27 Face-Framing Bob Haircut Examples to See Before You Decide

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Center-Parted Face Framed Bob Cut

Ask for a bob cut that frames the face with a center parting. A face-framing bob can do wonders if you want to soften stronger facial features, such as those in square, rectangular, and pear shapes. The bob cut works by framing your face with a length that suits it. Try a shoulder-length bob with added layers for a more dynamic look.

Short Bob Cut with Face-Framing Blonde Hues
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Short Bob Cut with Blonde Hues

If you are looking for a gorgeous style with minimal effort, ask for a modern blunt bob. A face-framing cut suits well to people with oval, diamond, and heart face shapes. This bob sits around the chin and is a great fit for narrow jawlines. People with thick hair can remove some weight from the nape area by adding heavy texture or an undercut.

#3: Chin-Length Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A chin-length bob with face-framing layers is a cute style that will make you feel stylish. Light texture cut into the ends will help achieve modern results in a trendy shape. A delicate cut framing your face from nose to lip can add gentle softness around your face. Use a round brush to blow dry, then apply light wax to add gentle tousles to your chin-length bob.

Face-Framing Curly Lob and Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @soullovey

#4: Curly Lob and Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair

If you want to bring out your hair’s natural waves, consider this style. It combines elements from a shag, a bob, and a curly lob with curtain bangs. This style works best for thick hair. Layering thick hair removes weight, boosts volume, and highlights waves. This allows you to see the full potential of your fun, new style. Adding a curtain bang will give this style a modern, effortless feel while adding a face-framing effect around the face.

Face-Framing Middle-Parted Copper Wavy Hair for Long Bob Cut
Instagram @mane.societe

#5: Middle-Parted Copper Wavy Hair

Middle-parted copper wavy hair is a perfect fall-inspired hair color and style. The bold and inviting vibrancy of copper wavy hair is evident. If you desire a hair color change this Fall, try adding more of the orange or copper tones. Talk with your stylist so they can suggest a copper shade that suits your skin tone.

Short Face-Framing Bobbed Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @passion_carre

#6: Face-Framing Bobbed Cut for Fine Hair

A face-framing bobbed cut is an excellent style choice for fine hair. The jaw-length cut and long-layered style will enhance your fine hair. Don’t forget the soft curves around your cheeks to highlight your features for a modern look. You’ll want to use a volumizing spray and blow dry your hair using either a round brush or your fingers. And remember, avoid over-drying your hair to keep some volume.

#7: Face-Framing Textured Blonde Lob

You should try getting a blonde lob that is textured and frames the face. It’s even better when it’s messy!

#8: Short Hair with Choppy Layers and Waves

Short hair with choppy layers and waves is a chic and classic way to wear your hair. You can wear this style differently: straight, blown out, or curled using a medium-sized iron. It also suits various color placements and blonding techniques. A 6-8 week trim is recommended to keep this style above the shoulder.

Chin-Grazing Blunt Bob with Face Frame
Instagram @numazaki_scen

#9: Blunt Bob with Face Frame

If you want a sleek haircut, consider a blunt bob with a face frame. This haircut suits people who want to highlight their eyes and cheekbones. It also helps to give a long neck look for an elegant feel. Consider this haircut if you can visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks for upkeep.

Jaw-Length Messy Bob Cut with a Face Frame
Instagram @casey.jean.90

#10: Jaw-Length Messy Bob Cut

If you desire an effortlessly trendy style, consider our jaw-length messy bob cut. This style suits many hair textures. Adding a curtain bang, it beautifully frames your eyes and cheekbones. This gives the hairstyle depth and dimension. Use No. 4’s Sugar Spray to style your messy bob cut. It helps achieve an easy, workable texture.

Shoulder-Length Layered Face-Framing Curly Bob with Airy Bangs
Instagram @florence.hair

#11: Layered Curly Bob with Airy Bangs

If you want a new look or want to modify your existing bob hairstyle, try this layered curly bob with airy bangs. Depending on your preference, the length and fringe of this hairstyle can be cut to highlight your eyes or cheekbones. With the right hair product, recommended by your stylist, it can air dry very well.

