22 Poppin’ Medium Box Braid You Have to See

Medium box braids
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Medium box braids styles are a protective hairstyle for natural hair that’s done by sectioning the hair into boxy divisions and braiding it from the roots to any length between shoulder and chest. Not a fan of too many extensions to go with your box braids? No problem! With its medium-length form, you will still have as much fun and versatility!

The top thing women love about these gorgeous pleats is that they offer the benefits of framing and complementing your facial details without effort. Influencer celebs Danai Gurira, Zoe Kravitz, Amandla Stenberg, and Lupita Nyong’o have worn their box braid hairstyle and kept it medium-length, inspiring fans and stylists all over to do the same!

Florida-based expert braider and Insta-influencer Chounèse from LC Beauty Salon create unique styles on medium-length hair braids using cuffs, yarns, and even ombres. With new and improved styling techniques, these chic boxy pleats look way better than their ’90s version!

Not too thick nor bulky, box braids that are medium length are easier to style in updos and buns than longer pieces. They’re still as low maintenance as their typical form, minus the time and effort, as shoulder-length braids only need a few hair extensions to install.

Below is an up-to-date gallery of extraordinary and stylish ways to rock them! Give these extra trendy medium box braids hairstyle ideas a shot!

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#1: Cute Medium Box Braids

These useful and popular medium braids have been part of multiple cultures and lifestyles. A timeless style, medium box braids are here to stay to protect your hair from damage while maintaining a dashing appearance.

Mid-Length Burgundy Box Braids for black ladies with a side part
Instagram @mr_trancista
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#2: Mid-Length Burgundy Braids

Consider mid-length burgundy box braids with a side part if you want a chic hairstyle. This versatile style allows you to switch up your parting to suit your mood. The burgundy hue adds a pop of color to your look. As a low-maintenance hairstyle, box braids allow your hair to rest and protect your natural hair from heat damage. Ask for your baby hair to be left out along the perimeter to avoid thinning of the edges with the tension of the braids.

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#3: Extra Long Bob with Silver Cuffs

An extra long bob with silver cuffs is a great protective style. And all without having to worry about styling every morning. Add silver cuffs to your braids for edgier vibes for a unique look. This easy braid style looks perfect on oval or heart-shaped faces. It requires minimal effort and maintenance. At the same time, ask your braider for their recommendation on length, especially if your face is more round and full.

Mid-length box braids with beads
Instagram @slayedinbraids
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#4: Braids with Beads

Some may label it as tribal or box braids and cornrow combination style. This look is very trendy and cute, as you can see. Box braid styles can take 3 hours to complete and use two braiding hair packages – Supreme Hair Super tz4 38′ was used. What I like about this hairstyle is that it won’t be heavy because of its length. It also gives you a different bob look than just regular box braids medium in length. I also like to see the zig-zag parts; for this length, I prefer beads rather than leaving them as it is. I feel like the beads add a pop to the style.

It lasts at least a month, and for some textures, the cornrow may tend to grow out faster. To maintain these medium-length braids, I recommend a client use oil or grease to moisturize the scalp every 2-3 days. Please don’t do it every day because the pores in the scalp may clog up, and one does this to prevent a dry scalp from forming. If the scalp becomes itchy, there are some itch relief products you can try or use, such as tea tree oil.

Long Bob Braids for Black Women
Instagram @hairpreto2022
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#5: Long Bob Braids

Long bob braids are a great way to protect your hair while still having fun with style. These versatile medium box braids with curls can be worn in various ways, from sleek and straight to voluminous curves. Plus, they’re easy to maintain. Just make sure you avoid tight styling and use gentle products for moisturizing.

Ask your braider to use human hair for the curls for the easiest maintenance. Synthetic curly hair can only take the heat or a little product for styling. For an extra touch of flair, accessorize such medium braids hairstyles with colorful beads or ribbons! With long bob braids, you’ll have a perfect look that will last all season long.

Mid-Length Thick Honey Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @kallistylzz
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#6: Thick Honey Blonde Braids

For a different spin on traditional braids, try thick honey blonde 2-strand twists. For the best result, try to have your hair as straight as possible without heat damage, or seek this style if your hair isn’t very thick and coarse. A strong gel product is one of the best ways to ensure your medium plaits are smooth. Try LocN gel for locs and twists for a sleek and firm hold.

Gorgeous Mid-Length Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior
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#7: Gorgeous Mid-Length Braids

I’ve found that gorgeous mid-length braids are perfect for creating a look that will make you look stylish. I always recommend keeping your hair moisturized. This will help maintain the shape of your style and keep it looking great for longer. For extra definition, use a small amount of styling gel to add texture and hold to your braid styles. To finish the look, spritz with hairspray for added shine and protection against humidity.

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#8: Sweet Braided Long Bob

Get into this sweet braided long bob, a favorite for simple braid styles. The bob is a great way to avoid needing extra time for management at home. Just wear a bonnet at night and moisturize it to keep them long-lasting.

blonde medium box braids
Instagram @organic.jane
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#9: Blonde Medium Box Braids

An utterly versatile way to wear your natural curls, blonde box braids is protective and stylish in many ways. Wearing small box braids on a bob cut can show off the fierceness of your personality!

