If You Haven’t Seen The New 90s Lob Comeback, Here Are 25 Stunning Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
One-Length 90s Lob Cut with Middle Part
Instagram @abigailzahraofficial

#1: One-Length Lob Cut with Middle Part

Go for a one-length lob cut with a middle part. If you want to revive the 90’s style with a sleek blunt bob, this style is perfect. If you have finer hair textures, you will love the fullness this blunt cut brings. Moreover, a middle part is in style, and it can complement a round face by making your features appear longer.

Wavy Blunt 90s Lob with Cool Blonde Tone
Instagram @soph.hair.styles

#2: Wavy Blunt Lob with Cool Blonde Tone

Embrace yourself with a wavy blunt lob featuring cool blonde tones. This modern style showcases elegance and mingles the classic appeal of a blunt cut with current waves and refreshing blonde color. Ideal for those who want a stylish yet easy-to-maintain look.

90s-inspired Blonde Lob with Graduated Layers and Bangs
Instagram @vivianeneu

#3: Blonde Lob with Graduated Layers

If you’re searching for an ideal hairstyle, you should try a blonde lob with graduated layers. The hairstyle’s length reaches down to the shoulders, creating a soft and feminine look, while the layers add diversity to your cut. To achieve a piece-y look, instruct your hairdresser to trim your hair ends, adding an edgy touch to your style. A lob suits most face shapes and allows for versatile styling, including a small ponytail, making it an excellent choice.

90s Natural Textured Chunky Lob
Instagram @holly.crinisforme

#4: Natural Textured Chunky Lob

Those with wavy or curly hair types will find the natural textured chunky lob particularly suited to them. This style complements the hair’s natural texture, which falls in chunky, tousled waves or curls. This versatile look adds volume and dimension and is ideal for those who want a trendy, effortless hairstyle that enhances their natural texture.

#5: Longer Bob with Middle-Parted Bangs

The longer bob with middle-parted bangs complements various face shapes, particularly oval, heart, and square. The bob’s length helps elongate the face, while the middle-parted bangs can soften angular features or balance out a prominent forehead. It’s a versatile style that can be adjusted slightly to suit different face shapes and features.

#6: Chin-Length Front Layers on Long Bob

Add chin-length front layers to your long bob for a style change. This modern twist allows the hair to flow away from the face, a look that is very in style right now. Ask your stylist for a chin-length bang with long layers. This style can enhance the shape of your face. The pronounced swoop in the front will highlight your face, and the shorter length gives an illusion of longer length at the back. Use a medium round brush to blow-dry your hair and guide the front layers away from your face for a polished look.

90s Shoulder-Length Bob with Short Layers
Instagram @mercyslooks

#7: Shoulder-Length Bob with Short Layers

Upgrade your style with a shoulder-length bob with short layers, adding dimension and texture to your look. This versatile haircut strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and ease, making it a go-to option for those seeking a chic and contemporary vibe.

#8: Asymmetrical Sleek Lob

If you love the 90’s, this classic blunt bob will bring back memories. If your hair is thin or fine in density and texture, a blunt haircut will give your hair the maximum fullness. This cut will leave you with a bold outline. A middle part with a sleek lob makes a statement and exudes sophistication.

#9: Deep Side Part Lob with Wispy Layers

A deep side part lob with wispy layers adds texture and movement, creating a chic and effortless style suitable for any occasion. Whether worn sleek or tousled, it’s a versatile choice that complements a range of face shapes and personal styles.

Vintage 90s Long Bob Cut with Flicky Layers
Instagram @ashadoeshair

#10: Vintage Bob Cut with Flicky Layers

A vintage bob cut can come with flicky layers. A shaggy bob blends a classic bob shape with added facial framing and layers on the crown. You can create a vintage vibe by flicking the layers of the bob cut with a curling iron or curling them in, depending on your preference.

Lob Haircut with 90s Vintage Soft Waves
Instagram @holly.crinisforme

#11: Lob Haircut with Soft Waves

A lob haircut with soft waves looks very feminine. For this hairstyle, you need long hair layers and fringe that reach your lips. Use a blow dryer and heat protectant, like Pureology’s 21 Leave-In Spray. Also, use a 3/4-inch iron around the middle of a hair shaft. Curling around the middle of a hair shaft gives your hair a textured look without making it too voluminous. Always comb your hair to finish the look with a soft feel.

Neck-Grazing Brown 90s-Inspired Long Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hairwithyvette

#12: Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs

Consider a brown bob haircut paired with curtain bangs. Transform your look with a classic shoulder-length bob. The under-beveled bob gives your hair a neat curve, establishing a smooth shape around your head. To accentuate your cheekbones, balance a long face shape, and even out a broad forehead, consider a classic French curtain bang.

#13: Bouncy Blowdry on Long Bob

This reminds me of a classic Farrah Fawcett look, with the layering that compliments her face shape.

90s Magenta Hair with Shoulder-Skimming Lob Cut
Instagram @olgakursitis

#14: Magenta Hair with Shoulder-Skimming Cut

This is a shoulder-skimming cut with a magenta hair color. A classic cut results when glamour meets chic, complemented by bold yet sophisticated color placement. The 90’s were all about classic shapes and fun colors. A blunt bob with a slight under-bevel will give you a great shape that curves slightly under. The classic highlight of magenta with a dark back gives this bold color a subtle edge, making it perfect for medium to thick hair textures.