#12: Face-Framing Sleek Classic Bob

If you’re drawn to simple or minimalist styles, try this face-framing sleek classic bob. This style looks great with a long, curtain-style bang. This adds visual appeal to the haircut and breaks up its uniformity. Whether you prefer it blown out, straight, or curled, remember to use a heat protectant from roots to ends.

Short-Length Light Brown Bob with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @hair.bye.alex

#13: Light Brown Bob with Framing Layers

Highlight your face with this light brown bob with framing layers. This style suits both fine and coarse hair types. For a casual daily look, apply a good amount of salt spray and scrunch your hair. To achieve a soft, elegant look, blow out your hair and use a medium-sized iron to curl. It’s advisable to seek an expert stylist specializing in short hair with face-framing layers to accentuate your unique features with this haircut.

#14: Shoulder-Length Bob with Beach Waves

A shoulder-length bob with beach waves styling is both beautiful and flirty. It’s a great style for those who want mid-length hair and are willing to put effort into their appearance. You can create this style using hot tools, either straight or curly. For a more structured look, cut it with scissors. Use a razor if you aim for extreme texture.

Short Shaggy Platinum Blonde Face-Framing Bob with Bangs
Instagram @local_honey

#15: Shaggy Platinum Blonde Bob

The shaggy platinum blonde bob has a distinct visual shape. Razor layering is key to creating the airy and sassy appearance of the bob. For a perfect face frame, the bob’s bangs should reach your cheekbones. Keep in mind that maintaining the platinum blonde bob requires regular salon visits. Apply some wax and tousle dry your blonde bob to enhance its texture.

Super Short Bobbed Hair with Face-Framing Center Part
Instagram @locksby_lyssa

#16: Super Short Hair with Center Part

Super short hair with a center part is stylish and easy to manage. Go for a blunt cut around your jawline. This will give clean lines that sit above the shoulders. I suggest a minimal layering style to keep the hair weighty and establish a flat shape. Adding a slight angle at the front can give your hair a back-flow style. Air dry your hair or simply use your hands to achieve a trendy and slightly imperfect finish.

#17: Voluminous Wavy Medium Bob

Try a bob that is voluminous and wavy. It will make your hair thicker and keep it looking natural and cool. To style this bob, use a medium-sized iron. Blow dry and curl it or apply Number 4 Haircare’s Sugar Spray from the roots to the ends. You can air dry for a weightless, textured feel.

Short Razored Bob with Middle Part Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

#18: Razored Bob with Middle Part Bangs

Maybe you haven’t found a trendy hairstyle yet. This razored bob with middle-part bangs could be what you’re looking for. If you have heavy hair and want to reduce weight, the shag hairstyle is a good choice. It offers maximum layering. For those with finer hair, it can help achieve volume and movement.

#19: Soft Choppy Long Bob

A soft choppy long bob will make your hair feel feminine and flirty. This style is a shoulder-length bob. It has a soft, textured layering for volume. It adds shape around the face. This style suits all face shapes. You can tailor it to your needs by meeting with a skilled stylist.

#20: Ginger Lob with Money Piece

A ginger lob with a money-piece hairstyle is perfect for making a bold statement. The haircut is ideal for women with heart-shaped faces, creating movement while complementing your natural bone structure.

Face-Framing Short Layered Bob with Loose Curls
Instagram @harris_sonne

#21: Short Layered Bob with Loose Curls

Transform your look with a short-length layered bob with loose curls. If your hair has any natural wave, this stylish cut will be easy to create. You should keep a thin layer to sustain the heaviness and a straight style. Try a center part for a trendy touch, and use a curl enhancer to let it air dry naturally. This will let the hair dry near the head for a modern finish.

Mini Bob with Face-Framing Swoopy Bangs
Instagram @funkyhairclub

#22: Mini Bob with Swoopy Bangs

The trend alert is about a mini bob with swoopy bangs. To achieve light and textured ends, cut your effortless style with a razor. The bangs should go backward, grazing the eyebrows. For a flat modern finish, your best bet is to apply a wax or paste and air dry it.

#23: Layered French Bob with Fringe

A layered French bob with a fringe offers a simple shape packed with style. The cut’s choppy layers add detail, making the hairdo modern and flattering. A chunky fringe enhances the hairstyle’s visual appeal. Styling your cut flat is key to maintaining its trendy look. I suggest using Pureology’s Mess It Up texture paste on damp hair and letting it dry naturally in the air. The resulting style is cool, easy, and sure to satisfy you.