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#10: Vivid Red Box Braids

You can’t be scared to attract a lot of eyes if you’re going to rock vivid red box braids! If you can, take it a step further and ask your braider to add a bohemian vibe with loose curly hair throughout. Opt for a human hair blend for these shoulder-length medium box braids with color when adding loose curls to braids. Human hair can be managed far better than synthetic hair for such stunning medium bohemian box braids.

Mid-length Burgundy Colored box Braids
Instagram @braids_by_jade
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#11: Burgundy Colored Braids

Burgundy-colored braids are all the rage – and for a good reason. Not only is burgundy the perfect complement to darker hair and skin tones, but adding a second color to your braids will make the weaving technique pop.

mid-length jumbo box braids
Instagram @famigeradoafro
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#12: Jumbo Box Braids Style

Chunky yet easy on the eyes, these jumbo box braids serve multiple purposes. It is a protective style that keeps every stand in place while showing off an intricate design with texture and color.

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#13: Chunky Medium Braids

If you’re a woman who loves accessories, then here’s an idea for medium-large box braids. Try adding beads, which are a nice touch of playfulness for your medium triangle box braids, which everyone needs nowadays! Check out more box braids hairstyles for kids.

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#14: Triangle Parts

Scalp work can even be the center of attraction in such braiding techniques. The triangle parts on box braids reveal the fiery box braids that you have. If you have longer hair, check out the best long box braids. Keep the thickness of your box braids medium to look fuller but with enough strands that are easier to manage.

Shoulder-Length Box Braid Bobs
Instagram @trancasdagraci
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#15: Shoulder-Length Box Braid Bob

Having shoulder-length box braids highlights your face shape. Different features of your face can also be emphasized when you wear your hair in different ways. A ribbon or yarn would also be a great addition to your medium large box braids!

trendy medium-length half updo
Instagram @laura.matton
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#16: Trendy Medium-Length Half Updo

A sensational style for wearing your medium-sized box braids is a mid-length vibe for a carefree, easy look! Versatility is at an all-time high with different accessories in place. To customize the length, ask for tips from the expert or look for a braid length chart online.

Collarbone length box braids with gold cuffs
Instagram @stylist.onduty
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#17: Braids with Gold Cuffs

A classic look to your shoulder-length box braids is with accessory gold beadwork. Dark skin is brought out thanks to the complementary gold-beaded accessory. Turn this hairstyle into medium goddess box braids by including loose curly strands.

Medium Accessorized Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior
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#18: Accessorized Braids

More and more ways of self-expression can be fashioned, especially when wearing stylish medium box braids hairstyles. One way of defining your style is through accessories like beads, ribbons, and strings to perk up your look. If wanting braids that are easier to wear, a lace wig is an option.

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#19: Box Braid Bob

Your black hair may get unexpectedly shorter after having it braided. No worries because medium-length box braids bobs are all the hype, showcasing an intricate pattern and some accessories while keeping your hair neat and well-maintained.

medium-length box braids with gold cuffs
Instagram @zhaanaay
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#20: Trendy Gold Cuffs

This look is refreshing. It’s something new and different from regular box braids that lack colors. It’s lightweight, easy to manage, quick to do, and one of my favorite protective hairstyles.

This hairstyle is for all curly, kinky, coarse, and coily hair types. The kinkier your locks, the longer the style will last! This hairstyle is so universal and can go with any style.

My favorite products for this style are the Creme of Nature Edge Control, Africana 3x 84″ hair by FreeTress, Shea Moisture Twisting Butter, and black rubber bands to keep the style in place. Use rubber bands if your hair is a little on the soft side, so it tends to slip out of braids easily, but using rubber bands can last twice as long. You can skip this step if you don’t want to use rubber bands.

This style is also so easy to take care of. All you need is to wash your scalp once a week or every two weeks, wrap your hair at night, and moisturize it daily!

Simple medium-long box braids with side part
Instagram @bomb____chelle
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#21: Simple Braids with Side Part

This box braid look with a side part and a subtle ombre is ideal for anyone from pre-teen in high school to an adult in a professional work environment. Michelle Carter, a Virginia Beach, VA stylist, created these medium size box braids. “I love that you can wear this style with multiple parts, different lengths, and even in a ponytail,” says Carter.

Crochet braids are not only a great protective style but also low maintenance. Opt for small, medium knotless braids if you want less attention on your locks.

To maintain these medium ombre box braids, apply Influence rosemary stimulating spray to the scalp. After application, use a clean washcloth to wipe the scalp clean lightly. Carter adds, “Use the Influence organic complex to rejuvenate and moisturize scalp for longer-lasting crochet install. It’s not recommended to go longer than a month and a half. If you desire, you can use an extra-large hair bonnet to preserve crochet hair or use a satin scarf.”

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#22: Small Medium Box Braids

These shoulder-length knotless braids are a simple look to maintain daily. Today you can wear it in a quick messy bun, and then you can have straight hair the next day. The best thing about this medium-sized style is that it makes you look like Cleopatra!

You can finish the hair with a black rubber band. It’s discreet and elegant! You can finish the hair with jewels and add color strings for a stylish look. You can ask for medium knotless box braids if you want a pain-free braided style.

If you have this type of hair, don’t use a particular product on your medium-length knotless braids because sometimes the braids can be oily. Although, every week, moisturize your scalp with coconut or shea butter.