29 of the Best Angled Bob with Bangs Haircuts in 2023

Angled bob with bangs
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An angled bob with bangs is a trendy chop with shorter layers at the back that get longer at the front. The cut creates a diagonal perimeter when looking from one side. Stylish, youthful-looking, and edgy—this hair idea is a must-try!

Illinois-based stylist Jessica Pressler urges you to ask your stylist how often you’ll need the trims. It’s also essential to confirm what your new styling regimen will be depending on your hair type, length, and how fast your hair grows.

Pressler also suggests a regular trim every four weeks. She explains, “with a precision cut like an angled bob with bangs, you need to commit to bang trims between full haircuts. Sometimes this style requires extra work to keep it looking polished. And by confirming the maintenance requirements ahead of time, you may realize you aren’t ready to commit.”

Angled bob haircuts are versatile. Adding bangs, on the other hand, will give you fewer styling options. They need some amount of maintenance in the morning so that they won’t look awkward.

Hair products are what can make or break a style. Pressler’s favorite one for angled bob hairstyles is ColorWow’s Carb Cocktail. “Not only is it a heat protectant, but it’ll also make your blow-dry fuller while being paraben-free,” she explains. “I also love that it’s great for a smoother or textured style.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspirational photos of angled bob with bangs hairstyle ideas.

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Rounded Angled Bob with Fringe Bangs
Instagram @gustavoblesa

#1: Rounded Angled Bob with Fringe Bangs

Go for a sleek and sexy look with a rounded angled bob with fringe bangs. A soft angled bob is so versatile and can be customized to many different hair types and textures. When it comes to styling, use a blow dryer and round brush to curl your ends under. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant to prevent damage.

Professional Straight Angled Bob with Bangs
Instagram @nacirsomera

#2: Professional Straight Angled Bob

For a modern look, choose a bob with straight angles and bangs. This trendy haircut features a clean and angular shape that will highlight your face. The straight-angled bob has a polished look, and the bangs add more style. If you’re searching for new professional hairstyles and want to update your look, this is perfect. This style suits any hair texture, be it straight, wavy, or a bit curly. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to get a sleek finish with this cut. For added shine, use a shine serum!

#3: Babylights Bob

This bob with babylights is a great style and color for fine hair. If you think this is a look you want, when you see your stylist, ask about your maintenance.

#4: Angled Salt-and-Pepper Bob with Fringe

Like the angled bob with fringe? Try to create a look that blends funk and sophistication if you want something different. This haircut looks great on all face shapes. An angled bob with fringe gives an air of youthfulness while still making you look chic. To keep your style looking fresh, use Kevin Murphy Body Builder volumizing mousse. It also helps give you extra volume and bounce.

Bangs for a Wavy Angled Bob
Instagram @styld_salon

#5: Bangs for a Wavy Angled Bob

The ideal bangs for an angled bob can be wispy or full. When deciding what length to opt for, choose the one that grazes the eyebrows. A straight fringe is sure to match a sweet wavy bob haircut, perfect for flaunting every day!

#6: Bright Blonde Angled Bob with Fringe

If your hair is fine or thinning, I suggest trying an angled bob with fringe. Lighter hues make thinner hair look thicker. Shorter, angled lengths do, too. The combo of these two will have your mane looking and feeling more voluminous.

#7: Long Bob with Soft Layers for Straight Hair

Straight-haired ladies should try a long bob with soft layers for an easy care hairstyle. A shoulder-length angled bob with layers blow drys easily and quickly on straight hair with a medium to large round brush. A side bang can be added and worn brushed away from the face to accommodate narrow facial features. This shape is simplistic and beautiful and should be trimmed about every 5 weeks.

Angled Lob with Bangs Hairstyle
Instagram @hairbynivein

#8: Sharp Angled Lob (Long Bob) with Bangs

This angled lob with bangs is really an asymmetrical bob with blunt heavy bangs. It was handcrafted by artistic director and stylist Nivein of Kitchener, ON.

