The Bubble Bob Is Trending: 26 Best Ways to Get It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Bouncy Bob with an Off Center Part

If you’ve been wanting to make a bold style statement, then you should consider a bouncy bob with an off-center part. The bob is estimated to be one of the most popular haircuts in 2024, but it’s a timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

#2: Blonde Bubble Bob with See-Through Bangs

A charming style of blonde hair is a bubble bob with slightly see-through bangs. The see-through bangs are a recent hair trend inspired by the early 2000s. To give this bubble bob both volume and a smooth shape, use a large round brush and a blow dry spray such as ‘This Is Blow Dry Primer’ by Davines.

#3: Wavy Short Bubble Bob Cut

The bubble cut is a sophisticated version of a bob. It has a round and full shape. To keep it modern, add a flipped-out side parting. Do this with a round brush and by drying away from the face. Let your hair fall naturally. Avoid using straighteners. Straighteners will flatten the bubble-cut shape. It will also remove the natural wavy look.

#4: Flipped Bubble Bob with Soft Layers

A mid-length bob is big news to keep things soft with a few layers for movement and to create more volume. Dry with a large round brush once adding a volume spray, and keep away from a straight parting this will give a modern take to the look.

Short-Length Voluminous Bubble Bob with Layers
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#5: Voluminous Bubble Bob with Layers

A bubble bob haircut is a trendy version of the classic bob cut, and the layers add a voluminous texture. Request small top layers for a solid shape to your bob. Use a large round brush to blow dry. Apply a mousse such as Redken’s Full Frame for volume.

#6: Chin-Length Side Part Bubble Bob

This bubble bob is a chin-length hairstyle with a side part. This bob creates a rounded effect and gradually decreases in length around the perimeter. This hairstyle adds width and balance, making it ideal for long, rectangular, and narrow jawlines. A side part in this hairstyle helps offset its longer shapes and soften facial features.

#7: Brunette Bubble Bob with Deep Side Part

A brown bob styled as a bubble cut with a side part gives an edgy twist to a classic hairdo. The cut and color lend a classic and sleek feel. A deep side part adds extra volume and softens the look. Wear it slicked back, brushed out, or straightened daily for variety. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks help maintain its fresh look.

#8: Golden Brown Bubble Bob for Thick Hair

The golden brown bubble bob is a classic style for those wanting a short haircut. An expert stylist can adjust this hairstyle to suit your facial features. It can look full-bodied or smooth, depending on your face shape. Curl it and use a texture spray for a casual look, or straighten it for a neat, classic style.

Side-Parted Bubble Bob Short Hair
Instagram @irke_colour

#9: Side-Parted Bubble Short Hair

Style your hair into a side-parted bubble short cut to accentuate your face! This side-parted bubble bob haircut is excellent for highlighting your preferred facial features.

#10: Soft Lob with Front Layers

A subtle bob hairstyle, characterized by long and layered front sections, is a minimal-risk way to try the popular bob trend without having to cut your hair too much or give it a pointy edge. This longer form of the bubble bob hairstyle grows slowly over time, so even if you decide not to maintain it, you will not notice the length increase rapidly.

Short Bubble Bob Hair with Wispy Layers
Instagram @anna__volegova

#11: Short Bubble Hair with Wispy Layers

Try a traditional short hairstyle called ‘bubble hair’ with thin, light layers. This stylish haircut should have a light layer around the edges to frame your face in a way that draws attention backward. First, take a round brush and a product that adds volume. Then, blow-dry your hair in a downward direction to create a rounded bubble effect. Also, hold your round brush upright while styling the sides to create a gentle, feathery look that adds grace to the entire hairstyle.

#12: Platinum Silver Mini Bobble Bob Cut

A platinum silver mini bob cut is the perfect hairstyle for grey hair. Each silver strand lies effortlessly where you want it to because of the sharp, sleek edges and airy texture.

Shoulder-Length Bubble Bob Cut with Light Layers

#13: Shoulder-Length Bob Cut with Light Layers

If you want a change, consider a shoulder-length bob cut with light layers. A shoulder-length haircut is simple yet noticeable. The long and face-framing layers are ideal. You can style the shoulder-length haircut either straight or curled.

Side-Flipped Bubble Lob Cut
Instagram @anna__volegova

#14: Side-Flipped Bubble Lob Cut

For a stylish bob, request a shoulder-skimming lob. Include longer layers for added movement, which will help create the flipped side. Make sure not to decrease thickness significantly from the edges. After adding a volumizing spray, it’s perfect for drying with a large round brush. Remember, don’t over-straighten your hair, it will flatten the look.

Neck-Grazing Soft Bubble Bob with Long Fringe
Instagram @h.a.i.r.bylizz

#15: Soft Bob with Long Fringe

You will love this classy and airy look of a soft bubble bob with a long fringe. The length of this bob sits just below the chin, creating a chic look. The bob has layers and texture throughout, especially in the fringe. Tell your stylist to use texturizing shears to achieve a more textured look. Just use a round brush to style and a finishing spray, and you are ready to take on the day.

Short-Length Airy Layered Bubble Bob
Instagram @anna__volegova

#16: Airy Layered Bubble Bob

Soft flexible hair styles are in trend now. To achieve these styles, you can use blow dryers that increase hair volume and apply products that build body. If you want to style your hair in a tucked-under look, let your stylist know. Keeping your hair slightly longer is necessary for this kind of style.

