The “Box Bob” Cut Is Gaining Momentum – Here Are 27 Ideas to See How to Pull It Off

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Beautiful Blonde Box Bob Cut

This beautiful blonde box bob cut is a popular style with a classy vibe. The sharp lines of the bob add form and meaning to your face, while the blonde adds a fresh and young touch. If you want an easy-to-keep style, this cut is great for ladies looking for a chic and smooth look with little need for upkeep. The cut suits many face shapes and hair types, making it a top pick for all!

Face-Framing Blunt Box Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @eastonhair

#2: Face-Framing Blunt Bob

The face-framing blunt bob is a timeless, stylish cut, perfect for someone seeking a bob with a blunt boundary. This cut is ideal for those with naturally straight, fine to medium hair textures who desire a sleek style. The blunt bob can be center parted or parted at the side.

Dry Cut Precision Box Bob
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#3: Dry Cut Precision Box Bob

A dry-cut precision box bob is a great hairstyle choice. A box bob aids in enhancing the fullness of your hairstyle. This hairstyle is excellent for thin hair and creates a strikingly defined outline. Pair it with micro wispy bangs for an edgy and unique look. Considering your face shape and hair texture can guide you toward your best look.

Box-Shaped Chin Bob
Instagram @mk_hairstudio

#4: Box-Shaped Chin Bob

A box-shaped chin bob should be the go-to short cut for anyone with an oval or heart-shaped face. This cute crop will bring out the shape of your cheekbones while drawing attention to the neck and chin.

Sleek and Straight Brown Box Bob on Short Hair
Instagram @dasha__tg

#5: Sleek and Straight Brown Bob

Ask for a sleek and straight brown bob. The popularity of box bobs is increasing due to their effortless and stylish appeal. If your hair is naturally straight, you can let it air dry for easy styling if it has some waves, you can use a heat protector and flat iron to straighten it. This type of hairstyle is a suitable choice for individuals with a narrow jawline, long face shape, and fine to medium hair.

Polished Long Box Bob with Icy Blonde Color
Instagram @hellogorgeous.hairsalon

#6: Polished Long Bob with Icy Blonde Color

This icy blonde bob is perfect for you if you have fine straight hair that is naturally level 6 or lighter. Please remember that light colors require more upkeep. If you want your blunt cuts to stay sharp, plan to visit your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks.

#7: Caramel Blunt Short Hair

A caramel-toned shade is the perfect balance. It’s neither too bright and light nor too dark and flat. These warm mid-hues add dimension and interest to your hair. A blunt short cut adds thickness to your hair. This style is great if your hair is finer and lacks volume.

Neck-Length Wavy Short Blunt Box Bob Cut
Instagram @miya.martinez

#8: Wavy Short Blunt Bob Cut

A wavy short blunt bob cut has an appealing texture. The shape should be one length with textured ends. There are two ways to achieve the funky straight perimeter. You can try curling the hair with a 1-inch iron mid-shaft, leaving the hair ends out. Alternatively, curl the hair in the same manner, then use a flat iron on the hair ends. See what works best for you, and love your style.

#9: Boxed Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

A box bob is a fantastic haircut for those with thinner ends who want a thicker-looking head of hair. A true box bob has no layers, which helps to maintain hair density. Combine this haircut with highlights and lowlights to add dimension. Remember to ask for fine weaves to ensure a softer and more blended look.

Short Box Brunette Bob with Subtle Waves
Instagram @lorenzo_hair_

#10: Box Brunette Bob with Subtle Waves

A chestnut-brown bob cut with soft waves can soften the sharp look that often comes with this cut style. A sharp cut is not a negative, but changing the texture of your hair can give it a fresh look based on your daily plans.

#11: Bright Blonde Short Hair

Bright blonde short hair is trending, and for good reason! This attractive hairstyle uses a trusted method for creating striking looks – a blend of vivid color and sharp cuts. Voila!

Short Fine Hair Boxed Bob with Center Part
Instagram @lorenzo_hair_

#12: Fine Hair Boxed Bob

Those with thinner tresses will love a fine hair boxed bob. The blunt edges and short length tend to make finer manes look fuller, all while providing a fashion-forward look so you don’t have to compromise on staying in style.

#13: Straight Grey Bob for Thick Hair

If you’re in search of a crop that compliments aging, thick hair, look no further than a straight grey bob! This blunt cut is super flattering on silvery locks but also removes the weight and frustration that often comes along with thick, dense strands.

#14: Neck-Length Classic Box Haircut

Not all bob hairstyles look the same! A neck-length classic haircut blends the chic style of a box bob haircut with the length of a long bob, offering a softer version of the trend.

#15: Dimensional Long Bob for Thin Hair

When in doubt, opt for highlights. The dimensional long bob is great for thin hair because it has a short length and bright highlights. The added light hues will make your hair look fuller and healthier.

Chin-Length Box Bob with Blunt Ends
Instagram @juliachertkova

#16: Chin-Length Bob with Blunt Ends

Enjoy the simple elegance of a chin-length bob with blunt ends. If you want a cut with a subtle face-lift effect, go for a box bob. It ends just below the chin and has very sharp lines. Parting your hair in the middle makes your face look longer. The sharp cut edge draws focus to your face.

