17 Best Inverted Bobs for Thin Hair to Look Fuller

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An inverted bob for thin hair has blended layers in the back that create an illusion of fullness and volume. Chic and easy to style—it makes a nice wash-and-go type of cut, especially on straighter strands.

According to Evan, a stylist from Boise, ID, when it comes to inverted bobs, “Texturizing in your haircut makes all the difference in the world. With this, your hair wouldn’t look heavy in graduation and too blunt in the edges.”

Evan recommends layers to camouflage the finer pieces. If the top is thin, opt for more layers to help give the hair added volume and lift.

No matter how easy it is to style a bob, it still requires extra time to get ready each morning.

“A short-length cut benefits ladies who have hair that blow dries in minutes. All that’s required is a spray wax or texture spray to give it a textured finish,” he explains.

A short inverted bob hair cut must be freshened up every 4-6 weeks to keep it in shape. If you plan on vising the salon only a few times a year, it may not be for you.

Look bolder with this hair gem. These images of trendy inverted bobs for thin hair are sure to inspire you to revamp your look!

Inverted Volumizing Blonde Bob
Instagram @romeufelipe

#1: Inverted Volumizing Blonde Bob

Rock a volumizing inverted bob where it hits rights at the clavicles. A medium-length inverted cut is an optimal option for ladies who want versatile hair. Add layers as they would look great with texture and create movement. To replicate the voluminous style, blowdry the hair upside down.

#2: Inverted Bob Cut with Visible Layers

Your aging hair will love the inverted bob cut with visible layers. The stacked back leading into longer lengths towards the front gives the cut a nice shape. You’ll want to ask for layers around the face that look classy and brushed backward. The inverted bob will make the most of your hair texture, and you’ll love it.

#3: Inverted Cut Flattering for Fine Hair

Here’s a classic bob, flattering for fine hair! A straight inverted bob features a shorter back with a longer front. Such a cut has a sharp, curvy edge that works on fine, straight hair textures.

#4: Sleek Blonde Inverted Bob

As a stylist, I get asked a lot about what haircuts are the most slimming for round faces. This sleek, inverted bob is one of the best. The way the angle hits below the chin is very flattering. So don’t forget when you’re speaking to your stylist, to point out where you want the longest part of the angle to be.

Angled Shoulder-Length Bob for Fine, Straight Hair
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#5: Angled Shoulder-Length Bob for Fine, Straight Hair

The lob is an inverted shoulder-length bob cut that’s suitable for wearing by the majority of the ladies. It’s modern and versatile, which makes it ideal for any hair type, too!

For women who have thin tresses, an inverted lob is a nice go-to hair cut. The perfection of the cut’s perimeter looks awesome on fine, straight hair. It also offers an illusion of thicker hair.

Middle-Parted Inverted Cut for Thin Straight Hair
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#6: Middle-Parted Inverted Cut for Thin Straight Hair

Perfect for thin straight hair, opt for an inverted bob that’s styled with a middle part. It’s great for framing the face. What’s cool about a straight bob is that most women with any face shape can wear it. All you have to do is to customize the length.

#7: Short Inverted Bob Ideal for Thin Curly Hair

Ideal for thin and curly hair, an inverted bob is a short hairstyle that boosts hair texture. The layers are crucial for providing tresses maximum fullness. With such a chin-length bob, keep a curl enhancer handy all the time. It intensifies the hair’s natural shape, tames frizz, and adds shine to it.

Inverted Choppy Bob Cut
Instagram @jlsalon

#8: Inverted Choppy Bob Cut

Give an inverted bob extra choppy layers by asking a stylist for a razor cut. It adds a soft and edgy texture to fine locks while giving it an illusion of thick hair. For a more lived-in hair style, paint your choppy bob with a blonde balayage. The dimensional illusion should enhance the hair texture, as well.

