24 Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs That Are Stylishly Edgy

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An asymmetrical bob with bangs is a short-length haircut with an uneven perimeter. One side is shorter while the other is longer. It’s one of the best hair ideas to go for to achieve a chic, cool, and bold vibe.

Before getting an asymmetrical cut, there are certain things you should be aware of. Stylist Jay Roberts of Blades Salon suggests a thorough consultation. Being ready and feeling comfortable are crucial aspects when considering this type of bob.

During the consultation, Roberts wants you to ask your stylist these questions:

  • How will the cut work with my hair texture?
  • How often will I need to visit the salon to keep its shape?
  • What are the styling tips I need to know to create different looks from this chop?

“What most women get wrong is understanding how often they’ll have to recut their hair.” Roberts points out while explaining how the regular trims can help maintain the look.

For women with pixie hair, this asymmetric bob cut is achievable by growing out the fringe. Cut one side shorter next time, while keeping the length on the opposite side. There are also many ways to enhance or highlight a bob. Roberts recommends volumizing products to add texture or smoothing serums for straightening.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular asymmetrical bob with bangs hairstyle ideas.

Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs
Instagram @isabeulls

#1: Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs

Glow up by pulling off this asymmetrical lob with bangs! The way it gives volume to straight locks makes a fresh and carefree vibe. This haircut has a shape that flatters both heart and diamond faces, too.

#2: Textured Asymmetric Style with Short Blunt Bangs

An asymmetric bob is a very unique shape. The lengths must contrast enough to create impact and achieve their desired look. Angled cuts that are tapered at the back of the neck offer the best profile for the haircut. You can make your bangs asymmetric by cutting them from short to long across your forehead. Keep your bangs blunt and heavy for a bold look.

Short Asymmetric Bob Cut with Side Bangs for Older Ladies
Instagram @looksbyu

#3: Short Asymmetric Cut with Side Bangs

The short, asymmetrical cut with side bangs is a great fit for women with thin hair. This low-maintenance style helps achieve an enhanced look. If your hair is already wavy, maintaining this style is easy. Both straight and wavy hair types can embrace this style, which can be tailored to match any occasion.

Colorful Pastel Hair with Short Asymmetrical Bob Cut and Fringe
Instagram @exotismos

#4: Colorful Pastel Hair with Asymmetrical Cut

Change your blonde hair to a colorful pastel. Go for an asymmetrical cut for an edgy look. If you love the colors of the rainbow, this look is perfect! Ask your stylist to lighten your hair to the lightest blonde to apply pastel colors effectively. Pastels are ideal for those not ready for a long-term commitment. Be aware pastel colors fade quickly with frequent washing. To prolong your color, limit washing and use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

#5: Asymmetrical Copper Bob with Short Bangs

An asymmetrical copper bob with short bangs is a stunning look with a bit of edge. Copper looks amazing on women of all skin tones and is especially flattering for those with blue eyes. A copper color can brighten your complexion and make your eyes pop. Use a heat protectant and smooth your hair with a flat iron to style.

#6: Short Asymmetric Bob with Bangs

This short asymmetrical bob style with bangs works great on women with thin hair. It’s a neck-grazing length that makes the tresses appear fuller and edgier. The bangs are an excellent addition for an extra touch.

Face-Framing Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs Haircut
Instagram @kwinkhair

#7: Face-Framing Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

A face-framing asymmetrical bob haircut like this suits a square face shape. It softens a sharp jawline. This haircut does a superb job in giving thin, fine hair a lot of density. It features short wispy bangs for a more modern result.

Asymmetrical bob with bangs and an undercut
Instagram @jucremonez

#8: Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs and an Undercut

An asymmetrical bob with bangs and an undercut is a superb detailing for anyone who loves a sharp, dramatic finish. The strong bangs outline the face, while the undercut emphasizes the blunt lines of the haircut.

Stacked asymmetrical bob for curly hair
Instagram @curly.talk

#9: Stacked Asymmetrical Bob for Curly Hair

A stacked asymmetrical bob for curly hair highlights the shape of the curly strands, as well as the texture of curly hair while enhancing its natural volume.

#10: Asymmetric Inverted Bob with Fringe

An asymmetric inverted bob with fringe creates edginess, playfulness, and showcases individuality. For those women who want a bob with extra spice, try adding some fringe. Strongly consider both face shape and forehead shape when adding fringe into any haircut.

