27 Stylish Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70 Who Want a Fashionable Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Bob haircuts for women over 70 are popular for generating versatile and classic styles. With countless varieties, you can always find what suits you best!

“Bobs look great on every woman,” Stephanie Gardner, a stylist from Pittsburgh, PA, states.

You can ask for some stacked layers to enjoy that voluminous hair shape. Otherwise, rock a one-length, blunt chop for finer locks to appear and feel full-bodied.

If you have a thick hair type, removing some weight is a total game changer! Gardner, however, warns that if you don’t have enough hair texture, it may seem too bulky.

When choosing the kind of bob to wear, always consider your face shape. “You would want your haircut to flatter each of your facial features,” Gardner notes.

Every haircut has to be tailored to complement you. It could be the length that must be shorter or longer or the edges that must either have a sharp line or a texturized one.

“The right length of tresses can create an illusion of softening around the jawline, which benefits older ladies very much,” says Gardner.

At-home maintenance is an essential matter to discuss with your stylist. There’s a difference between a low-upkeep bob and a cut that only requires a bit of styling.

Add some flair to your hair! This is the trend you don’t want to miss. Check out these images of inspiring bob haircuts for women over 70 before your next salon visit.

Fluffy Silver Hair with Long Bangs for Ladies Over Seventy

#1 Fluffy Silver Hair with Long Bangs

Opt for sophistication with this mid-length bob, ideal for heart-shaped faces, honing in on that delicate jawline. The silver-white color brings a fresh, lively twist to the look. With its straight strands and light density, styling’s a breeze, guaranteeing an elegant finish without the fuss. Keep in mind, to preserve that radiant glow, you might need to pop into the salon a touch more often. Perfectly executed, this haircut is the essence of chic for the seasoned lady, underscoring her poised demeanor.

Long Inverted Bob for women over seventy

#2 Long Inverted Bob

Ladies, why not try a long inverted bob like this? The silvery blonde shade is right on trend and gives such a youthful flair. The cut itself is subtly angled for a contemporary edge, gracefully framing the face and neck, and the straight style showcases the smoothness of the cut. While this sleek look is absolutely stylish, keep in mind it might require regular toning to keep the color pristine and some straightening to maintain that polished look.

Rounded Bob Cut for women over 70

#3 Rounded Bob

This rounded bob is a classic, accentuating soft facial features with its elegant silhouette. Perfect for medium-density hair, the dimensional color from the silvery and ash-blonde tones adds a lively twist, reflecting a chic style for the mature woman. While the cut has a voluminous look, it’s easy to maintain, though regular salon visits are key to keeping those colors vibrant. Ideal for a fresh, put-together appearance with minimal daily styling.

Silver mid-length bob with side-swept bangs for a chic look on women over 70.

#4 Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

Embrace the elegance of silver tresses with this airy mid-length bob—a divine match for mature, fine hair. It’s a refined cut that softly frames the face, especially with those feathered long bangs adding a touch of playfulness. Its straight style simplifies your morning routine, though the singular color demands regular salon love to keep it vibrant. It’s perfect for those ready to highlight their graceful aging, but consider the upkeep if you’re always on the go!

Youthful Blunt Bob for a woman over 70

#5 Youthful Blunt Bob

Show off a stunning youthful blunt bob that wraps your face in a sleek frame! The precise cut falls gracefully at the jaw, ideal for fine hair, with highlights that create depth. Easy to style for a polished look each day, it may need frequent trims to keep the edges sharp. This bob is an ageless beauty boost, though consider scheduling regular color touch-ups to maintain those gorgeous blonde tones.

Wash-and-Wear Shaggy Bob Haircut for a lady over 70

#6 Wash-and-Wear Shaggy Bob

Perk up your style with this lively shaggy bob haircut, perfect for accentuating your joyful spirit while pairing splendidly with glasses. The chin-length cut and textured layers boost volume, ideal for medium-density hair. While blonde highlights enliven your natural shade, remember that keeping up with color can be a commitment. This cut, full of personality, requires minimal styling—just a quick tousle and you’re ready to shine!

