28 Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Trendy Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An asymmetrical pixie bob is a cropped cut with an unbalanced length of the sides. One part of the hair is longer, which creates a striking side-swept style.

Hairdresser Cherie Walker from Panania, AU, stresses the winsome features of an asymmetrical chop.

“An asymmetrical cut always looks done. Whether you tend to wear it sleeker or leave it natural and wavy, it’ll look great in both styles,” states Walker.

If you want an edgy look, go for it! The asymmetry is a great way to modernize an average bob. This is also for ladies who love tucking one side of their locks.

A pixie bob can remove bulk from thick tresses. However, it isn’t recommended for those who have an extreme amount of hair. Walker explains, “It’ll be too hard to style as it’ll give women too much volume, making the hair unmanageable.”

Keep in mind that maintenance is vital. You can wash and wear it, but it must dampen your locks and reshape the look the next day. You can use some oil for frizz or go over it with a straightener.

Look for a stylist who can do such bold cuts. The tresses should be cut enough to manage. The length on one side must be enough to show off the asymmetric style.

Ask your stylist if your desired cut suits your look, hair texture, and lifestyle. You can also check out our pixie cut guide.

Steal inspiration from these photos. The best picks for the trendiest and hottest asymmetrical pixie bob haircut and hairstyles are here!


#1: Asymmetric Bixie with Blonde Curls

An asymmetric bixie with blonde curls can look stunning on a round face shape. A deep side part with a longer length on one side truly creates a soft balance. Styling this bixie is simple with naturally wavy hair or permed textures. Add curl gel from Innersense to wet hair. Then, you can choose to let it air dry or diffuse it.

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with an Undercut
Instagram @wendie_hughes

#2: Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with an Undercut

An asymmetrical blonde pixie with an undercut is a show-stopper. A perfect balance between long and short, having shaved sides helps lighten the load and add a rockstar flair. Blonde is a great option for color for those with natural level 8-10 hair colors and can help to add volume to finer hair. Be sure to ask your stylist about trying out a purple shampoo to keep monthly maintenance a breeze!

Two Tone Long Asymmetric Undercut Pixie Bob
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#3: Two Tone Long Undercut Pixie

Try the pixie cut with a two-tone long undercut. Styling your hair with a funky pixie is trendy. Hairdressers who specialize in pixies will be your best friend. Use the root smudge technique on your pixie cut to add depth and texture.

#4: Cheek-Length Curly Pixie Bob

The haircut is a cheek-length curly pixie bob. A classic bobbed hairstyle for curly hair can be sculpted to fit your hair texture and style needs. Balance out your asymmetrical facial features with a deep side parting. For a wash-and-wear style, use EvoPro style products named Total Recoil and Liquid Rollers.

Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie Bob with Long Bangs and Shaved Side
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#5: Shaggy Pixie with Long Bangs

A shaggy pixie with long bangs and an undercut is a striking hairstyle that will draw attention. This varied-texture hairstyle features three different hair lengths, contributing to its outstanding style. The sides and nape are cropped with a layered top and a long swept-over fringe. You can easily style this edgy pixie using molding paste and opt to blow dry or air dry it. The awesome cut will compliment most face shapes, and you’ll love your strong look.

#6: Asymmetric Bixie with Visible Layers

An asymmetric bixie with visible layers is an edgy, high-fashion crop. The best part about this cut is the mass amount of texture, so you don’t have to worry about daily styling. Wash and go!

Deeply Side-Parted Asymmetric Bixie
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#7: Deeply Side-Parted Asymmetric Bixie

A deeply side-parted asymmetric bixie is fabulous and classy. If you want to have a signature look and something in between a bob and a pixie, this is a great choice. Not only is the cut stunning, but it’s easy to style and keep shape throughout the day. To keep your hair in place, I recommend a firm-hold hairspray with a little shine.

#8: Cute Asymmetric Bixie for Women Over 70

If you want to look youthful while jazzing up your style, look no further than this cute asymmetric bixie. You can find a salon professional to help you achieve such styles by inquiring at salons near you, referencing social media portfolios, or asking for references from women or friends who may flaunt the same look.

#9: Chic Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

Ranging from mature to youthful, a chic pixie bob with a side-swept fringe can be well-suited if you want a little sass in your style. If you see yourself getting giddied up for a daily refresh, this style can be for you. The fun lies in the feminine power that it evokes. However, if you need a little crash course on how to make this style yours, don’t forget to ask your stylist for some hot tips on how to style and maintain your new hairdo.

#10: Angled Asymmetrical Bob for Straight Hair

An angled asymmetrical bob haircut is a great option for straight hair textures. So much shape is built into a bob, and the addition of the asymmetry adds to that. Wash and wear or spend extra time with your round brush to bring out an asymmetric cut’s shape potential. Be sure to ask your stylist about product recommendations to keep your hair looking chic and frizz-free.

Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Bob for Mature Women
Instagram @edith_janlyons

#11: Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Bob and Dark Red Color for Mature Women

A wavy, asymmetrical pixie bob is a great option for mature women. Natural wavy textured hair is perfect for a low-maintenance wavy pixie bob. Complementing the style with a light texture to bring out the waves and frame the face adds to the volume and helps soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @loxbybrynn

#12: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob Cut for Thick Hair

A side-parted asymmetrical pixie bob cut is a great option for thick hair densities to help balance out the natural body. The asymmetry adds much-needed shape and helps reduce the weight of full-figured hair, making it easier to manage and style. Ask your stylist about layering and texture options for additional weight management.