#9: Low-Maintenance Inverted Bob with Layers

An inverted bob with layers is a hairstyle for ladies of all ages. It looks terrific on both younger and older women. The layers give fine tresses a bulky and rounded shape. They also add a subtle movement, so hair won’t appear lifeless.

Created by hairstylist Aimee Uyen Le, this particular bob looks good with any hair color. It’s a fast haircut and easy to maintain.

“Simply quick blowdry using your fingers after washing your hair. Add 1 drop of hair oil serum into your palm and gently massage into your hair to weigh the flyaway hairs down,” Le suggests.

An inverted bob hairstyle works best on oval, square, or diamond face shapes. Style your hair with an oil serum mixed with lightweight pomade.

#10: Stacked and Inverted Short Bob

The steep graduation A-line bob haircut is stacked and inverted to make thin tresses appear bulkier. The back area has shorter layers, and the strands get longer toward the front. According to stylist Heather Mancias of Texas, women should keep it short and stacked for volume.

An inverted and jagged short bob for thin hair is a classic cut and works well with all textures and face shapes. When styling, this requires little to no effort. It goes well with a sleek style or a wavy one.

Mancias states, “If your hair is finer, use the Lanza foundation mousse. Then blow-dry your hair by pushing it upward around the shape of your head. It creates lots of lift and movement.”

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Short and Texturized Bob on Thin Tresses
Instagram @trinnie_hair

#11: Short and Texturized Bob on Thin Tresses

Go short and inverted if your hair lacks volume, texture, and movement. Though a bob may work on thick tresses, it works much better on thin locks. It only takes minimal effort to get a dramatic, tousled style and to maintain an inverted chop.

#12: Gorgeously Layered and Inverted

Consider a gorgeously inverted layered bob haircut for thin hair, so the bulk it creates can form an illusion of a thicker look. Women with thin tresses will love it! To accentuate the layers, give the ends a slight curl. That also gives movement to the hair.

#13: Heavily Textured Inverted Lob

A lob haircut that’s heavily textured and inverted suits women with straight and thin locks. The texture is sure to make the hair look full of life. Adding balayage highlights and loose waves would also be a great idea. They form a dimension that allows the hair to have a thicker illusion.

#14: The Messy Bob with Micro Bangs for Thin Locks

The inverted messy bob is one of the best haircuts for thin hair. The shorter it is and the messier it gets, the fuller the hair appears. If tresses are too straight, the tousled style helps to add more volume and movement. Feel free to chop off some strands to create micro bangs, too. They carry out a younger-looking effect.

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#15: Gorgeous Back View of an Inverted Lob

A flawless-looking inverted medium bob has a gorgeous back view. Always. An inverted bob haircut looks better on straight, fine hair as it shows the perimeter very well. With its side-parted style, it makes a trend that suits ladies with an oval face shape. It’s not too late to get a fresh chop!

Inverted and Shaggy Cut for Thin Hair
Instagram @cgcut

#16: Inverted and Shaggy Cut for Thin Hair

An inverted and shaggy cut is a razored shag lob, designed by stylist Christina Garcia of Seal Beach, CA. It contains internal layering and it’s over-textured for optimal movement and shattered ends. The cut can be modified to each woman’s density and desired shagginess, too.

Garcia notes, “An inverted shaggy bob is great for women who like a lived-in look. It’s great for air-dry women, but it’s also easy to toss in some thermal waves. To style, use sea salt and thermal oil, then finish with a cream wax.”

Textured Wavy Long Bob on Thin Hair
Instagram @lizkhair

#17: Textured Wavy Long Bob on Thin Hair

A classic textured long bob is a blunt but slightly angled cut for thin hair to have the illusion of a thicker edge. It’s curled away from the face, leaving the ends out for a loose wave. Hairstylist Liz of Vancouver, WA recommends some texture spray and hairspray when styling a lob cut.

She notes, “Inverted textured long bobs are a universal cut that works for most hair types. They’re best for women that don’t want to spend too much time on their hair, yet still look put together.”

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