27 Stunning Knotless Braids You Can’t Ignore This Year

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Protective Fulani Braids with Wavy Ends

For a style that stays out of your face, think about rocking protective Fulani braids with wavy ends. The choice is always yours! You can get this braid style in small, medium, or large braids and look fly, whichever you choose. A simple technique for the wavy ends is to grab a handful of braids and braid them together into larger ones. Then, dip it into boiling water for a wavy and crinkled look. Be sure to allow your braids to cool down before unbraiding the ends so the wave pattern stands.

Side Parted Knotless Braids for Black Ladies
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#2: Side Parted Knotless Braids

We LOVE these side-parted knotless braids. The unique look is a blend of cute bob length, added loose tendrils, and tight, neat braids.

Knotless Gypsy Braids for Black women with mid-length hair
Instagram @hairpreto2022

#3: Knotless Gypsy Braids

If you’re a Black woman with mid-length hair who loves braids, you may want to consider knotless gypsy braids. Knotless gypsy braids offer a natural, flowing look that is perfect for any occasion. Because the knots on traditional braids can cause tension and breakage, knotless braids are gentler on your hair. Plus, they offer more versatility when it comes to styling. Ask for 100% human hair for the braids to keep the style long-lasting.

Waist-Length Deep Side Part Knotless Braids with Curls
Instagram @hairbynelsy

#4: Deep Side Part Braids with Curls

One of the simplest ways to add edge to your style is by getting a deep side part with knotless braids. I tend to recommend a middle part regardless of where the braids will lie. This is because the base is flat and natural so that the braids can be flipped to either side for a deep part. Parting the foundation of the style to the side will limit style choices in the life of the style. For body and movement, leave the ends loose and set them on flexi rods for a beautiful curl.

Knotless and Gypsy-Inspired Braids for Black Women with blonde hair
Instagram @hairpreto2022

#5: Knotless and Gypsy-Inspired Braids

Blonde hair and braids seem like an unlikely pairing. But knotless braids can make a stunning hairstyle for black women with blonde hair. You might always ask for knotless instead of traditional box braids. They allow a more subtle and natural look, starting with feeding in the extensions instead of the traditional knot. This method causes less tension on the scalp. It reduces the risk of damage and makes the braids feel lighter. The gypsy-inspired style has beads and shells to add a touch to the braids. This look works best for anyone looking for a chic and subtle way to rock braids with blonde hair.

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Very Long Gypsy Goddess Knotless Braids on Black Hair
Instagram @bloombyrose_

#6: Very Long Gypsy Goddess Braids

Very long gypsy goddess braids are a voluminous style option for black women. Like the boho style, gypsy braids have many more curly extensions, making the braids harder to see. Gypsy curls are a classy way to rock knotless braids and have a ton of movement. Keep mousse and shine spray around to prevent the curls from looking dry or frizzy.

#7: Medium Braids with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Try knotless braids with subtle blonde highlights if you want a braided style with color. This sun-kissed look is perfect for summer!

#8: Traditional Knotless Bob Braids

Traditional knotless bob braids are the gorgeous braid trend that mixes modern with classic. This look should be your go-to for a timeless and chic style!

Very Long and Big Knotless Braids with Middle Part Style
Instagram @thatgirlbraids

#9: Very Long and Big Braids

If you need a braid style that can last a few weeks but you won’t sit long in the chair, rock very long and big knotless braids. This is a favorite for Black women who love simple but neat braids. I suggest seeking a professional braider who can make a good judgment on the thickness of the braids. You’ll want braids that balance out in size and length without being too heavy or full.

#10: Medium Knotless Faux Locs Twists for Natural Hair

One of the newest natural hair styles that combine locs and twists, is faux loc twists. This is an alternative to test out locs, and one of the ways to style natural locs before committing to dread locs. Your natural hair is twisted at the roots like a dread loc retouch. Then 2 sections are 2-strand twisted together with Marley braid hair to add thickness and a natural texture. I suggest seeking a professional who specializes in twists. This ensures that the tension control and twisting method is neat and sustainable.

