The Butterfly Bob: 25 Best Ways to Get This New Hair Trend in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Modern Face-Framing Butterfly Bob Cut for Short Hair
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#1: Modern Face-Framing Butterfly Short Hair

Ask for a modern face-framing butterfly cut on short hair. A butterfly bob is great for thick-haired women who want a soft, feathery bob. Butterfly cuts will have flowing, flipping layers that release movement in the hair. An easy blowdry with a 1-inch round brush will be your best friend for styling this beauty. Finish with a light texture cream for added definition or serum for shine.

Butterfly Lob Cut with Longer Layers and Blonde Highlights
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#2: Butterfly Lob Cut with Longer Layers

This butterfly lob haircut with long layers is so cute! The long soft layers are light and airy, blending perfectly for an easy, effortless style.

Chin-Length Butterfly Beveled Bob with Curtain Bangs

#3: Butterfly Beveled Bob with Curtain Bangs

No matter what era is trending, the butterfly beveled bob with curtain bangs is timeless. It makes sense for almost any fashion decade.

Layered Bangs and Blonde Highlights on Butterfly Short Bobbed Hair
Instagram @kristykeystylz

#4: Layered Bangs on Butterfly Short Hair

Layered bangs on butterfly short haircuts are key to creating body and movement. If you have thicker hair and desire a short crop, ask your stylist for layered bangs to remove some weight.

Flipped-Up Butterfly Layers for Short Bobbed Thick Hair
Instagram @colorme.peachy

#5: Flipped-Up Layers for Bobbed Thick Hair

Flipped-up layers for bobbed thick hair are an easy way to channel that retro look that has been trending. You can recreate this style at home using a blow dryer, round brush, or hot curlers.

Mini Blonde Bob with Wispy Butterfly Layers for Seniors with Glasses
Instagram @suzibyrne

#6: Mini Blonde Bob with Wispy Layers

A mini blonde bob with wispy layers is the most flattering way to try a butterfly bob. Women with thinning or aging hair will love this look as it creates the illusion of fullness from root to tip.

#7: Short Butterfly Stacked Bob

A short butterfly-stacked bob is perfect for warmer months. It will keep the heat off your neck while still being stylish.

#8: Butterfly Short Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

A butterfly short bob with rose gold highlights is a colorful take on the butterfly bob trend. Ask your stylist to incorporate rosy tones into your bob at your next appointment!

Shoulder-Length Butterfly Lob with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @cutcutcarina

#9: Butterfly Lob with Face-Framing Pieces

Try a butterfly lob with face-framing pieces if you want to keep a little length. This cut is not too short and not too long. It’s also one of the best butterfly hairstyles right now.

Medium Gray Butterfly Bob with Long Fringe on Older Ladies
Instagram @house_of_epo_

#10: Medium Gray Bob with Long Fringe

A medium gray bob with a long fringe is a flattering haircut for aging tresses. This is a great haircut option, especially if you’re looking to update your look to something more age-appropriate.

Purple-Blonde Butterfly Lob with Layered Bangs
Instagram @apeachyqueen

#11: Purple-Blonde Lob with Layered Bangs

A purple-blonde lob with layered bangs is an eccentric hairstyle for women who love to stand out in a crowd. Layers throughout a lob haircut will give lots of body and styling options. Adding a layered bang makes this style more modern and in style.

#12: Voluminous Short Ginger Bob

Give this voluminous short cut a try with a ginger color if you are interested in a new hair trend! This look would be suitable for thick or thin hair. Talk with your stylist about the best &ldquoginger tone&rdquo for your skin tone.

Chin-Length Chocolate Brown Bob with Bouncy Butterfly Layers
Instagram @hair_camila007

#13: Chocolate Brown Bob with Bouncy Layers

A chocolate brown bob paired with bouncy layers is a haircut appropriate for women of any age. The swooping layers around the face create a trendy version of the classic bob haircut.

#14: With Heavy Layers

Try this Zendaya-inspired butterfly bob with heavy layers! The short length and layers combo adds dimension and movement to this cut.

Neck-Grazing Classic Brunette Bob with Front Butterfly Layers
Instagram @becasanchez.glosssalondelaware

#15: Classic Brunette Bob with Front Layers

Don’t be afraid of change with a classic brunette bob with face-framing layers. Bob haircuts are universally flattering when customized to your face shape and style. Ask your stylist what length and shape will best suit your face shape to get the most out of your haircut. Face-framing layers are a great way to create a visual flow in the hair. If you have fine or thin hair, use a more blunt cut with face-framing to avoid making the back look sparse.

Feathery Short Bob with Butterfly Layers for Women Over 50
Instagram @lg_dolls

#16: Feathery Short Bob with Butterfly Layers

Try this feathery short bob with butterfly layers! The light and fluffy layers add softness and natural volume.

