10 Black Hair Products You Definitely Need This Fall

As the seasons change, so should your fashion, beauty and hair care routine. What worked best for your hair during the warmer months of the year is not exactly what it needs as the temperatures begin to decline.

Regardless of the type of hair you have, all hair goes through noticeable changes during various seasons of the year.

For fall and winter, there are a host of hair care products that aim to keep your strands in tip top shape and looking salon-ready at all times. Check out this product roundup of the black hair products you need to add to your list this fall and beyond.

1. Earth’s Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil

This oil is the perfect solution to dry scalp. The treatment soothes and moisturizes the hair with just a couple of sprays. It may also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to restore hair’s luster and health right before shampoo day. Earth’s Nectar products may be found here.

Black Hair Products Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil

2. Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee

Black hair loves and craves moisture especially during colder seasons. This light, leave-in conditioner is packed with must-have ingredients like coconut oil and the luxurious moringa oil. This conditioner protects hair and gives it increased shine thanks to the formula. Shop Qhemet Biologics here.

Black Hair Products Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee

3. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit:

If you are one of those individuals whose hair is damaged or weak, then this product is just what you need to get your hair back on track for fall. This 3-piece product collection contains a repairing sulfate-free shampoo, repairing conditioner and a repairing hair mask, which all come together to renew your hair to its best. The Monoi Repairing Collection is for sale here.

Black Hair Products Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection

4.  Mizani ThermaStrength Heat Protection Serum

The name of this product pretty much clues you in on what to expect from this product. It is formulated with heat-activated keratin and includes moisture packed shea butter for radiantly, healthy heat treated hair. The Mizani line is sold at House of Beauty here.

Black Hair Products Mizani Thermastrength


5. CB Hair Milk Daily Moisturizer

During the fall and winter season, it helps to incorporate products that provide moisture restoration on a day to day basis. With ingredients that include the likes of colloidal oatmeal and silk protein you won’t ever have to have a dry hair day again. You can find Cassandre Beccai hair products here.

Black Hair Products CB Hair Milk


6. Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Is a staple for so many curly haired chicks. Not only does this gel-like products do what it says it will, but it doesn’t dry hair out like so many similar products.  Whether you use it alone or in conjunction with the other products in the Kinky Curly line, you won’t be disappointed. Try it on your next wash-n-go or twist style for long lasting, moisture-laden results. Kinky-Curly Custard is available through various online outlets and at select Target store nation wide.

 Black Hair Products Kinky-Curly Custard

7. Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Oil Elixir:

It’s no secret that cool weather equals increasingly dryer hair, which is one of the worst things your strands can go through. This product deeply softens and remedies dry hair while strengthening against present or future damage.

Black Hair Products Herbal-Essences-Wild-Naturals-Rejuvenating-Oil-Elixir


8. Rusk Deep Shine Smooth Keratin Care Deep Penetrating Treatment:

Taking out the time to give your hair a thorough deep conditioning treatment is absolutely one of the best things that you can do to protect it from cool weather. With this product, it is a deep-conditioning treatment for chemically and color-treated hair which leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny. Shop Rusk’s Deep Treatment here.

Black Hair Products Rusk-Deep-Shine-Smooth-Keratin-Care-Deep-Penetrating-Treatment

9. Leonor Greyl Masque a l’Orchidee’ Softening Hair Mask:

If you have thick, curly or frizzy hair, then you’re probably aware of the havoc that warm temperatures can wreak on your tresses. You’re in luck because this product is all you need to keep your hair looking fabulous all season. It is a softening, moisturizing and conditioning mask for thick, frizzy and curly hair that nourishes, detangles and softens. Lenor Greyl’s Softening Hair Mask is available here.

Black Hair Products Leonor-Greyl-Masque-a-l-Orchidee-Softening-Hair-Mask

10. Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner:

All your natural hair ladies probably have a ton of products you use on a regular basis to keep your natural strands looking fierce, but perhaps you should add this one to your collection as well. It helps to restore moisture to natural hair while also aiding in the detangling process, the end result is soft, shiny and protected hair. Shop the Pantene Pro V Truly Natural Hair Collection here.

Black Hair Products Pantene-Pro-V-Truly-Natural-Hair-Deep-Conditioner