL who approves of this cut.

According to Thompson, jaw-length blunt bobs work with all hair types, but your face shape is something to consider.

“Embrace short hair that hugs your face and draws attention to your eyes instead of your forehead. You can have it with a fringe or face-framing layers to accentuate your best features,” she says.

Make sure you choose a chop that benefits your hair texture, too! For thicker tresses, try an undercut. For finer locks, slight graduation from the nape would do great.

Thompson guarantees that curly-haired women can also enjoy a short bob. The secret lies in the layers to create a flattering shape.

Keep in mind the maintenance. Thompson explains, “A bob needs a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the ends looking fresh and blunt. If you have bangs, ask for trims between haircut appointments.”

It’s paramount to invest in the right hair products and tools. Don’t miss out on using heat protection and conditioning hair care when styling your jaw-length blunt bob style.

When styling, Thompson suggests, “Start with a great smooth blowout for a couple of days. Add texture spray and curls for later days.”

Before your salon appointment, check out these inspiring images of trendy jaw-length blunt bob cuts!