26 Blunt Cut, Side-Part Bob Haircuts for a Sleek Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A blunt cut side part bob creates a sleek hairstyle that ensures instant volume in tresses. The hair is parted to either side of the head, allowing modern women to achieve a bolder and more polished look.

Thin and fine-haired ladies are the ones who can enjoy this haircut the most. According to stylist Karen Renèe Leight of Los Angeles, CA, “Having the blunt edges make the hair appear thicker and voluminous.” Find yourself a stylist that can execute this bob cut very well.

It’s important to wear your mane the same way it was parted when it was cut to avoid looking uneven.

Renèe explains, “A blunt bob is a very precise cut, so the styling needs to be, as well. You’ll lose the clean lines if you change the parting.”

Lifestyle is one of the things that women must consider before getting a chop. “For instance, if your job requires you to tie your hair back, a blunt bob isn’t your best option,” says Renèe.

When styling, Renèe suggests a good texturizing product. It enhances the blunt edge and creates a powerful finish.

However, understand that a short blunt bob cut may limit you to only one or two different ways of styling your locks. The chop may not be ideal if you switch your style more often.

Read on if you’d love to have this side part bob haircut as your new look. We found you the images of the trendiest blunt cut side part bob hairstyles and haircuts!


#1: Vivid Orange Blunt Bob

Try a vivid orange, blunt-cut hairstyle. If you like a full, straight hairstyle, consider a blunt bob. Choose a perimeter to maintain a strong shape. Add disconnected layers around the crown for extra volume. Include slight bangs and a deep side part to enhance your desired shape. This hairstyle looks professional and sophisticated, even in a vibrant orange color.

Cool Brunette Side-Parted Blunt Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Cool Brunette Side-Parted Blunt Bob

Go for a blunt bob paired with a deep side part if you’re a cool-colored brunette. If you want a blunt bob, consider your face shape when choosing the length with your stylist. It’s a great option for fine hair to create some fullness on the ends of your hair. A dark base will also make your hair look fuller with depth.

Tousled chestnut shoulder-length bob with subtle layers for diamond face shape

#3 Tousled Chestnut Bob with Subtle Layers

This tousled chestnut bob is perfect if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish cut. The shoulder-length bob features subtle layers that add natural volume and movement, making it ideal for those with medium to thick hair. The rich chestnut color adds warmth and depth, enhancing any skin tone. This cut is especially flattering for diamond face shapes, softening the angles and highlighting the cheekbones.

Dark Chocolate Brown Blunt Cut with a Side Part
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Dark Chocolate Brown Blunt Cut

A dark chocolate brown blunt cut can bring depth back into your hair, and adding a new bob can create fullness in the shape. If you want a blunt bob and you have a round face shape or wider forehead, a deeper side part would be helpful. This asymmetry gives your style an elegant balance.

Blunt and Side-Parted Slob Haircut
Instagram @mustinnn

#5: Blunt and Side-Parted Slob Haircut

A simple side-part slob haircut is great if you have thin hair and want to make it look thicker. Choose the side to part your hair that looks the best and feels comfortable. A side part will also give you more volume as a bonus!

Blunt Slob Bob with a Side Part for girls in their 20s with glasses
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#6: Blunt Slob with a Side Part

The blunt slob with a side part is a versatile haircut that works best for women in their 20s who wear glasses. The cut is sleek and timeless. It’s perfect for a professional setting but can also be dressed for a more casual occasion. The side part adds a touch of asymmetry. This makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to slim down their face.

#7: Reversible Bob Cut

Try a reversible bob for those who want to flip their hair around to either part. To prevent one side from looking uneven, it’s important to have your hair cut with a center parting. Spend time trying out different partings. A great style for moms on the go or professionals.

#8: Cute Side-Parted Wispy Bob

A classic side-parted blunt cut wispy bob is perfect for thin hair. The angled cut gives the illusion of fullness, while the blunt ends create a neat and polished look. The wispy ends add texture to the look and are best for those who want a timeless look that won’t go out of style. To maintain the shape, use a round brush and blow dryer to create smoothness and volume. A light-hold spray will help to keep the wispy ends in place, creating a classic look that will last.

Messy Side-Parted Blunt Bob
Instagram @kaizenturkiye

#9: Messy Side-Parted Blunt Bob

A messy side-parted blunt bob is always trending! If you’ve got straight hair, I advise you to ask your hairstylist for an at-home hair curling tutorial. It will give you options on how to wear your new style!

#10: Short Blunt Haircut with Asymmetrical Sides

Give a short blunt haircut an edge with asymmetrical sides. A great option for any hair type. The deep part creates a dramatic effect while the asymmetrical sides elongate the face in the best way.

Textured Blunt Bob with a Subtle Side Part
Instagram @hirohair

#11: Textured Blunt Bob with a Subtle Side Part

A textured blunt bob with a side part is a great way to add some dimension to your dark locks and brighten up those ends. It’s helpful to both you and your stylist to work together by consulting. Talk about tones, face shape, and looking over inspo pics to create the best version of this hairstyle.

