16 Greatest Ghana Braids for 2018

Jumbo Cornrows

Ghana braids with jumbo cornrowsInstagram @erica_letstalkhair


Ghana braids in an updoInstagram @erica_letstalkhair

For Medium Length Hair

Ghana braids for medium length hairInstagram @unique_dandridge

Ombre Hair

Ghana braids with ombre hairInstagram @myrebraids

Zig Zag

Zig zag Ghana braidsInstagram @blessed_hands01

Chunky Braids

Chunky Ghana braidsInstagram @cali_braids

With just a few exquisitely done braids, you can enjoy the benefits of having a low maintenance protective style. Alternating jumbo braids with thin ones, painted with a vibrant red, adds contrast to the whole look.

In a Ponytail

Ghana braids in a high ponytailInstagram @sleek_stylz

2 Strand Braid

2 strand Ghana braidsInstagram @rodi_beauty

In a Bun

Burgundy Ghana braids in a bunInstagram @myrebraids

Red Hair

Red Ghana braids with stringsInstagram @sleek_stylz

Big Braids

Big Ghana braidsInstagram @slayedbymelb

Ghana braids are still popular for being easy maintenance and the exceptional looks they give! One of the trendiest style is to alternate super thin and jumbo braids for a more noteworthy look.

Blonde Hair

Ghana braids on blonde hairInstagram @ashleymsparrow_

These outstanding vanilla sunshine jumbo braids are absolutely a must-try! You can add in some alternating thin braids to give more emphasis.

Long Braids

Long Ghana braids with stringsInstagram @rodi_beauty

These lengthy on-point braids offer unlimited styles for you to try! From a half-up, a low bun, or a pretty ponytail to simply letting them down with some accessories, these braids will absolutely show you the true meaning of versatility!

With Beads

Blonde Ghana braids with beads and cornrowsInstagram @hairbykey___

Get tribal quick by trying this look of having stylish beads at the end of those radiant blonde long braids! Super fun and flirty!

For Short Hair

Ghana braids for short hair with beads and cornrowInstagram @fancy_claws

Q&A with style creator, Eunice Mupaya
Professional Hairstylist @ Fancy Claws in Durban, South Africa

How would you describe this look?

This is a fun yet sophisticated look. It can work perfectly for women in almost any age group with different hair types (coarse, fine, straight, or curly). I love the fact that you can make it tame or crazy and outrageous and have the beadwork on the edges.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Look at your face shape as well as the hairline, as these are pivotal factors in any good look. This is quite a protective look that corrects hairline damage since the lines are going sideways along the hairline preventing it from breaking. It’s less time consuming, easy to maintain as well as moisturizing. All you have to do is base the scalp with Confiderm oil (Mizani).

In order to avoid dry scalp and flakes, you also need Braid & Conditioning Spray (3 in 1 Spray Treatment Mizani) which is a leave-in conditioner which soothes the scalp, as well as anti dandruff giving you a healthy scalp and hair.

This is for a person with few and thin hair, as this style will give your hair volume so that your hair won’t look thin. This style is one of the looks that will make heads turn, especially with beadwork going on at the back.

Twisted Braids

Q&A with style creator, Unique Dandridge
Master Stylist @ Spa 313 Salon in Inglewood, CA

How would you describe this look?

These are considered as twist extensions. The most common names for these type of twists are called Senegalese Twists or Rope Twists. They are similar to other types of twists such as Marley and Havana.

However, the clear distinction between them is that Senegalese twists are smooth and silky in appearance because they are installed by using Kanekelon hair (same hair used to install Box Braids).

I love the elegance that is created when the style is executed properly.

Any advice for someone considering it?

A thorough styling consultation is recommended before installing these type of twists. I inform my clients that the longevity of this style depends on many factors. From my experience, these twists can last between 3-6 weeks.

The size you choose also contributes to how long the twists will last (smaller twists lasts a bit longer). You are able to have an active lifestyle, such as dancing and light swimming. However, because you are only using two strands of silky braiding hair to create this look, the twists may slip down or even out prematurely.

I would also recommend shampooing their hair/scalp while having the twists installed, but I can’t stress enough to do it gently. Senegalese twists are a great protective style option when you want to give your natural hair a break or rest from chemical or heat styling.

In addition, these two-strand twists are extremely versatile and can be installed with practically any hair type and styled many different ways.