29 Feathered Bob Haircuts That Add Fullness & Movement to Your Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A feathered bob is a short layered cut that creates fullness and movement within the hair. It’s popular for its distinctive feather-like layers, allowing a more natural and airy finish.

Hairstylist Jean Claude from Lebanon explains who he thinks can nail this look the best.

“It’s great for ladies who don’t have heavy hair but would love to add volume and thickness to it,” says Claude. However, he clarifies that the cut’s voluminous finish isn’t doable on fine, thin locks.

Claude adds that this layered cut can benefit those with longer face shapes.

“I recommend this bob for a woman with a long face as it can give a round-like shape and shed light in the cheeks. If she’s in her thirties or more, it refreshes her features with a nice lift,” he explains.

Layering plays a vital role in securing a flattering bounce in this cut. It’s relevant to the head shape, too. If the hair is too thick, let the layers reduce some volume from it.

When in doubt, consultation would always help you decide. Ask your stylist if your preferred bob style suits your face shape and hair type. If they say yes, go for it!

For more hair inspiration, check out these photos of the trendiest feathered bob cuts you can copy.

Heavily Layered Feathered Bob Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#1: Heavily Layered Bob Cut

Add fullness and movement to your hair with a heavily layered bob. Your best bet is to seek out an experienced stylist that has been trained in the art of cutting feathered bobs. Techniques like point cutting or slicing will ensure you get the most lift from the cut. All without having all the bulk taken away with thinning shears. Short layered bobs are perfect for fine-haired clients who want more volume. And the cut is low-maintenance. Ask your stylist about products like sea salt or texture sprays to enhance your new layers.

#2: Short Feathered Bob with Textured Layers

You’ll want to try a short feathered bob with textured layers if you like a voluminous style. The short textured layers create that full wispy shape that turns heads. Choose this textured bob style if you have a medium to thick hair type. The inverted bob in the back makes your neck appear longer and can make you appear taller. Finish this cut with some wax to make the most of the textured layers.

#3: Blonde Bob with a Deep Side Part

If you have a thinner long face shape, ask your stylist for inverted layers. The shape of the short layers will stack on top of one another and give your hair more volume. The key to widening your client’s narrow features is to try to bring your weight line to the cheekbone area. This will add lift and open the outer corners of the face shape.

Graduated Messy Feathered Bob
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#4: Graduated Messy Feathered Bob

When you want fullness and movement in your hair, consider this messy feathered bob. This style works well for straight to wavy hair types, giving them body without weighing it down. The graduated layers create more versatility with styling. Try pinning back the front pieces for an updo or wearing half-up/half-down styles! To make sure this look lasts all day, use a light-hold hairspray. Try Kerastase Couture Styling Laque Couture Hairspray before you style your locks. Your stylist will use their expert cutting skills to add feathery layers.

Airy Feathered Style on a Bob Cut
Instagram @rhandy_art

#5: Airy Feathered Style on a Bob Cut

Add more dimension to your bob cut with an airy feathered style. Airy feathered hairstyles have more layers than a traditional bob and add interest and movement. This shape would be a great choice for women who want more volume and have medium to thick hair. A stacked feathered bob like this needs to be cut about every 5-6 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

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Woman with a dynamic feathered layered bob for thick hair showcasing volume and movement.

#6 Feathered Layered Bob for Thicker Hair

This feathered layered bob is a dream for thick hair, tailored to enhance volume while providing a lighter, more manageable feel. Perfect for a vivacious woman in her 50s, this style softens the face and lets those bright eyes shine. The layers are skillfully carved to boost body and create a dynamic silhouette that frames the face beautifully. The multi-tonal color adds dimension, catching the light with every turn. While it’s an excellent style for thicker hair, it requires regular upkeep to maintain shape and a skilled hand with the blow-dryer to achieve that salon-fresh look at home.

#7: Short Multi-Layered Bob with Side Bangs

If you’re tired of your one-length haircut laying flat, you’ll want to try a multi-layered short bob with side bangs. Adding layers to your cut will add movement and volume, and give you a nice change. A side fringe is also a great addition and can accent your face. This shape works best on straight and slightly wavy hair and can be blown dry or air-dried for a tousled finish.

