29 Most Flattering Bob Haircuts Women Over 40 Are Getting

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Bob haircuts for women over 40 are short to mid-length cuts that create both classic and modern styles. Bobs are known to give you the benefit of healthy ends and added volume, too!

This low-maintenance chop is for ladies who want to style their hair quickly in various ways. Curl it, add waves, slick it back, or put it into an updo—your options are endless!

Stylist Micaela Castañon from Olympia, WA says that “bobs can be tailored for any head and face shape.”

You can choose from a blunt, layered, razored cut to an undercut to ensure it suits your features. Unfortunately, bobbed hair isn’t ideal for ladies who put their tresses up every day.

The key to achieving the perfect bob haircut is to find a knowledgeable stylist. Ask if you have the length, texture, and density for the chop you’re opting for. And if not, they can suggest a better style.

“For example, the right stylist will know the perfect technique to remove bulk from the hair. This ensures that the bob will flatter a 40-year-old woman’s head shape,” Castañon explains.

Don’t forget to tell the stylist how you usually prep up your locks. Castañon states, “This is essential if it’s the first time you’re meeting the stylist. They may have no prior understanding of your hair texture or maintenance routine.”

For more hairstyle ideas, check out this inspiring photo collection of the most popular and timeless bob haircuts for women over 40.

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Blonde Balayage Bob for 40-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @flauntbybrynn

#1: Blonde Balayage Bob

A blonde bob is a classic look that you cannot go wrong with. With a balayage technique, it will leave your tresses more natural looking with a ton of dimension. The hand painted blonde will pop!

Dark Brunette Voluminous Bob Style for Women Aged 40 with glasses
Instagram @piatupop

#2: Dark Brunette Voluminous Bob Style

A dark brunette voluminous bob style can be the perfect choice for women in their 40s. This cut flatters any face shape and allows versatility in styling. The key to achieving volume in this particular style is to keep the bob’s length and add layers to the crown area. Ask for a regular trim every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the look. Styling the hair can be achieved using a quality volumizing mousse. It’s also best to blow dry the hair with a round brush to achieve a polished look. Avoid using heavy products that may weigh your hair down.

#3: Soft Blonde Bob with No Bangs

You will want to try this soft style of a blonde bob with no bangs. My best advice is to grow your hair one length to create a blunt style. This style works great for most to all densities. But, it’s great for straight to wavy texture for ease and manageability.

#4: Glamorous Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob

Look young and glamorous by trying a wavy shoulder-length bob. With face-framing layers and soft waves, a long bob is flattering with lots of soft angles and movement. Get Hollywood soft curls by using a curling iron and then brushing out with a boar bristle brush. Use a light hairspray to hold.

Modern Bob with Relaxed Curls for Ladies 40 and Over
Instagram @peabo.did.that

#5: Modern Bob with Relaxed Curls

If you have natural curls you might like a shorter modern bob cut. This will lift and enhance your curls, giving them a fuller shape. Be aware, if your hair is straight you will need to chat with your stylist about how to fake the look with tongs or a perm. Top tip: don’t over-dry natural curls as this will make the hair fluffy with a loose definition.

#6: Neck-Length Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

Try a neck-length bob with long bangs if you want to add life back to your hair. This stunning blonde will immediately brighten up your face. Whether you style your new look smooth or straight, you will feel chic!

Graduated Bob Cut on Fine Hair for Ladies Over Forty
Instagram @delong_hair

#7: Graduated Bob Cut on Fine Hair

A graduated bob cut on fine hair is the best shape if you’re looking for a short bob for women over 40. A graduated bob neatly tucks the hair around the neck, creating a stacked effect that adds volume to the crown. If you really want to try something new, consider adding a soft dusty pink tone over your highlights.

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#8: Sleek Short Bob on Straight Hair

A sleek short bob on straight hair is a classic and extremely versatile haircut. This blunt haircut thickens fine strands by creating a heavy weight line, which gives an overall thicker appearance. These are great bobs for women over 40 because they offer a simplistic yet youthful look that is easy to maintain.

#9: Layered Bob on Thin Hair

Try a layered bob on thin hair if you’re looking for a style to add extra volume in the crown and texture around the face. This layered bob for women over 40 with fine hair perfectly accents the cheekbones, while the angle forward shape slims the jawline. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance trims to keep the neckline clean and shaped.

#10: Medium-Length Bob Cut with a Side Part

A medium-length bob cut with a side part is a look that will never become outdated. This hairdo is classic and sleek. Make sure if you are flat ironing your hair that you apply a heat protectant beforehand.

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Classic Chin-Length Bob with Face-Framing Layers for 40-Year-Olds
Instagram @anhnguyensalon

#11: Classic Chin-Length Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A classic chin-length bob with face-framing layers is always a smart way to go. Short bob haircuts for women over 40 are soft and flattering. Using a round brush when styling will help you get this sleek volume.

Inverted Bob with Side Bangs for Round Faces for Women Over Forty
Instagram @dlr_mosaic

#12: Inverted Bob with Side Bangs for Round Faces

Try an inverted bob with side bangs for round faces, if you’re looking for a fun and fresh haircut to slim your face. Angle forward bob styles lengthen the face shape, while a soft side bang adds chic face-framing on your heavier parted side. Keep the length in the back an inch or two below the hairline for less maintenance.

