43 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for Natural Hair (Black Women)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

While it’s common for ladies to desire to grow their hair to very long lengths to achieve certain styles, shoulder-length hair is still a great length to create fabulous looks. Even if you’re not shoulder-length, remember what they say, “If you can’t achieve it, then weave it”! Here are natural medium-length hairstyles for black women that are perfect for this year and are sure to turn heads day or night. Check them out; better yet, why not give them a try?

Clarissa’s Classy Shoulder-Length Look for Black Ladies
Instagram @tamiastyles

#1: Clarissa’s Classy Look

No need to relax your hair when you want a straight style. All you have to do is get some great techniques and tools to pull it off.

#2: Shoulder-Length Thick Curls

If you are considering switching up your hairstyle to shoulder-length thick curls, this may be the change you’ve been looking for. These curls are a versatile look that allows black women to embrace their natural texture. The voluminous and bouncy appearance can enhance your facial features and boost your confidence.

Curly Bangs for Black Women with Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @curlsbyxian

#3: Curly Bangs

Every woman has tried having bangs once in their life. And if you got full-on curls, you already have that extra oomph!

Shoulder-Length Natural Curls with Beige-Blonde Highlights
Instagram @curls.by.lailee

#4: Natural Curls with Beige-Blonde Highlights

Natural curls with beige-blonde highlights on medium-length haircuts can make the perfect statement with the right products. You must see a curl specialist if you’ve got a lot of hair but need help managing it. Often, wearing natural curls well goes hand in hand with medium hair cuts specific to your face and curl pattern.

Straight Shoulder-Length Locks for Black Ladies
Instagram @wendyallick

#5: Straight Locks

This color adds lots of flair to this style. It’s very simple and easy to maintain. Hair serum is a must to add shine without extra weight. This style looks best on women with oval-shaped faces and relaxed hair types. Wrap your hair in the direction in which your hair grows from the scalp and cover it with a satin scarf at night to secure the style in place.

black woman with medium-length hair and tight ringlets
Instagram @liz_mariav

#6: Tight Ringlets

These nice ringlets are a great style if you need a look that will last. The curls serve as a base for other hairdos, like a pinned updo or side sweep appropriate for formal events. For a more up-to-date look, part it to one side.

medium length big ringlets for black hair
Instagram @mo_safi_

#7: Big Ringlets

Big ringlets are a beautiful look that creates fullness and volume in the hair. Big ringlets work whether you are rocking your natural curl pattern or creating curls on relaxed hair. One key product to use is a stronghold curl cream or curl gel to increase the longevity of the style. Pair the ringlets with a face-framing fringe, creating a softer look around the face.

Quick and Easy Top Knot
Instagram @stylesbyife

#8: Quick and Easy Top Knot

This is a banging bang with a modern chic top knot bun. Very chic, trendy, and fashionable. This style can be very edgy or elegant based on your choice of makeup. I love the sleekness of the bangs as it shows off the cut. Also, bangs can be curled to give a playful look. It flawlessly frames her face, brings out her shape, and gives her a polished finished look. Be casual and trendy or elegant and chic – the choice is yours based on your style.

Cool Bantu Knots
Instagram @izziederouge

#9: Cool Bantu Knots

South Africa-originated bantu knots carry cultural intricacies. Stylist Liz is your go-to hairdresser for these twisted tresses.

#10: Elegant Updo

Fashion your hair with a triple threat of braids, a top knot, and flawless edges. Aristocratic and casual for any event of any time of day!

Two-Strand Twists
Instagram @whitneyygee

#11: Two-Strand Twists

Black girls get to play and protect their hair in fun ways like this. Young girls enjoy this style that can be accessorized with beads or ribbons.

#12: Big Curls

This beautiful curly style is an all-time great favorite with lots of versatility. It’s great for business or pleasure, and the upkeep is simple. Try pulling it up or creating a side sweep with rhinestone pins to make it pop. These hairstyles look great on relaxed hair and pear, round, or heart-shaped faces. Use oil sheen just once a week for shine. Spray holding spay as needed and use a satin bonnet at night to secure the style.

Shoulder-Length Twisted Afro for Black Women
Instagram @thelaurynicole

#13: Twisted Afro

This foxy lioness is killing this simple style! It looks chic and classy and will have heads turning. Use products like Biosilk Beach texture to keep the curls soft. These styles will work for women with all shaped faces and hair types. Place a satin bonnet on your hair at night so it will not tangle. Cotton roughs hair and dries it out.

#14: Kinky Long Bob

The middle part is perfect in this simple curly style. If you want to spice it up, turn your head upside down and add some volumizer. Use products like Biosilk beach texture to keep the softness and form of curls. This style looks best on square, pear, round, and heart-shaped faces and can be worn on any hair type. Place a satin bonnet on hair at night to keep it from drying out hair because cotton roughens the hair and dries it out.

Polished Princess Shoulder Length Hair Styles 1

#15 Polished Curls for Women Over 40

This polished princess is sure to turn heads with these tousled curls. This is an easy maintenance style with a daytime look suitable for nighttime. Use Farouk Biosilk serum and light finishing spray for shine and hold. This style looks great on women of all shaped faces with relaxed hair.