Long-Length Medium-Sized Knotless Braids with Curly Ends
Instagram @the.prettyparlor

#11: Long-Length Braids with Curly Ends

Are you looking for a hairstyle that puts less tension on the head? If so, try long-length knotless braids with curly ends!

Long and Black Bohemian Knotless Braids with Swirled Edges
Instagram @shinadidthat._

#12: Long and Black Bohemian Braids

Long and black bohemian knotless braids are a tight and chic hairstyle that will look good on anyone! Ask your braider if he or she can create this style for you.

#13: Shoulder-Length Braids with Deep Side Part Style

Feeling a bob for your next style? Consider shoulder-length knotless braids with a deep side part style. The deep part adds a level of sophistication for the modern black woman. It makes her stand out while still wearing a protective braid style. These braids have a flat base, so the bob should fall flat at the roots and minimize volume.

Blonde Knotless Fulani Braids with Curly Ends and Heart-Shaped Part
Instagram @hairby_millii

#14: Blonde Fulani Braids with Curly Ends

Get into these blonde Fulani braids with curly ends. They’re ideal for younger black women. This style can encompass designs like a braided heart, freestyle designs, and curly ends. To achieve the ends as such, your braider must use synthetic kanekalon hair. It must be flame retardant and can be manipulated with boiling water. Remember to keep a mousse like Shine n Jam to lay down any flyaway strands throughout the life of the style.

Very Long Cornrows and Knotless Braids with Unique Parts
Instagram @the.prettyparlor

#15: Cornrows with Unique Parts

Cornrows and knotless braids with unique parts are a fun freestyle braid style. Braids are becoming more creative. Ask your braider for a heart, butterfly, or even a flower design in your braids. For the neatest look, I suggest going to a braider who specializes in stitch braids and has an eye for details.

Big Knotless Braided Bun Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @the.prettyparlor

#16: Big Braided Bun Updo

The big braided bun updo is a timeless stitch braid style that has elegance in mind. Today, braiders are becoming more creative and finding ways to remix timeless looks. A popular trend is to accentuate a stitch braid style with a braided heart design. But don’t worry, you can wear this style in a long braided ponytail, too, for a younger and more active look. Ask your braider for long enough braids to be able to rock both.

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#17: Small Brown Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids should always be an option for black women wanting a protective braid style with low maintenance. The style takes only a few hours to install and can last up to 8 weeks with proper care and upkeep. For a conservative look, match the braid hair color to your natural hair color. But if you want to add some spunk, there are tons of color combinations to choose from.

#18: Extra Long Jumbo Braids Without Knots

Extra long jumbo braids without knots, or knotless braids, are a chic and quick braid style. Ideal for specific events or vacations. Jumbo braids tend to have a shorter life span than smaller braid styles. Remember that the larger the section, the better the style lasts on someone with wavy or straight hair. Plus, it’s more natural looking. Ladies with kinky or tightly natural curled hair won’t be able to appreciate the sleekness for long.

Classic Middle-Parted Knotless Box Braids on Long-Length Dark Hair
Instagram @che_braids

#19: Classic Middle-Parted Knotless Box Braids

Classic middle-parted knotless box braids are timeless and great for any occasion. The versatility is what makes this style an option every time. Think of knotless braids as larger hair strands you can pull up, down, to the side, half up, curl the ends, and so on.

Knotless Stitch Braids with Square and Triangle Parts for Black Long Hair
Instagram @herbraids2000

#20: Knotless Stitch Braids with Square and Triangle Parts

One creative way to switch up knotless braids is by playing with square or triangle parts. I often tell my clients that precision parting can make or break the style. To help enhance the precision, a gel or wax-based product is applied to each part and defined with a fine tooth comb. If you want a triangle or other shaped parting, I suggest you see a professional braider. This will help to ensure the sections are neat and consistent.

Center-Parted Small Knotless Black Braids with Hints of Blonde
Instagram @hairbymandy_

#21: Center-Parted Small Black Braids with Hints of Blonde

Center-parted small black braids with hints of blonde are the perfect caramel complement. Lighten up your braided look with a few added highlights to make them pop.

