26 Coolest Examples of The Bouncy Bob Haircut Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Dark Chocolate Bouncy Bob with No Bangs
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#1: Dark Chocolate Bouncy Bob with No Bangs

Why not embrace the change fully when picking a new style? The bob haircut in dark chocolate – full and sleek with no fringes – is classy. It will revamp your fashion sense and keep you in sync with the latest trends.

#2: Side Part Layered Bubble Bob

A bouncy bubble bob is a hot trend these days. This haircut requires a well-layered style that compliments medium to thick hair by adding fullness. The best way to style this haircut and add body and wave is by using old-school hot rollers. If you have never used hot rollers, they’re a great way to style your hair while you do your makeup. Remove them before you leave, then brush or comb through your hair and apply hairspray. This can give your hair bounce for a day or even two.

#3: Fluffy Haircut with Soft Layers

Fluffy hair layered softly forms a gorgeous bouncy bob that suits face shapes with width and volume, including heart, diamond, and long face shapes. To create this volume, you will need a volumizing mousse, a round brush, or hot rollers. Let it set until it is cool for an all-day hold.

#4: Thick Bob with Curtain Fringe

Try the classic shape of a thick bob with an added curtain fringe. The one-length bob is always a favorite, and the curtain fringe is a trendy upgrade to your style. Tell your hairdresser to start your fringe near your nose. Make sure they angle it downward to compliment your bob. Use a medium round brush to blow dry your hair downwards. Remember to style your curtain fringe backward.

Neck-Length Chic Dimensional Bronde Bouncy Lob
Instagram @iec.parrucchieri

#5: Chic Dimensional Bronde Lob

Consider getting a chic, dimensional bronde lob. A bouncy bob that’s trending can create wonders by adding body to your medium to fine hair. Ask your stylist for a graduated bob that sits around the shoulders. Adding dimensional highlights to your brown hair will create a lush color. It keeps a stunning bronde hue that flatters naturally dark bases.

#6: Layered Bouncy Bob with Tousled Texture

This layered bouncy bob has a tousled texture. This style, suiting Marilyn Monroe if she were around today, exudes a vintage vibe. A dimensional blonde bob is another style option. With lots of layers for fullness, when styled with hot rollers, it gives you extra volume and a tousled curl.

#7: Soft Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves

A chic blunt bob with subtle waves is perfect for ladies wanting a shorter hairstyle. This stylish haircut is our unique version of the ‘French girl bob’ trend. Simple to style and easy to wear, this haircut has a blunt edge combined with a soft, wispy texture. Ask your stylist for a hairstyle with a blunt edge and soft, wispy texture that gently frames your face.

Chin-Length Bouncy Round Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @bobhairdaily

#8: Chin-Length Round Bob with Full Bangs

Ask about a chin-length round bob with full bangs. If you want a thicker hairstyle, your face shape can guide you on where to add volume. For a bob that circles around your chin, a narrow jawline is best suited. To give an example, the cut suits well with diamond and heart face shapes.

Chin-Length Brunette Layered Bouncy Curly Bob
Instagram @leticiavitoria.cachos

#9: Brunette Layered Curly Bob

If you want to revive your natural texture, a brunette layered curlier bob is the ideal haircut. This hairstyle perfectly enhances your curl pattern, making it a great style for an easy everyday hairstyle. Adding layers to the crown part of your hair can invigorate inconsistent curl patterns.

#10: Face-Framing Messy Stacked Bob

Try out the fun, flirty, short style of the messy stacked bob haircut. It features face-framing layers. The haircut has layers around the neck and soft face-framing parts. The face-framing layers of the stacked bob highlight cheekbones and eyes perfectly. For a softer look, blend the face-framing layers and bangs together.

Jaw-Length Bobbed Dark Hair with Bouncy Short Layers
Instagram @dkhavenltd

#11: Bobbed Dark Hair with Short Layers

Show off your daring side with a bobbed hairstyle with dark hair color and short layers. When you crave a new hairstyle, a bobbed choice is just for you. Women with thick hair find the bouncy bob an eye-catching hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you can create a soft, feminine, retro atmosphere full of volume. Achieve this style using a 1 1/2-inch round brush or hot rollers.

Red Long Bouncy Bob with Feathery Layers and Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @vicioustyling

#12: Red Long Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Match a red long bob with face-framing bangs. Boost your color if you aim for a classic bob with an edge. If you have a warm complexion and want to go red, choose a red-violet hue. It matches your skin tones well. However, if you have cooler tones, opt for more red or red-orange. For a classic bob style, a graduated bob with layers will give you fullness and bounce.

#13: Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

A short wavy bob with fringe bangs is an excellent choice of hairstyle. If you wish to grow out your French bob, a good method could be to transition it to a chin-length style. Adding texture around the edges will make the bob softer, fostering its growth into a gentle, rounded shape. Don’t forget to style your bob’s curls using a one-inch curling barrel in an upright position. This will make them bouncy and cute, which is key to maintaining a cute, animated bob.

#14: Thick Inverted Bob Cut

Start with a thick inverted bob cut. The bouncy bob is making a comeback. If you have thick hair and want a cute little bob, ask your stylist for a slight undercut to reduce some hair weight. This bob cut graduates downward forming an a-line shape. The nape has a 45-degree angle. Style the front part more than the rest for an angled shape.

