33 Trendy Choppy Bob with Bangs for a Modern Beachy Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A trendy choppy bob with bangs is a short, modern haircut with more texture, layers, and jagged ends. If you’re ready to shake things up with your style and routine, you shouldn’t miss out on this bob.

Becka Bradshaw of Florida, a salon owner, and stylist confirms that this haircut is a commitment. Consultation with your chosen stylist is the key.

“Listen carefully to your stylist’s recommendations about a new styling routine. The things you were doing with your previous opposite style will need to be altered for this new one,” she notes.

For straight hair, add something to the roots to lift the hair when styling. Bradshaw suggests Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo on freshly washed locks.

For wavy hair and curly hair, Bradshaw’s current favorite product is the Lived-in Texture Creation Cream. “I recommend this hair product of the Mizani line to enhance the natural texture.”

With regards to maintenance, Bradshaw suggests a salon visit every 5-6 weeks to keep its shape. Regular bang trims at 2-3 week intervals, meanwhile, may also be necessary.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest choppy bobs with bangs!

Choppy Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @joahhmendes

#1: Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Such a gorgeous choppy bob for fine hair! What makes this bob flattering is the volume it can offer. With subtle waves, the black tresses can have a little more movement and texture, too. Here’s a friendly tip—use dry shampoo to reinforce the volume and texture. The style should stay throughout the day.

Medium Choppy Shaggy Bob with Bangs

#2 Medium Choppy Shaggy Bob

This medium choppy bob haircut is divine! It suits ladies with a rounder face shape. The soft wavy bob plus the bangs frame the face, and the finish looks pretty.

Choppy Platinum Blonde Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#3: Choppy Platinum Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

A choppy bob with long bangs in blonde hair color works fabulously on a girl with fine hair. The layers give it body and movement. Volumizing products can also be used to help give it texture.

simple and sleek style for long straight hair

#4 Extra Long Bob with Choppy Bangs

An extra long bob with choppy bangs that hits past the shoulders is a great cut if you’re not ready to commit to really short hair. You can still pull it up in a ponytail if needed so it’s great for active women. This complements most face shapes.

#5: Short Choppy Bob with Fringe

A short choppy bob with fringe will give thin tresses a thicker appearance. This chin-length haircut offers a fuller-looking effect. Big thanks to the texture and waves for creating such a soft, undone style. This choppy hair is achievable with the help of a textured mousse.

#6: Choppy Long Bob with Bangs

A choppy long bob with bangs turns out to be more chic and stylish when a bit tousled. The texture may add edginess, but when matched with waves, the entire style looks softer. A wispy fringe that grazes the eyes is ideal for beauties with lovely eye colors.

Choppy Textured Bob with Bangs for Ladies Over 70

#7 Textured Bob for Ladies Over 70

To keep your aging hair under control, I suggest this textured bob for ladies over 70! Shorter hair requires more visits to the salon to keep your hair trimmed. But, the short nature of the haircut makes it easier to style. Keep this haircut trimmed every 6-8 weeks for the best results.

Dark Choppy Lob with Bangs
Instagram @joahhmendes

#8: Dark Choppy Lob

A dark choppy long bob can give the tresses a maximum style and edge. If the hair is thin and it needs texture, this is one of the best chops to go for. Style it with soft waves, and achieve a voluminous finish.

Choppy Layered Bob with Bangs
Instagram @hairbyshalane

#9: Choppy Layered Bob

A choppy layered bob is perfect for women with medium to thick hair. This is also ideal for adding texture to locks, preventing them from looking flat. A short bob like this is easy to arrange. All you need is a salt spray, and the hair’s natural texture will do the rest of the work.

#10: Long Choppy Bob

Freshen up a long choppy bob with a blonde balayage. Give it more texture and dimension by adding voluminous waves.

#11: Light Brown Choppy Bob with Textured Ends

This choppy bob highlights the light brown color and pops with the textured ends.

Bright and Fiery Copper-Toned Choppy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @lyndadidit

#12: Bright and Fiery Copper-Toned Choppy Bob

Ready for a new hairstyle? Consider a copper-toned, choppy bob! Show this style to your colorist at any salon, and they’ll appreciate it. Most people enjoy a complete makeover!

Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Fringe Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#13: Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Fringe

If you haven’t heard, fringe can totally transform your look. Consider a haircut that features bottleneck bangs. Without the added fringe, the bob haircut seems typical. However, adding the fringe gives it an entirely new, stylish edge.

#14: Pink Bob with Choppy Fun Bangs

When you want short hair but also movement and texture, try a textured bob with choppy bangs to show the eyes. Pink tones will add to an edgy effect. If you want less edgy, try blonde highlights without the pink.

#15: Eye-Skimming Fringe on a Choppy Bob

Get a choppy bob with an eye-skimming fringe for women looking to change their hairstyle. This trending cut displays a current twist on a classic blunt cut bob. It breaks up the blunt lines by etching out layers with a razor. This creates effortless movement and texture. The best fringe is made to frame the face softly, drawing attention to the eyes.

