19 Popular Choppy Inverted Bob Haircuts to Consider

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A choppy inverted bob is a short haircut that’s longer in the front than in the back and with razor-cut ends and layers. Adding chopped layers and texture to an inverted bob is best for women with thick or thin hair.

You can never go wrong with that extra element that texture and short hair give! With different lengths of layers, this bob offers that on-trend tousled-hair experience. Add that precise inverted angle and you’ll have the chicest look you can ever get!

One word – suitability. This is the biggest advice of hair expert and salon owner Maxwell Maisano from Florida. According to Maxwell, “check your hairline and nape and look for growth patterns and natural texture. The shorter you go with hair that has a natural wave and curls, the more those waves and curls get amplified,” he says.

Looking for celebrity-approved inspos? I bet you’ll love the cropped haircuts of Diane Kruger and Kelly Rowland as much as I do! To nail this effortless inverted choppy bob haircut, Maxwell recommends dry texture sprays. “It’s a great final product to help bring out the texture and create separation in the finished look,” he says.

Contrary to popular belief, this type of bob can need a bit of maintenance. “This is not necessarily a wash-and-go sort of look,” says Maxwell. “There is a degree of ‘daily finessing’ that goes into it.” Also, he advises asking yourself these major questions. “Will this look good with my face shape? Do I have the kind of hair to support this look?”

If you answer yes to all these then waste no time at all. Go ahead and look at these inspiring photos of the choppy inverted bobs!

Angled Inverted Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @leeticiads

#1: Angled Inverted Bob for Round Faces

Opt for an angled bob for a style that suits round faces. Keeping the length around the face creates the illusion of an elongated face. Pairing this with a cropped length in the nape creates a lot of shape as well as volume in the crown. Be sure to avoid cutting the length right at the chin, as doing so can make the face appear rounder.

Choppy Dimensional Blonde Inverted Bob with Graduation
Instagram @chilai.hair

#2: Dimensional Blonde Bob with Graduation

A contemporary variation of a bob hairstyle is always on trend. Razor or scissor-cut ends give a bob hairstyle a softly textured edge, ideal for adding a wave. A gentle tapering gives this hairstyle volume at the back without compromising its soft, angled appearance. A dynamic blonde color enhances the overall look and feel of the hairstyle.

Very Choppy and Very Inverted Bob for girls with messy hair
Instagram @boblvrs

#3: Very Choppy and Very Inverted Bob

You’ll love the strong shape of a choppy and very inverted bob. The short back and extra long front set this cool cut apart. The choppy layers will give you a messy vibe and let you wear it curly or straight. If your hair is thick, this shape will remove lots of it and make it more manageable. But, all hair textures can benefit from the cut. If your face shape is long, you may want to consider a fringe to balance out your features.

short choppy brown bob hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#4: Short Choppy Brown Bob Hairstyle

A short choppy brown bob hairstyle is perfect for almost any hair type. Consider a choppy look to add texture, and volume to heavy or flat hair.

Choppy Inverted Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#5: Choppy Inverted Bob with a Middle Part

A choppy inverted bob with a middle part is an effortless and chic cut. Easy to style, a choppy bob can be created using heat tools and texture products.

choppy messy inverted bob
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#6: The Messy Inverted Bob

The secret to this stunning hairstyle lies in the texture. The messy bob like this is easy to recreate if you have a neck-length cut, parted on the side. To match it with a hair color that requires low upkeep, an ash blonde hue with a dark root will do the magic.

#7: Choppy Inverted Bob with Bangs

This is a choppy inverted bob with bangs that appears so rocking when styled with texture. The longest strands graze the neck for a look that isn’t too short nor too long for your taste. If you have thick tresses, a golden blonde hue will look fuller on you.

Stacked Choppy Inverted Bob
Instagram @_hairbyoriana_

#8: Stacked and Choppy

If you’re up to explore dark hair with hints of purple hue, let this stacked choppy inverted bob haircut be your canvass.  Go bold when it comes to a hair transformation. The secret to its lively aura relies on how you add texture to it. Achieve this style that lasts a day long by using a texturizing spray.

#9: The Choppy Inverted Long Bob

Now, if you don’t want a sleek type of short hair, here’s one way to go for. Try the choppy inverted long bob in which waves will look classy in it. The length falls right before the shoulders so that you can style it with ease. It features a dark bronde shade to complement your medium skin tone.

This choppy and inverted bob hairdo is fun, tousled, and textured. My favorite thing is how it shows off the color in the hair.

This look is great for if you want to still be able to just about tie your hair back off your face for the gym, but then with a bit of practice with your curling tongs, be able to create this lovely lived movement, giving you that fun effortless look when going out.

Products that will become your best friend are texture sprays/powers. These are perfect to give you that volume and texture.

