The Chanel Bob Is The Bob Cut to Try This Summer & Here Are 25 Gorgeous Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Chanel short bob with elegant side-swept bangs for face-framing style.

#1 Chanel Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

This cut’s all about framing the face gracefully with a side-swept bang. The short length is easy to maintain and style, making it ideal for those who love a minimalist approach. Just work in a little volumizing mousse, and the look holds its shape throughout the day.

Casual Chanel bob cut with textured, lively ends for a voluminous style.

#2 Chanel Bob Cut with Textured Ends

Say hello to a bob that’s playful and easy to style! The textured ends create a lived-in look that’s ideal for those on the go. It’s a dream for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Light layering adds volume without the need for constant touch-ups. A dab of texturizing product, and you’re out the door!

Sleek Chanel bob with a dramatic side sweep for a contemporary look.

#3 Chanel Bob with Side Sweep

This Chanel bob combines straight, sleek strands with a dramatic side sweep, offering a modern twist on the classic bob. It’s a fantastic choice for those with fine, straight hair, giving an illusion of volume and a striking profile. A little styling wax can keep that side sweep in place all day.

Chanel bob haircut with gentle waves for an elegant, versatile style.

#4 Chanel Bob with Soft Waves

A Chanel bob with soft waves is the epitome of understated elegance. The waves add a hint of glamour to the clean line of the cut, suitable for all occasions. For those with a wavy texture, this look is a breeze to maintain with just a bit of texturizing spray.

Sleek and straight Chanel bob cut at chin-length for a refined appearance.

#5 Sleek Short Chanel Bob Hairstyle

A polished and straight variant of the Chanel bob, cut at chin-length to emphasize a sleek profile. The simplicity of this style makes it a versatile choice for most face shapes. Use a straightening iron and a drop of serum to achieve this glossy finish.

Chin-length Chanel bob with defined curls for a bold, textured look.

#6 Chin-Length Chanel Bob with Defined Curls

This chin-length bob is all about the definition. The curls are shaped to perfection, offering a refined yet bold look. This style works well with thicker hair to showcase the curls’ full potential. To keep these curls looking sharp, a good curl-defining product is key.

Rounded Chanel bob with full bangs offering a sleek, head-contouring look.

#7 French Elegance Chanel Bob

This Chanel bob exudes sophistication with its rounded silhouette and full bangs. The cut contours the head shape, ideal for those with delicate features. This timeless look requires regular trims to keep the bangs and shape pristine, making it a commitment, but one that’s worth it for the chic, polished result.

Relaxed Chanel bob with loose curls for a soft and feminine style.

#8 Casual Chanel Bob with Loose Curls

Embrace an effortless vibe with this casual bob. The loose curls add body and bounce, ideal for a soft, feminine look. It’s cut to perfection to maintain the curls’ integrity, perfect for those with a bit of natural wave. A light curl-enhancing cream will enhance the shape with minimal styling needed.

Airy and voluminous Chanel bob hairstyle for women over 70.

#9 Chanel Bob for Women Over 70

This bob brings a youthful spirit with its light, airy layers that add volume. Its softness is perfect for fine hair, giving the illusion of thickness. This cut is practical yet stylish, requiring minimal effort to maintain its shape, just a quick brush-through with a round brush and some light hold product.

Tousled, layered Chanel bob cut above the shoulders for a voluminous look.

#10 Short and Chic Chanel Bob

Here’s a bob that’s all about movement! The tousled waves add volume, making it perfect for fine hair that needs a boost. It’s cut above the shoulders with layers that give it a playful, modern twist. Great for a quick, stylish look without the fuss. The texture allows for easy styling, though the waves may need some product to keep their bounce.

Versatile Chanel bob with soft bangs, suitable for women over 40.

#11 Chanel Bob for Women Over 40

A smart choice for women over 40, this bob balances sophistication with ease. The length is perfect for versatility in styling, while the soft bangs gently contour the face. A dab of styling cream can add a sleek finish to this age-defying look.

Chanel bob haircut with full, voluminous bangs and a curved silhouette.

#12 Chanel Bob with Voluminous Bangs Enchantment

This bob is bewitching with its voluminous, brow-skimming bangs that frame the eyes exquisitely. The bob’s curvature complements a round or heart-shaped face, and the volume at the top balances the overall silhouette. You’ll need a good round brush and dryer to achieve this volume regularly.

Chin-length Chanel bob with retro-styled waves for a classic look.

#13 Chanel Bob Style with Retro Waves

Retro waves bring this Chanel bob to life, giving it a dynamic yet controlled look. A chin-length cut that works beautifully with naturally wavy hair, it’s the epitome of throwback glamour. Use a light-setting spray to keep those waves in check for your classy events.

Elegant angled Chanel bob with lustrous curls just below the jawline.

