20 Hottest Triangle Box Braids You’ve Gotta See

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Triangle box braids are an alternative to box braids, where the hair is sectioned into triangles instead of boxy ones. Totally above average, these plaits are convenient and an easy idea to try!

These unrivaled braids were once worn by hair queens Zoe Kravitz and Teyana Taylor! Versatility is always present in box braids. From a top bun, chunky braids, or side-swept, you’ll always have choices to take your hairstyle to the next level.

Chalia Mangrum from Ohio designs snazzy braided looks, matching them with different accessories. “The main thing women get wrong is that your hair has to be blown straight or a certain texture.” She tells us this while reassuring us that triangle part box braids are for all hair textures.

Regarding maintenance, Chalia recommends a hair oil, an edge control, and a foam. “Use oil to keep your scalp from getting dry. The edge control keeps your edges slick and on fleek, and the foam helps control frizz,” she says. Wrap them up at night and don’t pull, which will loosen them up quicker. Following these tips will give you lovely plaits lasting about 4 to 6 weeks.

Ready to up your protective hair game? These are the trendiest triangle box braids hairstyles to try this season.

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Triangle Box Braids for Little Girl with Beads
Instagram @novemberlov3

#1: Triangle Box Braids for Little Girl with Beads

Triangle box braids for little girls with beads manifest both cuteness and edginess. This is a next-level hairstyle, teaching younger ladies to care for their kinks. They’re sure to love how stylish and unique these box braids with beads would appear.

Triangle Crochet Box braids
Instagram @ateliebadu

#2: Triangle Crochet Box braids

Triangle crochet box braids on a shoulder hair length are sassy and striking! Customize it by embellishing it with accessories such as hoops and cuffs. Keep your triangle braids plain and black for a classic style that’s easy to grow out.

Middle Part Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @mahalas_touch

#3: Middle Part Triangle Box Braids

Wants a very long hair that reaches your thighs? This middle part triangle box braids style will give you more than you need. It’s low maintenance and will protect your natural hair. To add a hint of brightness, ask for two strands of blonde to go with your black braids.

Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @kersti.pitre

#4: Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids

Thinking that a long protective hairstyle is conventional? Save time and get yourself these red short bob triangle box braids. Its shoulder-grazing length is perfect, like where you want it to be. And, sure, you can’t ignore that popping color, which lightens everyone’s mood. Feel free to add cuffs and other gems for a more glamorous effect.

Triangle Box Braids With String
Instagram @mgbeautyhair

#5: Triangle Box Braids With String

If large braids with golden add-ons are your thing, this hairstyle must gladden your heart. Wear these long triangle box braids with strings and cuffs to make you always ready for a rave-up! Love this? See these cute long box braids here!

Burgundy Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @blessbyess

#6: Burgundy Triangle Box Braids

Go loud and bright! Give these long, jumbo burgundy box braids with triangle parts a whirl. The white strings wrapped around a couple of plaits add a sense of aesthetic delight to the utter look.

#7: Medium Triangle Box Braids

Pull off a hairstyle with a great aesthetic root pattern for a little surprise. Complete your style by wearing these medium triangle box braids. These will give your tresses a fuller and more polished edge.

Honey Blonde Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @laid2impress

#8: Honey Blonde Triangle Box Braids

Do you want a hairstyle that will give you effortless glamour? Rock these gorgeous honey blonde triangle box braids to pump up your look. The bright pink ombre is sure to match your edgy but flirty aura. Dig this color? Then there are some more blonde box braids for you.

Triangle Goddess Box Braids
Instagram @xoxo__drii

#9: Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Such a great way to keep a versatile, chic, and protective hairstyle! Carry out a strong impact as you wear these long triangle goddess box braids. On-fleek edges, blonde highlights, and rubber bands prove that details make things extra.

Jumbo Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @urban_kinks

#10: Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Have you got a bubbly personality with the charm of an empress? If yes, you shouldn’t miss giving these jumbo triangle box braids a shot! With added accessories, show them how a shoulder-length style can make a statement. See more of the best jumbo box braids.

#11: Large Triangle Box Braids

Are you passionate about getting your kinky tresses plaited or twisted? Need more time to keep on styling your locks first thing every morning? These layered large triangle box braids fit the bill. Its beauty will not fade if you keep it tight and frizz-free.

Triangle Box Braids in a Bun
Instagram @braids_bytoni

#12: Triangle Box Braids in a Bun

These triangle box braids in a bun give you that classy and stylish look. Let some curly strands be displayed to create extra details on your black hairstyle.

Long Triangle Box Braids for Thin Hair
Instagram @lacorisehair

#13: Long Triangle Box Braids for Thin Hair

This gorgeous hairstyle lets you have a versatile look, ideal for your every mood. These long triangle box braids for thin hair give you a confident and edgy finish. Have a young girl in your life? Check out these cute box braids for kids!

#14: Parted Big Triangle Box Braids

These are solid and straight-up classy! Explore these parted big triangle box braids and wear them like a diva.

Triangle Box Braids With Rubber Bands
Instagram @hairbygat

#15: Triangle Box Braids With Rubber Bands

Give your conventional black protective hairstyle a twist just for kicks. Time to boost your triangle part braids with rubber bands and more dainty hair jewels.

Side Parted Triangle Box Braids with Crimped Ends
Instagram @hairbynishaa

#16: Side Parted Triangle Box Braids with Crimped Ends

Crimped ends make these side-parted triangular box braids more exceptional than ever. The idea is to offer your black protective style added length and flair.

#17: Thick Cornrow Triangle Box Braids

Gorgeous thick cornrow triangle box braids to satisfy your craving for a fresh aura! The aesthetic lines on the scalp and polished edges are fair reasons to get your black mane braided. When opting for triangle parts, braids with cornrows are an excellent choice!

Triangle Box Braids With Color
Instagram @_rsbraid

#18: Triangle Box Braids With Color

If you no longer find your protective style delightful, feel free to upgrade your look. These triangle box braids with color are to lighten your black locks using a touch of blonde hue.

#19: Triangle Box Braids With Curly Ends

Pop some twist to your hairstyle and pull off these triangle part knotless braids with curly ends. These add length to your black mane as if you opt for a Rapunzel mane.

Q&A with style creator, Dayonne
Hairstylist / Braid Professional @ Slayn Attraction Hairstyles in New Jersey

How would you describe this look?

This look is called the knotless bohemian box braids (triangle parts). First, I love this look because of the knotless beginning, which causes less tension and more flexibility when styling. Also, it gives a more natural look versus the traditional method of box braids, where the knot is visible. The bohemian hair attached to the ends gives this style a feminine and boho look, which is what my clients love most about it.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Triangle knotless braids are beneficial to our natural hair. For the initial install, there is no tension and strain on the hair, especially on the hairline, which is most females’ concern. Also, it’s low maintenance, and the versatility is amazing!

#20: Small Triangle Box Braids

Such neat work! Opting for these small triangle box braids on your black curls will flaunt your edgy taste. This is how you should level up your protective hairstyling game.

Q&A with style creator, Christina Dotson
Hair Stylist / Braider @ Braids by Christina in Miami Gardens, FL

How would you describe this look?

This style is a large knotless plaits with triangle parts. I love that it has less tension on the client’s natural hair. It’s also very durable and lightweight.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is for all hair types and can be styled in multiple ways. It’s great for the girl who wants to get up and go without worrying about their hair. It’s also long-lasting for about 4-6 weeks or longer.

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