#17: Short Hair with Flipped-Out Layers

Short hair with flipped-out layers is a playful hairstyle that adds a touch of retro charm. The flipped-out layers create a fun and bouncy effect, adding movement and texture to the hair. This style is perfect for those seeking a youthful and energetic look for their face shape. Plus, it’s easy to style and maintain.

Butterfly Chin-Length Bob Cut with Long Layers
Instagram @corteumchanel

#18: Butterfly Chin-Length Bob Cut

The butterfly chin-length bob cut is a chic and feminine hairstyle. It features shorter layers in the back and longer face-framing strands at the front. This haircut mimics the graceful shape of butterfly wings. The hair cascades softly around the chin area. The result is a shiny and fuller look that exudes elegance and charm.

#19: Butterfly Wispy White Bob

A white wispy butterfly bob looks amazing on women with naturally fine hair. The short layers will add lots of texture, which is usually hard to achieve on fine hair.

#20: Layered Bob Cut with Shorter Pieces

Add layers with shorter pieces if you are looking to change up your bob. The variation in lengths will give you texture and movement!

Side-Parted Round Bob with Shorter Butterfly Layers
Instagram @imstyln_hair

#21: Round Bob with Shorter Layers

The round bob with shorter layers is a versatile and modern hairstyle. It complements various face shapes. This haircut features a rounded shape with shorter layers on top. This creates a voluminous and classic look. The shorter layers add movement and dimension, making the bob look stylish.

#22: A Blowout Style

Embrace your inner Charlie’s angel with this 70s-inspired butterfly bob. Feathered layers perfectly add to a haircut to create movement and volume. The shorter layers help to create softness around your face and relieve the hair of extra weight. Ask your stylist to add texture to the interior of your haircut to help with the movement of the hair. Try using large rollers in the front of your hair to help curve the hair back and away from the face.

#23: Soft Bob with Face-Framing Layers

The soft bob with face-framing layers is a versatile and chic hairstyle. This haircut enhances facial features while adding movement and dimension to the style. This soft and feathered layered style creates a gentle and feminine look. A perfect low-maintenance haircut for summer!

Shoulder-Length Butterfly Textured Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @whattalewk

#24: Butterfly Textured Bob

You’ll love the lightweight shape of a butterfly-textured bob. The shorter layering around the face gives this cut its name. It creates stunning backward movement that will enhance your features beautifully. Ask for a layered fringe section and longer layers in your bob. Utilize your natural wave by twirling your round brush while drying for a lived-in finish.

#25: Short Butterfly Haircut with Wavy Layers

Try this short butterfly haircut with wavy layers. This cut would be great if you have a natural texture. It will help add balanced volume to alleviate that &ldquolamp shade&rdquo result.

Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s both chic and easy to maintain? The butterfly bob might be just what you need! Inspired by the face-framing, feathered layers that resemble butterfly wings, this haircut is perfect for various hair textures and face shapes. In this article, we interviewed Rachel Wittenberg, a seasoned hairstylist, to get her expert advice on this unique bob and how to make it work for you.

Meet The Expert

Rachel Wittenberg
Rachel Wittenberg
Rachel is a stylist & salon owner with over 22 years of experience.
You can find her at Paramount Salon/Spa in Temecula, CA.

The Versatility of the Butterfly Bob

This bob was born from the popular butterfly haircut, and it quickly became a go-to choice for those who find long hair challenging to style. Rachel explains, “The shape has flow, wavy or textured hair can have an effortless shape that is accentuated with minimal time styling.” For those with fine, thin, straight, or unruly hair, some extra styling time with hot tools might be necessary to achieve the desired shape. But fear not, a styling tutorial with your stylist will help you learn how to work with your unique hair type effectively.

Enhancing Your Face Shape

Rachel emphasizes the importance of knowing your face shape and your comfort level with your appearance. “butterfly layers differ from traditional layers,” she points out, “which can be a nice way to create the look of an oval face as the layers flow or sweep away from the face.” For individuals with round or square faces, this bob can be particularly flattering as it frames the face and creates the illusion of a longer shape. To ensure the best outcome, Rachel advises scheduling a thorough consultation with your stylist to tailor the haircut to your unique face shape and hair type.

Styling Tips for Every Lifestyle

The great thing about the butterfly bob is its versatility, making it suitable for different lifestyles. Rachel highlights that there’s no one-size-fits-all method for this haircut. “If you have the perfect wave pattern, then add minimal styling products and scrunch your hair to enhance your natural wave,” she says. On the other hand, if you desire high-contrast layers, using a blow dryer and a round brush will be essential, regardless of your hair texture, length, or thickness. Remember, you are unique, and finding the best styling methods for your hair and lifestyle might take some trial and error.

Recommended Products

To help you achieve the best results with your bob, Rachel suggests a few must-have products. A leave-in conditioner/detangler will keep your hair smooth and manageable, while a heat protectant is crucial when using hot tools. If you want to minimize blow-drying time, a blow-dry minimizing spray will be your go-to, and a flexible finishing spray will hold your style in place without stiffness.

Pictures of Spectacular Butterfly Bob Haircuts