Firecracker Ombre Shoulder Length Hair Styles 1
Style by Deanna Burton, John O\’Brien Hair Salon, Statesville, NC

#16: Bold Ombre

This bold yet manageable style will turn heads with its ombre-d and layered tresses. I recommend Silk Elements serum to give these hairstyles a shine. Place pin curls in your hair at night, then put a bonnet over the hair to secure the style.

#17: Layered Cut with Bangs

The layered hairdo can be styled in many ways. Whether straight, curled, pinned up, or down – it’s a classy hairstyle for natural hair. Such hairstyles look best on women with round or square-shaped faces and relaxed hair.

Tosseled Sidesweep Shoulder Length Hair Styles 1
Style by Stephanie Turner, Hair Extronaire, Duncanville, TX

#18: Tousled and Side-Swept

This nice little nest of a style can be long-lasting. You can have two styles in one by changing it into a Mohawk or pulling it forward into a faux hawk. This style looks best on oval and pear-shaped faces and is worn best on relaxed and transitioning hair types. Pin-curl your hair at night to help hold the style longer, then cover it with a satin bonnet to secure the style in place.

Free Flowing Sidesweep Shoulder Length Hair Styles 1
Style by ERMA STEPHENS, Head’s Above, Crestview, FL

#19: Deep Side-Part

This free-flowing side-swept style is great for any occasion. It can be used as an everyday style and a prom or wedding style. Use edge control, oil sheen, and holding spray to hold edges in place for shine and hold. Place flexi-rods in hair to hold curls and cover with a satin bonnet to secure the style in place.  

#20: Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut

This sassy style gives off just the right attitude for day or night. This style looks best on round, square, pear-shaped faces and relaxed hair types. Use serum for shine and to not weigh down your hair and holding spray for hold just in case you want to curl hair. Place soft pillow rollers, flexi-rods, or pin-curl hair at night to hold curls, then place a satin bonnet over the hair to secure such black hairstyles for medium hair.

Shoulder length hairstyle for 4c hair
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#21: For 4C Hair

This is a great cut on a very healthy head of hair.  It doesn’t take much to make this style look nice, but a large tooth-styling comb. This style looks best on women with round and square faces and is worn best on relaxed hair types. Use serum for shine and a light-hold spray not to weigh down hair.

#22: Big and Curly

This diva is rocking these curls!  This is a nice curly ‘do that will last for some time and can be changed several ways for a day or nighttime look. Use an oil sheen and hold spray for shine and hold. This style looks best on women with oval and pear-shaped faces with relaxed hair types.

Bronze Goddess Shoulder Length Hair Styles
Style by ERMA STEPHENS, Head’s Above, Crestview, FL

#23: Messy Curls

This bronze goddess doesn’t have much to worry about with this off-the-face-swept style! This on-the-go look will last until the next salon visit and can be changed into a new hairstyle in minutes.

#24: Mid-Length Wavy Hair

These beautiful waves are gorgeous and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is a great style that can take on various looks. Use an oil sheen and holding spray for shine and hold. Place a satin bonnet over your hair at night to secure the style in place.

Beautiful barrel curls for shoulder length hair
Instagram @koaffyr.se

#25: Barrell Curls

These beautiful barrel curls are giving this style of life! It’s not too much flash, not too much work, but it’s a day or night time style that says, diva. Whether you want to turn things up or down, these shoulder-length styles can take you day to night with just a few tweaks. Don’t waste another second to book your next salon appointment so you can begin making those heads turn.

Diana Ross 2014

#26 Diana Ross

Another protective style that’s good all year ’round is a full wig. When you get the right texture, especially the perfect curly kind, people will not know it’s a wig! Keep reading for more information on this Diana Ross wig.

#27: Magenta Magic

Want to keep yourself looking funky and fresh? For a punky, funky magenta, use Jerome Russell’s Punky Color, “Red Wine.” For brighter results, use a lightener on the section of hair you’d like to dye and strip it to a golden orange before applying the color..

Roller. Set. Go!

#28 Roller. Set. Go!

From the beginning, rollers have been a woman’s best friend! Let’s see how you can achieve these flirty swirls. For smooth results, use smooth rollers! It’s that simple. Any face shape will suit this shoulder-length bob.

Goddess Braids

#29 Goddess Braids

Gorgeous goddess braids don’t have to be simple. Add butterscotch highlighted ringlets to frame your face, and you’re all set. This style works best on smooth, medium-length hair. In addition to styling spritz, use Motions light hold for a soft, flexible hold.

#30: Va-Va Volume

When our hair has volume and natural life brings us confidence. This wash-and-go style makes our curl friends curious about how she manipulates her hair. Natural hair can get out of control very quickly! Using a diluted leave-in conditioner while combing through your hair is good. A quick spray will re-moisten your hair while working through those annoying knots. This style fits all face shapes. Curly hair textures are recommended.

