49 Trendiest French Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A French bob, or a classic Parisian women’s cut, is a cropped bob cut at chin-length and paired with bangs sitting at the brow line. The French haircut has been modernized by characteristics including a blunt cut, heavy texture, and beachy wavy hair.

San Francisco-based hairdresser Julia Patton spills out some modern takes on the traditionally blunt French bob – razored hairstyles, beach waves, and choppy short bangs – displaying how creating the perfect texture is paramount for today’s versions.

The French-girl haircut almost always suits anyone, depending on your face shape and structure! With its signature ends slightly curved towards the chin, it’s a great hairstyle to frame long and heart-shaped faces.

Are you digging the cute crop-thick-fringe look? Learn how to achieve très chic hair after you scroll through these popular ways to style a French bob!

french bob with beachy waves
Instagram @eblackdoeshair

#1: With Beach Waves

Your classic cut just got a fresh spin! These soft waves are just as legendary as this French bob, giving a delicate look to the blunt cut. The bangs are wispy for a softer approach to the straight cut bangs, which is an enlivening approach to the cut.

wavy french bob hairstyle

#2 The Wavy Bob

This wavy French bob features soft, tousled waves that give a relaxed and chic vibe to the classic bob cut. The bangs are wispy and blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair, adding a playful touch while framing the face beautifully. Ideal for those with medium to thick hair, this style enhances natural texture and provides a youthful, stylish look. It’s perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces, offering a flattering and low-maintenance option that’s both modern and timeless.

Lip-Length French Bob with Shaggy Bangs
Instagram @_hairwitch_

#3: Lip-Length with Shaggy Bangs

A bob with shaggy bangs should end at the lip. Facial features should determine the length of a classic French bob. For narrow-jawed oval or diamond face shapes, the bob works well when it ends around the lip. Add shaggy bangs to complete the look. They provide a texture high point in the middle and taper down around the eyes. This frames the eyes, which is perfect for everyone, especially those who wear glasses.

Wavy French Brunette Bob with Straight Fringe
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#4: Wavy French Brunette Bob

Get a wavy French brunette bob to bring out your features. Choose the perfect brunette shade to match your eye color and skin tone. Go for a cute cut with textured bangs. This style is perfect for those with a rectangular face shape. Softening your features is possible with a rounder shape around your jawline. This style brings out natural waves a set spray like Hairstory Undressed enhances them.

Short Textured French Bob Cut with Curtain-Style Swoopy Bangs
Instagram @saltybangs

#5: Textured Cut with Curtain-Style Swoopy Bangs

It works particularly well for hair with medium to thick density, as it gives movement and manageability to the style. Ladies with a narrow jawline can create balance between their cut and face shape, especially when the style has little to no layers. A soft curtain bang adds femininity to this shorter style, and it benefits from using a wash-and-wear product, such as the Balm From Hairstory.

French-Cut Chin Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @rachgroghair

#6: Chin Bob with Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs on a chin-length bob is an elegant look. Enhance your cheekbones by integrating framing around your face into your wispy bangs.

Short French Bob Cut with Subtle Layers and Micro Bangs
Instagram @__k_vu__

#7: Bob Cut with Subtle Layers and Micro Bangs

A cut with a blunt perimeter adds weight to fine or medium hair and enhances its style. Minimal layers and a tiny fringe maintain this fullness and add a special touch to the style. Comb your hair with a bit of Hairstory Balm, and enjoy the effortless maintenance of this hairstyle every day.

Face-Framing Short French Bob Haircut with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @jaylenzanelli

#8: Face-Framing Short Haircut

This style is a face-framing, short French haircut, perfect for any season. When meeting with your stylist to decide on the perfect cut, it is beneficial to bring at least three images showing the elements you like or dislike about the style you’re aiming for. A light, free-flowing bang transitioning seamlessly into a fuller curtain bang is a classic look for this hairstyle, suitable for both square and round face shapes. Such a cut frames the face beautifully, no matter the shape.

French Bobbed Haircut with Middle-Parted Bangs
Instagram @rlj.hair.nails

#9: Bobbed Haircut with Middle-Parted Bangs

If you’re aiming for a French style, consider certain key factors. This is especially relevant if you have a round or square face shape. Middle-parted bangs help to lengthen your face – a great trick for round or square faces. A little longer than the chin is another key element, while little to no layers will give more narrowing effects around the temples. Matching your bob style to your face shape ensures the best look for you.