#8: Tapered Bob with Feathered Pieces

Add some feathered pieces to a tapered bob and amp up your hairstyle. An airy bob haircut can be achieved by placing texture into your cut. You can ask your stylist to cut into your bob to create pieciness, which makes the cut more interesting. Finish with a spray wax such as Wax Blast by Redken for a beautiful textured shape.

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#9: Feathered Bob with Piece-y Layers

Piece-y layers coupled with a feathered bob are sure to please. Thick-haired ladies will benefit from the weight removed from the texture and layers, and a fringe will also help release heavy hair. When styling a multi-layered haircut, the blow-dry process is fairly simple with a larger round brush, but you should know ladies with curly hair will have to work a bit harder to achieve the straight texture.

#10: Voluminous Feathered Bob for Women Over 50

Women over 50 should try a voluminous feathered bob. If you’re feeling frumpy, add some layers and face-framing and you’ll get softness and fullness. Hair moving away from the face will lift things up and makes you appear younger. When styling a feathered bob for over 50-year-old women, try using a medium round brush or just your hands, then blowing backward for an uplifting finish.

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Feathered Stacked Bob for Natural Black Hair
Instagram @b.lynnartistry

#11: Feathered Stacked Bob for Natural Black Hair

Consider a feathered stacked short-length bob if you’re searching for a great cut for natural black hair. This bob is a great choice for African-American women with finer hair textures. Cutting your relaxed hair shorter will rid you of those nasty ends and sharpen your image.

Layered Cut with Feathered Bangs for Gray Hair
Instagram @wellanordic

#12: Layered Cut with Feathered Bangs for Gray Hair

A layered cut with feathered bangs works best on medium to thick, grey hair. Leaving the layers a bit longer will give your bobbed hair that full and round shape. Add the inverse bob or stacked back to make your cut appear even fuller. You’ll want to blow dry your haircut with a volumizing mist like Instant Levitation Mist by Pureology, and a medium round brush.

#13: Soft Layers on a Bob for Ladies Over 60

Ladies over 60 should try a feathered bob with soft layers. The layers on this shape are shorter and will give you lots of volume. These hairstyles work well on narrow or oval face shapes, giving you fullness on the sides where you need it. Blow-dry with a volumizing product and a small to medium metal barrel round brush, working back and away from the face for the best results.

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#14: Feathered Angled Bob for Black Hair

Try a feathered angled bob on black hair, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful, shiny shape. Make sure the layers are left longer all around to allow for manageability. A silk press might be needed on a thicker density and a curlier texture to achieve smoothness and shine. These hairstyles look sharp and modern, but you should know frequent trips to the salon might be needed to keep your hair looking beautiful.

#15: Graduated Bob with Layers

Consider the beautiful shape of a graduated bob with feathered layers. If you like versatility, this cut has plenty of options. Wear it blown forward, backward, or curl it up for dressy days. The feathered ends keep the style looking light and airy and help the cut last longer. This great shape should be trimmed up every 5-6 weeks for best results.

Jaw-Length Bobbed Hair
Instagram @salon_spacect

#16: Jaw-Length Bobbed Hair

You’ll want to try a jaw-length bobbed haircut for its classic, beautiful, and carefree shape. The subtle layers and soft lines complement almost any face shape and age group. The blow-dry can be quick and easy depending on how much time you have. If you’re short on time, blow dry with your hands for a messier finish.

#17: Feathered Long Bob

A long bob is a perfect length to spruce up your cut, but still feel gorgeous. This long bob with layers is great for women who are afraid to go too short. Add a swooping side bang to make this long bob even more stylish. Make sure your layers are left on the longer side to maintain bounce and swing and give you a soft shape. Blow-dry with a round brush and volume-enhancing products. Rollers could even be used for a beautiful finish.

#18: Round Bob with Bangs

A round-shaped feathered bob with bangs is a beautiful cut that softens facial features with its face-framing layers. Soft tendrils coming forward are perfect for round or broad facial features. Ask your stylist for a layered bob with bangs and you’ll be glad you did. Blow-dry this style with a medium round brush and with all the layers, you’ll have lots of movement.

