25 Best Examples of a Concave Bob Haircut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Concave Layered Bob for Thick Hair
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#1: Concave Layered Bob for Thick Hair

A concave layered bob is a perfect choice if you have thick hair, as a bob requires thick hair for it to look its absolute best. Bobbed hair is an eye-catching style, especially when it comes to adding defined, vibrant highlights that will make you stand out in any crowd.

Bronde Concave Short Bob Haircut with Wavy Ends
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#2: Bronde Concave Short Haircut

If you want long hair in front and short at the back, a bronde concave short haircut is perfect. If you have thick, unruly hair, and want a shorter style, this cut is for you.

#3: Sleek Short Bob with Side Bangs

Having trouble maintaining volume at your head’s crown? Consider getting a sleek short bob with side bangs. This hairstyle is shorter at the back and longer at the front. The result is extra volume right where you want it.

#4: Concave Long Bob for Black Hair

A concave long bob is a striking, sleek choice for black hair. The sharp shape and blunt edges of this crop highlight how rich and deep dark hair colors can be.

Short Choppy Concave Bob Cut with Stacked Layers
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#5: Short Choppy Cut with Stacked Layers

If you want a light haircut that reduces the weight on your neck, opt for a short, choppy cut with stacked layers. This trendy cut is ideal for managing messy hair and gives a textured and stylish look.

Short Concave Bob Haircut with Wispy Layers
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#6: Concave Haircut with Wispy Layers

A concave haircut with light layers will add fluffiness to anyone’s hair. This haircut is sleek and chic. It’s perfect for people with fine hair who want more volume or those with wild hair who need control.

#7: Thick Bob with Angled Feathery Layers

A full, angled bob hairstyle with feathery layers looks great! If you love a chic, straight cut, this one is perfect. Arrange your hairstyle maintenance visits in advance to keep it always looking neat.

Concave Bob with Highlights for older ladies
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#8: Concave Bob with Highlights

A concave bob with highlights is a popular style. To keep it fresh, you should maintain a long angle at the front. Ask your stylist for beveled layers at the back as they add width and create a tucked feeling to enhance your profile. Keep the color subtle by adding fine streaks in your preferred shade. I recommend getting trims every 6 weeks to maintain this look perfectly.

#9: Neck-Length Concave Lob

Consider a neck-length concave long bob if you love a haircut that provides instantaneous volume and shape. Cutting your hair into a concave hairstyle gives you volume in the back, a fun dramatic shape on the side, and a longer smooth look in the front. You can wear this hairstyle both straight or curly, depending on your natural hair texture and preference.

Very Short Angled Choppy Concave Bob on Fine Hair
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#10: Very Short Angled Choppy Bob on Fine Hair

Your fine hair will be fabulous with a very short angled choppy bob. A very short concave bob can make your hair appear thicker. Make sure your stylist adds texture to your cut for movement and interest. I suggest applying a texture paste to your ends to show off your cut. Try moving your part around to get the most lift in the top.

Concave Textured A-Line Bob
Instagram @nancyopdahl

#11: Textured A-Line Bob

Try a textured a-line bob if you desire a hairstyle that gives you both volume and fullness. Having a shorter length in the back and longer length in the front, creating this concave shape, will give you the volume and thickness you want in the back. But also, leaving some hair around your face softer gives your hair movement and shape. It will help reduce your styling time if you smooth this hairstyle out while you blow dry your hair using a round brush, curving the ends under with the brush.

Round Concave Bob
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#12: Round Concave Bob

Needing some bounce in your style? A rounded concave bob is the retro wedge cut reinvented into its original bob style, expertly crafted to fit you and your best features. Exposing the neck breathes a sigh of femininity which can help to ramp up your personal style. For a sleek and polished look, pair your blowdry with Drybar’s Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant and a combination of a flat paddle and a medium round brush.

#13: Concave Graduated Bob Cut

Try a concave graduated bob cut if you want a short haircut that gives you thickness and volume. A modern inverted bob is usually shorter in the back and longer in the front. The angle will be more dramatic depending on how short the back is and how long the front is. Make sure when cutting a concave bob look like this that you tilt your hair when cutting your hair to make sure there are no hidden hairs underneath sticking out. This will allow you to ensure you have a perfect, straight line.

#14: Silver Concave Bob

If you’re an older woman with thick hair, a silver concave bob is a perfect hairstyle to try to give your hair a mature, sleek appearance. You can blow dry your bob hairstyle with a large round brush to help smooth your hair out and create the shape you want your hair to take. The best advice to take if you have a concave bob is to make sure you are okay with spending some extra time in the mornings styling this haircut.

#15: Stacked Wavy Bob with a Side Part

A stacked wavy bob paired with a side part is a great hairstyle to achieve volume and body. With a concave cut, you will have a shorter length at the back of your neck and a longer length angled toward your face. This gives you more volume in the back of your haircut while still maintaining a longer length in the front. You should consider how dramatic of an angle you’d like your bob to have and the shortest and longest points of your hair to be.