Jaw-Grazing Layered French Bob with Natural Texture
Instagram @hairbykaileyd

#10: Layered with Natural Texture

The cut is a timeless fashion of short cheek-grazing length. If you are new to French bobs, your stylist can determine the length best for your face shape. Pull your hair up and pin it at the desired lengths. This will give you and your stylist an idea of how the bob may look. You can follow some face-shape features for guidance. Natural waves suit a short haircut, allowing for a weight lift and style.

Tousled-Style Square French Bob with Bangs
Instagram @saltybangs

#11: Tousled-Style Square Bob with Bangs

A square bob highlights horizontal lines in your haircut, looking great if you have a long face. Your stylist can adjust the bob’s length to suit your face shape. The haircut ties together with bangs that softly graze your eyebrows. Use Cult King Jelly to tousle your hair, giving it a beach-like finish similar to salt spray.

Short Curled French Bob with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @calileclairhair

#12: Curled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Working with a curly hair texture allows for many cute flips and twists in a shorter bob. Highlights add dimension to curly and short hairstyles. They also brighten up the face and crown. Curly hair allows you to go longer between salon visits. It doesn’t show its true length unless it’s straightened.

Short Italian French Bob Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @elizardfitz

#13: Italian Bob Cut for Thick Hair

An Italian bob haircut is a style full of character. This cut is ideal for those with thick hair. The hairstyle includes a few layers, creating a strong shape. A defined fringe enhances the hairstyle’s shape. Make the most of your hair type by creating waves and using a texturizing putty for a scrunch-dried look. Your hairstyle should appear casual yet attractive at the end.

Cheek-Length French Bob Cut with Baby Bangs
Instagram @erikahawkins_

#14: Cheek-Length Bob Cut with Baby Bangs

Are you looking for a hairstyle for a long or oval face shape? Try a French Bob that extends to the high cheekbone length. This hairstyle helps to balance out the length of a longer face and adds width to the sides, complimenting narrow face shapes. Adding baby bangs helps to minimize the appearance of a large forehead and perfectly frames the eyes. A natural wave can fall into place and make styling quick and easy.

French-Cut Pixie Bob with Fringe
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#15: French-Cut Pixie Bob

A French-cut pixie bob style will accentuate your cheekbones beautifully with a perfect bob cut. The distinct feature of the cut is that the length aligns closely with the cheekbones. If volume is needed at the top, it’s added there, with limited layering at the back and around the edges. This sets the cut apart from other bob shapes. Razor-cut curtain bangs enhance the look of this style. It suits almost any face shape.

Mini French Bob Cut with Heavy Bangs
Instagram @saltybangs

#16: Mini Bob Cut with Heavy Bangs

Thick hair pairs well with bobs. You can also ask for a textured haircut. This design allows your hair some movement and fits well around your cheekbones. A heavy bang in a short cut is a powerful statement. If your face has a convex profile, it can help to balance your looks from the side.

#17: Shorter Bob Cut with Jagged Layers

Consider a shorter bob cut with jagged layers. The extra-textured French bob enhances the look of the effortless wavy bob. To keep the edges textured and less blunt, your stylist will use either a razor or point cutting while shaping the perimeter. The texture is further enhanced by the softness created by a vertically cut perimeter. I would suggest styling with Cult King Jelly with a diffuser and slight layering or simply allowing your hair to air dry and be on your way.

#18: Copper Red Bob

The French bob sits at the jawline and bounces the face shape. Regular trims help maintain the look. The warm copper red enhances skin tones and also gives a stand-out feel. Use a color-safe shampoo to lock in the depth of your hair color.

Short French Bob Cut Hair with Face-Hugging Layers
Instagram @daria_bachurina

#19: Short Hair with Face-Hugging Layers

A short shape with beveled layers around the bottom third of the hair creates a wider shape. This is perfect for finer hair types as it adds volume without losing much hair. A long tapered fringe adds thickness and creates movement, providing versatility.

Short French Round Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @feverfewhair

#20: Round Bob with Full Bangs

French bobs are popular this season. To shape them, you need a baseline higher than the jaw. Longer layers provide a fuller, rounded shape. Complement this with full, soft bangs to frame the face and keep hair from falling onto it.

#21: Super Short Bob with Swoopy Layers

Short bobs with natural textures are versatile. Think of unstructured, lived-in styles. Swoopy layers can give movement and assist with curl regulation, and short bangs can open up the face. Let your hair dry with a light texturizing product.

