The 30 Hottest Twist Braid Styles Trending in 2022

The hottest twist braids

Twist braids are a very popular technique among black hairstyles that uses two sections of hair twisted into a braid. Twists are braided into a spiral rope braid, also known as rope twists, and also allow the extension of one’s natural hair via dreadlocks or quality commercial textured strands.

For African-American women with naturally curly hair, twist braid styles are one of the easiest and most popular protective hairstyles.

From simple to intricately detailed looks, natural and coarser texture to uniformly thick pleats – there exist a plethora of chic ideas on how to style and protect your strands using braid twists. Whether you’re looking for volume, texture, or length, there’s always a twist braid hairstyle to wear for any special day!

Notice how trendsetting African-American celebs Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Brandy, Teyonah Parris, and Rihanna do their twist braid hairstyles and got women and braiders all over the world inspired! Just like plaits, you can also modify your look with beads, cuffs, and vibrant hues like how Brooklyn-based expert braider Stephnie Lisha does it on her clients!

A hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling to look glam? Possible with these twisted pieces! Simply moisturize your scalp regularly, listen to your stylist’s recommendations, and you’ll be owning these beauts for a long time.

Extra impressive and easy to do—different twist styles make a great alternative to braids. Time for you to check out this diverse round-up of the trendiest twist braids for women on the internet today!

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Bob Twist Braids

bob twist braids
Instagram @ijelalacrochet

Bob twist braids with a side part, if paired with radiant brown color, appear vivid and daring. Short twist braids look even more stylish with any hair jewelry like silver cuffs around the face, adding a bit of a shine. With its collarbone-grazing length, the twists seem fuller.

Mambo Twist Braids

mambo twist braids
Instagram @leilaluz

These mambo braids are guaranteed to give ladies hair envy. It’s unique and looks fire! Such big twisting braid styles are an excellent option if you want extra length and thickness to your hair. Feel free to give it more spice by painting it with red tones, such as a copper or burgundy shade.

Twist Braids and Cornrows

Twist Braids and Cornrows Hairstyle
Instagram @starletshair_magazine

Twist braids and cornrows can be intertwined for some creatively soft styles. Cornrows at the top with free-falling twists in the back allow for versatility in how you wear your braids.

Twist braiding is a simple technique that you can ask your braider to give you when you can’t decide between braids or twists. Keep a diluted foam wrap product at home, such as Nairobi Foam Wrap to keep your kinky twists from getting fuzzy.

Red Hair with Twist Braids and Curly Ends

Red Hair with Twist Braids and Curly Ends
Instagram @hairby_seraiah

Rocking the red hair with twisting braids is one way to amp up long tresses. The shade is so vibrant, it complements both cool and warm skin complexions. Spice up your twist braids with curly ends to provide the hair an even fuller result.

Havana Twist Braids

Havana Twist Braids for Black Women
Instagram @leonegoddess

Havana twist braids are the perfect soft braid style for natural ethnic hair. The twists are larger than other African braid twists. Black women wanting minimal tension in their braid style should ask their braider about this look. Twisted typically with very lightweight Marley hair, this high-volume braid style is one of the least heavy natural styles to wear.

Twist Senegalese Braids

Twist Senegalese Braids for Black Ladies
Instagram @ateliereettafel

Twist Senegalese braids are rope-like twists that can be achieved with different types of braid hair. This rope twist look weighs much less than standard box braids and moves about more freely. Ideal for black hair that won’t get wet or sweat much, twist styles is a great protective style for natural hair.

Twist Out Mohawk

Twist Out Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women
Instagram @thebeauty__mayvenn

A twist-out mohawk is another fresh version of a mohawk for black women. With so many designs that can be implemented on the sides, a twisting braid (called a flat twist) is a soft hold twist that your braider can get creative with into your curls. A great product to use for twists in this look is Lock N Pomade by EBIN New York.

Blonde Twist Braids for Black Women

blonde twist braids for black women
Instagram @forynine

Gorgeous blonde twist ombre braids for black women make a superb hair trend. Such a color flatters a warmer skin tone. The style offers a fuller finish, and it suits a longer length of hair. Stylish and versatile—there are enough reasons to love these twist African braids!

Afro Twist Braids

afro twist braids
Instagram @razorempress

Try these afro twist braids for a sleeker, more elegant vibe. The style keeps the twisted afro-textured hair looking neat. Its medium-length haircut is perfect for maintaining fullness in your hair. Black hair with twist styles results in a very classic and shiny finish.