Low-Maintenance Short Round Bubble Bob for Older Women with Glasses

#17: Low-Maintenance Round Bob for Older Women

For a low-maintenance bob, ask that your hair be cut to one length and rounded. This bubble shape helps to dry your hair more quickly because all the ends align in one place. Mature women often find this bob hairstyle flattering because it emphasizes their jawline and adds width to their facial features.

Face-Framing Brunette Bubble Bob for Mature Women with Short Hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

#18: Face-Framing Brunette Bubble Bob

To create softness around the face, add face-framing layers. This adds width and volume, perfect for a modern, lived-in feel. The layers are cut in a beveled shape to create roundness. This makes drying easier.

Fluffy Long Bubble Bob with Subtle Layers
Instagram @irke_colour

#19: Fluffy Long Bob with Subtle Layers

A fluffy long bob with subtle layers suits busy professional women seeking a classic look. The hairstyle is simple yet professional – a style that requires little maintenance. The side part adds a special touch to the hairstyle. Regardless of whether you style your hair straight or curled, the hairstyle is versatile.

Neck-Length Bubble Blunt Bob with Off Center Part
Instagram @olgakursitis

#20: Neck-Length Bubble Blunt Bob

A neck-length bubble blunt bob is a simple and chic look that is great for a low-maintenance gal. This hairstyle sits just below the chin and has minimal layering, just enough to give the look some flair. To style it, start with damp hair and use a round brush to direct the hair underneath. You can also use a flat iron on dry hair to curl the ends under. Finish with a shine serum to give your hair extra luster and shine!

Short Rounded French Bubble Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @autumnhartt

#21: Short Bubble Bob

If you want a fresh, cute look, pick this French bubble bob hairstyle. This very short bob style with fringe is a simple and low-maintenance style that will make people turn heads. Keep the layers mostly at the bottom perimeter and ensure your bangs have the piecy textured look.

Blonde Chin Bubble Bob with Textured Layers
Instagram @vivabenard

#22: Blonde Chin Bob with Textured Layers

Adding textured layers to a chin-length bob will give a raw modern take on a classic look. Remember not to go too short, as it will take away too much weight. A grown-out root area on blonde hair gives a cool carefree feel.

Sleek and Straight Bubble Bob for Shoulder-Length Cut
Instagram @caldeira.7

#23: Sleek and Straight Bubble Bob

A sleek, shiny, straight, rounded bob is a classic that never dates. Keep a little more length at the front to enable you to be able to tuck it under. If using straighteners, always remember a heat protector, and finish off with a shiny spray to tame any fly-away ends.

Chin-Length Copper Straight Bubble Bob
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#24: Copper Straight Bubble Bob

A classic rounded bob, or bubble bob, looks immaculate when dried straight and slightly curved under. Use a round brush to achieve this look. Add a striking color, such as orange copper, for an impressive visual effect. Bobs need maintenance every 4-6 weeks to keep their shape and ensure the style looks optimal.

#25: Brown Graduated Bubble Bob with Silver Babylights

If you want to mix in your natural grey, or if you lean towards cool and dark tones, a dark brown bob style, fading to lighter tones with small silver highlights, is the solution! This shaded color pops out more on short hair and looks fantastic on women of any age.

Short Bubble-Cut Blonde Bob
Instagram @das_haarstudio

#26: Blonde Bubble Bob Cut

A bubble-cut blonde bob will look cute and classy, specifically on square, oval, or heart-shaped faces. To prevent the bubble bob from appearing too round, pair it with a side-swept bang or curtain fringe.

The bubble bob haircut is a bob that has the bubble effect created by enhancing the locks around the face for a curving look and creates perfect facial framing. This haircut is a gem in the world of personal style and beauty, boasting versatility for all hair types and ages. Dive in to find out how renowned stylist Shelby Henline makes it work for everyone.

Meet The Expert

Shelby Henline
Shelby Henline
Shelby is a hairstylist with over 3 years of experience.
You can find her at Daydream Hair Studio in Downtown McKinney, TX.

Why is this Bob So Great?

“It can be molded for all hair types.” You can make it sleek and bold or cool and fun, and it can work for any age. It can even help make thin hair appear full.

How do you get a bubble bob if you have a lot of hair? “I add many layers of texture and movement,” says Henline. “Even with curly hair, this cut can be done, though the style will take a bit more time.”

Tailoring The Bob to Each Face Shape

Face shape also matters. “The style and length of the bubble bob should lift up the best parts of your face’s shape,” she shares. Anyone with an oval face can use this style, as the shape is the most balanced.

If you have a round face shape, Henline suggests leaning towards an a-line bob. A heart-shaped face matches well with lots of texture and soft curtain bangs. “You want to bring focus to the cheekbones,” she advises. A long face benefits from a sleek bob.

“The Bubble bob caters to all face shapes,” adds Henline.

Advice on Styling

Henline’s best tip for this style is that bounce and volume are the key features. For a sleek, clean look, use smoothing lotion and oil. She suggests products like Unite’s Expanda Root Lift and Elevate Mousse.

“If you’re after a messy bubble bob style, use a 1 1/2-inch barrel to add waves,” Henline explains. “Keep in mind that this is often a polished look. It is ideal for people who are okay with frequent hair styling.” She thus shows that this bob is a perfect style for anyone’s look but needs a bit of time and care.

Pictures of the Coolest Bubble Bob Haircuts