38 Remarkable Chin-Length Bob with Bangs to Consider for Your Next Cut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A chin-length bob with bangs forms a modern, short to medium hairstyle. The fringe makes it versatile to most facial structures, flattering women of any age.

Stylist Kate Convery from Providence, RI, considers this style effortless if cut appropriately. “It gives instant style and edge if you’re looking for something chic and bold,” she points out.

This bob can look very youthful on most face shapes. It accentuates features of round faces and creates an illusion of an elongated shape. It even softens sharp lines on square or heart-shaped faces.

What a chin-length haircut lacks is a lot of different ways to style it. “Bobbed hair wouldn’t work if you like to pull your hair back or wear it up. The cut itself is the style alone,” states Convery.

A short bob with a fringe is ideal for ladies with thin, fine hair. Thicker locks need weight removal and added texture to prevent the “helmet” appearance. Convery notes, “I cut my short bobs with a straight razor to give them a softer, more effortless finish.”

Before settling for a specific haircut, go through a consultation with a professional. Make sure it fits your face shape, hair texture, density, and lifestyle.

Are you looking for new hair inspiration? Check out these images of the most popular chin-length bobs with bangs!

Copper and White Color Block on a Chin-Length Bob with Bangs and thick hair
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#1: Copper and White Color Block on a Bob with Bangs

Add some serious edge to your look with this copper and white color block. With the perfect length, this cut allows you to style your bangs to the side or straight across. To keep the volume and texture of your hair, opt for a volumizing mousse or a salt-based spray. Use it on your roots before blow-drying to help pump up the volume and keep your style looking great all day.

Shorter haircuts with bangs on chin-length wavy bob with playful hairpins

#2 Textured and Lived-In Bob Cut on Wavy Hair

Looking for shorter haircuts with bangs? This chin-length wavy bob with bangs frames the face beautifully, offering movement and a modern flair. The waves are perfect for adding volume to softer hair textures and are super flattering for round or heart-shaped faces. Just tousle with a bit of texturizing spray for that lived-in look. This style might need a bit more love to keep those waves bouncy, but it’s worth it for that carefree, stylish vibe. A smart choice for anyone seeking a blend of ease and sophistication!

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Asian woman with elegant chin-length Chinese bob and straight bangs

#3 Elegant Chinese Bob with Straight Bangs

This stylish Chinese bob features a chin-length cut with straight-across bangs, ideal for adding a sharp, contemporary edge to your look. The bob is particularly flattering for those with straight, fine to medium-density hair, offering a structured silhouette that can accentuate the jawline and cheekbones. One challenge with this style is its need for regular maintenance to keep the bangs crisp and the overall shape polished. For styling, use a light pomade or serum to give your hair a sleek finish without weighing it down. This haircut is best suited for those who prefer a sophisticated yet manageable everyday style.

Chin-length layered bob with bangs for fine hair

#4 Short Bob with Bangs and Layers

Darlings, this chin-length bob with bangs for fine hair is a game-changer! The seamless blend of layered bangs adds softness around the face, perfect for those subtle features. The dynamic piecy texture not only gives off a playful, modern flair but also pumps up the volume, making fine hair look thicker. Keep in mind, though, fine hair needs a little product for that lived-in look. But nothing too heavy—a lightweight mousse will do the trick, keeping your style fresh all day long.

Chin-length rounded bob with fringe and caramel balayage on medium-density hair

#5 Chin Bob with a Fringe

Consider trying this bob with a fringe for thick hair. This cut is not going away anytime soon and is universally flattering. Adding texture, layers, and a wispy fringe creates a much softer-looking bob than the traditional cut that softens the edges of square face shapes. This makes a great option for women of all styles.