Marley Twist Braids

marley twist braids
Instagram @braidsforyoubyme

Marley braids and ombre? Yes—these two work nicely together! The splashes of blonde add radiance to the black twist kinky braids. It’s a perfect style to go for when you want a fun, edgier vibe. To keep tresses looking fuller, ask for a shoulder-length bob.

Thick Twist Braids for Black Hair

thick twist braids
Instagram @tasha_worldofstyles

Thick and big twist braids capture most of your hair strands in a massive braid style, resulting in a more pronounced, chunky-looking rope! Styling twist braids with a half updo make them more mesmerizing to look at. A unique style of cornrow would be a great addition, too!

Micro Braids for Natural Hair

mirco twist braids for natural hair
Instagram @anneelisebraids

Don’t be afraid to go for anything avant-garde when styling African twist hairstyles! Long and fine micro braids with red highlights like these are enough to inspire you to get your own plaited wig.

Single Twist Braids

single twist braids hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyugochiii

Simple single twists are thrilling to try! You can work with chunkier, medium twist braids or go with smaller twist braids. Either way, you’ll be able to wear a single twist with any technique you use.

African Twist Braids for Black Women

african twist braids for black women
Instagram @nayabeauty95

The tapered ends make a distinguishing feature from the vibrant African twist braid pattern from the roots of the head. Classic and timeless, this one is a pride to wear for melanin ladies out there.

Small Black Twist Braids

small black twist braids
Instagram @grip_and_twist

Micro hair work produces vibrant small twist braids like this one. I say the smaller the braid, the sassier the lady! Intricate thin twist braids help lock the moisture in, so try them out and see for yourself.

Spring Twist Braids Hairstyle

spring twist braids
Instagram @sashacheveux

Hold on tight to your best olive oil product to get the right kind of luscious spring twist braids. Proper moisturizing and taking care is necessary for such types of twist braids.

Kinky Twists Hairstyle for Curly Hair

kinky twist braids for curly hair
Instagram @cosmogirlnedd

Super tight kinky twists are still a sight to look at even after all these years of being a top pick for black twist hairstyles. Thick curling creates breathtaking twist curly braids, helping the locks maintain more volume and body.

Crochet Twist Braids

crochet braids twist
Instagram @tresonsweaves

Twist crochet braids are famously known as ones that can be altered by weaving hair extensions. Good thing crochet twist braids are versatile ‘cos it suits any face shape, hair color, and silver or grey accessories that go with it.

Big Twisted Braids

big twisted braids
Instagram @b.versatile_

Because being extra is the new black, big braids twist rule this year! Interlocking chunks of strands create beautiful braided twist hairstyles. They’re easily completed as long as you have steady hands, patience, and a sense of style.

Romantic Braided Twist Updo

romantic braided twist updo
Instagram @beautiibraidz

What makes something romantic is if you can bring out the best in you, and this type of twists for black hair sure did. Wear those braided twists high and proud with an updo to make sure your sparkling, lovely eyes are clear of any hair.

Rope Twists Style

rope twists style
Instagram @adornbraids

An a-class on those large rope twists that give satisfactory protection and style. Like sturdy ropes that can take on anything, your twist single braids are sure to get some love and give you some lady strength and confidence. If wanting an edgier and dramatic result, jazz up your twist braids with shaved sides and paint your rope twist locks midnight blue or purple!

Long Twist Braid for Long Hair

long twist braids
Instagram @braidsbybutterfly

Manage your waist-length locks by putting them in a long twist braids hairstyle. You’ll still be able to flex those braids while keeping them neat. If you need an added illusion of thick hair, a set of extension pieces is ideal.

Twisted High Bun Hairstyle with Color

twist braid with high bun hairstyle
Instagram @superstarthecreator

Tired of having your twists flowing down? Make an interesting look by putting them up in a high bun, exposing your shoulders and neck! The details of the high bun twists are still observed as you show a unique braided pattern placed at your nape area. You’ll have a refreshing new look!

Passion Twist Crochet Hair

passion twist braids hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

A newly conceptualized crochet braiding style! These passion twist braids are also the ideal twist braids for kids and adults. These make use of springy store-bought hair then loosened up before being incorporated into your normal twist crochet hair. The technique boosts volume and texture and deviates from your normal smoothed-up twists.

Cascading Thick Twists Hairstyle

cascading thick twist braids
Instagram @xcellentxtensions

Putting one whole twist onto your twists brings a whole lot of surprises! For this cascading twist braids hairstyle, the diagonal patterns bring your eyes across a wonderful masterpiece that is your twisted braids!

