Considering an Inverted Bob with Bangs? Here are 22 Cute Ideas

Trendy inverted bob with bangs haircuts and hairstyles

An inverted bob with bangs is a type of bob haircut that’s short at the back and gets longer towards the front and is pair. This fringed haircut is what you should get if your goal is all about framing and complementing your facial structures plus adding a dramatic edge to your look!

Short bangs offer an extra element to any inverted bob haircut, and they’re adorably chic! For a bolder take, full bangs would do the trick, but you can also opt for a side fringe to get a softer touch.

See how Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, and Emma Stone debuted their beautifully shaped bobs on the red carpet this year. Baltimore hairstylist Kristyn Wink does all kinds of inverted bobs with bangs. From loose, shaggy bobs with wispy bangs to straight and clean cuts finished with a full, blunt fringe – proving that how versatile this modern cut can be!

Maintenance and salon visits depend on what length you want to keep your locks at. A monthly trim would do if you desire to sport this cheeky cut for a long time.

With the plenty of combos up for choosing, it can get overwhelming at first! Don’t fret, as it’s all been done for you – check out these gorgeous photos of inverted bob with bangs that you’ll be taking to your hairdresser right away!

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Curly Bob with Bangs

Curly inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @skipdoeshair

Perfect for faces with a sharp structure, curls add fluidity to your short curly bob. Longer curls at the front and fringing bangs add a softening effect.

Bangs and Layers

bangs and layers hairstyle
Instagram @el_salon_margasaez

Accentuate your eyes with a full set of bangs to complete your layered bob. The grey highlights help the layers to be brought out even more.

Inverted Angled Bob

Inverted angled bob with bangs
Instagram @hairbyalanarocket

Full bangs on an inverted bob add effect to the modern vibes of this look. Add the layers of wavy caramel balayage and you’ve got yourself a clever cut that draws the eyes towards your face.

Bangs for Thick Hair

inverted bob with bangs for thick hair
Instagram @salondecoquette

For a chunkier look, try these stacking up short layers for your bob and your bangs too. The backside should be a bit leveled up, contributing to the inverted look.

Choppy Bob

Choppy inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @hairbyhaileyelise

A shoulder-length choppy inverted bob with bangs is very versatile when it comes to styling. It still has enough length to put up into a ponytail, but short enough to style it straight, wavy or curly.

Very Short Bob with Layers

Short inverted bob with bangs and layers

Longer strands than a pixie but still as savvy! This very short inverted bob with bangs has some asymmetrical features with the help of the chopped up layers.

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Inverted Lob with Layers

Long inverted bob with bangs and layers

These long locks are ready for a revitalizing new cut! Keep an inverted lob with bangs layered to keep form and style. More choppy layers are at the back that keeps a very chic look.

Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Inverted bob with side swept bangs
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

Consider a round bob with side-swept bangs. It’s easy on the nape and with flattering effects courtesy of the bangs styled to the side.

Long Bangs

inverted bob with long bangs
Instagram @minhwaleehair

An inverted bob takes on a new shape as this jaw-length cut features long bangs as its lead feature. A feathered cut gives a wind-swept appearance that softens your whole image.

Bangs for Women Over 50

inverted bob with bangs for over 50

You can still rock out those magnificent layers even at maturity. Shorter layers at the top create fantastic texture. The asymmetrical look accompanies the angular cut.

Wavy Bob

wavy inverted bob
Instagram @kourtnierayannhair

Waves plus layers are here to save the day from flat hair looking shabby! A wavy inverted bob with bangs will come alive with adding texture.

Inverted and Stacked Bob

Stacked inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @daniloborgesss

An stacked, inverted bob with bangs is great for thin hair,  as it can be quite stressful to give body and form. All of the stacked layers coupled by this chin-length bob is what your very delicate hair needs.

Bob with Side Bangs

Inverted bob with side bangs

Your asymmetrical bob could use some side-swept bangs to appear more charming by highlighting your striking facial features.