I believe this look can be adapted to all hair types quite easily by your stylist and best suited to oval face shapes.

choppy inverted bob for straight hair
Instagram @thehairchapel

#10: Inverted Bob for Straight Hair

Such an exquisite choppy inverted bob for straight hair! No other type of mane can pull off such a perfect round shape than a fine, smooth one like yours. When choosing what shade to match the look, opt for a golden blonde. It’s sure to boost the glossiness of your locks.

#11: Layered Inverted Bob

If you think it’s time to get a big chop, here’s a stunning layered choppy inverted bob cut to provide you an idea. Work on adding subtle waves to secure a bit of texture and movement to this neck-length hair.

#12: Flattering with Side Fringe

This choppy inverted bob hairstyle appears flattering with side fringe, for sure! Its rounded shape looks flawless if you keep its length where it doesn’t go past beyond your neck. Meanwhile, to prevent your blonde shade from going brassy, take care of it by using a purple shampoo.

choppy inverted bob for thick hair
Instagram @crishairr

#13: The Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Always look divine by wearing the inverted bob for thick hair of yours! The ideal length to show off your dark lock’s movement and the shape of the cut is if it touches your neck.

#14: Textured Inverted Blonde Bob

Featuring these dashing blonde chops to pull off such a chic neck-length inverted bob! Add subtle waves to emphasize the stacked layers at the back. What makes it hot are the babylights and the matching shadow root, which also need only low upkeep. Sounds like everything you need is here!

The Choppy Inverted Short Bob
Instagram @mporter1011

#15: The Choppy Inverted Short Bob

I love a good choppy bob that’s inverted because it’s a modern twist on a classic. For the haircut, we determined her length by how much hair she wanted to see when it was tucked behind her ear. We tapered in the base of her neck to reduce that “bubble feeling” we thick-haired girls get! Also, we kept her layers long, so she can rock a top knot and keep the styling quick with her gorgeous natural waves. I also love how her old highlights (that we are growing out) accentuate the choppiness of the overall look.

When considering if a choppy bob is right for you, look at the density of your hair. It truly matters in how much styling time you’ll have. Fine/flat hair may need a little bit more time with their hot tools to play and define pieces.

Also, if you have that straight/silky hair but love the look of this, you may want to invest in some styling products to help you get a grittier texture like a texturizing sea spray or a thickening mousse and some hairspray. The guest in the photo has tons of wavy hair. If you have a high density, most of the “choppy feel” happens naturally! Sometimes your stylist will go in once the hair is styled and add some additional texture by dry-cutting. We styled her with a moisturizing anti-frizz cream and did a few beachy waves with the 1″ Neuro Rod from Paul Mitchell. The haircut is great for a more narrow shaped jawline.

#16: Perfect Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

This inverted, choppy bob is as effortlessly chic as it is super easy to maintain. I wanted to give my client, Jody, a lived-in look which is why I opted for this type of colour placement. I handpainted sections starting a little further down from the root to ensure a seamless grow out. I added more highlights around the face and sides for added brightness and less at the back for dimension.

I cut Jody’s hair into an inverted bob and added some texture into the layers for a more modern vibe. This cut is especially flattering for you girls who have fine hair, as it adds the illusion of fullness and volume. It also looks best on you babes with oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.

My favorite thing about this look is that it is extremely versatile as it can be worn sleek and straight or curly and tousled. I achieved the waves you see here by first spraying Body Mass by Kevin Murphy directly onto her roots and some Body Builder mousse, also from Kevin Murphy, from mid-shaft to ends. I then blowdried her hair with a medium-sized round brush and used a 1″ curling iron to achieve that stylish bend.

If you are looking to update your hairstyle, now is definitely the time, as spring is well on its way and this is definitely one to consider!

#17: Choppy Inverted Pixie Bob

This inverted bob with choppy hair looks as edgy, fun, and choppy. This is definitely not a mom-bob!

The textured feel of this edgy choppy bob cut is further enhanced by lots of highlights. I love this look because the line of the cut draws the jawline upward and accentuates an elegant neck.

My favorite product for this look is Architecture by L’Oreal Professional. It is a pomade that has just the right amount of hold to give freedom in separating the hair for movement and molding the shape without the stickiness of a hairspray.

This look requires minimal styling effort (no brushes required) and is therefore great for people on the go. While you aren’t going to get a ponytail for the gym, how darn cute would this be with a headband??!!👍🏼

#18: Inverted Medium-Length Choppy Bob

This medium-length inverted bob cut is a stylish texturized inverted bob.

This choppy cut is a great option for many different hair types. Styling with an iron to create beach waves brings out the choppy layers and gives them more definition. I like to finish with a dry texturizing spray for a less “styled” look. This cut also looks great worn straight or on naturally curly hair. It’s a very versatile haircut.

#19: Dark Brown Choppy and Wavy Inverted Bob

A dark brown choppy and wavy inverted bob is a fun and lived-in hairstyle that breathes a minimalist look. The color compliments the hairstyle as many other combinations of hues would, depending on the client’s complexion preference.