28 Best Ways to Pull Off The French Bob for Fine Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Neck-Length French Bob for Fine Hair
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#1: Neck-Length French Bob

A French bob is a classic and iconic haircut that can be customized to work with most face shapes. However, round faces and wide square-shaped faces can sometimes look a bit wider with a neck or jaw-length perimeter. French bobs are great for fine hair because they are known to be light and fluffy with layering.

Textured Short French Bob Style for Fine Hair
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#2: Textured Short French Bob Style

The short French bob is a textured haircut. This style is trendy, and it adds dimension and movement to fine, delicate hair. The French bob haircut has layers, choppy bangs, and ends. These features create the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. The French bob has a unique shape that suits women who want a sophisticated, chic look. The textured layers in this hairstyle add volume and body. It’s a great choice for fine hair that often falls flat.

#3: Fresh Razored French Bob Cut

Try this razored French bob if you like a vintage vibe haircut. The razor helps to alleviate unnecessary weight in your hair. This will allow for a soft, flowing texture throughout. You could also try a razor cut bob while leaving your hair a bit longer if you don’t want to commit to shorter hair.

#4: Wispy French Bob Hairstyle

A wispy French bob hairstyle with curled curtain bangs is a classic style for finer hair. The graduated layers provide movement, volume, and texture for the finest of hairs. The bangs add a touch of romance and mystery to your look. To create the perfect style, I recommend using a fine-toothed comb and a round brush to help curl the ends. To finish, set the style with light hairspray and brush out the bangs for a softer look.

French Blonde Bob with Curtain Fringe for Fine Hair
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#5: French Blonde Bob with Curtain Fringe

Look at this adorable French blonde bob with curtain fringe! The only drawback to a style such as this is that it requires an every 6-8 week trim to keep the length on point. If you decide to change it up this year, give this haircut a go!

Jaw-Length Choppy Bob Cut
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#6: Jaw-Length Choppy Bob Cut

A jaw-length choppy bob cut is the perfect choice to try something new without going too short. A bob style grows out easily if you don’t like it. Ask your stylist to add layers by point cutting or razor cutting for a perfect funky texture. Straighter hair textures will get the best results with this shape. Style with Wax Blast by Redken for an easy choppy finish.

#7: Soft Tousled French Bob

Consider a soft tousled French bob and you won’t be disappointed. This bob hairstyle has some layers throughout to create a messy and softer style. Let go of your long hair and create a new you. A French bob compliments almost every face shape and is easy to style with some texture cream.

French Bob Cut with Choppy Fringe for Fine Hair
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#8: French Bob Cut with Choppy Fringe

Get excited to try a french bob cut with a choppy fringe. Bobs are so versatile and are definitely my favorite style to recommend to my clients. A french bob hits about lip length and has medium layering and texture throughout. Try styling your cut with a paste and your hands for an organic finish that is very trendy and beautiful.

#9: Layered French Bob with Side Part Bangs

Bring up your length with a layered French bob and add a side part bang and you’ll feel renewed. Did you know that cutting your hair shorter makes it look much healthier, and if your hair looks better, so do you? A short layered bob has wonderful versatility and can be worn towards the face or pushed away, curly or straight. Another benefit to a French bob hairstyle is that it’s low-maintenance and only needs to be cut about every 6-7 weeks.

Sleek French Bob for Straight Hair
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#10: Sleek French Bob for Straight Hair

A sleek French bob is fantastic on straight hair and can make yours appear healthier. Ask your stylist for minimal to no layers in your cut and slight graduation in the back. One-length bob hair reflects the light and really makes it shine. Don’t forget to use a round brush and shine spray or oil in your blow-dry to get the best results.

French Bob with Short Bangs for Curly Hair
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#11: French Bob with Short Bangs for Curly Hair

A French bob with short bangs works on curly hair perfectly. Make sure you have your stylist add some layers to enhance your short cut, and you will have an easy-care hairstyle that is super cute. Blow drying the bangs straight and letting the rest air dry is a great approach to achieve this style. Use Ringlet by Redken as your styling agent applied to damp hair.