Textured for Fine Hair

Textured inverted bob with bangs for fine hair
Instagram @stylistcourtneyrenee

The more layers you add to inverted bob, the bouncier your fine hair can get! Also, the blonde highlights on brown hair make every strand looks greater, creating the perfect balance with bangs.

Wispy Bangs

inverted bob with wispy bangs
Instagram @anglette

Q&A with style creator, Angela Kim
Senior Stylist @ Hairroin Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a balayage blonde color and inverted bob haircut with bangs. This was our second color session to get her to a pretty beigey blonde. My most favorite thing about this look is the combination of modern color and a classic shape, especially with the wispy bangs.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut works best on fine to medium hair texture and someone who doesn’t mind spending some time for styling in the morning. I recommend investing in a great flat iron and a heat protectant spray to create this smooth and sleek finish. My personal choice is the GHD Platinum+ Styler and Davines ‘This Is An Invisible No Gas Spray’.

Shaggy Inverted Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kristie Kowalski
Hairstylist / Color Specialist @ Caruso Hair & Esthetics Salon in Pittsburgh, PA

How would you describe this look?

This metallic rosy blonde is one of my favorites. This tone is just the right amount of fun but still keeping it professional for the corporate world. She had come in with faded dark brown and a few highlights. I heavily highlighted her hair using Goldwell’s Silklift lightener. Then to tone, I first applied a shadow root of Goldwell Colorance equal parts of 5NA and 7NA leaving out a quarter from the front hairline to keep brightness around her face. The rosy toner on her ends was Goldwell Colorance equal parts 10BG 8SB@PK and 7AK@PK. I processed the shadow root and toner together for 20 minutes.

Her cut is a slightly inverted shaggy bob with a fringe. The subtle graduation and soft layering throughout was cut with a feather razor to create natural movement in the hair.

Her styling was inspired by your classic beach waves. I applied Goldwell Stylesign’s Surf Oil to her damp hair after cutting. Prior to blowing her out with a 1-inch marcel iron, I curled with a twisting and pulling motion leaving out the ends.

My favorite part of the entire style is the way the hair reflects the color in different lighting. One way she looks it will appear rosier. The other direction and it appears more smokey which creates a very unique and one of a kind color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

One of the statements I hear in the salon the most is “I wish my hair looked like this when I do it”. My answer always is that you need to use the same products that I do. It is completely up to you to purchase them. Styling products are just like ingredients for a recipe. If you do not have the exact ingredients for the recipe, it is not going to turn out how it was meant to. The same goes for styling hair.

When it comes to selecting a haircut paying attention to face shape is key. You always want to create the illusion of an oval shape. This is most predominately created around the hair with face-framing and fringes. My client has an oval face shape making my job easy. The cut is easy to maintain and style. She is a mom, so the ease of getting ready is key. With the texture created in this haircut, she can even let it air dry and get the same effect.

Heavy Bangs

inverted bob with heavy bangs
Instagram @abbiecas

The waves and layers make this cut all beautiful but the bangs really take this away! Bold bangs cut your face and flatters it for a contemporary look.

Q&A with style creator, Abbie Green
Hair Stylist @ Uniquo Salon in Stockton, CA

How would you describe this look?

This inverted bob cut with bangs is shorter at the back with longer pieces in front to keep the length around the face. There is a lot of texture to create movement and airiness in the style. I love how the blunt bangs make a statement and open up her side profile.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It would be great for anyone who has naturally wavy or straight hair. The bangs do require heat styling in order for them to lay straight.

A little pomade helps to enhance the texture and define the layers. The client in the picture has a round face, but the longer pieces help elongate her face.

Inverted A-Line Bob

inverted a-line bob with bangs
Instagram @betta_koral

A pronounced angle brought to you by this inverted a-line bob. The straight texture of this, even the angled bangs, creates a very neat look.

Q&A with style creator, Koral Joy Ragasa
Cosmetologist @ Regis Salon in Gainesville, FL

How would you describe this look?

