33 Classy Graduated Bobs with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Neck-Length Graduated Soft Bob with Side-Parted Bangs
Instagram @olgakursitis

#1: Graduated Soft Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

A soft layered graduated bob with side parted bangs would give you a feminine yet still edgy look. The subtle texture, in combination with the side part, helps balance out your features and create more volume. This cut would be best suited for fine or thin hair.

Short Graduated A-Line Bob with Sweeping Fringe
Instagram @yp_hair

#2: Short A-Line Bob with Sweeping Fringe

If you struggle with thin hair, a short a-line bob with a sweeping side fringe would be a perfect option. The sharp edge keeps this look trendy and your tresses looking thick. The fringe would soften any thin areas around your hairline. It also offers versatility if you want to wear your hair half up.

#3: Brown Highlights on Graduated Short Dark Hair

Even short hair can have vibrant colors. If your hair is dark, try a coppery brunette color to enhance it. But, be cautious not to go too light as it can disrupt the natural blending. Your hair may need to be lifted first, depending on the product used. So, maintaining a good hair care routine at home is vital. You should regularly maintain your hair to avoid color fading.

Mini Graduated French Bob with Arched Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @ceejaystyle

#4: Mini French Bob with Arched Bangs

If you prefer short styles, consider a mini French bob haircut. It includes arched bangs. The arch-shaped bangs emphasize your eyes. Meanwhile, the length of the bob cut aids easy styling. This haircut suits people with fine or thin hair. Plus, it’s a style that won’t go out of fashion.

Chin-Grazing Sandy Blonde Layered Graduated Bob with Fringe
Instagram @danis.hair.game

#5: Sandy Blonde Layered Bob with Fringe

Choose a sandy blonde color for a layered bob cut with a fringe. The soft blonde shade makes the hair appear full and healthy. In contrast, a very ashy blonde shade can dry the hair out. The layers and fringe provide more styling options. Additionally, the bangs contribute to face framing.

#6: Golden Mini Bob with Micro Bangs

Choose a hair color combined with a short bob and a tiny fringe. The warm golden color will enhance your skin look, and the neat, precise cut will offer a simple daily hairdo. Light colors also add the impression of thicker hair, making this hairdo decision a complete win.

Short Graduated Inverted Bob Haircut with Full Bangs
Instagram @gbhdesign

#7: Inverted Bob Haircut with Full Bangs

Add full bangs to an inverted bob haircut if you like a very structured haircut. You can base the thickness and length of your fringe on your texture and density. I recommend styling this fringe with a smoothing cream to ensure the fringe stays sleek, especially once you’re out in the environmental elements.

Short-Length Bronde Graduated Wedge Bob with Side Fringe
Instagram @alcasleto

#8: Bronde Wedge Bob with Side Fringe

If you have short dark hair and desire soft dimensions, consider a bronde shade. Use it on a bob with a wedge shape and a side fringe. Since short hair might lack variety, adding highlights could create texture and movement. Stick with tones within the bronde spectrum. Bronde is the ideal mix of blonde and brown, which allows a smooth transition on dark hair. This results in healthy hair and a color that’s easy to maintain.

#9: Layered Wavy Short Bob with Side Bangs

You will feel glamorous with a layered wavy short bob with side bangs. The combination of an angled bob and bangs will make you stand out in a crowd. The hairstyle’s side-swept fringe and front length create a stunning look you will love. Styling this hairstyle is easy – add some waves and spray some texture or finishing spray.

Short Graduated Bobbed Cut with Long Fringe
Instagram @olgakursitis

#10: Short Bobbed Cut with Long Fringe

A short textured bob is cool and edgy. Ask for the nape to be angled in to give a stronger shape. You can also request a graduated or inverted bob. Keep a full-arched fringe if you prefer a softer look around your face. Once your hair is styled, use a dry texturizing spray. It will help create a better definition and hold the style in place.

Graduated Silver Blonde Lob with Sweeping Bangs
Instagram @gutierstudio

#11: Silver Blonde Lob with Sweeping Bangs

A lob haircut with sweeping bangs will look good in a silver-blonde color. The bright color accentuates the texture layers throughout the entire haircut. Use a shine spray to finish the look and add more definition.

#12: Chin-Length Precision Bob with Soft Graduation

A pretty and classy chin-length bob flatters your face shape through soft graduation. The bob grazes the jaw, highlighting sharp, prominent jaw lines to draw attention.

