31 Italian Bob Haircut Examples to See If Trying This New Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Chunky Ends on Italian Chin Bob
Instagram @revistaclara

#1: Chunky Ends

This textured bob haircut features clean lines, with the ends of the hair cut into chunky sections. These chunky ends add texture and create a unique visual interest to the overall style. This hairstyle can be worn straight for a sleek and edgy look or styled with waves or curls to add softness.

#2: Chin-Length Italian Bob

Try this flattering chin-length Italian bob. This versatile cut is great with thick or fine hair. You can add waves if you want a textured look.

#3: Italian Bob with Subtle Beachy Waves

An Italian bob is a hairstyle that can be enhanced with subtle beachy waves. For those with finer hair textures, I recommend the Italian precision blunt bob, a hairstyle known for its sharp cut ends. This will create a natural fullness. If your hair naturally waves, use a texture spray, like Hairstory Undressed. This spray enhances the fullness of your hair, supports the wave, and makes it softer.

#4: Shoulder-Length Italian Bob Cut

Try a shoulder-length Italian bob cut. If you want to turn your long, thick hair into a bob, this is for you. This type of bob reaches the neck or shoulders with a precise, beautiful cut. Keep in mind that you need to texturize thick hair for movement. But don’t worry, adding some crown layers can aid with that movement without turning it into a stacked bob.

Chin-Skimming Classic Italian Bob
Instagram @mb.hairartistry

#5: Chin-Skimming Italian Bob

This chin-skimming Italian bob is a great option for fine hair. The short length gives this cut a sharp edge that keeps your hair looking thick and stylish!

#6: Neck-Length Italian Blunt Cut

Check out this neck-length Italian blunt cut. A super crisp line is key for this blunt cut. You must ensure the stylist uses the sharpest scissors available. Blunt lines create fullness and can be the best way to cut fine hair textures.

#7: Blonde Bob with Natural Texture

The natural texture of this blonde bob showcases the edgy shape of the cut. The subtle natural waves add fullness and volume.

Medium Italian Bobbed Cut with Soft Fringe for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbynathian

#8: Italian Bobbed Cut for Thick Hair

Opt for a hairstyle specially designed to enhance the beauty of thick hair. This bob cut is tailored to accommodate the natural volume and density of thick hair. It provides a flattering and manageable look. The length of the bob can vary. It can fall anywhere from the chin to the shoulders, depending on personal preference. This versatile hairstyle can be styled straight, curled, or waved to suit different occasions and moods.

#9: Italian Choppy Bob with Natural Waves

The Italian choppy bob with natural waves is a trendy and effortless hairstyle. It beautifully combines a choppy texture with the elegance of an Italian bob. This bob cut is characterized by its slightly uneven, tousled layers. They create a chic and edgy look. The hair is expertly styled to enhance its natural waves, allowing them to flow freely. The choppy layers provide movement and dimension, adding an element of playfulness to the style.

Straight Layered Neck-Length Italian Bob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @amidoeshair

#10: Layered Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

This bob cut features carefully placed layers in the hair. They create movement, texture, and volume. The face-framing bangs add a stylish touch, beautifully accentuating the facial features. The layered bob can be customized to suit different lengths. It can fall anywhere from the chin to the shoulders. The hair is expertly styled to enhance the layers and bangs.

Middle-Parted Sleek Italian Long Bob
Instagram @naiomilo

#11: Sleek Italian Long Bob

The sleek Italian long bob is a hairstyle that offers a sleek and polished look. This long bob cut falls just above the shoulders. It’s the perfect balance between short and long. The hair is expertly styled to achieve a smooth and straight texture. This creates a sleek and luxurious appearance. The clean lines of the cut enhance the elegance of the overall style.

#12: Short Bob with Textured Waves

Here is a trendy and playful hairstyle that combines the classic bob cut with modern texture. This short bob falls above the shoulders, framing the face beautifully. The hair is styled with textured waves, adding volume and dimension to the overall look. The waves create a relaxed, beachy vibe, perfect for a casual or bohemian aesthetic. This hairstyle can be customized with a side or center part to suit your needs.