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Short Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs for 40-year-old women
Instagram @rosies_space

#13: Short Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Consider a short wavy bob with straight bangs if you are looking for a fun haircut that adds a ton of compliment to your eyes. A bob with bangs for women over 40 exudes both class and sass at a time in life when you still feel young, but represent maturity. Ask your stylist for the best shade of red balayage to compliment your skin tone.

Soft Blunt Cut for Thick Hair for a Lady Over 40
Instagram @olgakursitis

#14: Soft Blunt Cut for Thick Hair

A soft blunt bob cut for thick hair is a classic look that will have you feeling refreshed this season. A blunt bob for women over 40 is almost always a good idea, especially if you have long hair and need a change. Thick hair can be a challenge, but this style makes it a bit easier to manage.

#15: Long Choppy Bob with Beach Waves for Women Over 40

A long choppy bob with beach waves is one of the best bob haircuts for 40-year-old women. Mid-length haircuts are extremely versatile, while texturized beach waves add a playful vibe. Style with a 1.25-inch barrel curling iron, or the Dyson Airwrap styler if you find a curling iron challenging to use.

#16: Pixie Bob with Soft Layers

A pixie bob with soft layers is a sleek and modern look. A stacked bob has a classic elegance that will make you feel like you have the perfect silhouette. Use a bit of Osis Thrill on the tips of your fingers to give you this touchable hold.

Short Bob with Bangs on Curly Hair for Ladies in Their 40s
Instagram @roxiehair

#17: Short Bob with Bangs on Curly Hair

A short bob with bangs on curly hair is a fun and messy style that anyone can rock. Turning forty can be a hurdle for some and this curly bob can help you take the jump with style. Talk to your stylist about what curly products will work with your hair.

Long Blunt Bob with Full Bangs for Ladies Over 40
Instagram @hairxkate

#18: Long Blunt Bob with Full Bangs for Ladies Over 40

Consider a long blunt bob with full bangs if you’re looking for a fierce haircut that shows off your best features. This lob haircut for women over 40 puts a sparkle in your eye and compliments your neckline. Style your bangs with a blow dryer and sculpting brush in a left-to-right directional manner.

Shoulder-Length Bob on Wavy Hair for a Lady Over Forty
Instagram @somospura

#19: Shoulder-Length Bob on Wavy Hair

A shoulder-length bob on wavy hair is extremely flattering and stylish. This style will have you viewed as trendy and younger-looking in no time. Ask your stylist for some tips on how to style this cute wavy cut.

Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 40 with Fat Faces
Instagram @davila_hair_

#20: Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs for Women with Fat Faces

Try an angled bob with wispy bangs for women with fat faces. Bob cuts with wispy bangs are great for women with thicker hair that wants to remove some weight around the face while adding some interest with a fringe. Ask your stylist for a longer angle forward to elongate your face and soften a wider jawline.

#21: Straight Blonde Bob on Thin Hair

Go for a straight blonde bob on thin hair if you’re looking for the illusion of thicker hair. If you’re a woman over forty, this haircut exudes confidence, sophistication, and style. Brighten your color with shimmery beige highlights to compliment warm skin tones.

Long A-Line Bob with Subtle Blue Highlights for a Woman Over Forty
Instagram @tagliosalon

#22: Long A-Line Bob with Subtle Blue Highlights

Try a long a-line bob with subtle blue highlights to set yourself apart from the crowd this season. 40-year-old ladies can especially gain from this style making them look and feel younger. Try MoroccanOil’s Perfect Defense heat protectant to protect your hair when styling.

#23: Medium Bob with Long Bangs

A medium bob with long bangs will never go out of style. Long fringe is sultry and soft-looking, perfect for women in their 40s. Try GK’s Oil for shine and sleekness.

Short-Length Blonde Bob for Ladies 40 and Up
Instagram @thec_hair

#24: Short-Length Blonde Bob

Try a short-length blonde bob for a new style this season. Short bob hairstyles for women over 40 are flattering and have a ton of movement. To refresh your style after a night’s rest, spritz your hair with a water bottle and re-style.

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Long Bangs and Wispy Layers on Bobbed Hair for Women Past 40
Instagram @sacaumut

#25: Long Bangs and Wispy Layers on Bobbed Hair

Long bangs and wispy layers on bobbed hair are everything. This style is youthful and perfect for ladies over 40 who want to feel rejuvenated. Make sure to use a heat protectant when styling.

#26: Wavy Bobbed Hair with Textured Ends

Try wavy bobbed hair with textured ends for a trendy new look. This youthful style can be maximized by curling your hair but leaving the ends out giving it this beachy texture. Spray a texturizing spray all over after and shake it up for ultimate beach hair.

#27: Middle Part Lob Haircut

A middle part lob haircut is a classic look that will never go out of style. 40-year-olds tend to think this look is too youthful for them but the opposite is true. This style will make you feel young and modern.

Side-Parted Textured Bob for Square Faced Ladies Past 40
Instagram @giboazhair

#28: Side-Parted Textured Bob for Square Faces

Try a side-parted textured bob for square faces for something new this season. With a square face shape, many styles can work but this one is extremely flattering. Don’t forget to apply a product for volume before blow-drying.

Edgy Asymmetrical Bob with Soft Waves for forty-year-olds
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#29: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob with Soft Waves

Try an edgy asymmetrical bob with soft waves for a dramatic and modern new look. This bob hairstyle will set you apart from others and have you feeling unique. Talk to your stylist about the upkeep of this style before taking the plunge.

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