Light Brunette Bob with Choppy Layers and Bangs for women in their 30s with a chic style
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#16: Light Brunette Bob with Choppy Layers

Enjoy the clean lines of a light brunette bob with choppy layers. Your hair will look fresh and healthy when you bring the length up, removing split ends. Ask about the added curtain fringe to see if it’s right for you. Blow out your bob with a medium round brush, and if you want to curl it for versatility, go for it.

Beach-Inspired Textured Choppy Bob with Fringe for girls with glasses and ombre
Instagram @kim.slayedmyhair

#17: Beach-Inspired Bob

If you’re looking to disguise your forehead with an a-line bob cut, you can try adding a fringe. It’s fun, modern, and easy to style. To get the look, start with a layered cut. Ask your stylist to keep the layers short and choppy to get a textured look. The fringe adds a frame to your face, and if you’re feeling daring, you can ask for an ombre effect.

Sexy Black Choppy Textured Bob with Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#18: Black Textured Bob

You might want to consider how often you’ll visit the salon if you want to go darker. Typically it’s 4-6 weeks for a root touch-up. However, as for an all-over refresh, there are shampoos that deposit color to solve this problem.

#19: Blonde Balayage Choppy Hair

This blonde balayage choppy bob is a fashionable and effortless-looking hairstyle. It’s ideal bob for women who have fine to medium thick hair.

Silver Choppy Bob with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @soubecas

#20: Silver Choppy Bob with Choppy Fringe

One of the easiest ways to add some life to your look is a silver choppy bob with a choppy fringe. The addition of a choppy fringe helps tie the whole look together, along with the bright silver hair color. Remember to book regular bang trims to keep this crop sharp and fresh.

Asymmetrical choppy bob with fringe
Instagram @flavitcha.hair

#21: Asymmetrical Choppy Bob with Fringe

Change up your asymmetrical choppy bob and give it some fringe! This particular fringe, or “baby bang,” takes this cut from standard to unique with just a few snips. Bonus points? Take your bangs short enough and your time between trims is extended.

Chunky bob with bangs
Instagram @fernanducruz

#22: Chunky Bob

Up your style game and go for the chunky bob! Sharp edges and choppy layers harmonize with a full fringe, keeping this crop on-trend and fashion-forward. This bob cut looks especially stunning with a rich, all-over color.

#23: Choppy Inverted Bob with Ombre

This choppy inverted bob with ombre works great for women who want an edgy short hairstyle. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for a textured, angled bob and an ombre hair hue.

#24: Shoulder-Length Chopped Bob

A shoulder-length choppy bob with bangs is a great style for professionals or even for both stay-at-home and working moms.

#25: Choppy Blunt Bob for Thin Hair

Choose a choppy blunt bob for thin hair. A blunt and rounded bob maximizes thin hair with its sleek shape and is super easy to style. If your hair is straight, just blow-dry with your fingers downward.

#26: Choppy with Bangs for Ladies Over 50

The choppy bob with bangs for women over 50 looks more fabulous with a lot of hair texture and waves. The style creates a movement to make it extra modern. Before getting this short bob style with bangs, bear in mind that it requires effort in styling it.

#27: Choppy Short Bob with Side Bangs

This choppy bob haircut with side bangs softens a strong, sharp jawline. It creates an ideal haircut for women with a diamond or heart-shaped face. When copying the style, use a flat iron or a curling wand for an effortless wavy hair effect.

#28: Mid-Length Choppy Balayage Bob

Pair a mid-length balayage bob with bangs to build up a glam vibe. It’s the shadow-rooted blonde hue that creates a dimension to this short hair. The volume in the mid-lengths is what gives a balance to an oval face shape.

Jaw-Length Choppy Messy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @tomsmithh

#29: Jaw-Length Choppy Messy Bob

A jaw-length choppy messy bob with bangs is an effective way of having the hair look thicker. The choppy strands create the softness and edge that straight locks need. Bring out a fresher vibe to it by painting it blonde.

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Short Choppy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @tomsmithhd

#30: Short Choppy Bob with Bangs

This short choppy bob is flattering on older women. It looks modern with a lived-in vibe. To copy the cute style, add waves and a lot of texture. Spritz salt spray as the finishing touch, too.

Wavy Bob with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @chri_edosalon

#31: Wavy Bob with Choppy Bangs

Imagine wearing this bob cut with choppy bangs. The edgy result is breathtaking! It seems fun to wear, letting the tresses look livelier. This bob is best suited for hair with a wavy texture.

Like this cut? See more edgy choppy bobs.

Stacked bob with choppy ends and bangs
Instagram @annetteluxe

#32: Stacked Bob with Choppy Ends

A stacked bob with choppy ends and bangs is easy to style on fine to medium hair density. Hairstylist Annette Madrid of Florida also finds it ideal for both square and long face shapes.

Choppy Textured Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @glowlemars

#33: Choppy Textured Bob for Thick Hair

What this choppy textured bob for thick hair can do is remarkable! Here, the length is at neck level for versatility while keeping the hair full. The choppy edges go very well with a messy, textured style. The finish looks fun and weightless.