“Take your hair texture and maintenance into consideration before getting this long bob,” says Nivein. “This cut, like many short haircuts, can be high maintenance. If your hair texture is curly or frizzy, use a good frizz control styling product with styling/hot tools.”

Unfortunately, this angled haircut isn’t a wash-and-go kind of style. Depending on the length, it might be too short to tie up into a ponytail. It’s very important to know how to use certain hair tools and styling products to achieve this look.

Angled Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @hair_by_ad

#9: Angled Stacked Bob with Bangs

One thing that this angled stacked bob with bangs can offer is a dramatic perimeter. That straight angled edges look so bold and alluring. This sleek angled bob with bangs haircut suits girls with a strong personality. If the ends happen to flip out, use an iron to refine them.

#10: Curly Angled Lob with Fringe

A curly angled lob with fringe is the go-to hairstyle to give your tresses an extra boost. This hairstyle is made to reignite your curls form. The lob instantly lifts the hair and lightens the hair to allow the curls to bloom at their fullest potential. The angled length and fringe give the long bob an element of style while elongating the face, this being perfect for rounder face shapes.

#11: Purple Angled Blunt Bob with Fringe

Try a purple angled blunt bob with fringe to add a playful edge to the classic style. Giving a bob with an angled length creates a sharper feel to the blunt length which pairs well with straight hair types. To show off the sleekness, add a vibrant purple that reflects all the shine and sharpness of your blunt bob.

Mid-length angled bob with bangs for curly hair
Instagram @shahriddhi1

#12: Mid-Length Angled Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair

A mid-length angled bob with bangs for curly hair is a stunning shape for those with fine to medium 2A-3A curls. The length works well on pushing up looser curls, volumizing your texture, and giving a soft textured feel through the bangs. To get extra volume, try diffusing upside down using Aveda’s Phomollient styling foam for a light shiny hold.

Textured angled bob with bangs and purple highlights
Instagram @locksbylauryn

#13: Textured Angled Bob with Bangs and Purple Highlights

Rock a textured angled bob with bangs and purple highlights to maintain fullness in finer hair types. The sharp-angled bob keeps bluntness in the length and the fringe, keeping maximum weight. Add a pop of purple highlights to work against your darker base to get a fuller feel from the contrasting tones.

Angled and inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @bormannjr

#14: Angled and Inverted Bob with Bangs

An angled and inverted bob with bangs is super sleek and precise. With the sharp angle and the bangs keep your facial shape in mind. Round or square face shapes tend to work best as the angle of the hair softens up the fullness around the cheeks and jawline.

#15: Angled Curly Bob with Bangs

An angled curly bob with bangs is ideal for women with naturally curly hair that seeks a more pronounced bounce. A subtle fringe bang frames the face and helps accentuate the natural curls.

Angled bob with fringe for thick hair
Instagram @scissorxslore

#16: Angled Bob with Fringe for Thick Hair

An angled bob with fringe for thick hair can create an overall great shape and distribution of volume throughout the hair. The fringe is great in highlighting the eyes.

#17: Long Angled Bob with Bangs

Since a long angled bob with bangs has a length that falls right onto the shoulders, it becomes versatile. Sleek? Textured? Curly? These styles are achievable with this haircut. If the tresses have a dark hue, don’t forget to spritz a shine spray for an added gloss.

Medium Angled Bob with Fringe
Instagram @larzabal

#18: Medium Angled Bob with Fringe

Here, a medium angled bob with fringe gets an upgrade. Thanks to the balayage, colors of autumn can now be added to the hair. Though the style is sleek and sexy, the hair color creates extra dimension and texture.

Blonde Shoulder-Length Long Angled Bob with Fringe
Instagram @larzabal

#19: Blonde Shoulder-Length Long Angled Bob with Fringe

Go for a long angled bob with fringe, and experiment with blonde highlights. What’s the outcome? A shoulder-length haircut with a breathtaking dimension! The sleek style complements the dimension, which makes the hair very edgy. This chop is suitable for a round face shape.

#20: Angled Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

An angled chin-length bob with bangs looks dreamy! It has a beauty that won’t get shabby. It won’t demand high-maintenance if the hair has a straight texture, too. A bob cut angled with bangs is a pretty cute way to frame any lady’s face.

