The “Boyfriend Bob” Is Another New Hair Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short boyfriend Blunt Bob Cut for Thick Hair
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#1: Short Blunt Cut for Thick Hair

Give this short blunt cut a try if you have dense, thick hair and prefer to show it off. You can wear this style as a blunt bob or add some versatility by styling it naturally wavy or with iron curls. For maintaining this hairstyle, we recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks and daily use of a leave-in conditioner. Wash your short hair every 2-4 days for the best results.

Chin-Length Sharp Boyfriend Bob Cut with Rooted Blonde Color
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#2: Sharp Bob Cut with Rooted Blonde Color

If you want to add charm to your short haircut, try this sharp bob cut with rooted blonde color. This haircut fits well with a round or rectangular face by highlighting the cheekbones. A soft blonde baby light or foliage brightens up your hair and skin. Consult a stylist for hair color and length that suits your face shape.

Jaw-Length Boyfriend Bob Cut with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @hair.with.haylz

#3: Jaw-Length Cut with Face-Framing Pieces

Nothing is as cute and timeless as this jaw-length cut with face-framing pieces. This style is versatile because it can suit many face shapes and hair textures. Still, it’s particularly right for women who want to show off a longer neck. Maintain this hairstyle by adding a blow dry for volume. Also, use a flat or curling iron based on your style preference. Get a maintenance trim every 6-8 weeks to keep this style tidy and above the shoulders. Ensure to pre-book your next appointment with your stylist before leaving the salon.

Messy Short boyfriend Bobbed Hair with Bangs
Instagram @norimasasawa

#4: Messy Short Hair and Bangs

Anyone looking for a simple hairstyle might consider this chic short messy hair with bangs. It gives a stunning silhouette to a long neck. It works well with a wispy, straight-across bang. This hairstyle caters to diverse face shapes. Plus, its added texture increases volume for thin hair or reduces density for thick, coarse tresses. While consulting with your stylist, avoid blunt lines for a light, airy look.

Jaw-Grazing Traditional Boyfriend Bob with Copper Red Tone
Instagram @megumicolor

#5: Traditional Bob with Copper Red Tone

If you’re looking to change your hair color, try this traditional bob with a copper red tone. Not only is this haircut extremely stylish and a major confidence booster, but the color is a great touch to add for the fall. I recommend a trim and a gloss every 8 weeks to keep this style vibrant and easy to maintain.

Instagram @ponyeducation

#6: Short Bobbed Hair with Tousled Waves

Consider a short bob haircut with tousled waves. It gives an effortless feel and is a low-maintenance hairstyle! Ask your stylist for a minimally layered bob haircut at a length that suits you best. To reduce frizz, towel dry your hair with a microfiber cloth. After, scrunch your hair with mousse or a sea salt spray for the best results.

Cheek-Length boyfriend Haircut Flipped to the Side
Instagram @marinhairco

#7: Short Hair Flipped to the Side

If you’re not ready for a middle part, consider short hair flipped to the side. This style is a nice silhouette. It softens square-shaped faces and highlights cheekbones on round faces. This style is a French bob variant. It features minimal layers. The bob length can vary from your jawline to cheekbones, depending on what you’re comfortable with. I suggest this style for those daring to try short hair. It’s ideal if you want an easy-to-care wash-and-wear look.

Short-Length Voluminous Boyfriend Bob Haircut with Side Parting
Instagram @cabello_est2003

#8: Voluminous Bob Haircut with Side Parting

You can use a specific product to boost volume in a side-parted bob haircut. You can add volume to this cut when styled wavy or straight. I suggest applying a root-boosting product with a round brush, followed by a texturizing powder at the root of your hair.

Face-Framing Brunette boyfriend Bob for Neck-length hair
Instagram @regisuk

#9: Face-Framing Brunette Bob

This face-framing brunette bob is edgy and effortless, perfect for any girl who wants short hair with a touch of texture. I recommend using an inch-and-a-half curling iron daily, followed by softening the curls with a brush for daily maintenance. Wear this hairstyle for as many days as you can between washes, and add dry shampoo in between to replenish volume. To keep the style, I recommend a haircut every 8 weeks.

Short Boyfriend Bob Hair with Sharp Ends and Middle Part
Instagram @jhillman_hair

#10: Short Boyfriend Hair with Sharp Ends

Add texture to your bob haircut. Try a short, sharp-edged style that suits round faces. An expert stylist can assess if this style suits you, your hair type, and your color. Prebook a trim every 6-8 weeks. Ask your stylist about home hair care products. You might need a conditioner or heat protectant for styling.

Jaw-Grazing Deep Side Part Boyfriend Bob

#11: Deep Side Part Boyfriend Bob

A boyfriend bob with a deep side parted hair style is a very classy, modern look. You can style this hairstyle with a flat iron for sophistication or with a curling iron to achieve a wavy, relaxed look. To keep the ideal length, visit your stylist every 6 weeks.

Short Wet boyfriend Bob with Piece-y Bangs
Instagram @norimasasawa

#12: Wet Bob with Piece-y Bangs

Is there anything cuter than a wet bob with piece-y bangs? The air-dried, effortless style can give a soft, boyish touch. Use salt spray on damp hair to enhance texture.

Short Black Blunt boyfriend Bob Haircut
Instagram @jessicas.hairandbeauty

#13: Short Black Blunt Hair

A short, blunt hair cut is a very professional, modern cut. This cut works well with any hair color. For maintaining this sleek, blunt look, a visit to the stylist every 6 weeks is recommended!

