35 Low-Maintenance Bob Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Popular bob haircuts for women over 60 range from ear-length to neck-length crops. It’s a classic, low-maintenance trend that grants a youthful-looking style.

As we age, hormonal changes can cause our hair to grow thinner. Hairstylist Briana Dunning from Beverly Hills, California, suggests getting a bob cut. “For women over 60, this simple cut makes your hair appear much thicker than it is!”

Dunning shares some tips before getting this cut. “Discuss your styling routine, natural hair texture, and face shape with your stylist. You’ll determine the length of the cut depending on these things,” she explains.

Dunning points out that layers can make or break the cut. Opting for subtle layers creates a seamless addition of texture and movement. On the flip side, creating too many layers takes away the shape of the cut.

Styling bob cuts come quickly and easily. Use a flat iron or curling wand to magnify the styling options for this short haircut. With hair maintenance, expect to get your hair trimmed every 1-2 months.

For your next salon visit, browse these images of trendy bob haircuts for women over 60.

Silver Bob with Long Side Bangs for Women 60 and Up
Instagram @yp_hair

#1: Silver Bob with Long Side Bangs

A shiny bob with long side bangs gives softness to a sharp cut. The length of a bob can highlight or camouflage your jaw or neck.

Salt-and-Pepper Bob Cut for Mature Women

#2 Salt-and-Pepper Bob Cut

This classic bob for women over 70 features natural salt-and-pepper highlights that add depth and dimension. The side-swept bangs and soft layers create a modern and low-maintenance style, perfect for medium-density hair. This elegant haircut frames the face beautifully, providing a youthful and polished appearance.

#3: Fashionable Bob with Curled Ends

Aging hair doesn’t mean you must give up modern cuts and color options. Work with your stylist to add bold blonding techniques. This will brighten your face and blend any grays. A chin-length bob hairstyle for women over 60 will add fullness to thin, fine hair. Also, add crown layers on top for more volume.

#4: Sweeping Fringe on Light Brown Bob

This sweeping fringe accentuates the beautiful light brown color, especially when paired with her eyes. Light brown hues add a lively depth that’s soft and irresistible. This light brown color is ideal for aging hair as it creates a sense of depth and natural shine without looking artificial. To maintain this look, use a professional shampoo and conditioner at home. It would be best to have a top-quality thermal protectant for styling.

#5: Face-Framing Bob Cut with Bangs

If you’re a lady over 60 looking for a new haircut, consider a face-framing bob cut with bangs. This elegant look is perfect when you’re in your sixties and want to feel youthful and stylish. The soft layers around the face add dimension and movement to the hair. The bangs frame the face beautifully.

#6: Dark Brown Lived-In Bob

A lived-in bob is perfect for women who want a stylish, low-maintenance look. The richness of the dark brown color and the waves styled in the bob haircut pull off the perfect classic look.

#7: Razor Cut Textured Bob

If you’re looking to rock your aging hair but need some shaping, it’s best to try an elevated bob with wispy layers. The angled shaping of the sides will give you the appearance of lift and define your chin and jawline. The wispy layers will give your hair more movement and remove bulkiness. This will also give you more volume on top when styling.

Copper Short Bob with Soft Waves for a Lady Over 60
Instagram @zaninannalisa

#8: Copper Short Bob with Soft Waves

If you have a natural wave to your aging hair, you should consider a short layered cut. The stack of layers will remove weight and allow waves to look more defined. The layers will also remove bulk and keep your hair from looking triangular. This will open up your hair without looking bulgy.

Blonde Textured Angled Bob Hairstyle for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @salonhealed

#9: Blonde Textured Angled Bob

Many women in their 60s get a blonde angled bob hairstyle with texture. A bob can look complicated, but it’s simple to style—Blow-dry the long layers with a medium round brush and smoothing cream.

Bob Cut + Pixie Cut Combo for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @blondesbaker

#10: Bob Cut + Pixie Cut Combo

The bob cut + pixie cut combo for ladies over 60 has several layers that help create volume, body, and fullness. Along with precisely cut face-framing pieces, bob hairstyles have endless possibilities and look beautiful on all face shapes.

Classy Bob with Bangs for Older Women
Instagram @alanna.oropeza

#11: Classy Bob with Bangs

If you’re at an age over 60, a classy bob with bangs for older women offers a youthful-looking radiance. It’s a fun hairdo to style and looks great on women of all ages, including seniors. Embrace your age, ladies!

Grey Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @nellcarmo

#12: Grey Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair

A grey asymmetrical bob for thin hair follows a more classic style. As the years go by, women get thinning hair due to hormonal issues. It’s best to bet on finishing products that create intricate textures on each graying hair strand.

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#13: Shaggy Bob with Feathered Bangs

A shaggy bob with feathered bangs works wonders when you aim to create added volume. It works wonders on women with fine hair, creating the illusion of fuller-looking tresses while concealing any signs of your big forehead.

#14: Classic Inverted Bob

A classic inverted bob for women in their sixties is a timeless piece that can enhance your overall appearance. This looks great when worn pin-straight or styled with some curls. It’s flattering for women of all ages.