It is the epitome of a classy, elegant style that screams for attention. It is perfect if you are looking for the stylish cut that is low-maintenance yet modern. This style has been very popular over the last several years and is even referred to as a power cut for women who are in leadership positions in various business ventures.

Also, this particular client of mine was gifted with gorgeous, soft, flawlessly sleek, and healthy hair that has a good medium-density as well as a smooth texture that isn’t too thick, too coarse, or too thin – it’s just right. Her hair cooperates so nicely when blown out that it’s like silk. I hardly ever had to manipulate it with any styling products or hot tools, so this haircut was absolutely perfect for her intriguing personality, her unique features, her stunning beauty, and her laid-back lifestyle.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Before you make the decision to chop off your locks, be sure that you take into consideration:

What is your face shape? Consult with your stylist on whether an inverted bob will complement your face. This bob cut style suits almost all face shapes. If you have a round or square face, cutting layers to slim down wide cheeks and adding bangs to cover a wide forehead are two things you can do to make it all come together nicely. If you have a square face, make sure your bob ends below your chin. This softens the angles of your face. You can even let your frontal strands reach your shoulder for an ultra-dramatic statement.

Layers mean constant maintenance and regular trims. Visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks. In certain cases regarding hair texture, getting layers will mean having to style your hair daily. Keeping a round brush and a hairdryer will come in handy.

For those whose hair tends to get oily and greasy, especially at shorter lengths, you may have to wash it more frequently than normal in order to keep it looking decent and fresh, so be wary before making that big change!

Swoop Bangs

Such a style has lasted for ages and it’s because the simple bob is magnified by an angular cut. This look is furthermore revolutionized by a conspicuous side swept bangs.

Q&A with style creator, Sergey Shapochka
Hairdresser / Co-founder @ Form a Beauty in Kyiv, UA

How would you describe this look?

I like to do both cut and color for my clients. Because I think that the color is the soul of the cut, it can enhance the overall look. I like to match the lifestyle and hairstyle of my clients, so I layered this cut first. Then, I outlined to leave more movement in shape, as soft edges make it look more feminine but still geometric.

The idea of color was to enhance her blue eyes, and the shadow root was a solution for this and of course the soft powdery nude blonde. I lightened the roots, cleanse the length, then tone roots first following the length. Then, I melted the roots into the length to make a soft transition.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Consultation is key. Think about if the look fits your lifestyle and hair condition, what will happen after going blonde, if you want change, and if you are ready to change some habits, clothes, makeup.

Also, during the consultation, ask about the look, how to style the cut, and what tools and products you’ll need to recreate the look. You should be ready to take care of it. Blonde ain’t cheap (treatments, styling). The cut will last up to 2 months but be ready to tone and treat your hair every 3 weeks to keep your look perfect. Trust your stylist.

Medium Length Bob

Medium length inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @stylzbystina

Cutting your hair can be a really helpful trick to bring out a youthful change. Multiple layers bring out a bouncy medium-length bob with the long bangs that will flatter the whole appearance.

Q&A with style creator, Christina Nicolaides
Hair Artist @ Your Space Salon and Spa in Toronto, ON

How would you describe this look?

A medium length inverted bob is sleek and modern yet versatile. My favorite thing about this cut and style is that it works as edgy and professional while still being low enough maintenance for anyone.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is perfect when you want to lose some length and frame your face without committing to a shorter cut or short bangs.

While this look is low maintenance, in order to maintain the shape and length, it should be touched/trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

Blunt Bangs

inverted bob with blunt bangs
Instagram @ciprianvaidahair

This inverted long bob with bangs is in high demand right now, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a timeless style that’ll never get old. This look is so versatile and can be adjusted any way you want it!

This cut is for the ladies who are wanting a low-maintenance cut but still wanting to switch her look up! It’s really up to you how you want to wear it and what your lifestyle is like.

For the women who do have to keep their hair out of their faces, this cut is so versatile that it can be adjusted to a slight angle instead of having it so dramatic.