#13: Short Side Part Italian Haircut

The short side part Italian haircut is a timeless style that exudes Italian charm. It’s characterized by a clean and sharp side part. It’s expertly crafted to enhance the natural features of the individual. This haircut is achieved using precision scissors to create a gradual taper on the sides and back. They leave slightly more length on top. The hair is then skillfully styled to achieve a sleek and polished look. Try pomade or wax for added texture and hold.

Short Sleek Copper Red Italian Bob with Side Fringe
Instagram @roseweal.styles

#14: Copper Red Bob with Side Fringe

The copper red bob with side fringe is a stunning and vibrant hairstyle. The rich copper-red hue adds depth and intensity to the style, making it a bold and memorable choice. The hair is expertly layered to create movement and texture. The side fringe adds a touch of playfulness. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies looking to make a statement.

Center-Parted Bangs on Italian Neck Bob
Instagram @tiffogghair

#15: Center-Parted Bangs on Italian Bob

This versatile look features a bob cut that falls just above the shoulders. It has a center part that creates a symmetrical frame for the face. The addition of bangs adds a youthful and trendy touch to the overall style. The hair is layered and textured to provide movement and volume. The center-parted bangs beautifully frame the eyes and highlight the facial features.

Neck-Grazing Bouncy Layered Italian Bob Haircut
Instagram @nata.boo.hair

#16: Neck-Grazing Bouncy Layered Bob

Go for a playful and dynamic hairstyle that has effortless elegance. This bob cut sits just above the shoulders. It delicately grazes the neck and is enhanced with layers to create movement and volume. The layers help to add texture and dimension. Layers allow the hair to flow gracefully with every movement. This versatile hairstyle can be worn sleek, polished, or tousled for a more relaxed vibe.

Medium Italian Bob with Face Frame and Middle Part
Instagram @gosiadoeshair

#17: Medium Italian Bob with Face Frame

Opt for a stylish haircut that combines the timeless appeal of an Italian bob with a face frame. This bob cut falls between the chin and the shoulders. The face-framing layers are placed to highlight and accentuate the facial features. These layers enhance the overall beauty of the face shape.

Longer Italian Bob with Soft Curls
Instagram @trinaarnett

#18: Longer Bob with Soft Curls

Try an Italian bob for a neck-grazing chunky cut with volume through the perimeter. This cut works great for narrow jawlines. Add movement to this full bob by styling with some curls. Use a big curling iron about 1 1/2-2 inches to create more waves instead of ringlets.

Italian Lob with Subtle Waves and Middle Part
Instagram @harrisandfox

#19: Italian Lob with Subtle Waves

Try this Italian lob with subtle waves if you like a mid-length cut. This length makes it easy to style daily or wear up on those hot summer days.

Short Messy Italian Bob with Bangs and Choppy Layers
Instagram @lourosesalon

#20: Short Messy Bob with Bangs

Opt for this short messy bob with bangs if you have a natural texture! The texture makes it easy to embrace your natural texture.

#21: Face-Framing Italian Bob Hairstyle

Go for a face-framing Italian bob hairstyle if you like a cut showcasing your neck. This look will be so easy to style. You could just run a brush through it and be on your way!

Medium Italian Bob with Long Feathered Bangs
Instagram @jataifeather

#22: Medium Bob with Long Feathered Bangs

Try this medium bob with long feathered bangs. The bangs add softness around the face while also adding subtle volume.

Neck-Grazing Tousled Italian Bob with Layers
Instagram @thehairbros

#23: Tousled Italian Bob with Layers

Try this tousled Italian bob with layers! This look is glamorous and very easy to style daily.

Medium Layered Italian Bob Haircut
Instagram @mane.dame

#24: Medium Layered Bob Haircut

Try this medium-length bob haircut with layers! The layers offer just enough volume and movement without removing all of her density.