#22: Black and Blonde Ombre Braids

If you can’t decide between natural color or blonde braids, get the two and get brown and blonde ombré braids. Fortunately, the ombré effect does not need to be done by hand. There are tons of braiding hair brands with ombré colors on the market. This makes it a lot easier to get braided fresh with color. I suggest you get ombré colored hair instead of feeding it in a different color by hand to create an ombré effect. The effect is far more seamless and gradual.

Long Boho Knotless Box Braids with Wavy Strands
Instagram @its_kelscapri

#23: Long Boho Knotless Box Braids

Long boho knotless box braids are perfect for anyone who wants to add texture to their hair. Leave some strands out to create contrast between the waves and braids of your style.

Long and Black Medium-Sized Knotless Braids with Sleek Baby Hairs
Instagram @hairbytia_

#24: Medium-Sized Braids with Sleek Baby Hairs

Medium-sized knotless braids can be designed with sleek baby hairs along the edges. I suggest that you allow whatever short hairs tend to pop out or won’t pull in to be part of the baby hair design. In my opinion, it looks more natural. Try Edge Booster Pomade with a small brush to have fun and create all the swirls you want.

#25: Knotless Dark Brown Braids

Consider knotless dark brown braids if you’re looking for a protective style. Knotless, given the name because of its install without the typical knot, allows you to wear your hair in plaits. They look like it’s 100% your natural hair at the roots, while the braid hair provides length and weight. Keeping the hair dark brown maintains the reservation. But you can always add some color for highlights and depth. For at-home maintenance, wear a bonnet at night. Use tea tree oil on your scalp to help with itch throughout the duration of wearing your braids.

Very Long Middle Part Knotless Box Braids with Spiral Ends
Instagram @soliviastylez

#26: Middle Part Box Braids with Spiral Ends

Middle-part box braids with spiral ends are a beautiful knotless braid style. It’s perfect for protecting your natural hair. Have fun playing with the length while you’re at it!

#27: Small Braids with Curled Ends

If you want a flirty twist to your next protective braid style, get small knotless braids. Stemming from the Coi Leray braids, the ends are wrapped on flexi or perm rods, then set in boiling hot water. When getting the curly ends, the curls last longer when not braided all the way down, then curled. Braided ends that are curled weigh more, and thus the curl drops faster. With loose ends that are curled, they last longer.

Knotless braids have become one of the most popular low-maintenance protective styles this season.

Meet The Expert

Jalisia Marie
Jalisia Marie
Jalisa is a braiding specialist with over 17 years of experience
You can find Jalisa at her own studio in Atlanta, GA

Different Hair Textures and Thickness

According to Jalisia Marie, knotless braids are suitable for all hair textures, including fine, thick, relaxed, natural, and all types of curl patterns. These tension-free individual braids start with the client’s natural hair and incorporate small pieces of weaving hair for the desired length and thickness. Jalisia emphasizes that these braids offer a versatile and inclusive option for everyone, regardless of hair type or texture.

Considering Your Face Shape

When it comes to face shapes, Jalisia assures that these braids can be tailored to fit most shapes. They can be worn in various sizes and lengths, making them adaptable to different facial features. For individuals with rounder faces, Jalisia suggests opting for long braids or adding human hair to the braids to achieve a fuller, wavy look. On the other hand, those with narrow faces can consider a knotless braided bob, which frames the face and adds an edgy touch.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

To maintain and style knotless braids, Jalisia emphasizes the importance of establishing a hair care routine. She suggests using a moisturizer a few times a week, followed by an oil, to keep the scalp refreshed and prevent dryness and itchiness. Jalisia recommends a few products:

  1. Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Spray: This product provides the necessary moisture to combat dry hair while wearing protective styles. It is lightweight and does not create product buildup.
  2. As I Am Jamaican Castor Oil Water: This product helps to moisturize the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. It is particularly useful for individuals with active lifestyles, as it keeps the scalp refreshed and hydrated.
  3. Naturally Africa Braid Moisturizing Spray: Designed specifically for braided hairstyles, this spray moisturizes and nourishes the hair, preventing dryness and maintaining the integrity of the braids.

To seal in moisture, Jalisia recommends using oil after moisturizing. She suggests opting for a scalp and strengthening oil that stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Photos of the Best Knotless Braid Hairstyle Ideas