41 Choppy Layered Bobs for Thick Hair to Be Less Poofy

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A choppy layered bob for thick hair is a short to mid-length cut with tons of texture. Layers are cut into various lengths to secure movement and volume in the hair.

Brynn Crowell is a stylist and salon owner in Knoxville, TN. She clears up what this low-maintenance bob cut is capable of.

“A choppy haircut doesn’t only mean thinning the ends or adding many layers. It’s the way you cut those layers in a V pattern to give it that sharp edge,” she states.

Internal layers are recommended rather than the layers that lay on the top of the hair.

Crowell explains, “Internal layers help combat a mushroom look. Texturizing the hair from within is beneficial to remove bulk.”

Avoid getting a layered choppy bob if you’re a woman with coarse and curly hair. This cut may cause your tresses to appear overly thin or wispy.

Once you get your desired chop, remember to ask for styling tips from your hairdresser. “Know the best hair products to use to show off the texture and volume in your locks,” says Crowell.

Need more hair inspiration? Check out these images for the hottest styles for choppy layered bobs for thick hair.


#1: Dark Blonde Blunt Bob

The dark blonde blunt bob would be an amazing hairstyle if your hair has a straight to slightly wavy natural texture and any density. However, if your hair is very thick, try to avoid layers. In fact, you should have your bob slightly longer. If you want extra texture, one of the best and easiest ways to achieve this is using a curling tong like Babyliss or GHD.

#2: Thinned-Out Layered Bob

Remember to consider your hair texture and hair density for your next style. This will ensure success and a result that meets your expectations. A cute, textured bob is achievable with a razored cut. This cut combines the elements of a pixie cut with a classic bob. This style is a good option for thick, straight hair. Concentrate on reducing bulk at the nape and sides. These areas often appear fuller.

Kitty cut wavy layered choppy bob with bangs for medium thick hair

#3 Kitty Cut Chic Wavy Bob with Bangs

This kitty cut presents a chic wavy bob with soft bangs, perfect for those with medium to thick hair. The cut strategically places layers to amplify your natural waves, making the hair look voluminous yet manageable. Suited for oval and heart-shaped faces, the bangs emphasize the eyes. For styling, a simple application of texturizing spray will maintain the waves’ bounce and definition. While this hairstyle oozes charm, it does need regular maintenance to keep the bangs crisp and might be slightly demanding for very curly hair types.

#4: Champagne Blonde Layers for Thick Hair

This style works well with a choppy bob. This color brings out the best in your hair. Also, the choppy style takes off extra weight from your thick hair. It makes your hair more manageable.

#5: Lived-In Brunette Bob with Money Piece

A maintained brunette bob with a highlighted piece is a beautiful style for those wanting a change in hair. Maintained color remains popular due to its easy upkeep, soft look, and low salon maintenance. Pairing this with an a-line bob creates the easiest haircut to style, making a major impact. Be sure to incorporate soft layers, ensuring the haircut and the color last longer. It allows your salon care routine to be very minimal.

Barbie Blonde Layered and Choppy Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#6: Barbie Blonde Layered and Choppy Bob

Consider this Barbie blonde, layered, choppy bob. This style is great for anyone wanting to explore a shorter haircut or add more texture and volume to their hairstyle. During a consultation, your stylist will suggest what looks good and suits you. But they will consult you first to understand your preferences about the haircut and color. This hairstyle needs trimming every 8-10 weeks and highlights twice a year to keep the ends bright and healthy.

#7: Thick Bob with Choppy Visible Layers

A thick bob with clearly visible chopped layers is exciting and appears unruly. If you prefer hairstyles with lots of volume, this cut is ideal for you. The layers will provide fullness and allow you to adjust your hair freely, unlike a haircut where all the hair is the same length. Ask about texture cutting to reduce the weight at the tips of your hair for a smoother blend and more natural growth. This cut suits most face shapes well and can be easily styled using a medium round brush.

Charming Chopped Bob with Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @iamleahpearson

#8: Charming Chopped Bob with Layers

If your thick hair needs an update, consider the charming, chopped bob with layers. The haircut adds texture and movement to your hair. It will make your hair look more fluffy and easy to manage. The layers create a lighter and airy overall look. You can easily style this haircut. Use a volumizing mousse to boost and separate the volume and look.

Light Chestnut Brown Choppy Layered Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#9: Light Chestnut Brown Layered Bob

Opt for a light chestnut brown layered bob. If a sleek, textured bob is what you desire, ask your stylist for an ‘under bevel’ – a technique to achieve a choppy effect. Choppy textures can enhance thick hair by lightening the ends, which adds movement and texture.

