28 Best Curly Bob with Bangs for the Most Flattering Haircut & Hairstyle

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Messy Wet Curls with Thick Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Curly Bob with Thick Bangs

Go all natural with messy wet curls paired with thick bangs. A bob will give your curls a beautiful bouncy texture. Bangs can balance and frame your face beautifully. If you want a cut that is low-maintenance, avoid traditional bangs and go for a curtain bang instead.

Messy Curly French Bob with Bangs
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#2: Messy Curly French Bob with Bangs

Lovin’ a messy curly French bob with bangs. Maybe it’s a wake-up call to level up your style. Imagine wearing a fashion statement. The curly texture is eye-catching and can make the hair seem full of like. To achieve a piece-y definition, a fiber paste or a texturizing spray can do the job.

Brunette Loose Curls with Bangs
Instagram @nubiarezo

#3: Brunette Loose Curls

Embrace your naturally curly hair with loose curls with a Rezo Cut. Wear your hair in pretty loose curls and get compliments all day long. Frame your face with a soft bang to personalize your haircut and make it your own. Don’t forget to use a volumizing mouse to give your hair a tousled messy texture.

Short Curly Bobbed Hair with Micro Bangs
Instagram @tatumshanehair

#4: Short Curly Hair with Micro Bangs

Add micro bangs to your short curly hair to enhance your style. Give your bob a blunt micro bang for an intense change. If you have a long face, adding a blunt micro bang to your bob would be a great choice to balance out your features. It will also compliment your glasses well. For those who love to stand out, a micro bang is a bold choice that enhances your look.

Bob with Mature Curls and Fringe for older women
Instagram @milly.does.curls

#5: Mature Curls with Fringe

Mature curls with a fringe are playful shapes that will make you feel youthful. Ask your stylist for long layers and a full fringe. Give your ringlets some extra help with moisture-loving products for curls.

#6: Auburn Naturally Curled Bob

Wear your hair in a naturally curly bob, and be unique. Every head of hair has a curl pattern that is all your own, so embrace it. Square layers on curly hair work well here. They add volume to the sides for the perfect amount of poof. This is a great cutting technique to maintain a flatter top and lighten up your ringlets for a fuller style. If you love a touch of auburn, ask your stylist for a colored sealer. It will give you shine and color, as well as reduce frizz.

#7: Curly Bob and Bangs with Glasses

Look totally trendy with fresh curls and bangs with glasses. A neck-length bob is the perfect length for gorgeous looking tendrils. Taking weight out may be necessary, in case you need to make your stands sit down instead of out. Remember that you can always customize your bob and make it your own. Adding bangs is the perfect choice to frame and balance out your face.

Beautiful Bob with Bouncy Curls and Bangs
Instagram @_hair_by_star_

#8: Beautiful Bouncy Curls and Bangs

Beautiful bouncy curly locks and bangs is such a trendy style. Oval face shapes are one of the best shapes to pull off a bouncy curly bob. Be sure to ask your stylist for layers. That will help to eliminate your hair from being flat on top, and give you a nice rounded shape and volume.

#9: Short Fluffy Thick Curls

Add some volume to your bob with short fluffy thick curls. If you want to wear your hair fuller, shorter layers should be added to allow your hair to fight gravity. Taking the weight off the ends will allow the hair to fluff up, and give you a rounder profile. You’ll want to blow dry with a diffuser. Try not to disturb the curls to keep them from frizzing.

Cute 4c Bob with Bangs for Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @_ruthelena_

#10: Cute 4c Bob with Bangs for Dark Brown Hair

A 4c bob with bangs creates a natural hairstyle that looks cute for dark brown kinks. Keeping the frizzy hair moisturized allows it to appear healthy and bouncy.

Curly stacked bob with bangs
Instagram @curlyonq

#11: Curly Stacked Bob with Bangs

Curly stacked bob with bangs can turn anyone from zero into a disco diva real quick. The stacked bangs and back give curly hair even more dimension, creating a fabulous shape. This particular cut requires minimal maintenance. You’ll only need to cut every 6 weeks. When styling curly stacked bobs, just apply some curl amplifier, let it dry, and you’re good to go.

Curly inverted bob with fringe
Instagram @ivanisshy

#12: Curly Inverted Bob with Fringe

A curly inverted bob with fringe is perfect for women with finer hair which wish for a thicker appearance to the hair. The inverted shape widens the look and gives volume to all aspects of the hair.

Choppy curly bob with blunt bangs
Instagram @lolasworldxx

#13: Choppy Curly Bob with Blunt Bangs

The choppy bob with blunt bangs for curly hair usually has slightly rounded sides. The graduation is important to define the best cut shape, distribute the volume with balance, and enhance the definition of the curls.

Angled bob for curly wavy hair
Instagram @hair.by.chynna

#14: Angled Bob for Curly Wavy Hair

An angled bob for curly, wavy hair boosts volume and texture. It’s a beautiful diagonal forward curly layered bob. Throw in a couple of curls and dry shampoo at the roots to give you the awesome volume.

Curly Bob with Bangs for Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @clairereyenga

#15: Curly Bob with Bangs for Over 50 with Thin Hair

A curly bob for over 50 with thin hair proves that beauty has no age limits. You just gotta have great hair! Achieve the style by getting a shoulder-length cut and wavy bangs. Opt-out of straight hair and go for big, textured, natural curls for a modern, younger-looking edge.