Asymmetrical curly bob with bangs
Instagram @curlyonq

#11: Asymmetric Curly Bob with Bangs

An asymmetric curly bob with bangs is a unique way to cut and style curly hair. When adding a bang to curly hair, make sure they are cut to a length that compensates for shrinkage when the curls dry. Moisture is going to be every curly-haired gal’s best friend when styling.

#12: Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe

Such a shaggy asymmetrical bob with fringe screams chicness and funk! This fun-to-wear haircut features many layers that go well with a lot of texture. It’s best worn by ladies with a straight or wavy hair definition. It also flatters faces that are round in shape.

#13: Asymmetrical Long Bob with Fringe

Match an asymmetrical long bob with fringe with a sleek style to create a smooth profile. To be distinctive in a classy way, let the bangs be asymmetrical, too. Feel free to experiment with a subtle melting copper hair color if you have a lighter skin tone. Who’s ready to embrace a whole new look now?

#14: Uneven Blonde Bob with Bangs and a Shaved Side

Rock an uneven blonde bob with bangs and you’ll be guaranteed to show off a bold and fierce image! There’s a shaved side, which brings out an extra touch of edginess. More than that, the undercut allows thick tresses to look thinner than usual. This dramatic hair idea is sure to flatter women with a fair or lighter skin tone.

#15: Wavy Medium-Length Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs

Here’s a wavy medium-length asymmetrical lob with bangs style, suitable for casual and formal events! The micro fringe helps longer face shapes appear shorter. This asymmetrical haircut is manageable and can be amped up with a few varieties of style. Soft waves or sleek? Just go for it!

#16: Asymmetric Layered Bob

The asymmetrical layered bob is way better with a subtle, undone style. It’s the soft texture that makes the finish seem carefree. This chop accentuates the best facial features of a round face. Having a side-swept fringe is an excellent choice to frame the face, as well.

#17: Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs for Fine Hair

The secret to a chic bob with asymmetrical bangs lies in the layers, which carry out volume and movement. For ladies with fine tresses, this cut is a great option. Its length makes the short hair fuller-looking. Layers create a bouncy finish, preventing the locks from appearing flat and dull.

Long Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#18: Long Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe

By wearing a long asymmetrical bob with fringe, any woman can appear youthful. Cutting a few inches off can give the choppy tresses a much fuller result. Of course, a fringe can help accentuate cute facial structures. Now, who’s down for a fresh lob?

Neck Length Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs
Instagram @ladyandwolf

#19: Edgy Neck-Length Asymmetrical Bob

A neck-length asymmetrical bob, matched with short bangs, makes a versatile, eye-catching look. It radiates an edgy vibe that most ladies can rock. The thing about such a haircut is it can go textured or straight. When styling, use a smoothing serum or a salt spray.

Uneven Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs
Instagram @thewisestylist

#20: Uneven Bob with Bangs

Pull off an uneven bob with bangs and achieve that edgy, younger-looking hairstyle! If the locks are straight, the perimeter shows off even better. This asymmetrical cut has a side-part to make thin, fine hair look fuller. Older women can enjoy wearing this bob cut, too.

#21: Asymmetrical Bob with Layers and Bangs

Here’s another asymmetrical short bob with layers and bangs that women with a round face will love! The chop features a lot of texture in the front and back, which is the key to it looking fuller. The layers also play a crucial role in creating natural-looking volume.

#22: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with Bangs

This asymmetrical pixie bob with bangs is a haircut that suits round face shapes. It gives the face a unique and fascinating angle. This chop is also a great option for fine tresses needing a voluminous and more textured finish. With this edgy haircut, why not play with radiant color, too?

Asymmetrical blunt bob with bangs
Instagram @haircolorwiz

#23: Asymmetrical Blunt Bob with Bangs

The asymmetrical blunt bob with bangs is a one-length cut done with a square line and a side part.

Sharon Blankstien of Tel Aviv, IL is the talented stylist who created this haircut. She says, “It’s refreshing and gives an edgy twist to the classic bob.”

However, Blankstien warns about its upkeep. “It’s a high-maintenance haircut since you should get it done every 2-3 months,” she states.

#24: Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe

This is an asymmetrical bob with fringe that really brings focus to the eyes. It was created by senior stylist Jordan Hermann of San Antonio, TX.

“This asymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs is best for women looking for a fun, flirty, and funky style,” exclaims Hermann. “This is definitely an angled bob style for women with a lot of sass!”