23 Hot Lemonade Braids Inspired by Beyoncé

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Beautiful Lemonade Braids with Baby Hairs for Black Women
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#1: Beautiful Lemonade Braids with Baby Hairs

Do you want a braided style that shows your unique personality? You can request the stunning style of lemonade braids with baby hairs. This fashionable look stands out and will make you feel special wherever you go.

Lemonade braids with a Ponytail Updo
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#2: Lemonade Braided Style with a Ponytail Updo

Feel like a princess warrior with this iconic ponytail lemonade braid updo! Put on some golden metallic cuffs, add those thin flawless braids beside your face, and finish with an edgy high ponytail to rock this goddess braids style.

#3: Curved Lemonade Braids with Blonde Accent

When blonde highlights are added, lemonade braids look stunning! Adding color brings out each braid’s unique style.

Side-Swept Long Jumbo Lemonade Braids
Instagram @lua_braidss

#4: Side-Swept Jumbo Lemonade Braids

These side-sweeping jumbo lemonade braids are absolutely gorgeous! This braided style, full of glamour and a touch of divinity, is perfect for anyone looking to make an impact with their look.

Shoulder-Length Asymmetrical Lemonade Braided Bob with Beads
Instagram @miguel.freitaas

#5: Asymmetrical Braided Bob with Beads

This is a cute style! An asymmetrical braided bob with beads proves you can readily change a short braided style. You can also enhance this style by adding a fresh, coppery hue.

#6: Waist-Length Neat Lemonade Braids

Chic and sleek is the name of the game when it comes to these waist-length neat lemonade braids. This particular take on the lemonade braid trend is quickly becoming a timeless classic.

Sexy Jumbo Lemonade Braids
Instagram @braids.things

#7: Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Super low-upkeep and easy to manage, these beautiful thick and large lemonade braids look even better with super-thin ones for a contrasting effect.

#8: Swirl Lemonade Braids

Swirl lemonade braids with creative partings can gradually get larger at the end. Sweep to the side or center for your signature style. Goddess braids like these skinny lemonade braids can be styled to suit any face shape but are perfect for women with round faces as it frames and elongates the face.

#9: Half-Up, Half-Down Lemonade Braid Style

Try a half-up, half-down lemonade braid style, and show off some cheekbones. These lemonade braids with curls create a different dimension. With many options, one thing that remains the same with these curly lemonade braids styles is their elegance.

#10: Zig Zag Lemonade Braids

One of the benefits of having cornrows is that you get to have any intricate design you want, such as these zig zag lemonade braids! Be sure to have your Beyonce braids done by a professional braider if you want the best results.

Thin lemonade braids with pink ombre
Instagram @val_can_braid

#11: Thin Lemonade Braid Style with Pink Ombre

Cute long and small side braids are perfect for showing off a mermaid fashion color like this pastel pink ombre! When considering these pink Beyonce lemonade braids, use strings to transition from one color to another when wearing your braids to the side.

Burgundy red lemonade braids
Instagram @hairbymustard1

#12: Burgundy Red Braids

Burgundy box braids suit any black woman brave enough to wear them. These burgundy lemonade braids also have triangle parts for a unique root design.

#13: Lemonade Braided Hair with a Side Part

A neat side part on classic lemonade braids gives you balanced volume on both sides of your head. Keep it naturally black for that added classic sensation. These lemonade braid styles won’t go out of style!

Long Lemonade Braids with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @atelie_badu

#14: Long Lemonade Braids with Blonde Highlights

Highlight your gorgeous long lemonade braids when you let warm honey blonde tones run through them. Pull off Beyonce’s blonde lemonade braids with a much more stylish twist. With a warm shade on these center-part lemonade braids, you can brighten and frame your face for spring or summer!

Lemonade twists with bun
Instagram @jdivastyles

#15: Lemonade Twists with a Bun

Get edgy with these lemonade braids topknot paired with a neat undercut. The purple ombre looks as fashionable in a high bun as when worn straight down.

Braided Hair with Strings and Accessories
Instagram @val_can_braid

#16: Braided Hair with Strings and Accessories

If vibrant colors and dazzling accessories are your things, try combining these rose gold strings and green ombre on your lemonade box braids for contrast! Add cuffs, strings, and accessories to achieve chic bohemian lemonade braids.

Cute Lemonade braids with beads
Instagram @atelie_badu

#17: Cute Lemonade Braids with Beads

Level up the classic lemonade braids with beads and cuffs to finish the look with a more stylish vibe. Use your creativity, and you’ll have a unique design that shows your fun personality.

Small lemonade braids
Instagram @braidsby_trina

#18: Small Lemonade Braids

These carefully done small lemonade braids don’t need anything else to make them look stunning! You can style your micro braids any way – straight back, in a bun, or with accessories.

#19: Lemonade Purple Braids

Are you tired of your simple black long braids? Have a magical effect by trying this blend of purple and blue ombre! Decorate your lemonade braids with color gold cuffs and yarn to finish your lemonade braids hairstyles.

Low Ponytail and Lemonade Braids
Instagram @val_can_braid

#20: Low Ponytail and a Lemonade Braided Style

If you’re considering these lovely medium lemonade braids – start with a unique intricate pattern on your head and transition it smoothly into a high ponytail to give you a cool yet feminine look!

Chunky Lemonade Braids
Instagram @hairbymustard1

#21: Chunky Braids

A super manageable style is these chunky and jumbo lemonade braids. Style your chunky braids with a solid golden brown hue, and wrap your hair around with two pieces to flaunt your lovely face! Consult your stylist about what shade of brown lemonade braids would work for you considering your eye color and skin tone.

Big Lemonade Braids
Instagram @steph_odia

#22: Big Lemonade Braids

Super glam, thick, and big lemonade braids can be styled with gold accessories to look more fabulous. Jumbo braids are low-maintenance and ideal for on-the-go women. These side lemonade braids are one of the best protective styles for summer. They look edgy and classic at the same time! Perfect for taking a dip in the pool with and still looking good coming out of the water!

Anybody can rock this braided style. It goes well with everyday women who work and want to save time in the morning. Also, these lemonade-style braids are perfect for the active girl who goes to the gym and is always on the run.

Cornrow Lemonade Braids
Instagram @_braidsbynari

#23: Cornrow Braids

A combo of thin and thick lemonade cornrows with highlights can give you that Beyonce vibe. If you have some length, a pro braider can recreate this combination with any braid size.

This look is “stitch braids” or, as some would like to call it, “railroad tracks.” This isn’t the average cornrow lemonade braids style but is achieved by adding small extensions to the natural hair to increase in size gradually. The thicker your hair is, you add to your side cornrow style. I love how this lemonade braid is quick, convenient, and simple but still shows so much detail in the braids. This medium lemonade braids style can last two weeks or more, depending on your hair type. If you’re looking for a side braid lasting over three weeks, Nari doesn’t suggest this braided hairstyle.

Lemonade braids are simply long cornrows styled side-swept to make you feel like royalty. Beyonce’s trendsetting hairstyle inspires them in her music videos from the album Lemonade. I have seen many amazing variations of this trendy protective hairstyle – from jumbo braids to dyed and decorated ones.

The versatility of this African-American hairstyle will allow you to add a touch of your unique personality to your hair! These side braids were invented to make black women feel confident and proud of their natural textured hair. You can always add some baby hair to soften the look. The key is never to condition your hair for a long-lasting and healthy result! When life gives you lemons, opt for these hair trends yummy braids!

Before your next hair braiding appointment, check out these inspiring images of lemonade braids hairstyle ideas.