Blonde Short Bob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @passion_carre

#24: Short Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Dazzle them in a short bob with face-framing bangs. Use a razor to sculpt the edgy shape and achieve the wispy texture all over the hair. See how the framing hair strands extend away from your cheeks, creating an inviting look. The light bang is perfect to compliment and balance an oval face shape, but anyone can wear this beautiful cut. Use a round brush for styling, but retain some natural messiness.

Chin-Length Straight Choppy Face-Framing Bob and Bangs
Instagram @travisbriggs2

#25: Straight Choppy Bob and Bangs

Do you want to add texture to your straight or wavy hair? You should try a straight, choppy bob with bangs. The textured bob hairstyle falls naturally to the jawline. It’s ideal for those who desire more softness and movement in their look. The hairstyle’s bangs frame the eyes and cheekbones, giving an effect of lightness and layers.

#26: Tousled Shaggy Bob with Bangs

How cute is this tousled shaggy bob with bangs? This chic haircut is perfect for those with round, heart, and oval face shapes. It features shag-type layering above the ear that softly sits on a chin-length bob. Additionally, a tailored curtain bang is added to your structure. The haircut is adaptable to most hair textures. Ideally, it is air-dried or diffused using a salt spray or a hair balm.

Straight Long Piece-y Bob with Face Frame
Instagram @sandybleaches

#27: Straight Long Piece-y Bob

If you’re considering an update to your style and desire a medium-length hairstyle, consider the layered bob cut. An experienced hairstylist can fashion this bob with short layers to add extra texture and movement or choose a blunt cut to create more thickness at the ends. To suit your mood or the day’s event, style your bob straight for an edgy look, or use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron for a relaxed, refined look and tousled beach waves.

Are you craving a chic, polished look? The face-framing bob can be the game-changer you need. Let Rachael Ann Niven, a seasoned hair maestro, guide you through this fresh, flattering style.

Meet The Expert

Rachael Ann Niven
Rachael Ann Niven
Rachael is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 13 years of experience.
You can find her at The Fancy Salon in Portland, OR.

Handling Different Hair Types

Aging and fine hair really gain from this style. The shift between vellus hair on our face and neck can cause thin spots on hairline. Face framing helps by cleaning up split ends on weaker hair and adding much-needed volume.

For curly hair, face-framing offers control on volume and shape. Products with soft control, like Hair Balm, ease frizz on shorter layers near the hairline.

Straight hair sees a unique approach. Rachael prefers to leave longer dramatic pieces around the hairline. But beware, too much face framing can quickly alter a bob’s geometric shape in straight hair. You don’t want an unintended mullet.

Working with Various Face Shapes

Oval and long faces benefit from curtain bang face framing. The focus is at the cheek bones, flattering longer jawlines. Heart faces get the opposite approach. Wider cheek bones are balanced by drawing attention below the jaw.

Rachael insists that small changes can make a world of difference. You can control or improve anything with the right cut! Hating your hair line? The right parting place or fringe can fix that! For a round face, the bob can highlight cheek bones to balance the whole face.

Product Recommendations and Styling Tips

During a hair consult, Rachael likes to clue in on your styling habits. Do you like a sleek style or is air drying more your thing? If you’re the latter, she advises against fixed, stacked layering. This might need smoothing to keep shorter sections from flipping up.

For a polished look, keep in mind that structured bobs need regular upkeeping. A longer bob might be better for less commitment. Don’t skimp on heat protection though! Rachael loves Joico’s YouthLock Collagen Blowout Crème and Heat Hero.

Utilizing natural texture is also all the rage. Despite seeming simple, it can take longer than heat styling. How the hair dries is how the hair stays. And for air drying wavy/curly hair, Rachael turns to Hairstory’s Hair Balm and Cult + King products.

Rachael’s main tip: don’t stress! Hair is organic and gets affected by everything. Be kind to yourself. Haircare is self-care, after all. Your windblown hair might be someone else’s dream style.

Photos of the Most Stunning Face-Framing Bob Haircuts