#22: Tousled Bob with Short Bangs

Short bangs are trendy now. They look great when worn with a tousled short haircut. This gives a modern bob feel. It’s all about enhancing your natural hair texture. After wetting your hair, add texture sprays. You can air dry your hair or use a diffuser on low heat and speed to add structure. Arrange your hair with your fingers or a tail comb to maintain its shape, and avoid brushing.

Short-Length Soft Parisian Bob with Subtle Waves
Instagram @eastonhair

#23: Soft Parisian Bob with Subtle Waves

If you want a truly romantic and feminine cut, a soft Parisian bob with subtle waves is the perfect choice. A shorter hair length can provide a more youthful appearance, and the movement keeps your hair feeling light. Avoid harsh styling methods. Just use a delicate texture mist on wet hair to control flyaway ends. Use a natural hold hairspray, but avoid using blow dryers and heat tools.

Shorter Choppy French Bob
Instagram @travisbriggs2

#24: Shorter Choppy Bob

Consider the beautiful style of a shorter, choppy bob. The chin-length bob includes multiple layers along the bottom and has a segmented fringe for that chic, messy look. In the crown area, the longer hair layers will sculpt a more flat profile, giving a modern and sleek look. To achieve the soft ends, a razor cut is ideal. Use texture wax for styling. A choppy cut suits most face shapes and will definitely enhance your style.

Wavy Textured Grey French Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @erikahawkins_

#25: Wavy Textured Grey Bob

Though naturally grey, hair can remain vibrant. Forget about associating it with mature, old-fashioned looks. Use shampoos that rid brassy tones to retain hair’s clean color. Apply them sparingly and only when needed. A modern, textured bob that fits with your hair’s natural waves adds a youthful feel. Forget the old era of crunchy curls. Hunt for curl enhancers. Pick the ones in balms or creams for a natural look.

Brown Short French-Cut Bobbed Hair with Soft Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

#26: Brown Short Hair with Soft Bangs

Add a soft fringe to your mid-length hair. This not only frames your face beautifully but also draws attention to your eyes. If the fringe is longer on the sides, it gives an adult look and prevents a too youthful appearance. Use a round brush to dry and gently tuck the ends under. This method gives a softer, more flattering feel and prevents a dead straight, flat fringe.

Curly French Cropped Bob Cut with Piece-y Bangs
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#27: Curly Cropped Cut with Piece-y Bangs

If your hair has natural movement, cutting it shorter will enhance the buoyancy and shape of the curl. A stacked bob will add width to your hairstyle. You can also add a soft fringe and layers to create a piecey, broken-up feel that frames your face. Most textured hair dries best naturally. However, if you use heat, a low speed, and lower heat will prevent your hair from becoming fluffy or blown out.

Brunette Short French Bob with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @lindseyhairpdx

#28: Brunette Short Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are tight around the eyebrows and open gradually to the cheek bones, enhancing facial features. Pair bottleneck bangs with a short bob for a trendy look. A glossy bob looks luxurious. Finish with a shine mist to add impact, even to dry hair.

Jaw-Grazing French Bob with Voluminous Waves
Instagram @thesambullen

#29: Bob with Voluminous Waves

A French bob is a short hairstyle that sits higher than the jaw. Unlike old styles, these bobs do not have to remain flat and straight natural waves can add volume. Stacked layers can also contribute to the effect by broadening its width. A shorter fringe positively opens up the face and frames the eyes. Also, let your hair fall naturally, and avoid strict partings to maintain a modern, fresh look.

Jaw-Skimming Length French Bob with Curtain Bangs

#30 Jaw-Skimming Length Bob with Curtain Bangs

Consider a jaw-skimming length bob with curtain bangs. Try Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line and a boar bristle for a frizz style to get a sleek look. This iconic look will be a head-turner everywhere you go.

Short Graduated French Bob Cut with Layers and Bangs
Instagram @crosbygracetrave.els

#31: Short Graduated Cut with Layers

Add layers to your look with a short, graduated French cut. For a chic and tousled finish, apply a small amount of volumizing mousse or texturizing spray to damp hair. Then, enhance your look’s volume and texture by blow-drying.