#14 Angled Elegance in Chanel Bob

This bob features charming curls, cut at an angle to fall just below the jawline, adding a touch of drama to the classic Chanel. The dark shade enhances the hair’s lustrous curls, perfect for an elegant evening look. Ideal for thicker hair, but curl upkeep will require a bit of time with rollers or an iron.

Natural-looking Chanel bob with tousled layers and a carefree styling

#15 Chanel Bob with Tousled Layers

Casual yet chic, this bob with tousled layers offers a relaxed feel, perfect for those who prefer a natural, effortless look. The layers create movement, making it ideal for medium-density hair. A bit of texturizing spray can help enhance the layers and add that perfect tousle.

Graceful Chanel bob with soft layers and curls, suited for mature women.

#16 Chanel Bob for Older Women

Soft layers and a gentle curl at the ends create a youthful, uplifting effect, perfect for mature hair. This style adds volume while the side part subtly frames the face. Light styling products can enhance the texture without weighing the hair down.

Chanel bob with clean, blunt edges for a sharp, geometric hairstyle.

#17 Elegant Chanel Bob with Blunt Edges

This bob is all about the blunt edges, giving a clean, geometric look that’s both modern and sophisticated. It works wonders on straight hair, keeping the cut precise and defined. A smoothing product can help maintain the sharpness of the edges.

Vintage-inspired Chanel bob with soft waves and full eyebrow-grazing bangs.

#18 Vintage Coco Chanel Bob Flair

A nod to the roaring ’20s, this bob combines a chin-length cut with soft waves and full bangs that graze the eyebrows, creating a classic silhouette. It’s particularly flattering for oval faces and adds a touch of drama. To keep the waves pristine, a light mousse or spray will do the trick.

Structured Chanel bob with distinctive, straight-across bangs and a rounded silhouette.

#19 Chanel Bob with Distinctive Bangs

Distinctive, straight-across bangs offer a bold contrast to this rounded Chanel bob, perfect for making a statement. This cut is best for those with thicker hair looking to create a structured look. Precision is key, so you’ll need to commit to regular trims to keep those bangs sharp.

Chic Chanel bob with soft curls and a side part, ideal for women over 60.

#20 Chanel Bob for Women Over 60

Graceful and age-appropriate, this bob is tailored for women over 60, offering a chic look that brings out their elegance. The soft curls add volume and the side part gently shapes the face. A touch of hairspray can help maintain the shape without needing constant retouching.

Layered Chanel bob with soft highlights and a dynamic, flowing silhouette.

#21 Chanel Bobbed Cut with Flowing Layers

Here’s a fresh spin on the classic Chanel, featuring flowing layers that give a soft, romantic touch. This style adds movement to the hair, and the subtle highlights create a sun-kissed effect. It’s a fantastic pick for adding dimension to fine hair, though it might require a bit more effort to style.

Keira Knightley's sleek chin-length Chanel bob with subtle layering.

#22 Keira Knightley’s Chanel Bob Interpretation

This bob is a statement in understated chic. A clean, chin-length cut with a hint of layering at the ends to enhance its shape. It’s perfect for those looking for a sleek, yet manageable style. The subtle texture provides an updated edge without being over the top. It’s ideal for straight-to-wavy hair types.

Chanel bob haircut with a deep side part and glossy, dark hair.

#23 Chanel Bob with Dramatic Part

A Chanel bob styled with a deep side part offers a bold, asymmetric feel that frames the face attractively. The dark color adds depth and the glossy finish showcases health. While flattering, remember a deep part can emphasize the shape of your face, so it’s best for those confident with their facial features.

Chanel bob haircut with disconnected layers at the back for added volume

#24 Chanel Bob with Disconnected Layers

A contemporary take on the Chanel bob, featuring a stack of disconnected layers at the back for extra volume. It’s a chic option for thicker hair, adding dimension and removing weight. Style-wise, it’s versatile but does require some skill with a dryer or iron to emphasize the layers.

Short jawline-brushing Chanel bob haircut with uniform length and under-curl.

#25 Classic Chanel Bob Haircut

This cut’s elegance lies in its simplicity. The model sports a short bob that just brushes the jawline, accentuating the cheekbones beautifully. With its uniform length and under-curl, it gives off an air of polished ease. While this cut is low-maintenance and suits most face shapes, the style may require regular styling to maintain its sleek curve. A quick round-brush blowout will keep it looking fresh and tailored.

Dreaming of a chic, timeless look? A Chanel bob haircut might just be your next style statement. Inspired by both the glamour of the runway and the elegance of classic cinema, the Chanel bob brings a touch of sophistication to any look. What sets this style apart is its versatility. Tailored to flatter different face shapes and hair textures, it transitions seamlessly from a polished daytime look to an edgy evening style with just a few styling tweaks.

To truly make this cut your own, consider the natural texture of your hair and the contours of your face. A slight modification in length or layering can accentuate your features, transforming a simple cut into a custom style that looks like it was made just for you. Get ready to embrace a bob that’s as unique as you are, and check out the stunning variations we have to showcase!