#15: Voluminous Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

Get a voluminous pixie bob for ladies aged 60 and create a new you. You’ll want to ask your stylist to leave a bit of length in the layers on top. It’s imperative to make the hair look thicker and less see-through.

#16: Classic Bob with Bangs

A classic bob with bangs is a good haircut for women who want to hide wrinkles. The fringe helps cover the forehead, leaving a youthful look.

Chin-Length Bob for Older Women with Glasses
Instagram @toned.by.em

#17: Wavy Chin-Length Bob for Women with Glasses

A chin-length bob for older women with glasses can translate for your eternal inner youth. You can create a modern look by adding eyewear with colorful frames, making the look versatile yet stylish.

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Younger-Looking Pixie Bob for Older Women
Instagram @ginahairwitch

#18: Younger-Looking Pixie Bob with Side Part

A younger-looking pixie bob for older ladies has several volumes and layers. A youthful haircut is stylish and frames your face beautifully in the right measure.

#19: Youthful Ear-Length Bob with Feathered Layers

Styling a youthful bob with feathered layers entails using a hair mousse and volumizing spray. These are easy to style and need trimming every 45 days to keep the length short.

#20: Ash Blonde Wedge Bob

A stacked bob offers high elegance to mature ladies who like a classic look with a daring touch.

#21: Textured Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The wavy bob is a haircut that is stripped-down with peaked and irregular threads. Bet on youthful haircuts with messy textures to make you look half your age!

#22: Wash-and-Wear Grey Bob

Wash-and-wear bobs have fuller strands without as many frays for the sensation of more volume. This youthful hairstyle values the hair texture attributes, bringing modernity and practicality to your daily hair routine.

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#23: Long Bob with Long Layers

A long bob with long layers is a good option for those who want to look 10 years younger because of the messy and stylish texture it provides.

Rounded Bob Cut for a 60-Year-Old Woman
Instagram @jessfrazerhair

#24: Rounded Bob Cut with Short Bangs

A rounded bob cut is a good way of softening strong, sharp jawlines. A soft fringe diffuses the starkness of an open forehead and creates a flattering frame for the eyes. This is the ideal cut for fine hair textures. Rounded bobs are easy to style, creating volume with a round brush and volumizing mousse.

Curly Bob for Women Over 60 with Curly Hair
Instagram @heydayhair

#25: Layered Curly Bob and Bangs

A curly bob for women over 60 with curly hair is a good choice. The style effortlessly creates volume, balancing the facial features and giving the face a natural lifting effect.

Gray Graduated Bob for Senior Women
Instagram @haus22hairroom

#26: Gray Graduated Bob

A gray graduated bob for women refurbishes your natural gray hair color. The natural glisten of silver strands pops when the haircut is blown smooth and silky around the face.

#27: Low-Maintenance Shaggy Bob

A low-maintenance shaggy bob is an adorable way to make a youthful statement. Soft, bouncy hair textures come alive with a choppy, razored haircut. Fringe will be a great asset in seamlessly hiding wrinkles away. A thick, short, texturized bang will add volume and some delightful spunk to this haircut.

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#28: Short Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Short pixie bobs for old ladies come highly requested. With this haircut, thin and fine hair textures are fuller-looking and fall over sparse areas of the head, while thick and highly textured hair types are manageable by creating layers and removing weight. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the detailing you prefer on this cut.

Neck-length blonde bob hairstyle for women over 60, featuring soft layers and sleek lines.

#29 Neck-Length Blonde Bob

This neck-length blonde bob is perfect for women over 60 seeking a stylish and low-maintenance haircut. The sleek, straight lines provide a modern look, while the soft layering adds a gentle volume and movement. Ideal for fine to medium hair types, this bob frames the face beautifully and highlights the jawline. It’s a versatile cut that can be easily styled for both casual and formal occasions.

#30: Short Bob with Micro Bangs

When looking for a short bob for women with glasses, consider the feathery fringe area and the over-the-ear lengths. Wearing glasses can push long fringe lengths to fall over the eyes, so keep the fringe short.

Long Bob for Women Over 60 with a Round Face
Instagram @styledbyslevia

#31: Side Part Long Bob for Round Faces

A long bob for women over 60 with a round face is a timeless piece that counterbalances and adds symmetry to the face. This bob offers a slimming effect and styling versatility. When consulting with your hairstylist, discuss the overall desired effect.

Layered Bob for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @masakonders

#32: Messy Layered Bob Cut

A messy layered bob is a fantastic way to add body and soft movement to your tresses. Natural hair texture is revived by adding texture and removing weight from the short hair. It brings a youthful element to the traditional bob hairstyle.

#33: Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

A short bob with fringe bangs is a chic, timeless haircut. Bangs are a fantastic way to cover the forehead, hide fine lines, and emphasize the eyes. Bob cuts have come highly recommended over the years.

#34: Timeless Angled Short Bob for Thick Hair

A timeless angled short bob can have minimal to no layers. A precisely cut, slightly angled bob is bound to bring out your inner youthfulness.

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#35: Soft Sleek Bob with Curled Ends

A go-to classic style is a sleek bob with curled ends. A bob style with a blowout will polish your strands and add a great body to keep this fun and bouncy.