#16: Short Concave Blonde Bob

Consider a short concave bob if you have medium to thick hair. A concave haircut works well with thicker hair textures because the rounded layers at the nape of your neck remove weight from the bottom and help give the haircut a beautiful rounded shape. To style this haircut you would need to tousle dry and then use a large round brush to put it into place. The larger the brush the less curve you get in the style so you avoid making the cut too round-looking.

#17: Chin-Length Concave Bob with Full Bangs

A concave bob paired with full bangs will add a defined shape to your chin-length hairstyle. If you have naturally straight hair, this haircut won’t need time set aside to style, it’ll look flattering all on its own. You’ll want to make sure when cutting your short concave bob with a fringe that you cut the fringe first, as you won’t want to cut into your longer length in the front after the fact because it may ruin the concave shape that was just created.

#18: Feathered Concave Bob with Layers

A flirty and feathered concave bob with added layers can bring some bounce into your hair that otherwise tends to lay limp. Your short layered concave bob can be styled with a small-medium round brush for an airy style, yet when paired with Redken’s Big blowout, the style can be built to last with this heat-protecting blowout jelly.

#19: Low-Maintenance Sleek Concave Bob

If you have extremely straight hair, a low-maintenance sleek concave bob is the haircut for you. With an a-line bob, you are giving your hair maximum body and fullness in the back while creating a dramatic, sleek angle in the front. If you can, book a hair appointment in advance to keep your concave bob looking sharp. This is the only effort it will take in order to maintain this low-maintenance bob if you already have naturally straight hair.

Soft Messy Brunette Concave Bob
Instagram @hair_by_samn

#20: Soft Messy Brunette Bob

A soft, messy brunette bob is a fun and flirty style. When asking for a messy bob be sure to talk to your stylist about texturizing your hair. Texturizing will help to keep your hair from being so heavy and creates movement. When styling your hair, don’t forget to use a texture spray. One of my favorite texture sprays is Kevin Murphy Bedroom hair.

Inverted Blunt Concave Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @linhhairartist

#21: Inverted Blunt Bob for Women Over 60

If you’re a woman over 60, consider getting an inverted blunt bob. A chin-length bob looks great with most face shapes and hair textures. An inverted blunt bob is one of the best styles, it’s easy to style, and is a classic timeless look.

#22: Concave Undercut Bob

A concave bob paired with an undercut has a beautiful shape that will make you feel current and sharp. You’ll want the nape undercut cut extra short for maximum impact. Ask your stylist to graduate your hair from that point to give you great lines. Layers are added to your cut for texture throughout the top, and you’ll want to dry them with a medium-round brush. A short concave bob with an undercut is a visual dream that makes heads turn.

#23: Medium Concave Bob with Jagged Ends

You’ll want a medium concave bob with jagged ends to enjoy its messy texture. Concave bob haircuts are achieved with layers that are point cut or razor cut on the ends for that jagged texture. You’ll want to blow dry your hair smooth first with a medium round brush for shine. Next, try curling your hair with a wand and leaving the ends straight. A funky curl on a messy bob is one of the sexiest shapes.

Long Concave Bob on Thin Hair
Instagram @_jujus_place_

#24: Long Concave Bob on Thin Hair

Try a long concave bob if you have thin hair and struggle to find a hairstyle that gives the illusion that your hair is fuller and thicker than it actually is. A shoulder-length bob is a perfect length because when you have thin hair, your hair tends to start looking crispy and scraggly on the ends and starts breaking off. This hairstyle will give women over 50 the confidence to fully embrace their hair and even make you want to put the effort into styling your hair again.

Shoulder-Length Concave Bob with a Side Fringe
Instagram @chanel.debico

#25: Shoulder-Length Bob with a Side Fringe

Mature with a youthful flair? You can have both with a long concave bob paired with a fringe. This shoulder-length bob with a side fringe is flattering if you like versatility. Straight or wavy, curly or coily, this haircut can be adapted to all textures.

A concave bob is cut with angled layers, in which the front strands are longer than the back. The length ranges from the jaw to the neckline.

Jessa Mae Fabria is a hair expert from Ontario, Canada who has been doing cuts and styles for 14 years. She says the look is for women who like short and sleek styles. This is also ideal for those who can curve in the ends when styling their hair.

Two of the most important things you must ask your stylist are — “Will this type of haircut look good on me? How is the maintenance will be? The answer to the first question depends on your face frame and shape. The second one will tackle how often you need to come to the salon for trims.

“These are significant to be discussed between you and your stylist, so you both know what the expectations are,” says Fabria. Other women opt for this haircut but end up not liking the result. Why? Because according to Fabria, some don’t know how to style this chop. “A blowout brush is something you need to have when styling a concave haircut,” she suggests. Fabria also points out that a bob haircut like this isn’t a wash-and-go type. Therefore, make sure you have time to style your locks before going for this cut.

If you need more ideas and suggestions about this look, keep reading. We have the best pictures of the trendiest concave bob cuts and more!