#12: Straight French Bob for Women Over 70

Women over 70 shouldn’t be afraid to try a straight French bob. A short hairstyle can make aging hair appear thicker and healthier. Not only that, but it can make you look younger as well. Have your stylist leave the layers blunt to make it easy to blow dry your hair into a sleek style. Use a paddle brush blowing side to side and some volumizing cream for a thick-looking finish.

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Textured French Bob with Micro Bangs for Round Faces
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#13: Textured French Bob with Micro Bangs for Round Faces

A textured French bob with micro bangs is a super cute style for round faces. Keep in mind, that this is a strong bob style choice and looks best on young facial features, but if you’re looking for bold, go for it. A french bob with bangs for fine hair works best styled close to the head for the thickest looking finish. Simply air dry or blow dry with the dryer pointed directly downward, moving around so you don’t burn the hair.

Curly Bob with Straight Bangs
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#14: Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

You can rock a curly bob with straight bangs and amp up your style. The two different textures, straight bangs, and a messy bob really create a visual impact. I recommend leaving this shape blunt for the most dramatic effect. A french bob for fine hair looks great on women of any age and can be worn straight or curly.

Chin-Length French Bob for Square Faces
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#15: Chin-Length French Bob for Square Faces

If you have a square face shape you should try a chin-length French bob hairstyle. Talk to your stylist if you are not sure what face shape you have. A chin-length bob hits at just the right length to balance out square jawlines. A bang is also a great addition to soften long, square facial features. A bob cut is a beautiful feminine shape and is the perfect transition from long hair.

#16: Short Stacked Bob with Bangs on Women Over 40

Women over 40 should consider a short stacked bob with bangs. Bobs are the perfect cuts for fine hair and make your locks appear thicker. Ask your stylist to leave the layers long to retain the weight of the hair. A bang is also a great choice to accent the face. Don’t forget to style this shape flat so you cannot see thru it.

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Wavy French Bob on Thin Hair
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#17: Wavy French Bob on Thin Hair

If you have thin hair you’ll want to try an effortless wavy french bob. Ask your stylist to go easy on the layers to retain weight and movement. The flattering style of a bob haircut makes the most of fine hair and works wonderfully on wavy textures. You’ll want to add some salt spray and air dry for a beautiful and thick-looking finish. Straight-haired ladies can add some curls with an iron and enjoy this style for fine hair as well.

#18: Curled French Bob with Light Bangs

You might want to consider a curled French bob with light bangs as your next new cut. This retro style is all the rage. It’s a short style but still soft and feminine. Try curling with a 3/4 inch curling iron for the perfect smooth ringlets. After curling spray with a light hairspray, then let cool, and then comb out with a wide-tooth comb.

French Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs
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#19: French Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

Choose a French blunt bob with wispy bangs and change up your style. Taking your length up can be so liberating. A French bob for thin hair is a perfect choice because the layering is longer, making your hair appear thicker. The wispy bang is a great change, too. You should know that if you have cowlicks in your bangs, try blowing downward directly from above to make your bangs lay nicely.

#20: French Bob with a Hidden Undercut on Women Over 60

Women over 60 might want to try a French bob with a hidden undercut to bring out their inner youth. A soft undercut nape could be just the thing to shake things up a bit with your style. You’ll want to avoid going too close with fine hair, or it could look too bare. French bobs are a sharp and classic style and add that undercut for a little edginess. Bobs are easy to dry with a round brush and some mousse.

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Curly French Bob with Thin Bangs
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#21: Curly French Bob with Thin Bangs

You should try a curly French bob with thin bangs if your hair is long and lifeless. Short cuts are really the best styles for fine hair because they boost the hair’s body and make a huge difference in your appearance. A French bob works on most face shapes and is a low-maintenance haircut. Trimming every six weeks is all you need to keep it looking fresh.

