26 Best A-Line Bob with Bangs for a Modish Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An a-line bob with bangs is a short to medium-length angled haircut. The stacked layers in the back are shorter, which get longer towards the front. A fringe is added to create softness around the face and accentuate a woman’s best features.

Stylist MoRiya Martin of Brooklyn, NY describes this chop as more of a precision cut. “The angle is precise and involves stacking and layering at different degrees on the head. It takes a lot of building of texture internally, mixed with blunt lines for the perimeter,” she explains.

What’s great about an a-line haircut is its versatility. “The bob cut can be styled smooth or tousled and is also excellent for naturally curly hair. It’s flattering on most face shapes and works with many hair textures,” Martin states.

If considering an a-line bob cut, note that it’s a little more high-maintenance. The bangs and the structured angle on this cut need more touch-ups than any longer style.

“It needs more attention at the salon,” Martin points out. “If you’re a frequent salon goer or just love visiting your stylist, this cut could be for you!”

During the consultation, discuss with your stylist your cut preference. Ask what products to use for at-home styling and maintenance.

Martin also adds to make sure “you prebook your next salon visit to keep the haircut in shape and looking great.”

Check out these inspiring photos of the most popular a-line bob with bangs. It’s a hair idea that’s an excellent option if you’re wanting a big chop.


#1: Brunette A-Line Lob Cut with Arched Bangs

Arched bangs paired with a brunette a-line lob cut appears very dimensional and alluring at first glance, but it’s only that and more! Ask your stylist for a few free-handed highlights and that you’d love gold, brown, and copper tones. Depending on your natural hair’s texture, an a-line bob with a fringe may be more maintenance for some. Use a smoothing cream and make sure to have a flat-iron and heat-protectant handy if you have natural wavy or curly hair.

#2: A-Line Bob with Chocolate Balayage

For all of the brunettes out there, this a-line bob with chocolate balayage is where it’s at!! The sharp edges this cut offers will make you look edgy. The richness of the brown adds depth and warmth to this cut overall. You will want to plan on being in the salon a little more often to keep your cut extra sharp.

A-Line Bob Cut with Bangs and a Shaved Nape for women with light colored hair
Instagram @gbhdesign

#3: A-Line Cut with a Shaved Nape

This a-line cut with a shaved nape is a great option if you love a super short haircut. Pay attention to how your stylist styles this cut in the salon. Be sure to ask about the best styling products for this look.

Cute A-Line Bob Cut with Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#4: Cute A-Line Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

Look super cute and sassy with an a-line cut with a side-swept fringe. Having the longest pieces around your face will give you a slimmer appearance. Having a medium-length cut will make you look more youthful and will not drag you down. Adding a side-swept bang will give your locks some body and volume for a more voluminous style.

Sharply Angled Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @alex.tanase_

#5: Sharply Angled Bob with Full Bangs

If you prefer blunt lines in your haircut, ask your stylist for a sharply angled bob and bangs. This is a precision cut, meant to be a bold statement! Be aware if you have thick, wavy hair as this type of haircut will require more effort in styling on your part.

#6: Brunette A-Line Cut

An a-line cut is a striking shape that reflects the light with its smooth surface. You will want to keep your hair one length and avoid layering to achieve a bold finish. If you want to add extra shine to your brunette hair, try a shine spray such as Redken’s Shine Flash. You could also have your stylist apply a sealer to your color to smooth your hair shaft and enhance the brilliance of your shade. Your a-line shape is a precise cut and should be trimmed every 4-5 weeks for best results.

Micro Bangs on Blonde A-line Chop
Instagram @thecoppercosmo

#7: Micro Bangs on Blonde A-Line Chop

Try rocking micro bangs on a blonde a-line crop if you are comfortable with an attention-drawing hairstyle. With a short haircut comes more maintenance and more frequent trips to the hair salon and a-line haircuts with bangs are no exception. A bob hairstyle will fit best on a woman with a finer hair texture and that has naturally straight hair.