#15: Collarbone-Skimming Lob with Face Frame

A collarbone-skimming lob with face-framing highlights certain features. A 90’s blunt bob is a great style for fine to medium hair. This method frames the face, starting from the eye, and blends down to the perimeter. You will start the haircut higher or lower depending on your face shape. Use a flat iron to smooth the hair and add a slight bend towards the back. That adds softness to the blunt style. The hairstyle brings out your eyes and cheekbones.

'90s Wavy Shaggy Lob with Fringe
Instagram @tkaystudio

#16: ’90s Shaggy Lob with Fringe

This haircut reminds me of the celebrity Courtney Love. She is definitely making old trends modern again while maintaining their original style. I love the lob 90s haircuts with a longer fringe.

#17: A-Line Lob Cut with Blunt Ends

The a-line lob with blunt ends is a trendy hairstyle. This lob hairstyle is a modern trend and will be around for some time. With this versatile hairstyle, you can wear it sleek with a flat iron or curl it. You can also use the longer front pieces to make a top knot, braid, or ponytail. This hairstyle goes well with medium to thick hair. If you have bulky hair, an undercutting technique can help maintain the sharp design.

#18: Straight Lob with Chunky Money Piece

A straight blunt bob is a timeless classic cut that allows for fullness and a bold glam look. Highlighted money pieces can emphasize your face-framing curtain bang. A curtain bang at cheek level will enhance your features. It won’t affect your hair’s shape but will add a slight bend away from the face.

90s Modern Rachel Lob
Instagram @lucygrace.hairstylist

#19: Modern Rachel Lob

I enjoy reviving old style trends, but one style will forever be recognized as the ‘Rachel’ cut! This cut features a mix of heavy layers and face-framing.

#20: Neck-Length Blowout Bob

Ask for a well-styled neck-length bob with added volume around the fringe for additional fullness. Its sophisticated look makes it suitable for any occasion.

#21: Very Long Bob with Side Parting

The hairstyle features a very long bob with a side parting. A transitional long bob is a great way to go from a long to a shorter cut. This cut showcases your natural beauty with a deep side part. A deep side part is suggested for those who have long, square, round, or angular face shapes. This cut brings out medium to fine hair textures and gives a classic ’90s shape due to fullness at the ends.

1990s Voluminous Face-Framing Long Bob
Instagram @lindseyhairpdx

#22: Voluminous Face-Framing Bob

Ask your stylist about a long layered bob with heavy framing for a more voluminous look around the face. Softly styled with longer bangs.

Brunette Beachy 1990s Lob
Instagram @cutnj

#23: Brunette Beachy Lob

These haircuts and beachy hairstyles can be worn by anyone. Adding texture with curls and product can add movement and give a laid-back beachy style.

Extra Long Bob with 90s Flippy Ends
Instagram @holly.crinisforme

#24: Extra Long Bob with Flippy Ends

Opt for a fresh take on the classic bob with an extra-long length featuring lively ends. This elegant twist adds dynamic range and personality to your look, promoting a lively yet polished appearance that is perfect for any event.

Classic Center-Parted 90s Long Bob
Instagram @lydiafowler

#25: Classic Center-Parted Long Bob

A center-parted bob with a full curved underlength benefits people with inverted triangles and heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle adds balance and fullness to the neck and jawline. You can achieve a slight bend in your bob with an under-bevel cut that shortens the hair underneath. Use a round brush to help maintain this hairstyle.

The ’90s lob is making a huge comeback! It’s a versatile haircut that brings a touch of elegance and style from the past into today’s fashion. Olivia Anton, a seasoned hair stylist, shares her wisdom on how to rock this look. Her advice covers various hair textures, face shapes, and styling tips to ensure anyone can embrace the ’90s lob with confidence.

Meet The Expert

Olivia Anton
Olivia Anton
Olivia is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find her at Sarah Marie Salon in Aledo, TX

Hair Texture and Thickness

“Any hair type can rock a ’90s lob,” Olivia begins. Straight, curly, or wavy; fine or thick – this cut suits them all. However, Olivia warns, “If you have very thick, coarse hair, especially with a big curl pattern, talk to your stylist.” This type might poof out, creating a less desired effect. So, a stylist’s advice is key for those with this hair type. The lob can add “elegance and a classic or textured look for women.”

Face Shape Considerations

When it comes to face shapes, the lob is a champ. “It’s good for any face shape,” Olivia explains, noting that the cut’s length should match the client’s face shape. Oval and heart shapes can go shorter, while round and square faces may benefit from a lob that sits on the shoulders to elongate the face. Olivia emphasizes communication with your stylist to achieve the perfect length, ensuring it doesn’t flip out, which can happen if it’s cut at an awkward length.

Styling Tips and Products

Styling is crucial for the ’90s lob. Olivia shares, “Texture spray is a big product to have. It’s good for all hair types.” For fine hair, she recommends volume mousse, and for coarse or curly hair aiming for a straight look, a smoothing cream is ideal. Olivia praises OWay Organics for their smoothing cream and nurturing drops, essential for adding shine and taming frizz.

Lifestyle Considerations

Whether you’re a working professional, a busy mom, or enjoying retirement, the ’90s lob is adaptable. Olivia suggests experimenting with products to find what works best for you. She also highlights the importance of styling tools like hair dryer brushes for volume, hot rollers for a blown-out look, and flat irons for a sleek finish. “Remember, achieving the look you want might require styling,” she reminds us.

Olivia Anton’s expertise shines through in her advice on embracing the ’90s lob. By considering your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle, you can rock this classic cut with confidence.

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