Short Twist Braids

short twist braids
Instagram @poplaura.b

Chunky twists in a short braided style is an outstanding look! The ends fall perfectly around the jaw area, emphasizing your face shape and making you look so petite at the same time. Fashionable short twist braid hairstyles like this one fit any event and occasion.

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Box Braids Hair Twists

twist box braids
Instagram @elyt_styles

This is the box braid twist hairstyle by style creator Hamdiyah Holliman of Lawrenceville, GA. It complements black kinks and a rounded face shape.

Amongst numerous partings, like box parts and triangle parts, Holliman chooses a circle one to give the hair a fuller look.

“My favorite thing about these twist braids hairstyles is how complex it is. It gives you a braid and a twist, two different techniques in one style,” Holliman states.

Box braid twist hairstyles are perfect for all women with textured locks, specifically transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, and who are seeking something low-maintenance. A protective style like twist box braids can last up to four weeks, which is an important factor if you work in an office setting.

Twist braids styles allow women the advantage to “wake up and go.” Holliman explains, “Cutting down on time spent in the mirror, you can throw it in a side ponytail or leave it down by only spending two minutes instead of one hour on your natural twist-out.”

Braiding to the length of the natural hair and twisting the remainder secures the blunt ends and adds longevity to the style. Holliman recommended this technique, so any blunt ends won’t be sticking out of the regular twists.

When maintaining box braid twist styles, Holliman likes to first moisturize with a hair lotion and oil the scalp with grease. “My favorite brand of hair is Xpressions because of the quality and how easy going it is on my hands,” states the stylist.

Waist-Length Jumbo Braids

waist-length jumbo twist braids
Instagram @stylesbysmyley

The jumbo kinky twist style is done using a kinky braid called Fluffy Kinky – it’s a Kenyan brand (Darling Hair Kenya). Having the kinky texture, they bring out a more natural hair look with an African vibe.

Created by stylist Damaris Smiley from Nairobi, KY, the good thing about this look is it’s super light and pocket-friendly in the long run as it provides long service, and is quick to install.

The styling will depend on the length and size that you prefer for your twist big braids. Most ladies prefer long and chunky, which look stunning.

For the upkeep, always go for a self-convenient product that works best for you and your scalp. Smiley states, “I usually recommend the pure castor oil because it helps with the hairline. It gives out a sheen look on the edges and scalp as well.”

Amongst all hair types, 4C has the best grip since the twist jumbo braids are kinky twists, as well as, the hair. For other soft hair textures, the stylist has to be careful and gentle on the fixing.

Hairstyles do vary with personality depending on your taste and preference.

“When it comes to the twists, pick the size, length, and color that’s favorable to you. If you’re 20-30 years old, your lifestyle may not be an issue. It just depends on what you want,” Smiley points out.

Jumbo Senegalese Twist Braids

jumbo Senegalese twist braids
Instagram @devinerootz

The simplicity and elegance of this twist braids hairstyle are beyond compare! It’s a masterpiece by Uju Ozumba, a stylist from Enfield, LDN.

Senegalese twists are very versatile and can look stunning if worn down, or styled into an updo, a bun or knot, ponytails, and so on. The ease of this hairstyle makes it perfect for any holiday and day-to-day. It’s no surprise that Senegalese hair twists are a popular choice amongst ladies, especially the style uses Kanekalon type of hair that can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on how it is managed,” Ozumba describes.

Do your research if you’re considering this look. Ozumba explains, “The difference between protective styling benefits and hair breakage is not entirely dependent on the technique of the hairdresser. The way how you handle your hair can have an effect, too.”

One example is if you’re tying the hair up too tight. This can put too much tension on the hair and cause damage.

There are two key tips that Ozumba would like to share. The first is to use a spray bottle to spray the twists with a leave-in conditioner every 2-3 days or after washing to prolong the style.

Next is to wear a silk scarf, durag, or bonnet when you sleep. If you just don’t find them comfortable, try switching to silk pillowcases.

Medium Braids for Shoulder-Length Hair

medium twist braids for shoulder-length hair
Instagram @victoriousdesigns_

For an easy-to-maintain twist style, opt for medium, shoulder-length braids that are a few inches past the shoulders. Part your locks on whatever side you like, bring them up or style them down. The choice is yours! Don’t let twist braids with natural hair get frizzy by using a satin scarf when sleeping.