#8: Medium A-Line Bob Cut with Thin Bangs

Consider a medium a-line bob cut with thin bangs if you’re looking for a haircut and style that’s going to give you body and length in all the right areas. Depending on your natural hair texture, you’ll want to consider styling time. A medium a-line bob with bangs will require that extra 10-15 minutes in the morning to properly style it if you are someone with wavy or curly hair. Style using a round brush while blow-drying for that smooth curl under the ends.

#9: Shoulder-Length Angled Bob with Bangs

A shoulder-length angled bob with bangs will fit most face shapes and can be customized accordingly to your hair type. A long a-line bob with bangs will help remove lots of bulk if you have very thick hair, especially at the nape of the neck. An angled hairstyle will leave you feeling like a brand new woman with new confidence you never knew you had.

#10: Side-Swept Bangs on an A-Line Haircut

Side-swept bangs on an a-line haircut is a classic go-to hairstyle that always looks good. The great thing about an a-line bob with side-swept bangs is that it can be tailored to any face shape and length. Bangs don’t only complete the style, but they also help accentuate the eyes and all your best facial features.

Angled Lob Haircut with Long Layered Bangs
Instagram @smsludhiana

#11: Angled Lob Haircut with Long Layered Bangs

Try an angled lob haircut with long layered bangs if you want to try a shorter hairstyle, without all the short lengths. You can keep a little length in the front and have slight graduation in the back to create that extra shape and volume. A long a-line haircut with layers looks best on women with naturally straight sleek hair but can be achieved on wavy hair if willing to put in the time it takes to style it straight.

Grey A-line Haircut with Brow-Length Bangs
Instagram @schimmelda

#12: Grey A-Line Haircut with Brow-Length Bangs

Consider a grey a-line haircut with brow-length bangs if you’re looking for a hairstyle that is both youthful and trendy. Whether you have natural grey tresses or purposely color your hair grey, these bangs and framed a-line haircut will offer you glowing dimension. Style with a smoothing cream and flat-iron if needed.

Round A-line Bob with a Side Fringe
Instagram @linhhairartist

#13: Round A-Line Bob with a Side Fringe

Adding a side fringe to a round a-line bob will help outline and compliment your face shape. An a-line bob with side bangs looks best on women with an oval or round-shaped face but can be customized accordingly to just about any face shape by keeping or shortening the hair’s length in the front. This hairstyle looks great both straight or wavy.

A-line Haircut with Choppy Layers and Baby Bangs
Instagram @looksby.jeni

#14: A-Line Haircut with Choppy Layers and Baby Bangs

Try an a-line haircut with choppy layers and baby bangs if you love fun, dramatic hairstyles. An a-line bob with baby bangs will always be a classic staple in the hair world and works especially well on women who have longer foreheads. Having choppy layers will add dimension and texture to your style without having to do too much. Just grab whichever hot tool you feel most comfortable using (flat iron, curling iron, wand) and curl the hair in forward and backward motions, alternating after each curl.

Magenta Ombre for a Straight Lob with Bangs
Instagram @mieksto

#15: Magenta Ombre for a Straight Lob with Bangs

Ask for a straight lob with bangs and a magenta ombré for a fun splash of color to go well with this classic haircut. If you have naturally dark tresses, you’ll have to lighten your ends first before putting on any vivid colors. To achieve a sleek style, you’ll want to make sure you have a heat-protectant on hand before running your flat iron through your hair. You can finish with an oil, serum, or shine spray for that glossy, sleek finish.

Chin-Length Angled Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @nikcabral

#16: Chin-Length Angled Cut with Curtain Bangs

A chin-length angled bob cut with curtain bangs is the perfect go-to hairstyle if you’re looking for feminine and flirty. What’s not to love? A-line bobs with curtain bangs have easily become the trendiest hairstyle to date. It can be styled in so many different ways, making it a very versatile hairstyle.

#17: A-Line French Bob for Thin Hair

Ask for an a-line French bob for thin hair if the words “volume” or “body” have ever been on your list of hairstyles you’d love to have but never seemed achievable for your hair type. Well, look no further because an a-line bob with bangs for fine hair will surely do exactly what you’ve always wanted your hair to do. It’s a shape that gives automatic style and volume, whether it’s worn straight or wavy, and whether or not you have much time to spend on your hair in the morning. Ask your stylist to show you how to recreate a sleek finish based on your natural hair texture and you’ll be golden.