#13: Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Bob

Perfect for any hair type, a long asymmetrical pixie bob is stylish, voluminous, and easy to care for. An asymmetrical long pixie bob can be personalized in length to suit any face shape and hair texture. Ask your stylist about adding a fringe or some choppy layers to make an asymmetrical style your own.

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#14: Layered Pixie Bob with a Side Shave

A layered pixie bob with a side shave is a great style if you want to try an undercut look but can’t commit. Like an asymmetrical pixie with an undercut, a side shave creates the right amount of funk and edginess. Be sure to add layers to keep the shape from falling flat and to frame the face.

#15: Textured Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

A textured asymmetrical pixie bob is the perfect youthful look. A textured pixie cut is easy to style and low-maintenance. Wash and wear, and add your favorite texture powder or salt spray. A short, asymmetrical, messy pixie bob will become your next favorite bixie hairstyle!

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Long Choppy Asymmetrical Bixie
Instagram @lkhair_chicago

#16: Long Choppy Asymmetrical Bixie on Thin Hair

A long, choppy, asymmetrical bixie is perfect for women with finer, naturally flat hair. Adding choppy layers helps bring out height and shape to otherwise lifeless hair. Try your bixie asymmetrical to add a fun, youthful edge.

#17: Tapered Short Asymmetrical Bob with Micro Bangs

A short asymmetrical bob with micro bangs is perfect for women with medium to thick hair densities. A short bob is a great style for those looking to add more of a built-in shape to the nape and pump up the volume in the crown. The addition of a micro bang carries shape forward to the face, bringing in a youthful yet chic accent. An asymmetrical pixie bob with bangs is a must-try!

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#18: Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob with a Side Part

Transform your locks and try a chin-length asymmetrical bob with a side part as your next look. A chin-length bob holds a lot of shape and requires only light maintenance to keep in check. Asymmetry and adding a side part are perfect for adding shape and a fun edge to any style! Ask your stylist about different length options.

#19: Deep Side Part for Asymmetrical Bixie Hair

Adding a deep side part to your asymmetrical bixie hair can help add volume to finer hair and make your asymmetrical style appear even more dramatic. Ask your stylist what will work best for your hairline, and watch out for any cowlicks that may interfere with where you choose to part your hair, as it may make it more difficult to style.

#20: Feminine Asymmetrical Cropped Hair for Older Women

An asymmetrical cropped hairstyle is a great option for older women who want to try something youthful but still low-maintenance. Great for the woman who doesn’t want to commit to having too short hair and has great styling versatility. The shortness of the layers creates volume in the crown, and keeping length to one side of the face helps to elongate and balance any face shape.

#21: Graduated Pixie Bob for Salt-And-Pepper Hair

A graduated pixie bob is a great choice for salt-and-pepper hair. Keeping the length tidy and well-kept helps bring out the natural shine and beauty of natural salt and pepper hair. An inverted bob is a perfect choice for all face shapes.

A-line Pixie with Asymmetrical Sides
Instagram @alchemyorlando

#22: A-Line Pixie with Asymmetrical Sides

Try an a-line pixie with asymmetrical sides if you want to change your look. Keeping the length short and graduated at the nape helps define the angles on the sides and create the illusion of body near the face and crown. With this in mind, an asymmetrical pixie bob for fine hair is a great choice.

#23: Asymmetrical Bixie with Piece-y Layers

If you like to stay on-trend, trying an asymmetrical bixie with piece-y layers is a must. A short, asymmetrical pixie bob is a great style to add volume and texture to the hair. Ask your stylist to feather the ends to create some serious framing pieces.

#24: Side-Swept Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Try a side-swept asymmetrical pixie bob if you want a big change with minimal upkeep. Perfect for medium to thick hair, an asymmetrical short hairstyle is edgy and youthful and a great style to handle hair with a lot of weight.

#25: Stacked Pixie Bob with a Long Side Fringe

A stacked pixie bob with a long side fringe is a style that boasts both volume and shape. Perfect for any hair type, an edgy asymmetrical pixie cut is easy to style and flattering to any face shape. Ask your stylist about the many options on length to personalize an asymmetrical bixie style for you.

#26: Hidden Undercut on a Pixie Bob

If you’re looking to be daring, a hidden undercut on a pixie bob is a chic and rock-star style that will surely be your favorite pixie bob hairstyle. An asymmetrical pixie bob with an undercut is perfect for many hair types and is a great option to remove unwanted bulk from the interior weight and pump up the body on top.

#27: Pixie Bob Cut with Asymmetrical Side Bangs

Try a pixie bob cut with an asymmetrical side bang as your next look! An asymmetrical pixie bob is perfect for a round face shape, as the side bang helps elongate the chin. Ask your stylist to point cut to add texture and softness.

#28: Long Side-Swept Bangs for Edgy Pixie Bob

Opt for long side-swept bangs on your pixie bob to shake up your style! An asymmetrical pixie with long bangs adds versatility to a shorter look, giving a variety of styling options that are easy and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Wash and wear, or jazz up your look with a hot tool. Ask your stylist to use a razor for a softer edge.