#22: Mini French Bob with Shaggy Layers

Choose a mini French bob with shaggy layers if you have a bit of body in your hair. You might want to avoid all the layers in this cut if your hair is super straight and fine. Apply some Rough paste by Redken in your shaggy bob on damp or dry hair to accentuate the texture, moving the hair forward towards the face for a modern finish. This cute shape needs to be cut about every five weeks to keep it looking fabulous.

Low-Maintenance Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs
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#23: Low-Maintenance Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

A low-maintenance messy bob with curtain bangs is just the cut you need. Go from boring to beautiful with this timeless lip-length shape. The key to a low-maintenance French bob is face-framing and shaggy, textured layers to create a lived-in organic short style. Ask your stylist to use a feather razor to create movement and messiness. For best results, air dry with some molding paste and you’ll be ready in no time.

#24: Razor Cut French Bob with a Shaved Side

You should consider a razor cut French bob with a shaved side if you would like a cute, dramatic style. Show off your wild side by tucking it behind the ear, or cover it for a day at the office. There are some great hairstyles for fine hair and a French bob is one of them because it’s styled flat. Make sure you use volumizing products for a thickening effect.

French Bobbed Hair with Curls
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#25: French Bobbed Hair with Curls

If you want a big and modern change, try French bobbed hair with curls. The face-framing layers compliment most face shapes and age groups. A French bob for fine hair is the perfect haircut and is super easy to style. Let it air dry with some texture balm for a flatter messy finish.

Face-Framing French Bob for Women Over 50
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#26: Face-Framing French Bob for Women Over 50

Women over 50 who are looking for a complimentary style will want to try a face-framing French bob. Face framing softens facial features and makes you appear younger. Bringing the length up is also a great choice to perk up your hairdo and is so much easier to style. If you have wavy hair, the French bob can be air-dried for a simple textured finish. If you are looking for a straighter bob cut, this shape can be dried easily with a round brush.

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Two-Toned French Bob with Choppy Bangs
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#27: Two-Toned French Bob with Choppy Bangs

Try a two-toned French bob with choppy bangs, if you’re searching for something different. A block coloring technique is used to create panels of color that are dramatic and eye-catching. Apply this to a short haircut and you have something special. Pushing the hair to different sides can change the color day-to-day. You should know this color technique is higher maintenance and needs to be retouched at the root about every 5 weeks.

#28: Very Short Inverted Bob with a Fringe

Try a very short inverted bob with a fringe and you’ll be glad you did. The inverted back gives the illusion of thick hair and is super stylish. Combine that with a cute fringe and you’ll be irresistible. A fine hair French bob should be dried closer to the head with a volumizer to make your hair appear thicker.

A French bob for fine hair is a daring crop cut with bangs that creates a full-bodied style. The chop ranges from cheek to chin-length, giving the locks more volume and texture.

Elise Abdollahi is a stylist from Alexandria, VA who approves of the cut’s versatility.

According to her, the key is to find the perfect bob cut and style that flatters your face shape and hair type. Ask your trusted stylist for some recommendations.

A shorter bob hairstyle is a great look for women who like a lower-maintenance styling routine.

“Air dry the hair with a little mousse or gel to give it a chic, lived-in finish. It doesn’t only look great when straight and sleek, but also when wavy and tousled,” says Abdollahi.

Feel free to consult your hairdresser on which products to use when styling. Abdollahi explains, “With tons of texture in this chop, choosing the right products is vital to creating a bombshell look.”

Any haircut with bangs requires commitment, which can be a drawback for some ladies. A fringe may or may not grow out fast and must be styled every day.

“The upkeep is coming in every 4-5 weeks for regular haircuts. If you can’t commit to going to the salon regularly, this style might not be for you,” Abdollahi states.

Before your next salon visit, check out this inspiring gallery. Here, we selected the images of the trendiest styles for a French bob for fine hair!