#13: Blonde Wedge Bob with Thin Bangs

Choose a graduated bob for a chic style. This is great for finer hair. It builds up weight in your hair and makes it look thicker. You can style the cut in two ways. Wear it square across the sides for a short look. Angle it longer for a softer feel. Here’s a top tip: use a round brush when drying to achieve a rounded shape.

Jaw-Length Neon Choppy Graduated Bob with Straight Bangs
Instagram @land_of_ozz

#14: Neon Choppy Bob with Straight Bangs

To get a bold, striking look, ask for neon block colors. Make sure the colors complement each other to avoid clashing. Keep in mind that vibrant colors fade quickly. Therefore, ask about the frequency of color refreshing and use a specific shampoo to maintain the hue. To make your style even more noticeable, consider adding short, straight bangs.

#15: Straight Graduated Bob with Bangs for Gray Hair

A straight graduated bob with bangs looks lovely on gray hair. Short crops generally add new life to silver strands. They reduce weight at the ends, boost volume at the roots, and give more body throughout.

Very Short Tapered Pixie Bob with Soft Graduated Layers and Bangs
Instagram @clips_by_nelle

#16: Tapered Pixie Bob with Soft Layers

A stylish pixie bob style with a tapered cut and soft layers adds a fresh and unique twist to the classic pixie hairstyle. This stylish pixie bob isn’t just popular, it’s loved by women of all ages! It’s no wonder this classic haircut has stood the test of time.

Short-Length Dimensional Stacked Graduated Bob with Swoopy Bangs
Instagram @gabby_delisi

#17: Dimensional Stacked Bob with Swoopy Bangs

A layered bob cut with curved bangs is perfect for women having any hair type. This hairstyle can add fullness to thin hair. For thick hair, it can reduce heaviness from the neck and back of the head.

Very Short Graduated Bob with Side-Swept Bangs and Highlights
Instagram @modhairbeauty

#18: Very Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs and Highlights

Do you want an autumn look? Try our short hairstyle, bob with side bangs and highlights! The rich mix of copper and caramel colors enhances the neat, expert cut of this super short bob style.

Short Graduated Bob Cut and Bangs for Platinum White Hair
Instagram @destiney.hair

#19: Short Bob Cut and Bangs for Platinum White Hair

short graduated bob cut with bangs looks perfect on platinum white hair! The back layers of the haircut are slightly graduated and puffy. They give the haircut an airy, angelic feel. This helps boost the hair’s volume and body.

Short-Length Chocolate Brown Graduated Bob with Arched Bangs
Instagram @jencorina

#20: Chocolate Brown Bob with Arched Bangs

A chocolate brown bob with arched bangs is a simple yet stylish look you cannot go wrong with. A graduated bob haircut with bangs, although shorter, will still bring out your feminine side. The back of this style is graduated in length, which adds volume to your look. You can style your hair either by washing and letting it air dry or by round brushing for a sleeker finish.

#21: Sleek Razored Bob Cut with Fringe

This sleek razored bob cut with fringe is an ultra-chic way to rock a slightly graduated bob. A soft halo of pink is also visible at the ends. This draws focus to the sharp carves around the chin and the back of the neck.

#22: Tapered Bob with Subtle Waves

A tapered bob with subtle bangs gives you fuller, healthier hair. Although this sounds contradictory, cutting your hair shorter can make it look fuller and give more body and volume at the root.

Jaw-Length Graduated Silver Bob with Side Bangs for Older Women
Instagram @stylesbybligen

#23: Graduated Silver Bob for Older Women

Do you love a great look? Consider embracing a naturally platinum hue! A graduated bob for older women looks stunning, especially for seniors. It’s a hairstyle that can highlight your grey shades.

#24: Round Bob Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

If you’re looking for a timeless style that fits any event, try a round graduated bob cut with fringe that frames your face! This classic hairstyle works for all types of events and lifestyles.

#25: Side-Parted Cropped Bob with Soft Bangs

A side-parted cropped bob with soft bangs looks stunning on women of any age, especially those with hair showing signs of aging. The soft bangs and cropped ends will refresh hair whose texture and color have changed due to aging.

#26: Angled Bob with Shaved Nape and Wispy Bangs

An angled bob with a shaved nape and wispy bangs is a chic yet classic way to wear a short graduated bob. This stylish look is ideal for women of any age who prefer a shorter crop that still offers lots of volume.

Chin-Length Straight Graduated Bob and Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @mrssmithhair

#27: Straight Graduated Bob for Thick Hair

If you want an elegant cut, a sloping bob and bangs are a good choice. It’s a classic shape that is timeless and sits beautifully, so ask for very few layers, if any, to keep the shape easier to maintain, bobs grow out pretty quickly, so you would be looking at 6-8 weeks max for a trim.

