16 Trendiest Curly, Shaggy Lob Haircuts for Curly-Haired Women

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A curly, shaggy lob is a layered, mid-length haircut with lots of texture and choppy ends. It’s a chic option for framing faces and enhancing features like cheekbones and chin.

The cut’s shape is what makes the modern shag phenomenal. According to Illinois-based stylist and salon owner Lauren Kieninger, it redistributes the weight of the hair. “It’s perfect for ladies who feel like their hair is flat or heavy.”

Bangs play a vital part in forming a shag. A curly fringe may not work for natural textured locks, so opt for a longer version of the cut as an alternative.

Long shaggy bobs require styling to reinforce volume and fullness. Volumizing foam and texture spray can create a dramatic or subdued effect.

With all the short layers this chop features, prepare yourself to forgo some length. “The hair is pulled forward from the crown, and most of the top layers can be as short as the bangs,” Kieninger explains.

These shorter layers can grow out fast, and you may struggle to get much volume and height for your locks. Kieninger suggests a trim every 8-10 weeks to freshen up the chop.

During the consultation, save a photo inspiration to show to your stylist. The model must have a similar hair texture as you. This gives you a realistic expectation of how the shagged cut suits you.

Wear your curls with pride. Here, you’ll see images of the trendiest curly, shaggy lob haircuts and hairstyles!

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Shaggy Long Curly Bob
Instagram @aoki_hair

#1: Shaggy Long Curly Bob

Add some life to your shape with a shaggy long curly bob. The shaggy layers will pump up the volume of your curly hair for a modern look. Ask your stylist to create round layering all around your head shape. You’ll love the fullness and your strands will to. Make sure to diffuse your new cut with a curl amplifier for maximum effect.

Deva Cut Shaggy Long Bob
Instagram @lexmaster

#2: Deva Cut Shaggy Long Bob

A deva cut shaggy long bob works great with natural texture. Layered to various lengths, it’s designed to emphasize the hair’s volume and showcase your facial features. If your hair is similar to this texture, try a curly shaggy long bob haircut.

Mid-Length Bob with Shaggy Layers
Instagram @lc.henderson

#3: Mid-Length Bob with Shaggy Layers

Add shaggy layers to a mid-length bob for a carefree, extra body and a super trendy style. Curly and shaggy long bob hairstyles are more flattering with waves and softer curls.

Layered Shag for Curly Hair
Instagram @mr_d_hair

#4: Layered Shag for Curly Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have textured hair, try a layered shag for curly hair. The shape of the cut is very similar to the shaggy mullet, which is one of the hottest curly hairstyles trending this season. To keep its bounce, use a diffuser when styling a layered shaggy bob and apply a good salt spray.

#5: Shaggy Lob for Curly Girls

Curly girls can have shaggy hair, too. Shaggy lobs for curly hair are perfect if you love lots of layers and want something different. Spice up your shag bob with curtain bangs for a groovy, retro look.

#6: Collarbone-Length Shaggy Curly Bob

Show your curls off at their full potential with a shaggy curly bob at collarbone length. This unisex style gives maximum definition and volume to waves that are weighed down easily.

#7: Curly Shaggy Long Bob

A curly shag with wispy bangs is a funky alternative to a regular bob. Adding more choppy layers and loose waves can give the illusion of a fuller thicker mane. Lobs aren’t only for straight hair. These are a great fit for anyone looking for a retro style that boosts their curl pattern.

Curly Shag Lob
Instagram @karlee.lucent

#8: Curly Shag Lob

A curly shag lob is a wonderful way to embrace your natural texture. Curly layered hair is a perfect option for the mom on the go. No more blowdrying and straightening your gorgeous hair. Just apply a mousse or cream and you’re ready for the day.

#9: Shaggy Bob with Bangs

A shaggy bob with bangs compliments textured hair so well. The added fringe frames any face shape and the messy shag style and curly long bob cut make a very wash-and-go finish. Just scrunch in your favorite curl cream, diffuse, or air dry and you’re done. If you want a more stacked effect, chop off shorter layers from the back to create a graduated bob cut.

Shaggy Bob for Naturally Curly Hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#10: Shaggy Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

Just about anyone with texture can pull off a 70’s shaggy bob for naturally curly hair. Whether you have thick, thin, soft, or coarse hair a, natural curly shaggy lob hairstyle with thick bangs will complement your natural locks. Avoid getting blunt bangs as these won’t lay properly on your forehead.

Medium-Length Curly Shag Bob
Instagram @florahair

#11: Medium-Length Curly Shag Bob

If you’re bored with your current style try a medium-length curly shag bob with shaggy bangs. This mid-length shag haircut is perfect for women wanting to add volume. Plus, these low-maintenance shaggy hairstyles are so on-trend!

Shoulder-Length Curly Lob
Instagram @glamjesus

#12: Shoulder-Length Curly Lob

Why not rock a shoulder-length curly lob? This lived-in shaggy lob with bangs is low-maintenance, which every woman has dreamt of. All you need to do is scrunch in your favorite product, dry and fluff. With this medium shag haircut, you’ll have volume and movement all day long.

#13: Long Shaggy Bob for Curly Hair

A long shaggy bob for curly hair works well even if you have a fine hair texture. Since this style removes extra weight, you’ll notice more volume with a curly shaggy lob haircut. Give the bangs a feathered texture to complement the whole look.

Longer Shaggy Bob with Fringe
Instagram @piinkbiits

#14: Longer Shaggy Bob with Fringe

If you’re looking to ease into the world of bobs, then a longer shaggy bob with fringe may be the answer. You get the ease of shorter hair with this textured shaggy bob cut but since the hair is kept around shoulder length, you have lots of versatility. Curly shaggy long bobs are a great mid-length haircut.

#15: Shaggy Inverted Lob for Curly-Haired Women

A shaggy inverted lob haircut for curly-haired women is the perfect twist on a classic haircut. If you have lots of dense hair that can be hard to control, then a collarbone-length shaggy inverted bob will give your hair the proper shape and structure you crave.

Long Curly Shaggy Bob
Instagram @shadiarezk

#16: Long Curly Shaggy Bob

If you’re craving volume, try a long curly shaggy bob. The shorter layers and the high-weight line allow for added movement and keep you from getting the dreaded triangle shape. If you’re interested in trying a shaggy messy layered bob for a curly hair type, this is your cut.

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