6 High Fashion Hairstyles For Black Women

There are hairstyles you wear that are best suited for the office and those that are funkier and more cutting edge that you save for the weekends, date nights and vacations.

Sure, high fashion hairstyles aren’t styles you can wear all the time (unless your industry permits), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t step outside your box and have some hair fun.

If you are longing for some edgy hairstyle inspiration to amp up your tresses, take a look at some of these high fashion ‘dos that are practically begging to be seen by all. Get ready for runway ready hair in 3…2…1!

1. ‘Fro Hawk 

Edgy doesn’t begin to describe this version of the mohawk that is especially perfect for all you natural hair ladies out there to try. Also, it isn’t as hard to achieve as it may look. Simply pin down the sides and the back of all your hair to form the basis of the mohawk and finger styles from there.

 High Fashion Hairstyles

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2. Editorial Bun 

Shake up the classic style of a bun, by spicing it up with this high fashion, editorial version. It is generally the same process as how you would style a traditional high bun, except this one side and teased high with added hair extensions for more drama.


 High Fashion Bun Hairstyle

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3. Flapper Waves

It’s always good to reach back to the past for modern hair inspiration and this sexy, classy flapper hairstyles is perfect for a night out on the town. Due to the complexity of the wave process, it’s best to turn to a professional to recreate this hairstyles that is waved throughout and pinned in the back.

Flapper High Fashion Hairstyle

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4. Afro Puffs & Braids  

This hairstyle successfully combines two styles in one for an ultra dramatic effect that is sure to turn heads. To achieve this look, you could simply opt to rock one big afro puff in the middle of your head or two on each side. The thick, chunky braid that is across the middle of the head is done with extensions that can be installed by you or professionally.

Afro Puffs & Braids High Fashion Hairstyles

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5. Braided Crown Side Ponytail 

Better looking and more than your average side ponytail, this one is about the edge that is achieved courtesy of a  braided crown that acts as the centerpiece for the side ponytail, this one is about the edge that is achieved courtesy of a braided crown that acts as the centerpiece for the side ponytail. If you have skilled hands that are good at creating braided hairstyles, then you can do this style on your own, however if braiding isn’t your thing some assistance may be necessary for the crown part
of this hairstyle.

Braided Crown High Fashion Hairstyle

6. Braided Ponytail Mohawk 

This edgy hair affair combines three style in one: braids, a ponytail and a mohawk. It is definitely meant to garner loads of attention upon whoever wears it and it succeeds. Since this style is so intricate, its best that you seek out a professional to achieve this style yo make it look perfect and runway-ready.


I hope these ideas for high fashion hairstyles have stirred your creativity. Happy styling!