18 Oh-So-Cute Chin-Length Choppy Bobs to Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chin-length choppy bob is a short haircut with razor-cut layers and ends. It provides ladies with an effortless, textured look that’s easy to wear daily.

Lela, an experienced stylist in Los Angeles, shared with me some key information that all ladies should know before obtaining this particular cut. This is what she said.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Hair Type. Chin-length bobs can work with every hair type. Here are
    • Thin/Fine Hair – Good news. Short haircuts like this almost always look fuller with this cut!
    • Thick Hair – It’s best to remove weight behind the ears and below the occipital bone with a razor so it doesn’t look too bulky.
  • Styling. A bit of styling is required for this bob. Here are my best styling tips:
    • If you like to air dry, apply your favorite leave-in product.
    • A wide-tooth comb can arrange the hair into the shape you want.
    • A quick blow-dry with some hand styling is also an easy option.
    • A diffuser can work wonders to attain more volume and waves.

Don’t forget to bring a picture of your desired hairstyle to your next salon appointment. Look at these pictures of the best chin-length choppy bobs to get some ideas.


#1: Side-Swept Blonde Bob with No Bangs

Consider a side-swept blonde bob with no bangs. For a short bob, remember your face shape, hair texture, and hair amount. I suggest pulling your hair away from your face to see the shape fully. Sometimes, your face shape is a combination of multiple shapes. Choosing chin-length can fit all face shapes. Pick the best length, add facial framing or bangs, and decide where to part the hair to create a cohesive look.

Chin-Length Textured and Choppy Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Brunette Choppy Bob with a Middle Part

Not only is a chin-length choppy bob low-maintenance, but it also suits various face shapes. With its textured layers and middle part, this look creates a modern yet effortless vibe. It can be easily achieved with your hairdryer and a round brush. To give the style volume and body, blow dry your locks while using your fingers to tease at the root area. Finish by working in a styling product for an added piece-y touch.

Soft Chin-Length Bob with Choppy Ends
Instagram @nothingobvious

#3: Soft Chin Bob with Choppy Ends

Start with a soft chin-length hairstyle. You can opt for choppy ends. If you’re going short with a bob, you can do blunt or soft and choppy, depending on your style and goals. Add soft-textured ends to thick hair to enhance movement and texture. Use thinning shears, carving scissors, or a razor to achieve this look.

#4: Choppy Layered Cut with a Deep Side Part

If you want to add some life to your bob, try choppy layers to give your hair extra movement and volume. Pair the layers with a deep side part and waves and you’ve got yourself a sassy choppy bob. Make sure to use a volume spray to give some extra oomph to your style.

Choppy Chin-Length Textured Bob Hair with Bright Blonde Color
Instagram @raymondssalon

#5: Chin-Length Textured Hair with Bright Blonde Color

A modern style of the bob has become more detailed with razored layers. Layers have a feathery look and a strong chin-length structure. This gives texture and body to ladies that have limp hair. An all-over hair color, like bright blonde, gives this style an edgy vibe.

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#6: Feathered Choppy Haircut with a Side Fringe

Side fringe is a nice face frame on a feathered choppy haircut. A chin-length choppy layered bob is a hairdo that can be styled away from the face. Use a round brush to bend the fringe into the layering. I will cut inverted layers in the back to add even more shape and volume. This way, when I round brush, the shorter layers will have the most height.

Chin-Length Multi-Layered Messy Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @rcgimenes

#7: Multi-Layered Messy Bob with Blonde Highlights

You’ll love the texture in a multi-layered bob with blonde highlights. A choppy chin-length bob is even better with a graduated back. The short back gives your cut more dimension. And makes it look more interesting. Your straight hair will love the layering. Layers give it movement and versatility.

#8: Glossy Brown Bob with Choppy Ends

A short bob in a glossy brown shade with choppy ends is a super versatile look. Cutting chin-length choppy layers works well with thick hair and fine hair. Both, when curled, have the right amount of messy, lived in styling.