Chin-length modern straight bob with bangs featuring balayage highlights

#6 Modern Straight Bob with Bangs and Balayage

Love a classic with a twist? This blunt chin-length bob and bangs for straight hair marries precision with ease. The subtle balayage adds a refreshing touch, making it a versatile choice for all seasons. Ideal for fine to medium hair; it frames the face charmingly and is a breeze to style flat or with a bit of texture. Keep in mind, the bluntness requires regular salon visits to stay sharp, and it’s best for oval and long faces. Perfect for those who love a polished look every day!

chin-length' to more specifically depict the style length.

#7 Low-Maintenance Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

Chin-length and low-maintenance, this sleek bob is a charm for your fine hair. The asymmetric side-parted bangs offer an easy-going yet trendy edge, while the silver-toned highlights over deep roots bring chic depth and volume. Ideal for softening facial features with a bold, fashionable statement. To maintain that sheen, don’t skip the heat protectant before straightening, darling!

Chin-Length, One-Length Bob with Blunt Fringe

#8 One-Length Blunt Bob with Blunt Fringe

Women with fine hair will find a one-length bob and blunt fringe transformative for their natural texture. In general, hairstyles with short bangs do wonders for fine and thin hair, as do one-length cuts. Not only will the bangs help create an illusion of fullness around an oval face shape, but a chin-length bob for fine hair can feature blunt ends to create fullness throughout your lengths.

Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

#9 Layered Asymmetrical Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Another popular hairstyle with bangs is the feathered, asymmetrical chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. It works well on wavy hair. A side-swept fringe is a great choice for any woman wanting to dip their toes in the world of bangs without committing fully.

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Classic Chin-Length Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

#10 Classic Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

Need an always-on-trend hairstyle? A chin-length French bob with bangs is a very flattering choice and looks extra stellar with the addition of bangs. This timeless style is fashion-forward and simple to maintain, making styling time easier and faster!

Chin-Length Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

#11 Messy Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Try a choppy, messy bob if you like having your hair short and want to try out curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are not just for long hair lengths; this popular style fringe is all the rage. A chin-length angled bob with bangs is just a perfect pair on any face shape, and the only time it is not recommended to have bangs is if you have a strong cowlick in your hairline, as they can become difficult to style.

Cute Bob with Fringe Bangs

#12 Cute Bob with Fringe Bangs

Fringes bring any cute bob to the next level. Adding lots of texture with the product during the styling process of your chin-length bob with wispy bangs hairstyle will create a lot of visual interest and is a guaranteed way to turn heads. Use a sea salt or texture spray after blow-drying to create texture and volume.

Textured Chin-Length Short Bob with Baby Bangs
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#13: Textured Short Bob with Baby Bangs

Ask for a textured short bob with baby bangs. If your face is heart or diamond-shaped, try a chin-length bob with choppy bangs. Cropped bangs add an edgy touch and can be arranged to match your style. It would be best to have regular 4-6 week salon visits to maintain this hairstyle.

Short Chin-Length Straight A-Line Bob with Light Bangs
Instagram @krishairislife

#14: Straight A-Line Bob with Light Bangs

Consider the straight A-line bob. For fuller haircuts with fine textures, try a blunt A-line style with a slight gradient. Pairing the A-line bob with a bang can give you an edgier look, especially if you have a longer face shape.

Chin-Length Soft Banged Blonde Bob
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#15: Soft Banged Blonde Bob

To style a soft banged bob properly, keep it full and straight. You could use hot rollers to add more volume. Additionally, use quality mousse when you blow-dry your hair. When you style your bob this way, all the different layers in the cut truly stand out.

#16: Curly Bob with Wavy Bangs

A chin-length curly bob with bangs is a playful way to wear the bob trend. This curly bob has wavy bangs and a slight forward angle. The angle helps manage hair growth between salon visits, helping you maintain a beautiful look until your next salon visit.

Short Straight Inverted Bob with Bangs
Instagram @gbhdesign

#17: Short Straight Inverted Bob with Bangs

A short, straight, inverted bob with bangs has a stunning, sleek look. When styled with a flat iron, a chin-length inverted bob with bangs is best illustrated, showing its blunt ends and expertly carved shape.