Layered and Choppy Lob for Thick Hair and for women with a middle part
Instagram @yukistylist

#10: Layered and Choppy Lob

A layered and choppy lob is perfect for women with thick hair who want to add texture and movement to their hair. This cut is good for women who part their hair in the middle. It frames the face nicely and adds dimension to the overall look. I suggest using texturizing shears to create beautiful texture and movement. One of the benefits of this style is that it can be customized to suit any face shape and hair texture.

Choppy Layered Butterfly Bob Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairolines

#11: Butterfly Bob

Consider the less structured shape of a butterfly bob haircut. Butterfly hair has lots of layers and face-framing pieces. The wispiness resembles butterfly wings. Your new cut can be styled easily using whatever natural body you might have. Texture cutting is essential to achieve the piece-y shape. To style, apply a paste and finesse your hair forward, paying attention to the flicky ends.

#12: Choppy Layered Bob with Blonde Foils

A choppy layered bob with blonde foils is a versatile and trendy style for women with thick hair. This style adds texture and movement to the hair, making it easier to style and maintain. Foiling blonde hair can give the hair dimension and brighten the overall look. This style works well for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look. It’s important to get regular trims to keep the layers looking fresh.

Reshaped Choppy Layered Bob for Thick Short Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#13: Reshaped Layered Short Hair

The best way to change your short, thick hair is to reshape and layer your bob. Ask for long curtain bangs that frame the face, starting at the cheekbone area. Your stylist will etch the fringe to fit your face. The general shape should be square and choppy. But it should also look textured so your thickness sits nicely and grows well.

Sun-Kissed Choppy Bob with Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#14: Sun-Kissed Choppy Bob with Layers

If you have been on a kick to add brightness to your haircut, check out this sun-kissed choppy bob with layers. Not only has a bob with a balayage style color placement become a staple. It’s a simple way to add color to your hair without having to be in the chair getting a root retouch every 6-8 weeks. Helpful to the girl on the go.

Choppy Full-Looking Chocolate Layered Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @megumicolor

#15: Full-Looking Chocolate Layered Bob

This is one of the best styles to create full-looking hair. And it’s better to go with a rich all-over color like chocolate. Paired with a layered bob, it gives the silhouette body and movement. And it works well in the style.

#16: Beautifully Angled Choppy Bob

If you want to bring movement to your hair but want to avoid adding layers, ask your stylist for a soft, textured bob. If you decide you do want layers, ask for long layers, as these will be subtle and easier to style. This haircut looks great styled straight or with beach waves. Finish with a sea salt spray to enhance the texture.

#17: Cool Smokey Blonde Bob

A cool blonde bob is a perfect mix of chic and effortless. Textured layers on a traditional bob shape help to achieve this messy look. The best way to get this style is with a wax or texture spray after you dry your hair. Take a pea-sized amount of wax in your hands and rub it into a warm lotion. Then, starting in the back of your head, apply the wax all over your hair. Starting in the back helps to eliminate the front of your hair from looking greasy. With a texture spray, it’s the same concept but spray all over. Then, use your hand to distribute through your hair. Finish your style with some hairspray for hold.

Choppy Layered Cute Bob with Balayage and Thinner Ends for Thick Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#18: Cute Bob with Balayage and Thinner Ends

Are you looking for a low-maintenance yet professional option for your hair? A cute bob can be elevated with a balayage to create a dimensional, lived-in color. It can wear great on fine to coarse hair by layering or debulking to create thinner ends. Helpful ways to transition this to home is by seeking advice from your stylist or a salon professional on styling and maintaining your hair.

Chocolate Choppy Bob with Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#19: Chocolate Choppy Bob with Layers

A choppy bob with layers best fits the thick to medium densities that want to see more movement in the silhouette. It’s also great for solid colors like chocolate or auburn to help dance with the layers.

#20: Neck-Length Razored Bob

Try a neck-length razored bob for soft volume all around. Perfect for any hair texture, especially if you have thick hair, a razor cut allows layers to look blended yet choppy.

Textured Layers on a Thick Lob Hair
Instagram @alissathesauce

#21: Textured Layers on a Lob

To avoid an overdone style, try textured layers on a lob. The choppy texture adds a modern, perfectly undone, messy style.

Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends and Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @giboazhair

#22: Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends

Bring your length up to a choppy bob with blunt ends. One of the best styles for the corporate world is a bob. It’s clean, stylish, and professional. Be prepared to blow dry your hair with a medium to round brush for straightness and shine. Try curling your bob with a wand or curling iron for versatility.