Chin-Length Round Angled Bob with Choppy Layers
Instagram @rcgimenes

#9: Round Angled Bob with Choppy Layers

Choppy layers on a round angled bob can add lots of volume. I like to use a side part when cutting a shorter length on a round face shape. Choppy chin-length haircuts for straight hair look best when styled with a texture spray. Or, use a texturizing paste to define each layer.

Chin-Length Choppy Shaggy Bixie Cut with a Fringe for Fine Hair
Instagram @m.v.h_hair

#10: Shaggy Bixie Cut with a Fringe for Fine Hair

Try adding fringe to a shaggy bixie cut on fine hair. I elevate the crown layers and blend the length into the bangs to keep the overall look shaggy. The chin-length choppy bob for fine hair is perfect to create a structured perimeter. And the fringe and layers add a playful look.

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Chin-Length Two-Toned Choppy French Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbymorganf

#11: Two-Toned Choppy French Bob for Thick Hair

Adding a two-toned color to a choppy French bob can really soften the look of thick hair. Consider coloring the chin-length messy bob with bangs lighter in the front. It will bring attention to your face frame. I finish my French bobs with a medium hold mousse and diffuse for a wavy finish.

Chin-Length Choppy Brunette Bobbed Hair with Micro Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#12: Brunette Bobbed Hair with Micro Bangs

Give your style some pep and try bobbed hair with micro bangs. A bob can take on many shapes. And, short and feathered layers will change your cut completely. A chin-length choppy bob with bangs will give your hair a textured canvas. It works great tousled for an easy blowout. You can show your personality by adding a micro bang accent.

#13: Face-Framing Blonde Choppy Hair for Women Over 50

Women over 50 have many styles, like a face-framing choppy haircut. Graying or silver hair can be dressed up in an all-over blonde. A side fringe can be fashionable. It can be used to conceal maturing lines.

Short Straight Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs and Layers
Instagram @modelmullet

#14: Short Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs and Layers

A French bob has a modern adaptation with this short straight haircut. Like the classic style, it meets at the jawline. However, the curtain bangs and layers are where the style is updated. It’s versatile in styling. You can tousle or blow out.

Chin-Length Short Layered Choppy Bob Hair with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @cuttingedgezh

#15: Short Layered Hair with Caramel Highlights

Opt for short layered hair if you love texture and dimension in your cut. Bobbed hair can take on a different shape with layering. If you want a cut with more movement, ask for short piece-y layers. Complete your hairstyle with fringe and caramel highlights. You’ll love your messy shape.

Choppy Chin-Length Wavy Platinum Bob with Textured Ends
Instagram @kane_anthony_

#16: Wavy Platinum Bob with Textured Ends

You’ll love the style of a wavy platinum bob with textured ends. For women who have grey, going with blonde highlights will help you hide your regrowth. And you can go longer in between touch-ups. Compliment your color with an edgy textured bob haircut. If you like a trendy finish, try leaving the ends out when your curl your bob with a wand.

Chin-Length Choppy Bob with Beach Waves for Women Over 40
Instagram @really.good.hair.day

#17: Chin-Length Beach Waves for Women Over 40

Women over 40 should consider the sharp style of chin-length beach waves. The choppy ends are the key to this cut and will give you a youthful and trendy shape. Ask your stylist to point cut your perimeter to achieve the wispy texture. Don’t overthink the waves in this cut. Adding texture to the top layer is all you need. But make sure you leave the ends straight.

Chin-Length Choppy Graduated Bob with Short Pieces
Instagram @aohair_

#18: Choppy Graduated Bob with Short Pieces

A choppy graduated bob with short pieces is a fun and disheveled shape. A choppy bob will work on fine hair. But be careful not to have the layers cut too short, or you will lose the integrity of the bottom. To bring out the texture of the style, I would not recommend round brushing. Try scrunching or tousling with your hands instead. Then touch up with a medium iron for your funky finish.