Icy Blonde Stacked Graduated Bob with Long Bangs on Fine Hair
Instagram @salondemuse

#28: Icy Blonde Stacked Bob on Fine Hair

For more contrast in your hairstyle, consider an icy blonde stacked bob if you have fine hair. Having pops of icy blonde on your hair creates a visually appealing, multi-dimensional look. Highlights enhance the texture of fine hair, making it appear fuller and thicker. After styling, use a shine spray or serum to accentuate the contrast and make your color stand out!

#29: Red Graduated Bob with Long Bangs

A red bob cut with long bangs is a striking style! It’s a fantastic variant of the graduated fringe bob. The flawless red hues and textured layers together make a short hairstyle that’s perfect!

Short Platinum Bob with See-Through Bangs for Women Over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @ali_ellesalon

#30: Platinum Bob with See-Through Bangs

Check out this classy platinum bob. It’s got an edgy twist with see-through bangs! This hairstyle will highlight your facial features. They will become more noticeable with this crop.

#31: Strawberry Blonde Short Hair with Mini Bangs

Strawberry blonde is the perfect mix of blonde and warm golden copper hues. Weaving the colors as high and lowlights gives the hair a lovely, soft dimension. A layered bob that’s slightly graduated gives a chic look. Add mini bangs – which sit above the eyebrow – for a modern twist.

#32: Graduated Blonde Bob with Swept Bangs

The graduated blonde bob with swept bangs is a simple yet stylish hairstyle. It can give your look movement and dimension. You can get graduated layers for a nice shape. Swept bangs will frame your face. This haircut is perfect for women seeking a sleek, modern look that’s easy to maintain. With its longer length, the bob offers many styling options. You can wear it straight, add waves, or boost your natural texture.

Sleek Graduated Inverted Jaw-Length Bob with Straight Bangs
Instagram @hairbymer1

#33: Sleek Inverted Jaw-Length Bob

For a bob that skims the jaw, the hair must be cut short and tight at the nape. Your stylist might have to trim a few strands to achieve the perfect look. I suggest a smooth, sleek finish to highlight the bob’s beautiful shape. If you use straighteners, angle them slightly towards the head. This prevents the hair ends from becoming too straight and spiky.

Planning to upgrade your look with a graduated bob with bangs? Hair expert Lauren Arnke is here with pro tips to help you navigate this style based on your hair type and face shape. As you read on, you’ll benefit from her years of styling experience and individual client care.

Meet The Expert

Lauren Arnke
Lauren Arnke
Lauren is a hairstylist with over 23 years of experience.
You can find her at High Priestess Hair Co. in Denver, CO

Consider Your Hair Type

Lauren stresses that a graduated bob with bangs can suit any head or face shape. Yet, hair texture and density matter. On fine or aging hair, avoid too much graduation. It can leave a gap in the back of your head. Also, for the bob and bangs look, gauge hair density from ear to front hairline.

For coarse or thick hair, Arnke advises removing hair internally. This avoids overemphasizing the triangle shape of graduation and ensures balance. Careful internal layering and weight removal are key.

Texture greatly affects cutting techniques. For curly hair styled that way most of the time, Arnke starts the cut on dry hair. However, for wavy hair, it’s a wet-to-dry process. Also, if straight, fine hair won’t meet heat and brush styling, don’t expect the buildup of graduation the cut usually brings out.

Face Shapes Matter

Square or round faces wear this cut differently than long, oval, or heart-shaped ones. Square faces do less well with this cut paired with straight across bangs. It adds weight to the face’s broadest section. So, if your face is square or round, consider leaning towards an angled forward perimeter with a soft fringe or bang area.

Long, oval, or heart-shaped faces can be forgiving with this haircut, depending on client preference. With these faces, Arnke suggests keeping your own pros and cons in mind, along with your desired look.

Attentive Styling and Products

Proper styling takes time and attention. For your graduated bob with bangs, Arnke recommends Davines shampoos and conditioners. Their product “This is a Curl Building Serum” suits curly or wavy hair. If you have straight, fine hair, try their VOLU Hair Mist.

When styling, ensure your hair is soaking wet. Start by adding product and towel drying. For curls, let nature do its work. Straight or fine hair calls for early, controlled drying and use of a round, half round, or flat brush. Add a texture product or hairspray to achieve that tousled look, making sure your hair is fully dry before using a heat iron. Arnke suggests Davines’ This is a Dry Texturizer and This is a Medium Hairspray.

Pictures of the Most Stylish Graduated Bobs with Bangs