18 Funky Inverted Bob Haircuts You Have to See

funky inverted bob
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A funky inverted bob is a unique, vibrant, short-length haircut that’s fun to wear. Layers are cut short in the back with longer pieces towards the front for a stacked and angled effect. It suits edgy women with loud and strong personalities!

Stylist and salon owner Cat Cook from New Rochelle, NY, adores this chop on thin, fine hair. “A textured bob can add life to tresses. It gives your hair instant character and edginess, making you walk around with a little bit more sass.”

With razor and texture shears, stylists can customize a bob cut based on ladies’ hair type. Using the proper techniques adds fantastic texture and movement to locks.

For women wanting an inverted bob, it is best to consider your face shape and features. “Jawline, neck, and collarbone play a vital role in determining the length of the cut,” says Cook.

Medium or longer bobs, for instance, break up the roundness of a chubby-faced shape. Face-framing pieces soften a square face while creating an elongated effect.

Short hair demands high upkeep and daily styling to boost its form. Keep in mind that you can’t pull all your strands up in a ponytail during a bad hair day. If you dislike hair products and regular trims, Cook doesn’t recommend this trend.

Let’s amp up your current style! Find the trendiest picture ideas on how to wear a funky, inverted bob haircut here!

Short Funky A-Line Inverted Bob with Blue and Black Hues
Instagram @hecktors_salon

#1: A-Line Bob with Blue and Black Hues

An A-line bob with blue and black hues is perfect for a trendy look. Try a steep A-line cut that gradually shortens towards the back. This style gives a sharp angle that beautifully curves under, an ideal choice for medium and thick hair textures. Complement this style by applying the color-blocking technique in blue and black. This will highlight the shape and help exhibit your unique style.

Long and Sharp Graduated Inverted Bob Funky Cut
Instagram @darya.hairhouse

#2: Long and Sharp Graduated Bob Cut on Brown Hair

A long, sharp graduated brown bob cut is ideal for those seeking distinct length variation. This haircut fits well for hair of medium to thick texture. It has a light slope at the back of the neck, providing a steep angle for an edgy look. Such funky inverted bobs suit round, oval, and heart face shapes. Use a one-inch round brush to style it with the perfect undercurve.

Very Short and funky inverted bob
Instagram @bottleblonde76

#3: Pink and Blue on Fluffy Short Inverted Bob

Rock a very short inverted bob cut if you’re tired of dull, long hair! The length hits right at the jawline, keeping a fuller finish. Color the tresses with a combo of magenta and deep blue shades for a funkier appearance.

Colorful Medium-Length Inverted Bob
Instagram @bottleblonde76

#4: Colorful Medium-Length Angled Bob

A colorful, medium-length inverted bob is so cool and fun to wear! This is for ladies who have loud personalities. It has rainbow tones, which makes it easy to match any outfit and vibe. This long bob is versatile and works in straight and wavy styles.

#5: Heavily Layered Inverted Haircut

Opt for a heavily layered inverted bob cut for a softer look showing great movement. It’s ideal for thick tresses, removing weight and bluntness. This funky inverted bob with swoopy layers looks more beautiful when paired with red lowlights to emphasize the cut.

#6: Funky Inverted Cut (Back View)

The secret to a funky back view of an inverted bob lies in the layers. Layers are a great addition for added volume and movement. Women with a fine density of straight hair will love wearing this hairstyle. Thanks to a little texturizing spray, the outcome looks effortless!

Super Messy inverted bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#7: Super Messy Teal Inverted Bob

Of course, a super messy inverted bob makes a trend that catches everyone’s attention! The style allows the tresses to appear with lots of texture and volume. For ladies with a light skin tone, feel free to incorporate a shade of teal or aqua blue into a tousled inverted bob like this. Such a fashion hair color creates a funky result!

#8: Extra Choppy Inverted Bob Cut on Fine Hair

Opt for an extra choppy inverted bob haircut if you’re blessed with thin, fine tresses. The texture and the choppy layers will surely breathe life into the locks. And don’t be afraid to experiment with new shades. A bright copper hue is so in these days!

Extra Long inverted Bob
Instagram @khietluu

#9: Extra Long Wavy Inverted Bob

Hair can be extra long but is still considered a bob. This is a wavy, medium-length inverted bob cut where the longest strands reach the collarbone. The back area is shorter to maintain the hair’s fullness. The finish is super funky with a combo of dark roots and balayage. To ladies with a natural wavy texture, go for it!