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#18: Stacked A-Line Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, try rocking a stacked a-line bob with bangs. You’ll want to find a hairstylist who specializes in hair cutting and thicker hair textures, but you can ask them to use thinning shears and a point-cutting technique to remove any unnecessary bulk and create weightless layers in the back for more shape to your new bob hairstyle.

Short Choppy A-line Bob with Bangs
Instagram @mustmichele

#19: Short Choppy A-Line Bob with Bangs

When considering a short choppy a-line bob, also think about considering it with bangs. Having an a-line bob with layers and bangs will create maximum shape and texture. The shorter the layers, the more tousled and messier your new a-line bob haircut will become. Use a root powder like SexyHair’s Powder Play to accentuate your new choppy locks even more!

#20: A-Line Bob Haircut with Full Highlights

Choosing an a-line bob hairstyle would be perfect for anyone with full highlights. Not only is this color and cut combination trendy, but it also works well for just about any hair type. For at-home maintenance, ask your stylist what they recommend to keep your highlights looking fresh. They may recommend a purple shampoo if you love having lighter highlights or maybe a quick in-salon toning session will be necessary.

A-line Bob with Bangs and Voluminous Waves
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#21: A-Line Bob with Bangs and Voluminous Waves

An a-line bob with fringe and voluminous waves is certainly a hairstyle that will romanticize your overall appearance. Keeping length in the front on a-line bob haircuts will help naturally shape your face. Adding a few highlights or lowlights to your new a-line bob will create some gorgeous, effortless dimension. With a curling iron, curl sections of hair away from your face and wait for the curls to cool down before running your fingers through or finishing with hairspray.

Sleek Neck-Length Lob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @_lilitstylist_

#22: Sleek Neck-Length Lob with Blunt Bangs

Have you ever considered a sleek neck-length a-line long bob with blunt bangs before? If you haven’t, now is the time to reconsider, especially if you have naturally straight hair. With just a little hair manipulation, you can easily achieve that slightly rounded flip on the ends. When your hair is 85% dry, grab a round brush with your blow-dryer and start blow-drying your hair downward and in towards your face. Set your new a-line bob style with a light-hold hairspray for a flexible hold that will be sure to stay all day.

Tousled A-line Cut with a Curtain Fringe
Instagram @onaiaziz

#23: Tousled A-Line Cut with a Curtain Fringe

Consider a tousled a-line cut with a curtain fringe if you desire more shape and body than your current hairstyle is giving you. Adding a curtain fringe will give you a feminine touch while your new tousled locks give you loads of effortless volume. A messy a-line bob with bangs is the perfect happy medium hairstyle that you can customize in so many different ways, depending on how you feel that day.

#24: Undercut Bob with Betty Bangs

Try an undercut bob with Betty bangs if you are someone that isn’t afraid to have all eyes on you or you are looking for a more “bold” hairstyle. You can ask your stylist to shave a small section underneath if you have really thick hair, even add a fun design to your undercut for an extra dose of edginess, if the Betty bangs aren’t already edgy enough for you. A short a-line bob with bangs can be worn professionally for work or fun for a night out on the town.

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#25: Long A-Line Bob with V-Shaped Bangs

A long a-line bob with v-shaped bangs is the perfect style for anyone looking to make a statement. If you like to experiment with hair color, this is the perfect haircut to add in a peekaboo of color underneath. You can feel confident about getting an a-line bob with bangs for a rounder face because that’s exactly what this hairstyle fits best with! Make sure to let your stylist know you want your hair to have a noticeable angle to accentuate all your favorite facial features.

Textured A-line Bob with Wispy Bangs and Layers
Instagram @oh_its_m0

#26: Textured A-Line Bob with Wispy Bangs and Layers

Try a textured a-line bob with wispy bangs and layers if you love having a soft, messy hairstyle. A graduated bob and layered hairstyles look especially flattering on women with shorter layers or women with finer hair. You’ll want to experiment and find which styling products work best for you based on your hair type and desired style, but a good one to start with would be PulpRiot’s “Los Angeles” as it is an aerosol texture spray, which means lots of volume without all the weight.