Chin-Grazing Layered Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs
Instagram @florence.hair

#18: Layered Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs

A bob with layers and short bangs can be a stylish variant of the bob hairstyle. Usually, a shaggy bob that falls to chin-length with bangs looks best on thin hair types. However, proper cutting can make it work for thick hair, too.

#19: Blonde Short Hair with Side Fringe

A short, blonde cut with a side fringe can make your hair look fuller. A chin-length bob with side bangs often adds an illusion of thickness. The short, rounded shape allows light reflection, enhancing the hair’s health and fullness.

#20: French Contour Bob Makeover

If you want a sleek hair makeover, a chin-length French contour bob is perfect. This cut is about precision, with defined angles framing your face beautifully. It works best for those with straight to slightly wavy hair. It requires a lot of smoothness and shine to highlight the sleek lines of the cut. I recommend using a lightweight smoothing serum to tame any frizz and add shine when styling. Then, you can use your flat iron to create the perfect straight finish. The bangs can be styled bluntly or swept to the side, depending on your preference. Tell your stylist if you have any issues with styling, as they can be a big help!

#21: Silver Chin-Length Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

A silver chin-length bob with bottleneck bangs is an excellent haircut and style. Pick the most flattering length of your bob and just the right fullness of your bangs. It will create a balanced look. To maintain this hairstyle, I recommend seeing your stylist every 6-8 weeks. Keep the cut layered in the back to add volume and movement. It will give your aging hair the style it needs to look chic.

Chin-Length Fresh Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights for women over 50 with straight blonde hair
Instagram @felix.lynn

#22: Fresh Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights

This stylish chin-length bob cut is perfect for women over 50 who desire a fresh and modern look. Layers that flatter the face and highlights that add brightness and texture. So this cut will bring out your best features. As an experienced stylist, I suggest using a volumizing mousse to give your hair the lift and shape it needs. Regular trims are helpful to keep your bob looking vibrant and in shape – so remember to come back every 6 weeks.

Chin-Grazing Wavy Italian Bob with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @soullovey

#23: Wavy Italian Bob with Middle Part Bangs

A wavy Italian bob with middle-part curtain bangs is a gorgeous style and easy for air drying. The layered bob is perfect for someone looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle with limited blow drying. I recommend using products like an air-dry hair cream and a sea salt spray for optimal texture and balance.

Sharp Chin-Length Cut with Wispy Bangs for women with long faces and large foreheads
Instagram @salsalhair

#24: Sharp Chin Cut with Wispy Bangs

With a sharp cut, a long face, and a large forehead will be beautifully accentuated. The wispy bangs will frame your face, giving you a modern yet romantic look. To ensure this style is perfect for you, I advise spending time cutting the bangs. Make sure they fall in the right place. And don’t forget to use a good hairspray to keep them in place all day!

Jaw-Length Bobbed Hair
Instagram @raficheng

#25: Jaw-Length Bobbed Hair

A jaw-length bob hairstyle is sleek and sophisticated. However, it is not recommended for heart, pear, or square-shaped faces as it can make the face shape appear wide. For round and oval-shaped faces, this chin-length bob with blunt bangs hairstyle is a knockout with bold lines. Ask your stylist to blunt cut the perimeter and the eyebrow-skimming bangs if you are daring.

Super Cute Chin-Length Bob with Curtain Bangs Makeover
Instagram @leventkilic0

#26: Super Cute Bob with Curtain Bangs Makeover

This super cute bob with curtain bangs makeover is everything you hope for when chopping off your hair. This roaring 20s-inspired length and shape give a vintage and edgy look. A haircut every 6-8 weeks is needed to maintain your bangs and short length and make it easy to wear your hair. This length is also one of the best ways to highlight your lips and jawbone.

Amazing Precision Cut Chin-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @y_ctrl_

#27: Amazing Precision Cut Bob

Precision cuts look amazing when worn simply. I suggest keeping the part in the middle to give an even amount of hair on each side. And cutting to the jaw gives maximum impact. When asking for a full fringe, state clearly where you want it to sit above the eyebrow; it looks edgy, but keeping it longer also works well.