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Chin-length stacked bob for ladies over 70

#7 Chin-Length Stacked Bob

Step out in style with this chin-length stacked bob, ladies! It’s the ideal cut to give your fine hair that much-needed lift at the back, while cool blonde hues add depth and the illusion of volume. Sleek and easy to manage, this bob is a stylish nod to sophistication and requires minimal styling effort—just a quick brush-through for that smooth, rounded finish. Keep in mind, to maintain the cool blonde brilliance, a toner refresh might be your new best friend.

Blonde-highlighted A-Line Bob creating a youthful silhouette for women over 70.

#8 Younger-Looking A-Line Bob

Rock a chic a-line bob that brings a youthful charm to your look! The subtle graduation from the back to the front not only adds a modern twist but also beautifully contours the jawline. The blended highlights introduce texture and depth, making it a delightful choice for medium-density hair. It’s a breeze to style for an on-the-go lifestyle and versatile enough for any event. Just note, the color may need upkeep to keep those highlights looking fresh!

Short Stacked Bob for ladies over 70

#9 Short Stacked Bob

Get ready to flaunt this light blonde short stacked bob that’s just perfect for adding that oomph to your hair! The stacked layers in the back create a voluminous look, especially fabulous for ladies with medium-density hair seeking a fuller crown. Side-swept bangs give you a soft, face-framing effect, and the textured layers throughout allow for a dynamic style that’s easy to manage. Ideal for a sprightly look; just bear in mind that the layers will need regular trims to keep your profile picture-perfect!

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French Bob with Bangs for women in their 70s

#10 French Bob with Bangs

Delight in the classic charm of a French bob, a testament to enduring elegance. This haircut’s rounded silhouette and consistent length accentuate gentle facial curves, offering a refined and effortless look. Perfect for fine hair, the complete fringe adds a contemporary touch while keeping styling straightforward. It enhances oval face shapes exquisitely—just be mindful of the fringe’s length to ensure it complements your brow line. While this polished cut might need regular trims to maintain its pristine shape, the timeless beauty it exudes is truly undeniable.

#11: Gorgeous Bob for the Mother of the Groom

As far as hairstyles for the mother of the groom are concerned, a gorgeous bob would be just perfect. These cuts offer a youthful, on-trend, and easy-to-style look. The bob’s shorter length will also add volume and bounce.

Concave Bob Hairstyle for ladies past 70

#12 Concave Bob

A concave bob hairstyle like this, with its understated layering and side-swept bangs, exudes an effortless elegance ideal for fine hair. This cut offers ease of maintenance while giving your hair a fuller look, perfect for a soft yet defined silhouette around an oval face. A potential downside is that the fuller back requires precise cutting to maintain its shape. Discuss texturizing techniques with your stylist to ensure a tailored fit that enhances your natural hair texture.

Low-Maintenance Pixie Bob for ladies over seventy

#13 Low-Maintenance Pixie Bob

Here’s a low-maintenance pixie bob that will charm you with its ease and style. Suited perfectly for a heart-shaped face, this feathered texture at the crown effortlessly enhances volume, ideal for the fine hair of a spirited septuagenarian. While it grants a youthful bounce, this cut could require a bit of skill with a blow dryer for that voluminous finish. The airy layers make it a breeze to manage daily, though for those with straighter locks, a touch of product can provide that extra lift. It’s a stylish, age-defying choice that celebrates the grace of growing older without the fuss.

Silver Textured Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for Women Over 70

#14 Graduated Bob

Cling into elegance with this short, textured bob, tailored for thin, straight hair. The side-swept bangs lend a flattering contour to an oval face, while the layers enhance the silvery-white shade, imparting volume. It’s chic yet low-maintenance, ideal for women over 70 looking to balance grace with ease. Caution: the lighter color may require more frequent salon visits to maintain its lustrous appeal.

Easy Bob for Thinning Hair for 70-year-olds

#15 Easy Bob for Thinning Hair

When straight hair begins to lose its density, opting for shorter lengths will make strands seem fuller. The blunt angles and layers of this cut create a definition and allow for more bounce and movement.