Bouncy Graduated Medium Bob for Blonde Straight Hair
Instagram @schonhair

#15: Graduated Medium Bob for Straight Hair

A graduated medium bob is ideal for straight hair. For ladies with fine hair, a classic bouncy bob may be an excellent choice. Ask your stylist for a graduated cut. This will give your hair a gradual increase in fullness around the perimeter of your shape. Most layering in a graduated cut takes place at the nape, lending a more angled shape to pieces that are longer in the front and shorter at the back.

#16: Parted Bob with Hidden Undercut

Having a parted bob with a hidden undercut is a cool style choice. Undercutting the side helps improve narrow face shapes by removing excess hair. However, anyone can benefit from this interesting style. For visual balance, I recommend undercutting the side closest to the part. You might also want a stacked back for added flair.

#17: Bouncy Super Short Bob

For an upbeat style, consider a super short bob. Adding crown layers to a short bob will give your fine hair both love and lift. When styling a bob that rests at chin level, use a round brush of 1-1/2 to 2 inches. Crown it with a dry texture spray like Moroccan Oil.

Short Bouncy Bobbed Thick Hair with Fringe
Instagram @susanfordhair

#18: Short Bobbed Thick Hair with Fringe

A daring yet timeless hairstyle is a short bobbed thick haircut with fringe. The close-cropped length combined with the full fringe creates a look that everyone will envy.

Chin-Length Bouncy Voluminous Bob with Side Part
Instagram @vikachekahair

#19: Voluminous Bob with Side Part

Feel gorgeous and refined with a voluminous bob and a side part. This bouncy bob isn’t just sleek, but it’s also sultry, making you feel like a star.

Voluminous Deep Side-Parted Short Bobbed Bouncy Hair
Instagram @vikachekahair

#20: Deep Side-Parted Short Hair

Deep side-parted short hair offers a versatility you can’t find with other crops. Not only can you flip your part on more casual days, but also you can take it even deeper for a more dramatic effect on special occasions.

#21: Round Angled Bob Cut

When styling a round angled bob cut, the contours of the haircut are always of utmost importance. Beveling and rounding the ends back toward the nape of your neck will create the desired bouncy yet sleek finish.

#22: Bouncy Layered Bob with Icy Highlights

A sassy and dramatic way to wear a bouncy layered bob is with icy highlights. The addition of soft icy hues highlights the rounded, carved shape of the crop.

#23: Modern Feathered Bob with Side Fringe

A modern feathered bob with side fringe will add movement and bounce to your crop. The feathery layers give a light and airy appearance that flows easily no matter how you style it.

Jaw-Length Bouncy Bob with Curls
Instagram @novaperruquers

#24: Bouncy Bob with Curls

A curly bob hairstyle is a stylish version of the popular bob cut. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, but you like this style, you can use a body wave perm or a good-quality curling iron to achieve the desired look.

Neck-Length Bouncy Blonde Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @makarenairina

#25: Bouncy Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

Looking for a crop that exudes an elegant appeal? Try a bouncy blonde bob with long bangs!

Short A-Line Bob with Bouncy Layers
Instagram @majssalon

#26: Short A-Line Bob with Bouncy Layers

A short a-line bob with bouncy layers is the perfect bob trend for all ages and all hair types.

Embrace a fresh hair trend with the bouncy bob. Explore this dynamic hairstyling with tips from Sarah Keenan, a premier stylist. She shares deep insights into owning this trendy and versatile cut perfectly.

Meet The Expert

Sarah Keenan
Sarah Keenan
Sarah is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 19 years of experience.
You can find Sarah at Slate Salon in Grand Blanc, MI

All About Hair Type & Face Shape

Sarah advises, “For the most common hair, wear it with confidence”. She shares that a bouncy bob can suit any hair texture. Her advice? Get the right bob shape for your hair type.

Regarding face shapes, her aim is to create an oval appearance. Sarah says, “make sure hair falls at the right points in the face.” Adding bangs, face frames, or having it align can help. “Know if you’re creating a round, square, or a triangle shape,” she adds.

Styling Tips And Tricks

Sarah has some useful styling tips for this bob. “Always use a heat protectant and a styling aid,” she insists. She loves using sprays with texture and volumizing foam for that extra lift. Blow drying your hair forward with a round brush can also create volume.

Sarah further adds that this bob can be worn in many ways. Customize the style to how you want to wear it. Sounds cool, right?

The Top Hair Products

On the subject of products, Sarah is a big Aveda fan. She swears by their ‘Speed of Light’ blow dry accelerator and ‘Brilliant Damage Control’. This not only protects your hair from heat but also gives it a little grit.

Her other two Aveda favorites are ‘Invati Thickening Foam’ and ‘Pure Abundance Style Prep’. They add a thickening agent with a volumizer and provide an all-day hold. Perfect for when you’re too busy to wash your hair.

Lastly, to hold the style, she suggests using Aveda’s ‘Air Control’. It’s a powder-based hairspray that layers to create texture or hold.

Pictures of the Most Trending Bouncy Bob Haircuts