Hair Highlight Ideas for Women of Color

Every woman has a favorite hairstyle, one that she loves above all others because of the way she looks and feels when it is styled to perfection. For some this could be a basic blowout and for others a more intricate hair creation is highly favored, however even those styles that you love could use a bit of an update.

The easiest way to inject some life into your tresses is to experiment with hair color. Sure you could opt for a different shade entirely, but a more subtle approach can also achieve the desired effect.

This is when highlights are your go-to hair option because they offer the best of both worlds—keeping the basis of your hairstyle while also giving you a glimpse of what a complete change could look like, but without the commitment.

Since the summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to check out my list of hair highlight ideas that can bring some more life to the bright, sunny days of summer.

1. Blonde Highlights 

The term highlight specifically involves bringing out or incorporating a lighter color into hair that is darker than said highlight, which means that the color blonde is the most go-to highlight color around and with good reason.

Whether you are blonde already (light, medium, dark) or want to amp up your brown and black strands with some brightness, blonde highlights are arguably the best way to do it. Like most hair colors you can tailor the intensity of the blonde to fit your desired look, opting for platinum blonde highlights all the way up to the more subtle dark blonde.

2. Streaky Pixie

Rihanna Blonde Hair Highlight Ideas

Photo source

Rihanna rocks super light highlights on her jet black pixie cut for the most dramatic look in blond highlights. If subtlety is not your forte, highlights like this might be up your alley.

3. Sultry Bob

Halle Barry Blonde Highlights

Photo source

The soft blond highlights in Halle’s medium to brown colored tresses are both sophisticated and sexy. Take on this look for a mature statement.

4. Picture Perfect
Dascha Polanco Blonde Highlight Idea

Highlights can be used to better frame your face and features as in this style on Dascha Polanco. Blond highlights are featured around the face as her natural brown hair peaks through around the crown, sides and back of the head.

5. Red Highlights 

Fiery, bold and head-turning are just a few ways to describe red-hot highlights. While blonde may be the more common highlight choice, red is definitely the more daring option.

If you already have blonde hair, it’s pretty hard to incorporate red highlights, but if you are a brunette with brown or black hair then this color can work wonders to give your locks a stylish update.

Cinnamon red, auburn, fire red and any combination of the three all are ideal choices when you want to venture over to red side. Besides, blondes aren’t the only ones that can have fun!

6. Girl Next Door

Christina Milian Red Highlights

These bright red highlights are dispersed on top and throughout Christina Milian’s dark, long hair. The length and cut of this style balances out the fiery, red color for a sweet, girl next door look.

7. Bright Bangs
Monica Red Highlights Hair Idea

Photo source

Singer Monica stunts a flawless pixie with a highlighted bang. The fiery red bang adds interest to an otherwise regular pixie haircut.

8. Dramatic Curly Bob

Kelly Rowland Red Highlights

Photo source

Kelly Rowland comes strong with this gorgeous, wavy, curly bob. The red highlights insight passion and intrigue to a generally safe look.

Brown Highlights  

Brown hair color in general tends to get consistently overlooked in favor of its brighter color counterparts, however there is something so smoldering and sexy about beautiful brunette hair, whether you opt for an all over shade or simply want to incorporate some gorgeous brown highlights.

There are so many variations of brown, making the decision to choose them for highlighting purposes a pretty big task. One of the best ways to do it is to choose your highlight color that is one to three shades lighter than your actual hair color.

For example, chestnut brown looks great on black hair and light brown is beautiful against dark brown tresses.

9. Voluminous Vixen

Gabrielle Union Brown Highlights

Photo source.

Gabrielle Union’s beautiful cut is further defined with light and dark brown high and low lights through her hair. The color creates the illusion of an extremely full head of gorgeous hair.

10. Cocoa Bella

Jada Pinkett-Smith Brown Hair Highlights

Photo source

Jada Pinkett-Smith dazzles in a multi-toned, cocoa colored hairdo. Let the ombre effect with various, three dimensional highlights inspire your next cut and style.

11. Perfect Highlighted Lob Cut
Tyra Banks Brown Highlight Ideas

Photo source

Tyra Banks shows us how we can rock the long bob (lob) with beautiful, streaky brown highlights. It’s a great work appropriate look while showcasing your fashion forward tastes.

Highlights are a fabulous way to spruce up your look. I hope these hair highlight ideas have inspired you to dial your stylist and set up an appointment!