#16: Lovely Bob with a Root Retouch and Lowlights

I recommend a root retouch with lowlights for women looking for a stylish bob haircut. It will help to accentuate your natural hair color. This look will create dimension and depth that is both flattering and youthful. To keep your style sharp, pair this cut with regular trims every four to six weeks. At-home maintenance will use a texturizing spray like Supercilious by Bumble & Bumble. Use styling tools such as professional flat irons or curling wands for volume if desired.

#17: White Wispy Bob for Fine Hair

The white wispy bob is a great option for women over 70 wanting to make a fashionable statement. With fine short hair, this cut can create volume and movement with light layering toward the bottom. It looks great on oblong face shapes but works best when styled properly. Use a volumizing mousse such as L’Oreal’s Voluminous Blow Dry Mousse for extra body and hold. Use this before blow drying with a round brush. A good tip is to bring an image of this look to your hairstylist so that they can get it right!

#18: Cute Layered Bob for Thinning Hair

A cute layered bob adds fullness and height to thinning hair. When styling thin hair, remember to use volumizing products on damp hair and dry them in. If you’re confused about specific products to use, your stylist can recommend some for you.

#19: Stacked Layered Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

If you’re looking for a timeless hairstyle, consider a stacked bob. This style will give your appearance a refreshing and youthful makeover. To keep your hair dimensional, ask your stylist about highlights and lowlights. This will create definition rather than looking boring.

Classic Blunt Cut Bob for Ladies Over 70 with White Hair
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#20: Classic Blunt Cut Bob for White Hair

Try a classic blunt-cut bob for white hair if you want an easy and classy-looking style. You don’t have to put much time into styling your hair. My best advice is to use a hair straightener to smooth your locks to show off your blunt cut.

#21: Face-Framing Wispy Layers

Face-framing wispy layers add a little flair to a traditional cut. They are also beneficial if you like to have your fringe blended into your length. Doing so offers a softer look around your face. One drawback is those layers could point to areas on your face that you don’t want to enhance. If you have a rounder face, you won’t want your hair to point to your cheeks; it will enhance the roundness of your face.

#22: Naturally Sleek Bob

A naturally straight bob is universally flattering and can be tailored to all different face shapes. For fine hair, layers can be added for fullness. For thicker hair, removing bulk may be necessary so it sits correctly. To keep a polished look, blow-dry with a round brush.

#23: Undercut French Bob with Straight Bangs

An undercut French bob with straight bangs is essentially a chin-length bob, with short lengths in the nape, and of course bangs. This look is great for heavy weighted hair, as the undercut minimizes bulk and creates better movement and shape in the nape area. In addition to a chin-length perimeter, a straight bang frames and adds shape to the face. Be sure to talk to your stylist about additional texturizing to boost volume and create ease of styling.

#24: Pretty Short Bob for Thin Hair

A shorter bob for thin hair creates the illusion of thickness. I highly recommend a short bob for fine, thin hair to ladies. It’s always been my go-to for women struggling with thinning hair. Not only does it make the hair appear fuller, but you also get immense volume and look 10 years younger! Styling will be minimal, as a professional volumizing line will help hold the style. You can rough dry your hair most of the way and add a little round brushing at the end to give it a nice shape and good hold.

Salt-and-Pepper Classic Bob with Bangs for ladies past seventy
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#25: Salt-and-Pepper Classic Bob with Bangs

When youthfulness is the goal, a salt-and-pepper classic bob is the way to go! These cuts do wonders for aging hair. The blunt ends, bangs, and blended layers harmonize to create the illusion of density and volume.

#26: Curly Bob

A curly bob is the best way to avoid “style fatigue” for women in their seventies. This timeless curly hairstyle is particularly flattering on naturally wavy or curly hair. Transform your look, embrace your texture, and opt for this chop!

#27: Classy Bob with Layers

A classy bob with layers is especially stunning on salt-and-pepper hair. Opting for a hairstyle with soft curls will make silver strands shine and showcase dimension. Give your gray hair an extra boost of brightness by adding a toning wash to your shower routine, like Aveda’s “Blue Malva Shampoo.”

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