#21: Angled Layered Bob with Bangs

Go for an angled layered bob with bangs such as this if you can’t choose the right length you want to wear. This is a neck-length cut with longer strands in the front that fall right on the shoulders. It goes well with a soft texture or a sleek style. It also has a melting copper tone, and that’s a plus point.

Angled Bob Haircut with Fringe
Instagram @danibarroshair

#22: Angled Bob Haircut with Fringe

A classic angled bob with fringe won’t go out of style, especially if its length touches the neck. It offers versatility, allowing you to wear various angled hairstyles. Sleek or tousled—this short haircut can be whatever vibe a woman is going for.

#23: Angled Choppy Bob with Bangs

Try flaunting an angled bob with bangs for a younger-looking flair. Adding bangs can give a fresh look to any haircut without having to commit to a drastic change. It won’t also hurt to carry out splashes of blonde highlights. The balayage gives your hair a shinier edge.

#24: Angled Bob with Side Bangs

An angled bob with side bangs on straight hair looks super chic and sexy. It creates a full-bodied shape, perfect for fine tresses. To add extra spice, feel free to paint your blonde bob with an icy hue.

Neck-Length Angled Bob with Bangs Haircut
Instagram @krystaleighair

#25: Neck-Length Angled Bob with Bangs

A neck-length angled bob with bangs is excellent to match with straight locks. Such hair will show off the cut’s perimeter best. This haircut creates a fuller-looking edge. It allows the tresses to look healthier.

Angled bob with an undercut and bangs
Instagram @spankthesinner

#26: Angled Bob with an Undercut and Bangs

What’s great about an angled bob with an undercut and bangs is how versatile it is for any hair type. London-based stylist Jaime recommends this cut for both thinner and thicker locks.

“The undercut should be short enough to show the disconnection, but long enough to keep a strong and clean edge around it. The bob and bangs were cut blunt to maintain the strong structure,” says Jaime. “The texture is also added to add separation.”

Textured Angled Bob with Layers and Bangs Cut
Instagram @katiehalfhill

#27: Textured Angled Bob with Layers and Bangs

Get an angled, short bob with layers and bangs for a casual yet dazzling short hairstyle. Tousled is the best texture to go with this chop. For balayage hair, this is great in boosting the color’s dimension. Ladies with fine hair won’t go wrong with this option.

This cut is a textured angled bob with layers and bangs. It was created by stylist Katie Halfhill of Denver, CO.

“A mixture of razor cutting and shears was used to create the choppy beachy look that has lots of movement,” says Halfhill. “Textured curtain bangs were also cut with a razor. Style it with a 1 in curling iron to give soft beachy waves.”

Halfhill believes this angled bob cut is great for a low-maintenance woman who wants lots of natural movement without a lot of work.

“Use products that create texture such as sea salt spray, texture spray, or a volumizing mousse. This cut can be done on all hair types, but hair that is naturally straight or very curly will need more work styling,” she adds.

#28: Very Short Angled Bob with Bangs

Rock a very short angled bob with bangs and look edgy!  Notice how the bangs give this haircut a new spin.

This graduated, short angled bob haircut with bangs was created by master craft educator and stylist Michelle Summers-Davies of the UK.

“This particular hairline is extremely short. It works with natural growth and gives the flow of graduation,” notes Summers-Davies.

Graduated angled bobs are most suitable for round and square face shapes. The perimeter allows the jawline to have a sharper finish. This style can be worn sharp and sleek, or with messy, loose textures. Style angled bobs using ergo brushes for smoothness.

Angled Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @larzabal

#29: Angled Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs

This angled bob with blunt bangs is cut as a classic bob cut with an edge. “The edge is the angle that the cut has,” explains hairstylist Luis Rivero of Kendall, FL.

“An angled bob hairstyle is very versatile. The length of the cut makes it very easy to maintain when it comes to styling,” he adds.

Angled Angled Bobs Bangs Bobs Bobs with Bangs