Razor Cut Tousled Chin-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @joeprofita

#28: Razor Cut Tousled Bob

If you wear your hair air-dried or tousled, then a razor cut style would work great for your routine. To maintain a polished look, the length can vary from a bob to a mid-length style. And it can send you back to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks.

Soft Chin-Length Bob Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @aerielengland

#29: Soft Bob Cut with Curtain Bangs

A soft bob cut with curtain bangs is an adorable style that women love! Adding some waves will make you look like you have a lot of volume, and it will take you no time to style. Who doesn’t love a cute and easy style?

Chin-Length Blonde Boyfriend Bob with Micro Bangs
Instagram @nicohair

#30: Blonde Boyfriend Bob with Micro Bangs

For an edgy new style, try the blonde boyfriend bob. It comes with short, thin bangs. The boyfriend bob is a blunt cut with a natural texture. It features soft, thin bangs. If you want a fun, new haircut, the well-shaped bob is ideal for a new season.

Adorable Chin-Length Bob Cut with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @yasminruizp

#31: Adorable Bob Cut with Wispy Fringe

Consider an adorable bob cut with a wispy fringe for a classic style with a twist. This is a great cut for women with thin or thick hair. An important thing to keep in mind is where the length hits. I like the hair to hit just below the chin to emphasize the neck and make it look longer.

#32: Mature Short Bob with Thin Bangs

If you have fine hair and want to make it appear fuller, I highly recommend a short-length, blunt bob. As a stylist, I tell clients that if your hair density concerns you, your best bet is to keep it all one length. The shorter you choose to go with your bob, the fuller it will appear.

Dark Brown Chin-Length French Bob with Fringe
Instagram @nothingobvious

#33: Dark Brown French Bob with Fringe

A dark brown French bob with fringe is a classic look. Perfect for naturally brown or dark hair tones, dark brown hair can add richness to darker facial features and complement many skin tones. Adding the face-framing and shape brought by a French bob with fringe pulls the color and features of the face together. Ask your stylist about color tone options to best suit your features and skin tone.

#34: White Blonde with Side Bangs for Women Over 60

The white blonde bob with side bangs is a spot-on hairstyle for women over 60. It’s an easy-to-maintain-and-wear haircut, but when it comes to the color, you must be prepared for a bit of golden hue popping out. If you want to cancel the warmth, remember to buy a purple shampoo like Maroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Shampoo and use it once every 5 to 7 washes.

#35: Graduated Bob with Long Bangs

Long bangs on a short, graduated bob will make eyes of any color pop. Rounded bob haircuts that graze the chin and jawline and with a fringe require more frequent trims than others. Remember to ask your stylist for ways to style your chin-length stacked bob with bangs while they’re a bit more grown out.

Chin-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @john.n1115

#36: Peachy Chin Bob with Bangs

A chin-length bob hairstyle is already a classic, but adding bangs and soft curls can change our go-to haircut. Bob hairstyles are popular and work with or without bangs, depending on your preference. Bangs can be a great addition to any hair type, adding youthfulness to the wearer. Such a messy bob appears full, tidy, and timeless!

Chin-length Undercut Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @chelraerae

#37: Undercut Bob with Wispy Bangs

Are you looking for some low-commitment creativity? Try a short undercut bob with wispy bangs! The haircut is a timeless look, and this version still serves that vision, but! The undercut sides and back add a creative edge and fashion-forward flair. The best part? The top layers of your hair will cover the undercut as it grows out, making the weeks between trims a breeze!

#38: Sleek Bob with Bangs for Black Women

A short chin-length bob with bangs is a sleek and chic style for black women of any age. When it comes to shorter crops, bobs and bangs go hand in hand and can truly transform your entire look. Bobs look beautiful with a soft curtain bang or a straight, full fringe.