Neck-Length Razor Cut French Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @emilyppt

#32: Razor Cut Shaggy Bob

Embrace effortless cool with a razor-cut shaggy bob. This edgy yet versatile style adds texture and movement, perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

Soft French Wavy Bob with Textured Ends for short hair
Instagram @charliandkate

#33: Soft Wavy Bob with Textured Ends

Opt for a soft, wavy bob with textured ends for a relaxed yet chic look. This style adds dimension and movement, enhancing the natural beauty of your waves while maintaining a modern edge.

The Low-Maintenance French Bob
Instagram @hairabee

#34: The Low-Maintenance Bob

The low-maintenance cut makes a vibrant frame to a cute face. The length of the haircut is typically cut to the nape and at the jawline with a pronounced line. The fringe exposes the eyebrows.

#35: Bob with a Blowout

The cut, combined with a blowout style, is a stylish and flexible haircut. The sleek and polished look of this hairstyle comes from its soft layers, cut to hang just above the shoulders and styled effortlessly. Consider this cut if you have straight or slightly wavy hair. A French bob gives an elegant look and also enhances facial features, bringing out the wearer’s natural beauty.

#36: The Classic

All blunt and sharp, that is both vintage and futuristic; this is the cut that made the style famous. The texture, styling, and bangs are all licked into a shape that showcases the jet black hair color with a money piece more than anything.

modern french bob with bangs
Instagram @hairabee

#37: Modern Bob with Bangs

With soft curls, stacked layers, and the iconic blunt bangs, you wouldn’t mistake this for another haircut. Way to show texture and style in a cute inverted bob that gives an instant youthful look.

The Messy French Bob
Instagram @florence.hair

#38: The Messy Bob

This cut is a perfect style for wavy hair. A messy French bob pairs beautifully with a fringe and some added layers. Ask your stylist if you need products with extra texture.

#39: The Long Bob

The French bob is the most timeless yet trendy haircut there is. It is a classic look that will never make you look back at photos and cringe, but it is so versatile that you can style it to look sleek and smooth, textured and edgy, soft and beachy, curly and romantic. Do whatever you like, and you’ll always be on-trend!

#40: Textured for Thin Hair

The inspiration for this bob was a sort of ’90s/’20s hybrid. It was cut with a straight razor, and although it’s textured, its edges are full and chunky. It’s not super shattered and collapsed, which is nice.

short french bob hairstyle
Instagram @rebelstylist.gr

#41: A Short Bob

This short bob is a vintage romantic haircut with a twist of modern flair. The best thing about it is the contrast between the precision outline and the textured bangs.

the layered french bob
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#42: The Layered Bob

A layered bob is very playful with an underlying appeal to it. I love that the length shows off the shoulders, yet the subtle curtain bangs bring the focus to the eyes and cheekbones.

French bob for curly hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#43: Perfect for Curly Hair

A curly bob is perfect for curly hair as it creates the illusion of fuller curls. Ask your hairstylist what length of the bob will best suit your face shape. This type of haircut is typically done on dry, styled hair, achieving balance in its shape.

A chin-length French bob
Instagram @mexikat

#44: A Chin-Length Cut

A chin-length cut bet suits ladies with oval or square-shaped faces. This chin-length haircut is a version of a French bob that is often coupled with a fringe.

Cute French Bob with Fringe
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#45: Cute Bob with Fringe

A cute bob with fringe is chic and modern. Shorter bob looks breathtaking on most face shapes but especially the heart and oval facial shapes. Shorter styles are fun, require low upkeep, and are very playful.

French bob for a round face shape
Instagram @weeklyyeg

#46: Flattering for a Round Face

Ladies searching for a haircut that is flattering for a round face should consider a French bob. It’s a short haircut that is cut at the level of your chin. This cut is often styled with fringe. This cut is versatile, easily styled, and flattering.

extra short french bob style
Instagram @chatnoirtran

#47: Extra Short Style

An extra short bob style is an ultra-chic look that showcases one’s personality in one haircut. Salon upkeep is frequent but can adjust with seasonal and style changes. It is best paired with straight hair to display the geometric style of this haircut.

jaw-length French bob with bangs hairstyle
Instagram @nataliarok

#48: Jaw-Length Bob

If you have an oval face shape, try a jaw-length bob. This haircut has a wedge look that accentuates the lower half of your face.

french bob for older women
Instagram @bareeminimum

#49: French Bob for Older Women

Older women can definitely benefit from trying a French bob. This cut is easy to style and maintain and gives a youthful, flirty appearance. Massage a nickel-sized dollop of Redken Aerate onto your fingertips and apply all over before blowdrying to give you some volume and texture.