#12: Sleek Ash Blonde Blunt Cut Bob

A sleek ash-blonde blunt cut bob is a classic look that will never go out of style! If you’re looking for more of a blunt end, I recommend your stylist cut your hair straight across. It’s a perfect style for an edgier look.

Short Blunt Bob with a Side Parting
Instagram @sashawasio

#13: Short Blunt Bob with a Side Parting

A side parting works great on a short blunt bob. Soft internal layers help provide movement without sacrificing the short blunt cut bob lines. Add waves for texture.

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#14: Side Part on Blunt Bob Hair for Older Women

A side part on blunt bob hair is a great choice for older women. The off-center part provides lift, to mask possibly thinning hair. Adding waves gives the hair texture and fullness, providing a youthful feel.

#15: Jaw-Length Blunt Cut for Thick Hair

Consider a jaw-length blunt bob haircut if you have thick hair and want a fun style without a lot of daily effort. The length stopping right at the chin perfectly frames the face and makes this black hair shine. When blowdrying, use a round brush to bevel ends under to add a bit of fullness.

Bobbed Hair with Blunt Bangs and Side Part
Instagram @careycareyhair

#16: Bobbed Hair with Blunt Bangs and Side Part

You may not have realized that blunt bangs and a side part can work with bobbed hair! A twist on a classic cut creates a fun look but will require a bit of maintenance. To keep your blunt bob with bangs looking sharp, plan to get a cut every 8 weeks, and perhaps bang trims more often in between.

Side-Parted Ginger Blunt Bob
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#17: Side-Parted Ginger Blunt Bob

Give a classic side-parted blunt bob hairstyle a twist with a vivid ginger color. Naturally straight hair won’t have much day-to-day maintenance but in order to keep this cut looking sharp, you’ll need to schedule an appointment every 8-12 weeks. Include a ginger gloss as well, as this color tends to lose vibrancy quickly.

Soft Blunt Bob with Long Side Bangs
Instagram @vikachekahair

#18: Soft Blunt Bob with Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs can soften a classic soft blunt bob style. Any hair type can wear a blunt cut bob with bangs, although a more textured hair will require hot tools for smoothing. When blow-drying, try using a medium-sized barrel brush and pulling the bang portion away from your face. Twist off at the end for a soft perfectly laying bang.

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Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut on Blonde Balayage Hair
Instagram @reneeparishair

#19: Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut on Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde balayage hair brightens up a shoulder-length blunt cut. A wonderful option for thick-haired ladies not wanting to work too hard to style. Ask your stylist for subtle internal layers to ensure movement and avoid bulkiness.

#20: Long Bob with Blunt Ends and Side Part

If you’re wanting to achieve a fuller look, try a long bob with blunt ends and a side part. Thinner hair can really come to life with this style. A blunt bob haircut with a side part creates a strong perimeter giving the illusion of much thicker hair. The side part can give lift to otherwise flat hair.

Side-Parted Long Wavy Bob
Instagram @salsalhair

#21: Side-Parted Long Wavy Bob

To soften a classic style, try a long wavy bob with a side part. A blunt haircut with layers provides the opportunity for versatility. Hair can be flipped to either side, and the layers create a textured bob that allows movement.

#22: Sleek Blunt Bob for Straight Hair

A sleek side part blunt cut bob can pack a big punch for straight hair. Naturally straight hair will have the easiest time with this style. Ask your stylist for a straight bob haircut, keeping the perimeter as full as possible to create a heavy weight line. If you want to bring out the extra shine, run over with a flat iron and finish with oil through the mid and ends.

#23: Copper Blunt Bob with a Side Part

A side part instantly brings volume to a blunt bob and a vivid copper color adds perfect brightness. A slight asymmetry adds just the right amount of interest to side-parted blunt bob hairstyles. Use a flat iron to create an extra sleek look. Make sure to use a heat protector to avoid fading the copper color.

Chin-Length Blunt Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @jaezhairstudio

#24: Chin-Length Blunt Cut with Side Bangs

You can’t go wrong with a chin-length blunt cut with side bangs. A great wash and go option, a chin-length cut provides a built-in style without a ton of work. The side-swept bangs keep the entire look soft and youthful.

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Neck-Length Blunt Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @uberbeleza

#25: Neck-Length Blunt Bob with a Side Part

Side part blunt bobs sitting neck-length are perfectly accompanied by a deep side part chop. Wavy hair provides volume and movement to make this look feel full-bodied. Keep the ends straight and slightly texturized to avoid a heavy bottom line.

Asymmetrical Side-Parted Lob
Instagram @bryannbonilla

#26: Asymmetrical Side-Parted Lob

Consider an asymmetrical side-parted lob haircut if you’re looking for a sleek low-maintenance look, with a bit more interest. Heart-shaped faces are perfectly framed with this cut bringing the eye down past the chin. If you want to keep some versatility, part down the middle for a more traditional long blunt cut bob look.

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