The Braided Bun Is Making a Comeback: Here are 35 Examples That Prove It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Blonde Zigzag Braids with Big Bun
Instagram @trurootsbraids

#1: Blonde Zigzag Braids with Big Bun

Blonde zigzag braids with a big bun are very popular! This striking style keeps your braids away from your neck. It still gives you bold volume with an outstanding style.

Big Braids with Low Space Buns
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

#2: Big Braids with Low Space Buns

Trying out the space bun trend can be stylish if you incorporate big braids with low space buns. Usually, space buns are worn higher on the head. However, low buns provide more volume and texture.

Two Double Braids Bun Updo with Center Part
Instagram @debrahhair

#3: Two Double Braids Updo

Do you live a more active lifestyle but still want your hair to look good? Try a two double-braids updo! Not only will this look keep your mane locked in place, but it will look gorgeous, too.

Heart Side Braids and Low Bun for Black women
Instagram @slayed.bykaykay

#4: Heart Side Braids and Low Bun

Looking to incorporate a little creativity into your braided style? Try these heart-shaped side braids with a low bun! This cute and sweet style is perfect for women and girls of any age!

Brown Braided Bun with Small Cornrows
Instagram @debrahhair

#5: Brown Bun with Small Cornrows

Maintain a cool and cute look with a brown bun complemented by small cornrows! This warm-toned style, enhanced by smaller intricate braids, looks stunning.

Feed-In Braided Bun Upstyle with Beads
Instagram @debrahhair

#6: Feed-In Bun Upstyle with Beads

The style of a bun with feed-in braids and beads is ideal for girls and women of every age! You can easily personalize this cute hairstyle using distinct hair partitioning, added hair color, and beads.

Black Hair with Tribal Braids and Copper Bun
Instagram @hair_x_amor

#7: Black Hair with Tribal Braids and Copper Bun

Black hair styled with tribal braids and a copper bun looks stunning! The different shades of color highlight the detailed design of the braids and the rough surface of the copper bun.

#8: Vibrant Red Braids with Half-Up Space Buns

Keep up with the latest style by having vibrant red braids combined with half-up space buns! This combination of red braids and half-up space buns is not only favored in the festive season but also boosts your look throughout the year.

#9: Low Braided Hair Bun with Triangle Parts

A braided bun with triangle parts is perfect for those who love secure and fashionable styles. The low braided bun is easy to decorate with colorful scrunchies or fun hair clips when you want a change.

#10: Half Up Cornrow Braids with Bun

Cornrow braids look stunning when pulled up into a half bun! This half-up braided bun style is perfect for those who love long braids but need to keep some out of their face.

#11: Side-Parted Stitch Braids with Low Bun

Looking to go glamorous? Try the ever-so-chic side-parted stitch braids with a low bun! This intricately designed look is perfect for any occasion and always looks sharp.

Black Braided Bun with Subtle Red Highlights
Instagram @akayecosmo

#12: Black Braided Bun with Subtle Red Highlights

Add some color to your life! A black braided bun with subtle red highlights is an easy way to add a new hue to your look.

High and Large Bun for Very Long Braids
Instagram @debrahhair

#13: High and Large Bun for Very Long Braids

Do you have very long hair? Try putting it in a high and large bun, which is great for long braids! This stunning updo hairstyle is perfect for anyone with longer hair.

#14: Box Braids Updo with Wavy Pieces

Getting ready for a formal occasion? Try an updo with wavy box braids! Adding tendrils to your bun can enhance its look from standard to sharp for any formal event!

#15: 4-Layer Top Knot with Mini Braids

This 4-layer top knot hairstyle features mini braids and looks extra stunning with a secondary color added! A smooth transition from coppery red to black lends an ombre feel to your updo, making it truly dramatic and visually impressive.

Chunky Braids Bun Updo
Instagram @thebraidangel

#16: Chunky Braids Updo

A beautiful updo with chunky braids is perfect for creating a 90s or Y2K style. Chunky braids will always be a popular choice because they make any bun or updo look cute.

#17: Half-Up Long Hair with Fulani Braids and Buns

Half-up long hair looks even more beautiful when paired with Fulani braids and buns. This super cute style is also incredibly functional and easy to maintain at home.

Box-Braided Crisscross Bun
Instagram @jane_braids

#18: Box-Braided Crisscross Bun

The pretty and eye-catching style of a box-braided crisscross bun is what you’ll want to wear to every function! This intricate style gets even more detailed with small braids woven in.

Small Knotless Braids with High Bun
Instagram @jane_braids

#19: Small Knotless Braids with High Bun

An easy yet stunning way to wear your hair up is with small knotless braids in a high bun. Simply wrap, secure, and go!

#20: Side-Swept Braided Updo with Space Buns

This side-swept braided updo with space buns offers a unique, forward-thinking spin on the space bun trend. The additional loose tendrils impart a relaxed style while retaining a polished finish.

Heart-Shaped Braids with Low Bun for Black Women
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

#21: Heart-Shaped Braids with Bun

Show off your inner creativity with this braided hair idea! Heart-shaped braids with a bun not only look adorable, but they’re totally unique and will help you stand out in a crowd.

Top Bun with Thin Braids for Black Women
Instagram @thelanway

#22: Top Bun with Thin Braids

Wearing your hair in a high top-bun with thin braids is beautiful. The bun style with thin braids is gorgeous and easy. It keeps your hair off your face and neck.

