The 16 Hottest Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy box braids

Burgundy box braids are a protective hairstyle dyed in a darker shade of red-purple tones, divided into square or “boxy” sections. Burgundy is a rich, high-fashion hue that complements the African-American hairstyle perfectly because of how it adds edge and intricacy to each piece.

Plus, the luscious color fits well with any skin tone and is also easy to blend in with black natural hair. There are also no boundaries to the styles you can create – wear it straight back, side-swept, in a bun, or with embellished pleats – it will equally look fab in any way. All you need to do now is decide how you’ll wear these exquisite reddish pieces!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these beautiful photos of the most popular burgundy box braids!

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Burgundy Box Braids with String

Burgundy Box Braids with String
Instagram @serkalem_braids

The strings have been used for accessorizing braided hairstyles for black women for a long time. Intricate patterns enhanced by detailed accessories make long box braids look fabulous!

Long Braids with Demi Bun

Long braids with demi bun
Instagram @customstyleguru

Opt for long braids with a demi bun for a simple switch-up. Try burgundy braids to give a pop without saying too much. Long braids can be easy to twirl up on top for a hairstyle that can easily suit any occasion.

Knotless Braids with Burgundy Color

Knotless braids with burgundy color
Instagram @gladzbraidhouse

Knotless braids with burgundy color compliment most skin tones and have the versatility to wear up or down depending on your mood. Wear your knotless braids effortlessly with no tension, it is suitable for fine to thick hair. Select your size based on your own hair thickness.

Goddess Box Braids

Goddess box braids
Instagram @lionessd_beauty

Goddess box braids can be done in any size and length and still add the wow factor to your style. Try burgundy with perfectly slayed edges and gold accessories for a touch of royalty. Complete with curls to add texture.

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids
Instagram @bunnybraids

The famous Poetic Justice braids by Janet Jackson are now jazzed up with a reddish tone for a sexier twist. These burgundy jumbo box braids for a big girl looks better when chunkier.

Black and Burgundy Box Braids

Black and Burgundy Box Braids
Instagram @giftedhandsondeck

are spiced up with a black magic, for sure! Stylist Tisha did not miss a beat with this black-red combo on box braided hair.

Short Burgundy Bob with Box Braids

Short Burgundy Bob with Box Braids
Instagram @kytas_touch

A deviation from the usual long braids, having short hair with box braids is a revolutionary style. Get those vibrant red box braids popping with yarns and beads, and enjoy your every day with a sexy look!

Triangle Box Braids

Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @braidsbybhillion

Even at the roots, you can show how fashionable your large braids can be! The triangular patterns mimic a lot of hair designs that are in these days! Get more inspo from these hot triangle box braids.

Burgundy Red Ombre on Braided Style

Burgundy Red Ombre on Braided Style
Instagram @_lamabi

Having a burgundy ombre on braided long hair is a brave and bold decision to make! Ask your stylist about the added care and product use that are needed for the maintenance of this masterpiece.

Small Box Braids

Small Box Braids
Instagram @hairbynodia

The small box braids are a tad more intricate than the usual ones, but still worth the long wait on the chair. The black ends also add a dip-dyed effect for added flare. When styling, feel free twist your hair up and turn it into a fun box braided updo.

Blonde and Burgundy Box Braids

Blonde and Burgundy Box Braids
Instagram @crowndbylinds

Blonde box braids with crimson-burgundy color could be your style! If you’re a gorgeous lady with a dark skin tone, try them out. Accentuating these chunky burgundy box braids with platinum strings and yarn won’t hurt the style, too.

Dark Burgundy Braids

Having darker hair blends the look perfectly while the braids make you stand out. These beautiful braids are made by stylist Letícia Firmino of Sao Paulo, BR.

Firmino describes, “From children to adults, the braids give a very relaxed style, making it possible to use various types of hairstyles. You can combine it with styles and personalities and also add various accessories.”

For those who are thinking of doing these braids, Firmino suggests with certainty, “Do it, because you will like it very much! It can be made in all types of hair from the smoothest to the curliest. It is good to do some moisturizing before and after braiding so that the hair does not become damaged and fragile.”

People who are more discreet may choose to wear colors more like their own hair. For those who like something bolder, they can choose something more colorful and flashy like this burgundy-red hair.

Burgundy Crochet Braids

Burgundy Crochet Braids
Instagram @1corin11.15

The crochet braids with curly ends are the kind of hairstyle that is easy to style.

These hippie, boho crochet box braids were created by stylist Gabrielle Samuel of Hawaii. “My favorite thing about this style is that it is full crochet. It only took two hours to achieve this look. I am also in love with the color and different textures,” says Samuel.

For ladies who wish to get these braids instantly, ask your stylist about a nice wig and hair extensions.

Micro Burgundy Box Braids

Micro Burgundy Box Braids
Instagram @slayedbyangel_

Grabbing smaller groups to braid in a more detailed manner gives a neater micro braided look.

Just look at these burgundy mid-back box braids created by Angel Waring, a hair braider from Conway, SC.

“My favorite aspect of this style is how her natural hair is solely black/brown. She has all of her hair tucked in-between the burgundy weave, and it just amazes me how there are so many things you could do with hair,” Waring emphasizes.

Waring’s advice if wanting this look is to make sure you pick a color you can wear every day. Box braids usually last between one to two months – sometimes even longer if you know how to take care of your hair.

Box braids are a protective style that translates into growth, so it’s only right that you continue to treat your hair underneath while they’re in. You can do just about anything with this style.

Brown Burgundy Box Braids

Box braids are very classy, easy to style, and fashionable. These braids are low-maintenance, too.

According to stylist Tamekia Barnett of California, “My favorite thing about these braids are the different color dimensions and the technique used to achieve those perfect plaits. I would consider the box braids a fun style.”

Medium-to-Long Box Braids in Burgundy Color

Medium Box Braids in Burgundy Color
Instagram @braidedbykilla

Some red braids will help accentuate the skin tone of more bronzed-up ladies.

And, these medium-to-long individual braids with a burgundy hair color prove that idea right.

Georgia-based stylist Kameko Houston advises, “I let the woman know what kind of products I’ll be needing to achieve this look, which would be 9 packs of Queen B Braiding Hair and Shime Jam.”

For styling, do a cute half-up braided hairstyle or a high bun to keep them out of your face.