25 High Stacked, Inverted Bob Haircuts for Edgy, Dramatic Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A high stacked bob is a short-length haircut with a pile of shorter layers in the back. As a precision cut, its distinct details are its dramatic angle and sharp edges.

Hairdresser Jessica Garnica of Houston, TX loves how a bob’s versatility can benefit most women.

Fine hair gains volume as the stacked layers create body and movement. Then, thick locks that are difficult to style become more manageable. Removing bulk and thinning out the ends can cut the styling time to 15 minutes.

A stacked short bob can be uncomfortable to wear on curly, kinky, and frizzy hair types. Garnica states, “The hair might appear puffier since the curls tend to shrink when shorter.”

The chop, however, could work with the help of a round brush, flat iron, or curling tong.

Face shapes are essential to consider before getting a haircut or even just a fringe. “If you have a round face and opt for a chin-length cut, your face might look rounder,” says Garnica.

Ladies wanting a stacked bob should know that a consultation would be useful. Discuss if your desired cut suits your lifestyle, and get tips on how to style it at home.

Garnica adds, “Keep in mind to consistently trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, it may lose its shape and can be more challenging to style.”

Ready for a big chop? You should see these images of the trendiest high stacked inverted bob haircuts and hairstyles now!

Pale Blonde Highly Stacked Bob
Instagram @_natta_2308

#1: Pale Blonde Highly Stacked Bob

Go for a trendy haircut with a pale blonde highly stacked bob. If you want massive volume at your crown a stacked bob is one of the best haircuts to get. Remember that your stacked haircut does require some styling. You’ll have to style using a round brush and blow dryer to make your haircut sit correctly.

#2: Highly Stacked with Visible Layers

If you are thinking about a shorter haircut, you might want to try a highly stacked bob with visible layers. A cut suits medium to thick hair best but may make fine or thin hair look too thin. The layered part at the back of the head lightens the hair’s weight, giving a feel of lighter volume. The hairstyle has more layers at the back and fewer layers towards the front, giving the front a longer look. Schedule regular trims with your hairdresser to keep the neck area neat and tidy, as it can appear untidy fast.

#3: Soft Blonde Stacked High

Try a blonde high stacked cut. The sharply angled back of the cut adds an edge. This style is great for thick hair as it eliminates unwanted weight and bulk. If you want to add curls, use a flat iron for soft bends and apply some texture paste.

Blonde Bob with a Higher Stacked Back
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#4: Blonde Bob with a Stacked Back

A blonde bob with a stacked back is a great haircut option for those who want a chic and polished look. This cut features a shorter length in the back that lengthens towards the front. This effect frames the face beautifully. It’s a versatile haircut that works well for various face shapes and hair textures.

#5: Highlighted and Layered Stacked Bob

Try the highlighted and layered high-stacked bob for a dramatic look! It’s my number one pick for adding volume and texture to shorter styles. Your best bet is to ask your hairstylist for layers that start at the back of the head. They should increase in length towards the front – plus lots of choppy ends. And make sure to communicate exactly how much dimension you want in order to get your desired effect.

Silver High Stacked Bob with Triangular Graduation for Older Ladies
Instagram @sarinayoori

#6: Silver High Stacked Bob with Triangular Graduation

If you are looking for a shortcut, ask for a stacked a-line with triangular graduation. It’s the best hairstyle for older ladies looking to make a stylish impression. I love its sleek and modern shape. This will create a flattering silhouette that will have you looking your best. To keep the look fresh and modern, style with Kenra Clear Paste.

Golden Brown High Stacked Bob with Blunt Fringe for Thick hair
Instagram @gbhdesign

#7: Golden Brown High-Stacked Bob with Blunt Fringe

A warm-colored a-line cut with full bangs is the perfect way to show off thick hair! The layers create volume and movement while the fringe hides a wider forehead. To style, use a blow dryer and a round brush to create lift at the roots. If you have naturally straight hair, you need to use a flat iron to create a sleek. Or a root lift like Root Pump Plus for maximum volume. Your stylist can also razor underneath each layer to give the highest stack possible.

#8: Pretty Blonde Stacked Bob with Layers

A pretty blonde stacked bob with layers is one of the best cuts for a professional look. The boldness of the cut and the sleekness of the styling is always classic. Avoid waiting too long between visits with your stylist as this cut does need regular trimming to keep the shape just right. Style with a mousse for volume and hold. Use a blow dryer and round brush, or flat brush if you prefer.

#9: The Perfect High Stacked Maroon Bob

High-stacked bobs are one of the easiest ways to add instant volume to a haircut. If you struggle with volume, ask your stylist if this would be the right cut for you. This cut does work best with fine-medium hair textures.

Tousled Bob Cut on Dark Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#10: Tousled Bob Cut on Dark Hair

Consider a tousled bob cut on dark hair if you love rocking a dramatic and messy hairstyle. A choppy tousled bob is fun and flirty, but can also be styled straight and sleek for a more professional approach. Use a root lift spray before blow-drying and blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay for that extra bounce and body. A side part will help emphasize that body and texture. Once your hair is dry, add in a couple of messy curls, then spray a texture spray to finish!

#11: High Stacked Layers on Short Blonde Hair

Short blondish hair with high stacked layers is a great way to get effortless volume and tons of texture. It’s a great cut for someone with flat hair struggling to get their desired style. A stacked bob with layers requires 4-6 weeks of maintenance.

Jaw-Length Stacked Haircut with Side Bangs
Instagram @pia_pic

#12: Jaw-Length Stacked Haircut with Side Bangs

Try a stacked haircut with bangs at jaw length for a chic and flattering look. The length takes minimal time to style and always makes you look put together. A short stacked inverted bob with bangs typically looks great with any face shape, but ask your stylist when opting for a stacked chop.