Double Braided Bun Updo with Cornrows
Instagram @k.smithlooks

#23: Double Braided Bun Updo with Cornrows

Embrace the space bun trend! Opt for a cornrows, enhanced double-braided bun updo. This double-braided bun style gets more enhanced with expertly styled edges and sideburns.

Feed-In Braided Bun with Wavy Strands and Sleek Edges
Instagram @k.smithlooks

#24: Feed-In Braided Bun with Wavy Strands

If you love fashion-forward hairdos, a feed-in braided bun with wavy strands is a great option! This intricate updo is a stunning way to add a unique style and creative flair to your everyday bun.

#25: High Braided Twisted Bun

A bun made from high, twisted braids is a great way to stay comfortable in the long summer months. These styles of high-braided buns are always fashionable. They are ideal for nights out, work days, or beach weekends.

Low Stitch Bun with Knotless Braids
Instagram @a.renaestyles

#26: Low Stitch Bun with Knotless Braids

Treat yourself with a knotless braids low stitch bun! This sleek hairstyle provides protection and simplifies your morning routine.

#27: Braided Bun With Bangs For Black Woman

A braided bun with bangs for a black woman is something you wear high and proud! The braided bun hairstyle comes with straight bangs, giving it more edge and chicness. These braids in a bun work on both a casual and formal date night.

Big Braided Bun With Weave
Instagram @braidsbydesign

#28: Big Braided Bun With Weave

You can achieve a big braided bun with a weave. The intricacy of this braided hairstyle adds edginess to a woman’s vibe. When deciding where to place the high bun, it’s best always to align it with the cheekbones. This is the ultimate braided bun black girl would love to wear!

Cornrow Braids Into a Bun Hairstyle
Instagram @baje_hair

#29: Cornrow Braids Into a Bun Hairstyle

Turn your cornrow braids into a bun hairstyle, and combine them with Marley twists. These braid bun hairstyles are easy to manage and very fashionable. You won’t find more neat braided bun hairstyles for black hair anywhere else!

Box Braids Bun For Natural Hair
Instagram @braidsbyrah_

#30: Box Braids Bun For Natural Hair

Add some streaks of blonde to your box braids bun for natural hair. The best thing about braided protective hairstyles is that they add length to your mane. Plus, it’s versatile enough to wear up.

#31: Cute Braided Bun for Little Black Girl

Opt for a cute braided bun for your little black girl! The feed-in braids and plaits are one size, following certain directions for a creative finish. Forming braids into bun styles will surely upgrade your usual updos!

braided up bun hairstyle for black hair
Instagram @thevicstyles

#32: Braided-Up Bun for Black Hair

A braided-up bun for black hair looks gorgeous, especially with your natural texture. Ask your stylist or professional braider which products to maintain a bun with braids at home.

#33: Braided Top Bun for an African-American Woman

If having buns with braids is your thing, ask your stylist about an updo. A braided top bun for an African-American woman lets you flaunt your black curls nicely.

Sleek Stitch Braids with Intertwined Bun
Instagram @theglamguruuu

#34: Sleek Braids with Intertwined Bun

Love a style that goes from day to night? Try sleek braids with an intertwined bun! Not only does this look professional enough for the office, but it’s cute enough for the club.

Inverted Braids with Spiky Buns
Instagram @teetamedme

#35: Inverted Braids with Spiky Buns

Add some versatility to your day-to-day style with inverted braids combined with spiky buns. This cutting-edge style pairs thick inverted braids with sleek buns, creating a striking contrast.

The braided bun isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of ease and grace for anyone, no matter their hair type or face shape. Ebony Watson, an expert in hair styling, shares her wisdom on making this versatile look work for you. Let’s dive into the tips and tricks that can help anyone rock a braided bun with confidence.

Meet The Expert

Ebony Watson
Ebony Watson
Ebony is a natural hair care specialist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Ebony at her own studio in Greensboro, NC

Know Your Hair

“First, get to know your hair,” Ebony stresses. Whether your curls fall into 3a, 4a, or you have coily hair, understanding your texture is key. Ebony advises, “Learn your hair type and texture.” She points out that different hair types will require different braid tightness. Thinner hair needs a gentler touch, while thicker hair can handle more snug braids.

Face Shape Matters

Your face shape plays a crucial role in tailoring the braided bun to enhance your look. Ebony suggests, “Learn your face shape.” She offers specific advice for those with a long or oval face, recommending a braided bang to complement the braided bun. This customization ensures the style flatters your unique features perfectly.

Styling Tips for Every Lifestyle

The braided bun suits any woman, from the working professional to the active mom. Ebony shares some styling variations like braided, twisted, or messy buns, showing the bun’s adaptability. “Braided buns are for every type of woman,” she affirms. For upkeep, she recommends wrapping the braids at night to maintain their beauty.

Ebony also suggests products tailored to different hair textures. For the active woman with 3a hair, a honey shine jam and mousse can keep braids looking fresh. For those with 4c or coily hair, a pomade or “loc N” gel might be best. These recommendations ensure that the braided bun remains a practical and stylish choice for anyone.

Ebony Watson’s expertise shines through in her advice, making the braided bun an accessible and attractive option for women everywhere. With her guidance, you can customize this chic style to suit your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle, ensuring that your braided bun is as unique as you are.

Photos of the Most Ravishing Braided Bun Hairstyles