Golden Blonde Choppy Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @m.albernaz

#23: Mid-Length Golden Blonde Choppy Bob

A golden blonde choppy bob is the perfect cut if you want to embrace your mid-length thick hair. Don’t be afraid to utilize your fullness. A choppy bob is sassy, fun, and easily styled with or without hot tools.

Deep Side Part on Messy Bobbed Thick Hair
Instagram @alisonalvarez

#24: Deep Side Part on Messy Bobbed Hair

A deep side part on messy bobbed hair helps maintain volume. These hairstyles need a lot of wispy short layers to create that modern, undone messy bob style.

#25: Tousled Choppy Bob with Bangs

Thick hair is best styled as a layered hairstyle. A tousled choppy bob with a fringe removes weight from the hair, adding more volume. Keep your hair looking light and healthy with a long choppy bob with a fringe.

#26: Choppy Bob with Short Bangs and Layers

The choppy bob with short bangs and layers is edgy and dramatic. Short bangs on a straight bob add an extra stylish flair to any style.

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Choppy Angled Bob Cut for Ladies with Thick Hair
Instagram @miavhair

#27: Choppy Angled Bob Cut

A textured bob with bangs gives flattering face-framing for rounder face shapes. The angle in a choppy inverted bob hugs the face and compliments those features.

#28: Long Choppy Concave Bob

Blonde highlights stand out on long, choppy concave bobs. The dimensional layering places highlights and base colors together in a flattering, bold way.

#29: Textured Bob with Shorter Layers

Women over 60 should avoid tired, grown-out haircuts and get a textured bob style with shorter layers. Short layers provide an easy, modern, undone, messy style.

#30: Dimensional Layered Bob

Textured short hairstyles like a dimensional layered bob are great for thick hair. Light, feathery layers provide volume to every haircut.

Wavy Choppy Layers on Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @totoloveshair

#31: Wavy Choppy Layers on Chin-Length Hair

A razor-layered hairstyle is optimal for the chin-length bob. Lots of choppy short layers create the movement needed to style short lengths in that messy, undone style.

#32: Short Choppy Haircut with Side Bangs

A short choppy haircut with side bangs is perfect on round-face shapes. The bangs frame the face in a flattering way that most chin-length bob haircuts don’t do as well.

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#33: Wavy Layered Bob with Choppy Bangs

A great hairstyle for women over 50 is a wavy layered bob. Feathery pieces framing your face provide flattering movement and volume.

#34: Side-Parted Bob with Soft Waves

A side-parted hairstyle with soft waves provides ease of styling. Side parts that can flip to either side allow short, choppy hairstyles on thick hair to have a lot of big volume. The wavy texture breaks up the layering and lets the texture stand out.

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#35: Choppy Stacked Bob with Layers

A dramatic choppy stacked bob with layers is a graduated bob with shorter layers and sharper angles. Such styles are disconnected for a modern, fashionable twist on a classic look.

Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Layers for Women with Thick Hair
Instagram @mizzchoi

#36: Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Layers

Choppy lobs with face-framing layers can still have a strong perimeter, which can be best for finer hair. An invisible layered style gives you that same textured style without making the ends look too thin and wispy.

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Short Choppy Shag with Subtle Layers
Instagram @nicolamillbank

#37: Short Choppy Shag with Subtle Layers

A middle-parted short choppy shag with subtle layers is great for all hair types. In a short bob cut for thick hair, however, layers are very important to ensure the style is light and maintains volume.

Straight Choppy Bob with Slight Graduation for Thick Hair
Instagram @jhzara

#38: Straight Choppy Bob with Slight Graduation

For finer hair, try a straight, choppy bob with a slight graduation. Fine, straight hair doesn’t require quite as much layering to maintain volume. Some choppy layered bobs, however, are best for thicker hair that can hold more external layering because they can maintain a strong perimeter.

Shaggy Bob with a Face Frame for a Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbysallak

#39: Shaggy Bob with a Face Frame

Textured wavy hair looks fabulous, cut into a shaggy bob with a face frame. These hairstyles need a lot of movement to avoid a flat, dull, and unflattering shape within your thick-haired, choppy, layered bob.

#40: Razor Cut Bob with Choppy Ends

Balayaged dimensional hair looks great with a razor cut bob with choppy ends. The blended layering and face-framing make styling with loose waves effortless. These cuts can retain the mane’s fullness while cutting down on the weight at the ends.

#41: Neck-Length Shattered Bob Haircut

A neck-length shattered bob is a choppy cut with a lot of layering. The carefully done messy look is made possible by keeping the perimeter of the cut feathered. Style a wavy, choppy bob by adding texture with a heat tool.