Creative Contrast 2

#31 Creative Contrast

Braid strands are tucked away neatly under afro kinky twisted hair. This is great for a forgettable evening out. Any face shape will suit this style. Curly, wavy hair or anything in between is recommended for this hairdo. For amazing results, use Proclaim’s Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner. The sulfate-free shampoo replenishes moisture, while the conditioner nourishes and detangles hair.

Loose Waves with a Side Part for Black Women with Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @koexperience

#32: Loose Waves

Loose waves trickle over her shoulder as she smiles at the world. How does she do it? A slender face shape will suit this style best. Medium to long lengths and smooth texture hair is ideal. To ensure smooth, realistic hair extensions, instead of adding loose extension hair to cornrows, use thick black thread.

Upbeat Shoulder Length Up-do

#33 Upbeat Up-do

Playful curled locs can mold quickly into your very own signature style. All you need is some pipe cleaners! Pipe cleaners or Flexi rods are great for executing this style. These can be found at any hair store or online.

Charlie's Angel

#34 Charlie’s Angel

This 1980s style has come back around in a huge way! The subtle ombre gives our angel a soft yet rich color, which compliments her skin tone. Any face shape will suit this style, and smooth, medium-length hair suits this style best. Use Luster’s Smooth Touch Olive Oil Sheen Spray. It will help make your hair more manageable and bring a great glimmer and shine.

Gorgeous Whirls Shoulder Length Look

#35  Gorgeous Whirls

This burgundy hued beauty is rocking highlights all over. She’s ready for a night out on the town! Use a mix of Marcel wax and L’Oreal Mythic Oil for smooth curls for extra shine and protection. Any face shape will suit this style, and smooth textured, medium to long-length hair suit this style best. If you want to try another oil with the Marcel wax, I suggest Mizani’s Supreme Oil which delivers soft, supple, and seriously smooth strands!

Be the Topic Shoulder Length Style

#36 Be the Topic

This mane is fashioned into a sleek do that veils one eye. With this look, you will be the talk of the town. For luster and shine, deep conditioning is the answer! Try out Dr. Miracle’s Double Deep Moisturizing Masque for some pampering for your hair. Any face shape will suit this style, and smooth, medium-length hair best suits this style. When preparing for bed, remember to wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet.

Bun'd Baby Shoulder Length Hairstyle

#37 For Little Girls

Our adorable princess is rocking a high bun with a few loose ringlets. She’s ready for her first day of daycare! Check out Aunt Jackie’s Girls for a wonderful line that includes Soft and Sassy conditioner for that naturalista in training. Aunt Jackie’s Girls also has a leave-in conditioner called Knot Havin’ It! This is for all those little black girls who may have a hard time combing out their hair. Some of our princesses tend to have tender heads, so this product should help. A round face shape will suit this style, and medium-length, smooth-textured hair suits this style best.

So Dynamic Shoulder-Length Look

#38 So Dynamic

This intricate high bun is nicely woven into royalty. Whether it be her wedding day or another special event, she’s set. Fantasia’s Hair Polisher Firm Hold Edges smoothing gel is vital for holding up this regal style. Any face shape will suit this style, and any texture, such as short to medium-length hair, will suit this style best.

Go Bold Hairstyle

#39 Go Bold

This modernized mullet proves to be fashionable with its layered look. Try out Orofluido. It’s mixed with 3 natural oils that awaken the beauty in your hair. A slender face shape will suit this style, and smooth textured, medium-length hair best suits this style. Products are not nationality specific! Try using dry shampoo for braids, weaves, or extremely greasy hair.

Make a Fierce Shoulder-Length Statement

#40 Make a Fierce Statement

Don’t you love this asymmetrical attraction with touches of coppery highlights in the bangs? Any face shape and texture, or medium-length hair, will suit this style. Go to the Secret Extensions site for great deals on hair now! Either blend the hair or buy hair for full black weave hairstyles.

Caramel Cuteness

#41 Caramel Cuteness

A soft blend of deep brown to caramel colors, coiled over each other, defines this hairdo. Buy Outre Beat Brazilian Remi from your closest Beauty Supply Warehouse. You can find this brand on sale right now. To maintain extensions once carefully removed, thoroughly wash hair. Put conditioner in a small pot and boil hair for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Use a hooded dryer to dry hair.

Sculpted Shoulder Length Locs

#42 Sculpted Locs

Before, we explored spiral locs, but now you can add some flat twists to this beloved style. Use Jane Carter’s Natural Hold Locking Spray to hold freshly twisted hair and for smooth locks. Any face shape and medium to long-length loc will suit this style. If your locs have not grown to your desired length, add faux locs to the ends. You no longer have to wait for great length. Use Vivica Fox’s kinky hair for natural results.

Shear Perfection Shoulder Length Hairstyle

#43 Shear Perfection

All women desire is a terrific set of tresses! These locks are smooth and bouncy with a whole lot of life. For our sisters with relaxed hair, use the moisturizing and conditioning shampoo from Salon Finish for that buttery smooth finish—slender face shapes and smooth, medium-length hair suit this style best. After rinsing your relaxer, use Salon Finish Shampoo twice and your neutralizer and conditioner. Use the nozzle and strong water pressure to comb out the knots. You will thank me when you discover your amazing results!