#16: Curly Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for Older Women

Opt for a curly bob hairstyle with bangs for older women, it looks fantastic! The loose curls style brings boring hair back to life. It offers a bouncy vibe and can make fine tresses appear fuller. The best part about it? A natural gray color will look great with a curly bob.

#17: Kinky Bob with Bangs

Pull off a nice curly kinky bob with bangs, and make everyday “good hair day!” Its bouncy style is what makes it fun to wear. Layers are the key to give the black coils maximum fullness. With this kind of hair, always opt for a good firm-hold product to protect it from getting frizzy.

3a Bob with Bangs
Instagram @rivekaivelisse

#18: 3a Long Curly Bob with Bangs

The 3A long bob with bangs consists of big, tight curls that create a huge hairstyle on your natural hair. A lob chop frames the face and suits any face shape. Enough amount of curling cream or gel would help boost the curls’ definition, for sure.

#19: Bob with Tight Curls and Bangs

A bob with tight curls and bangs needs a lot of love. A regular trim is necessary to keep the shape and enhance the body. Curls can get dry and frizzy, so make sure to use a conditioner.

Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair
Instagram @rubyjayhair

#20: Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair

Sure, a timeless shaggy bob with bangs for curly hair goes well on older ladies. The tousled style looks effortless and very easy to achieve. When styling the curls, apply a combo of moisturizing curl cream and control gel. These things can redefine the texture.

blonde curly bob with ringlets and bangs
Instagram @ringlet.riss

#21: Blonde Bob with Ringlets and Bangs

Isn’t this curly blonde bob with ringlets and bangs adorable? What makes it fun to wear is the voluminous and bouncy finish it offers.

Curly Bob with Fringe for Thick Hair
Instagram @maduda.hair

#22: Curly Bob with Fringe for Thick Hair

Bold and chic—a curly bob with fringe for thick hair is for any lady with sleek hair who wants a change. It’s hair that requires less manipulation. All you need to do is to take good care of the locks. Keep them hydrated and use a diffuser when drying them. Enhance the texture with a curling wand if needed.

Red Curled Bob with Bangs
Instagram @atakangelisli

#23: Red Curled Bob with Bangs

Of course, a red curly bob with bangs is such a cutie! The hair idea has bangs that break up the shape of a bigger forehead. A chop like a curly red bob also requires styling with hairspray. It can prevent frizz while preserving the length and body of the curls.

Curly Bob with Short Bangs
Instagram @celladiggshair

#24: Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Pull off a curly bob with bangs and look cute and eye-catching! This curly short haircut is perfect for showing off natural texture. To achieve this hair gem, layering and shaping are required.

#25: Bob with Bangs for Curly-Haired Girls

This bob with bangs for curly-haired girls is chic, fun, and authentic. Most importantly, this bob is authentic because it highlights the natural curl pattern. Lastly, have fun with this short curly bob with bangs. Dye it, style it, braid it, twist it, heck even cut it again if that pleases you!

Layered Naturally Curly Bob with Bangs
Instagram @910beautymark

#26: Layered Naturally Curly Bob

This naturally curly bob is a rounded, layered bob with fringe blended into layers. It was handcrafted by hairstylist Kristina Perrigo of Fayetteville, NC.

“This curly bob is for women who wear their hair curly most of the time. The bob cut is done while the coil is in its natural state so that it lays properly. That’s the difference in a curly cut vs a regular cut.

Chin-Length Curly Hair Bob with Curly Bangs
Instagram @stonerstyles_

#27: Chin-Length Curly Hair Bob with Curly Bangs

“This chin-length curly bob with curly bangs is trendy, with a hint of edgy! It’s more like a super fun shaggy bob and in terms of cut, it features a square perimeter. Razor cut layers were added in vertical sections all the way around the head.

This curly bob is perfect for curly-haired girls who want to add volume and perk up those locks! It’s great for girls who want to get up and go as well.

curly bob with straight bangs for women over 60
Instagram @sarabear67401

#28: Curly Bob with Straight Bangs for Women Over 60

A curly bob with straight bangs for women over 60 keeps the style modern and fashionable. A wispy bang opens the face shape and softens features. Having the bangs straight versus curly can make them easier to maintain.

Curly bob with bangs is a short-length haircut that shows a wavy, kinky, or permed definition. The texture can either be natural or added by going through a chemical process. It’s the perfect style to give locks extra life and bounce!

Sure, the curly bob chop is stunning and fun to wear, but first, think about your spring factor. Ask your stylist, “How much will my curl shrink up when I go shorter?”

This is a reminder by curl specialist Kyle Huntsberry from New Jersey. “The tighter the curl, the higher the spring factor is.” She also urges considering your lifestyle, face shape, and texture in the fringe area.

Huntsberry debunks the idea that cutting the curly locks shorter may seem easier to manage. “Hair tends to lose its shape faster when you go shorter, so more regular trims plus styling are a must.”

When asked about her fave product, she mentions the silicone-free styler, LUS Brands. “They add moisture and gives the curls enough hold and definition,” she explains.

She reminds us not to rake the curls away from the face while putting some products in. “Also, pull the fringe down to the front when wet, so the strands lay down correctly across the forehead when dry,” she adds.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular curly bob with bangs hairstyle ideas.