Middle Part Italian Bob with Bouncy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @hanakfreeman

#25: Middle Part Bob with Bouncy Layers

Try this bouncy layered bob with a middle part! The middle parting gives the look of glamour with a trendy vibe.

Curtain Bangs on an Italian Bob Cut
Instagram @k.d.colour

#26: Curtain Bangs

Try curtain bangs to add some interest to your current haircut. Curtain bangs offer the look of softness and natural volume.

Short Hair Italian Bob Haircut
Instagram @parlour__o

#27: Short Hair

Try a short hair style fur your next cut. Short hair is easy and quick to style with little to no fuss.

#28: Low-Maintenance Italian Bob

Try this bob if you’re looking for a low-maintenance style. This cut is quick to blow out and grows out great!

Thick Voluminous Italian Bob with Feathered Layers
Instagram @magiabely

#29: Voluminous Bob with Feathered Layers

Try this beautiful bob with feathered layers. The layers give this classic look, texture, and dimension.

Neck-Length Blunt Italian Bob with Subtle Waves
Instagram @squarefbyflo

#30: Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves

Try this blunt bob with subtle waves if you want a chic new look. The waves give this cut a playful vibe.

Soft Italian Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @lagriffstudio

#31: Soft

A gorgeous soft-looking bob comprised a few movement pieces and a smooth blowout. For medium and thick hair textures, this cut will hold its shape. Focus on an under-bevel bob cut allowing the hair to curve under easily. Ask for some face-framing pieces to create a wavy soft shape around your face.

Wavy Italian Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @caucopitea

#32: Wavy

If you’re looking for a modern bob with fine hair texture, ask your stylist for a blunt bob with disconnected crown layers. This will give your fine hair fullness through the ends and allow for some volume in the crown area. Add some waves to your hair with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron and finish with O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray.

The Italian bob is a unique cut infuses classic bob simplicity with inspiring Italian flair. Let expert stylist Ramsey Tobey guide you through this transformative style.

Meet The Expert

Ramsey Tobey
Ramsey Tobey
Ramsey is a hairstylist with over 11 years of experience.
You can find her at Beauty Bar Boutique in Wilmington, NC.

Hair Texture and This Bob

Ramsey explains how this bob stands out from the crowd. “Unlike the close-cut French bob, the Italian bob is about shape, texture, and volume. We owe big hair to the Italians,” she says.

“If your hair is thick, she advises you to ask your stylist for interior layers. This move can create motion without losing the blunt edges. For those with thin hair, Ramsey suggests a soft layer at the crown, coupled with texturizing, to avoid a droopy look.

For ladies with curly locks, Ramsey suggests seeking a stylist skilled in the art of dry cutting. A well-crafted cut with low tension keeps curly bobs from losing shape when dry. As for bangs, going for a curtain style with texture can steer you clear of the French bob look.

Working with Different Face Shapes

Ramsey talks about how this bob suits various face shapes. “An oval face can easily pull this look off with little tweaks,” she explains. “For heart-shaped faces, a curtain fringe flatters most.”

If your face is round, Ramsey advises a side part to disrupt symmetry and a mid-neck length to stretch your face shape. For square faces with sharp jawlines, the bob should fall below the jaw. This keeps the bob’s soft structure intact.


Ramsey also shares some of her secret styling tips. “For medium-density hair with a wave, styling cream like Oribe’s Creme for Style can give perfect shape when air-dried,” she explains.

For a quick fix before the office, Ramsey recommends a diffuser to boost natural waves. For fine hair, she suggests blow-drying a volume-boosting product like Davines’ Volume Boosting Mousse into the hair, followed by Waves with a big curling iron.

No Italian bob is complete without some texture. “Finishing with a texturizing spray like R+Co’s Trophy keeps the volume up all day,” Ramsey says. Lastly, Ramsey offers a tip for second-day hair — use a knotted headband or a resin claw clip for a fresh look. A simple switch in parting can also give new volume when weighed down by the morning rush.

Pictures of the Most Gorgeous Italian Bob Haircuts