#14: Middle-Parted Sleek Blonde Bob

This is a sleek blonde bob with a perfect middle part it’s simple and elegant. The haircut compliments anyone, for it is versatile and can be personalized to enhance your natural features. So, I suggest finding a stylist skilled in cutting short to medium-length hair. Use a strong sea salt spray to give your hair texture. For a more edgy look, you can blow-dry and flat-iron it when you plan a night out on the town.

Very Short '90s boyfriend Bob with Curtain Bangs

#15: Very Short ’90s Bob with Curtain Bangs

What could be cuter than this very short ’90s bob with curtain bangs? Elegant and soft in all the right places, this haircut can be suited to fine to coarse hair textures with the right cutting techniques. This style can be used to add volume to fine locks or razor cut to add a more natural feel to coarse, heavy hair. I recommend talking to your stylist about using this soft hairstyle to bring out the best in you.

#16: Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

Look at this stylish uneven bob, it’s an updated and easy hairdo for both round and long faces. This haircut, with few layers and no extra hair in the back, is easy to look after between your usual haircuts every 6-8 weeks. You can air dry it with a salt spray for more volume and texture or use a flat iron for a straight and sharp look.

#17: Boyfriend Bob with Very Subtle Waves

This boyfriend bob with very subtle waves aligns perfectly with your style expectations. This hairstyle works well for most hair types with slight tweaks to fit your needs. Moreover, you can style it elegantly or wear it naturally as needed. For a professional or party look, don’t hesitate to use a flat iron or apply some volume powder while curling. Additionally, keep a salt spray handy to lightly mist from roots to ends, scrunch, and you’re set!

Short boyfriend Bob with Waterfall Bangs
Instagram @siirkuafor

#18: Short Bob with Waterfall Bangs

If you want to enhance your bob haircut or try something different, this short bob with waterfall bangs could be just for you. It suits most people with oval or heart-shaped faces. Combining this bob with a textured curtain-type fringe can refresh the classic style, giving it a modern, airy feel. To get the best outcome, use a heat protectant from the roots to the ends. To keep this style sleek, use a flat iron near the ends and through the fringe.

Jaw-Length Straight Boyfriend Bob
Instagram @ryua.sh414

#19: Jaw-Length Straight Bob

A jaw-length bob is best for straight, fine, to medium hair. This jaw-length bob accentuates the jawline and looks best on those with a thinner face.

Textured Short Boyfriend Bob with Side Part
Instagram @hairbylexidawn

#20: Textured Short Bob with Side Part

A side-parted short textured bob suits hair of all thicknesses. You can style this cut using your hair’s natural texture. A flat iron or creating loose waves can also add texture.

#21: Blunt Cut with Rose Gold Color

A blunt cut on rose gold hair can give you a fun yet professional look. To keep up the rose gold hue and the sharp, blunt cut, have regular visits with your stylist every 6 weeks.

Chin-Length boyfriend Round Bob with Bangs
Instagram @dez_laboratory

#22: Chin-Length Round Bob with Bangs

chin-length bob with bangs can be a very versatile and elegant look. You can wear this hairstyle in many ways, depending on your mood and personal taste. The bob can look sleek and professional or, by using styling products, you can achieve a texture-rich look that’s cool and hip.

Shorter boyfriend Bob with Nape Undercut
Instagram @boblvrs

#23: Shorter Bob with Nape Undercut

Cutting an undercut in a short bob gives a bold yet polished look. To keep the bob’s shape and look, it’s best to see your stylist every 4 weeks. The short bob with an undercut suits those with lean faces and elongated, slim necks best.

#24: Pink Boyfriend Bob with Center Parting

A light pink bob with a center part is great for those who want an edgy but professional look. Bobs have been very popular for their versatility. To keep up with the bob trend, I recommend visiting your stylist every 6 weeks to maintain its shape!

#25: Classic Bob with Natural Texture

A classic bob is suitably styled for hair with a natural texture. This hairstyle can be very low-maintenance and can enhance the texture naturally! I recommend texturizing products and a light serum to eliminate potential frizz due to its natural texture.

Look out, ladies, there’s a new hair trend in town. Boyfriend bobs – a cute hairdo gaining popularity that sits from your chin to mid-neck. Let bob master Lindsey Willis, who is full of advice on how to rock this look, lead you with her expert advice.

Meet The Expert

Lindsey Willis
Lindsey Willis
Lindsey is a hairstylist with 19 years of experience.
You can find Lindsey at her own studio in Broken Arrow, OK

Know Your Hair

Willis’ first piece of advice is clear: “Work with your natural texture.” Boyfriend bob is a versatile cut that works best with medium-thick hair and a slight wave.

If you have thin or fine hair, air drying can make it look sparse. Willis advises, “You need to blowdry for volume and add texture with a flat iron or curling iron.” Thick hair can take on a triangular form when cut at one length. To avoid this, she recommends asking your stylist to “take some weight out of the bottom or add internal layers to debulk.”

Complement Your Face Shape

According to Willis, this Bob can “work for almost any face shape.” If your face is long, she recommends more bend around the face to pull the eye out. For round faces, “you will want a straighter style around your face” to bring the eye down for a thinner look. Heart shapes should sport more weight near the chin, while oval faces are flexible to adopt any style.

To zero in on the best look for you, do just the opposite of what you’re trying to hide.

Master the Style

Willis is quick to note this bob’s strength: “The ease of styling.” Whether you’re a busy mom, retired, or hard at work, this cut is for you. Her top tip is to let your natural texture shine.

She suggests starting with a leave-on conditioner from Pureology 21, coupled with a styling crème like Eufora Behave. After applying, comb through your hair and let it air dry. To create texture, make an ‘S’ shape with your flat iron as you move down your hair. “Trust the process,” she urges. Wrap up by spraying Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray through your hair and tousle.

Photos of the Most Stunning Boyfriend Bobs