Jaw-Length French Boxy Bob Style
Instagram @jcuthair

#17: Jaw-Length French Bob Style

Get inspired by a trendy cheek-length French bob hairstyle! This fashionable look has been made famous by vintage movie icons and the modern blockbuster Amelie, making it a must-try for women who love a classic beauty feel with a twist.

#18: Straight Bob Haircut with Middle Part

This smart and stylish straight bob haircut with a center part is a great option if you want to try shorter hair. It has a sharp, sassy, and adorable look.

#19: Cleopatra Bob with Micro Bangs

This Cleopatra bob with micro bangs, as timeless as the queen herself, will transform an everyday bob into a royal style! While this Cleopatra bob style looks gorgeous with any hair color, it becomes particularly stunning when paired with jet-black hair.

#20: Red Bob with Black Roots

You can confidently sport a red box bob with black roots for a striking look. This trendy haircut is not hard to maintain. Add a vivid shade to elevate your style and attract attention. Remember to first highlight your hair. After that, apply the red dye. This process brings out bold, bright colors but takes extra time in the salon. The haircut is straightforward, featuring even-length layers and a tidy outer line. This structure makes drying your hair, or blowing it out, easier.

Jaw-Skimming Box Bob Haircut

#21: Jaw-Skimming

A style centered on geometry suites bold personalities who want to make a statement. A blunt cut creates a highly defined look with crisp lines. You can determine the length based on your facial features and personal style.

Shoulder-Length Platinum Blonde Box Bob
Instagram @hairbyjohnny

#22: Platinum Blonde

The shade of a platinum blonde box bob hairstyle is attractive. This style suits nearly any hair type and looks stunning. This bob hairstyle can work for anyone if you add texture and layers, regardless of hair thickness.

#23: Low-Maintenance Soft Bob

Ask for a low-maintenance, soft box bob. A hairstyle that is low maintenance is on everyone’s radar these days. Blunt box bob hairstyles can increase fullness in hair with finer textures and enhance style impact. If you plan to use a flat iron or blow dryer, I recommend Cult King Set Spray. This product helps maintain the sleek look of your hairstyle.

Jaw-Length Box Bobbed Cut with Short Bangs
Instagram @mars_h_s_u_

#24: Box Bobbed Cut with Short Bangs

Today’s modern woman showcases a box bob and micro bang. This style is perfect for adding shape to fine hair. It’s also easy to maintain. This hairstyle suits people with narrow jaws. Moreover, it creates balance for oval, long, heart, and diamond-shaped faces.

#25: Box Lob with Bangs and Waves

A box bob haircut, styled with bangs and waves, easily adds movement to shorter styles! The forehead-grazing fringe and expertly placed texture of this style shine a spotlight on your eyes and cheekbones.

One-Length Short Box Crop with Blunt Ends
Instagram @therachelcut

#26: One-Length Crop with Blunt Ends

one-length crop with blunt ends is an elegant way to sport a box bob. This modern cut has a super sharp border. It brings attention to your neck and upper chest.

#27: Shoulder-Length Bob with Fringe

If you have finer hair, a blunt box bob will be perfect. This style’s one-length baseline adds thickness to your hair. Adding a fringe softens your facial features. For the best look, wear this bob smooth and sleek. It gives a swishy feel and showcases your neat ends.

Want to rock a trendy, low-maintenance hairstyle? Meet the box bob, an edgy spin on the classic bob that’s catching everyone’s eye. Jay Marie Johnston, a seasoned hairstylist, dishes out their best tips for anyone considering this chic cut. Let’s dive in and learn from her expertise to make this bob work for you!

Meet The Expert

Jay Marie Johnston
Jay Marie Johnston
Jay Marie is a hair cutting specialist with over 3 years of experience.
You can find Jay Marie at Hair Lab in Tampa, FL

The Perfect Match for Your Hair

Jay Marie explains, “Box bob cuts require the least amount of at-home styling for anyone with medium-density hair with a wavy pattern.” No matter your hair type, they assure you that this cut can suit anyone. If you have thin hair, this bob adds fullness. For thick hair, internal layering makes it easy to manage. Jay Marie’s knowledge ensures you’ll get the best out of this versatile style.

Matching It to Your Face Shape

The right haircut can enhance your natural beauty, and according to Jay Marie, the box bob is no exception. “For round shapes, a longer version might provide length to the face,” they suggest. If you have a square or long face, a strong chin line from the cut adds balance. Heart-shaped faces? Go bold and complement your features with the bob’s contour. Jay Marie’s insights show that adapting the bob to flatter different face shapes is key.

Style Like a Pro

Box bobs do need some styling at home, especially if you like a sleek look. Jay recommends using a smoothing serum or hair oil to tame and add shine. For a casual vibe, “a salt spray texturizer can be spritzed throughout to enhance natural body!” And here’s a pro tip: texturizing powder gives your roots a lift. Perfect for working professionals, busy moms, active folks, and even those enjoying retirement.

Photos of the Most Stunning Box Bob Haircuts