Long Stacked Bob with Choppy Ends
Instagram @iam.shorthair

#13: Long Stacked Bob with Choppy Ends

Ask your stylist for choppy ends on a long stacked bob to give your stacked style more of an edge. A choppy layered haircut is more flattering with darker hair colors, giving them more movement and dimension. If Victoria Beckham is your style icon, a stacked lob is for you.

#14: Stacked Bixie Cut for Wavy Hair

A stacked bixie cut for wavy hair removes weight and enhances the natural curl pattern. If you struggle with your natural hair try short stacked haircuts or a pixie cut for a great shape and poppin’ curls.

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#15: Short Copper Bob with Stacked Layers

Stacked layers on a short copper bob add more dimension on top of the already gorgeous color. Medium stacked haircuts don’t require as much maintenance as shorter bobs, but haircuts are recommended every 6-8 weeks, along with a color refresh. Use a defining whip or wax after styling for additional texture.

#16: Layered Stacked Bob for Gray Hair

A layered stacked bob is great for gray hair that is falling flat and feeling boring. Side-swept bangs are great for a playful, youthful style. These elements together will give you endless options.

#17: Stacked Wedge Bob Haircut

A stacked wedge bob haircut is a classic style that will work well for any and all hair types. The cut is great for women looking for a smooth, sleek style by day and a sassy, textured style by night. Short stacked hairstyles are notorious for being versatile in regards to creating high volume and texture. Depending on how you style your haircut, you can recreate so many different effortless looks.

Short and Textured A-line Bob
Instagram @rambutbob

#18: Short and Textured A-line Bob

If you love a voluminous hairstyle with a little extra “oomph”, get a short and textured a-line bob haircut. Ask your stylist to give you a clean cut by using clippers to frame out the hairline, then go in with a point-cutting technique to add a little softness to the ends. Stacked bob haircuts will always add body to your hair, but the shorter the layers, the higher your hair will be. Just a little backcomb technique to tease and a stronghold hairspray and you’ll have more volume in your hair than ever before.

Very Short Angled Bob
Instagram @corte_moda

#19: Very Short Angled Bob

A very short angled bob is great for adding dimension to both your cut and color, giving depth and shine to each and every angle. You will want to ask your stylist to pull out the clippers for this one, keeping the neck and nape area cut short to go along with your head shape. An edgy inverted bob style can be altered to your unique head and face shape, leaving you with a fun, low-maintenance style based on your desired preference.

Textured Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hbox_chang

#20: Textured Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

A textured stacked bob paired with blonde highlights is a dramatic, contrasting style that will compliment you if you have natural dark tresses. The perfect messy stacked bob cut can be recreated by adding shattered layers — meaning having layers of varying lengths. Shattered layers are best achieved by using a razor, thinning shears, or a point-cut technique. Use a texturizing powder and sprinkle at the roots. You can also use a texture spray if you’re looking for a more whimsical, messy style! Rustle your hair around with your fingers, focusing on the roots you sprinkled in the texturizing powder, and voilà!

Soft Wavy Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @hairbytara_c

#21: Soft Wavy Bob with Stacked Layers

No matter your hair type, a soft wavy bob with stacked layers may be your new ideal hairstyle. You can customize any layered bob to fit your exact face shape and compliment all your best facial features. Ask your stylist for longer layers, a slight angle to frame around your face, and stacked in the back for that extra body and volume you desire. Style by curling a few of the layers on top, then finish with a texture or tousle spray.

Graduated Bob with Feathered Side Bangs
Instagram @misha__mills__

#22: Graduated Bob with Feathered Side Bangs

Consider a graduated bob with feathered side bangs if you’re looking for a new voluminous, soft, textured style. Cutting your hair into a very short stacked bob hair cut will give your hair maximum body in the back to make your overall style look fuller, while the feathered side bangs will give you that softness in the front to perfectly balance out the two. If you have a slight wave or curl to your natural hair, you can use a smoothing cream while you blow-dry. Slowly start curling the ends of your hair under with a round brush to smooth out your finished look, without having to pick up a flat iron or curling iron.

#23: High Stacked Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

If you’ve always desired a short haircut, but were too afraid it wouldn’t fit well with your coarse/thick hair type, try a high stacked bob with bangs for thick hair. Ask your stylist to use thinning shears to take out any unnecessary bulk on the ends, and if you’re feeling really bold, you can shave a small section underneath at your neckline to enhance the high stack in the back. This will give you a clean cut and give you a more dramatic angle to your bob. Shaving the underneath will mean more maintenance and frequent trips to the hair salon, but it will feel so much better and lighter on your thick hair.

#24: Neck-Length Stacked Bob for Fine, Straight Hair

A neck-length stacked bob for fine, straight hair is the perfect haircut and style to give you maximum volume and is so effortless. Fine hair tends to lack natural body and texture, so a long stacked haircut is going to be your new go-to style. The shorter the layers, the higher the stack, meaning more volume! You can ask your stylist to keep more length in the front if you like a more dramatic style that is also super flattering.

Short Bob with Stacked and Wispy Layers
Instagram @march.kristina

#25: Short Bob with Stacked and Wispy Layers

Try a short bob with stacked and wispy layers if you are craving more volume in your hair, texture, or maybe a little bit of both. Ask your stylist to use a razor, thinning shears, or a point-cutting technique to recreate these wispy, soft layers. These layers will pair well with a layered stacked inverted bob by adding dimension and texture to your overall style.

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