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Edgy Undercut on an Inverted Bob
Instagram @anglette

#10: Edgy Undercut on Straight Inverted Bob

Choose to flaunt an inverted bob with an undercut, mostly if you’re a lady with straight, thick hair. The edgy undercut gets rid of excess bulk while keeping its fuller look. Some funky inverted bobs look great with a side part, like in this one, to carry out the extra volume.

The Shaggy and Funky Lob Hairstyle
Instagram @ajaonyourmane

#11: The Shaggy and Funky Lob Hairstyle

Achieve a funky inverted lob by getting a shoulder-length modern shag with bangs paired with a feisty electric violet shade. This hair idea is by style creator Aja Hamilton of Virginia, USA. It features lots of texture in the interior with a strong forward fringe.

“There are ways of creating similar looks to this while flattering your face shape and skin tone. Make sure your stylist’s coloring skills are as strong as their cuts,” states Hamilton.

This violet-shaggy inverted bob suits women with a light skin tone the most. Style the hair with a soft texture and waves to perk up the finished look.

Funky Pink and Silver Curly Inverted Bob
Instagram @felix.lynn

#12: Pink and Silver Curly Inverted Bob

Try a pink and silver curly inverted bob if you desire a huge color change! This color and cut combination is perfect for making your natural curls come to life. Invest in your mane and get some hydrating curl products to shine your hair.

Inverted funky bob with Pink and Purple
Instagram @danirosehair

#13: Inverted Hair with Pink and Purple

Go inverted with pink and purple hues to look funky! Melting fashion colors are always exciting to wear. The hair length where it touches the neck adds a pinch of edginess to the entire style. This is for ladies who are into loud and poppin’ colors!

Short Inverted Cut For Curly Hair
Instagram @curlfactor

#14: Short Inverted Cut For Dark Curly Hair

For curly brown hair, this funky inverted bob is a gem! Created by stylist Christin Brown of Santa Barbara, this funky haircut can enhance the shape and volume of the curls. It also features layers for maximum fullness.

Brown’s ultimate advice for women considering this curly inverted bob is to be sure you want to go shorter. “If you go too short, hair does grow back, but it can take a long time to return to where you were. If you’re considering fun and bold shape with your hair, make sure it supports your lifestyle,” Brown explains.

It’s best to also look through images of women with curly hair like yours and a cut you admire.

Go over proper products and styling care with your stylist when it comes to maintenance. Brown notes, “They can show you the best products for your hair type and educate you during your session. You go home with the skills needed to recreate that salon-fresh look.”

Colorful Inverted Cut
Instagram @bottleblonde76

#15: Colorful Inverted Cut

A colorful inverted cut offers a unique, playful, eye-catching style! This short haircut has longer strands at the front to soften the jawline of a square face shape. Shades of blue, red, pink, and yellow combined well together. This graduated bob is so cool that funky ladies will enjoy it.

#16: Blue Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

This blue asymmetrical inverted bob with a stacked back is edgy in style and color! It’s among the many funky inverted bobs made by Hannah Plasse, a stylist from Keene, NH.

“Be prepared to put some effort into your style with products like texture sprays and powders. If you’re a get-up-and-go kind of girl, this look may work for you if you like the undone vibe with the playful layering,” Plasse suggests.

To get the movement and fun in the hair, smooth it with a flat iron or blow-dry smooth first. Then, get wild with the texture products to create fun, tousled, but touchable volume.

Inverted Bob with a Dramatic Angle
Instagram @hairby_maxyg

#17: Inverted Cut with Dramatic Angle

The dramatic angle featured here is a sharp inverted, angled bob by stylist Maxine G of North Bay, ON. With a bit of an edgier haircut, it’s great for women desiring a funky change.

Maxine finds this inverted bob with angled layers great for women with medium-to-fine hair. “It’s easy to style with naturally straight or wavy hair, but not recommended for curly hair type,” Maxine adds.

#18: Silver-Colored Super Stacked Inverted Bob

This is a silver-colored super stacked inverted a-line bob. It has soft layering that is shattered and soft rather than chunky layers. It’s an all-over scalp bleach with a soft purple toner. With a good round brush, you should be able to get good volume and height on this rounded inverted bob. This funky stacked bob works well for most women. A few things to consider would be hair density, head shape, and willingness to style. Thick hair will lay in the style faster than thin hair, but it can be done.

If you have a flat head, you’ll have to work extra hard in styling to achieve fullness and volume. You must be willing to round brush the style every time you wash. This is a wash-and-go style, but to achieve lots of volume and extra poof, you must style it that way.