#19: Feathered Pixie Bob with Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights on a feathered pixie bob is a short cut with tons of style. The longer layers in this shape are the perfect canvas for some natural-looking balayage highlights, which grow out naturally and are a great choice. The graduated nape gives this cut a modern edge and an overall great shape. This style requires cutting every 5 weeks and is easy to blow dry, making it fairly low-maintenance.

#20: Long Bob with Feathered Layers and Bangs

If you’re a middle-aged women, you might want to choose a lob with feathered layers and bangs. Bringing your hair up in length makes it look healthy and damage-free. The layers in a long feathered bob can be styled away from the face, uplifting your appearance. Blow-dry with a medium round brush backward taking care not to make it too full, keeping the shape more current.

#21: Classic Feathered Bob for Senior Women

A classic hairstyle is a great cut for senior women and thinning hair textures. Ask your stylist to leave the layers medium length to make the most out of your hair and create wispy layers. A short feathered bob for fine hair is the way to go if you are looking for easy care, wash and wear, and timeless style.

#22: Asymmetrical Bob Cut with Feathered Layers

Try an asymmetrical bob cut with layers if you’re ready to amp up your style. The asymmetry really gives a bob some new dimension. Ask your stylist to undercut one side to achieve the desired shape. When cutting a feathered bob for thin hair, it’s important to leave the layers medium length to maintain weight to keep your hair looking its thickest. Top off this shape with some wax to create a modern and funky finish.

Very Short Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers
Instagram @joshk_stylz

#23: Very Short Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers

Try a very short stacked bob and give your limp hair some movement with layers. Bob haircuts with layers are the perfect choice to spruce up fine hair. The layers hit at just the right length to retain weight to the hair, but still give it body. Blowdry this cut with a round brush and some volumizing mousse, under and backward for the best results.

Short Feathered Bob Haircut for Blonde Hair
Instagram @lara_stelmashukC

#24: Short Haircut for Blonde Hair

You’ll want to try a short haircut for blonde hair and create a new you. Shorter hair takes less time to style and is a great choice for busy women. Add some blonde highlights for added dimension and body and your blow-dry will be simple with a round brush. A short bob hairstyle looks great on most face shapes and age groups.

#25: Textured Bob Cut

Did you know that a textured bob cut can make you appear taller and elongate your neck? Ask your stylist for soft choppy layers and to graduate the nape to create a great shape-shifting style. A feathered bob can also be worn forward or backward giving you options and versatility. Remember not to over-blow dry your hair. Stopping as soon as it is dry is the way to go. Over-blow drying will take too much body out, making your hair look lifeless and dull.

#26: Short Feathered Bob with a Fringe for Older Ladies

A short bob with a fringe is a great cut for older ladies. Adding shorter layers and bangs can perk up sagging facial features and can be very uplifting, creating softness and volume. Blow-dry the layers up and backward for the most lift. A short layered bob for older ladies can make you appear 10 years younger.

Neck-Length Haircut with Feathery Layers
Instagram @rhandy_art

#27: Neck-Length Haircut with Feathery Layers

A hairstyle that is neck-length with feathery layers is a great choice to flatter women with narrow face shapes. Hair moving away from your face opens up facial features and is super complimentary. A graduated A-line bob gives the cut a beautiful full shape and keeps it looking modern and sharp. Blowdry with a round brush for volume and control for a fairly easy style.

#28: Chin-Length Bob with a Side Part

Consider a long bob that hits at the chin with a side part as your next cut. A chin-length bob is a perfect length if you want a shorter cut, but not too short. This length is still glamorous and the side part can give you a little lift in the fringe if you desire it. Bobs are also very versatile and can be worn sleek and straight, or messy with loose waves.

#29: Feathered Butterfly Cut for Thick Hair

The butterfly cut is a hairstyle made to show off the natural movement and texture of hair. This haircut adds dimension and lightness to the overall look while maintaining volume. It’s a perfect choice for those with thick hair who want a stylish and effortless style.