35 Ladies Over 50 Prove They Can Still Have Bangs in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Stylish woman over 50 with a classic bob haircut and straight bangs with blonde highlights.

#1 Classic Bob with Contemporary Bangs

This classic bob is given a modern twist with sleek, straight bangs that frame the face, tailored for a polished look. Ideal for finer hair, the blunt cut adds volume and the subtle highlights create dimension. This style suits a variety of face shapes and is a chic, easy-to-manage option for women over 50 who prefer elegance with a contemporary touch.

Woman over 50 with a medium shag haircut and bangs, highlighting natural grey tones.

#2 Medium Shag with Bangs

This medium shag with playful bangs offers a fresh, youthful flair, ideal for women over 50 seeking a low-maintenance yet trendy style. Its layers create movement, perfect for medium-density hair, while the salt-and-pepper coloring adds a chic, natural grace without frequent touch-ups. A great choice for those looking to embrace their natural grey and add texture.

Mature woman with short layered hair and delicate wispy bangs for a light and textured look.

#3 Short Layered with Wispy Bangs

This short, layered cut is softened by wispy bangs, giving a delicate frame to the face. It’s a forgiving style for women over 50, great for adding texture to thin hair. This look is easy to style, but the bangs may need frequent trims to maintain the light, airy feel.

Woman over 50 with a voluminous curly lob and bangs that highlight her features.

#4 Curly Lob with Bangs

This curly lob is dynamic with bangs that accentuate the eyes and cheekbones. Ideal for women over 50 seeking a carefree look, it adds volume and bounce. Suitable for thicker hair, it can be air-dried to perfection, though moisture is key to keeping curls defined.

Mature woman with a textured pixie cut and whimsical bangs, offering volume and a contemporary edge.

#5 Textured Pixie with Whimsical Bangs

This textured pixie cut showcases whimsical bangs that blend seamlessly with short, choppy layers. It’s an effortless look for women over 50 that adds volume and a modern twist, perfect for fine hair needing a touch of edge. Maintenance is minimal, but regular trims keep it sharp.

Woman over 50 sporting an asymmetrical cut with feathery bangs for a chic, modern style.

#6 Asymmetrical Cut with Chic Bangs

An asymmetrical cut paired with chic, feathery bangs brings an avant-garde yet accessible look to women over 50. This style accentuates bone structure and offers a fresh take on the classic bob. While it’s visually striking, keep in mind the need for regular salon visits to maintain the asymmetry.

Mature woman with sleek, straight hair and modern bangs, creating an elegant and smooth look.

#7 Sleek Straight Hair with Modern Bangs

A sleek, straight hairstyle combined with modern, full bangs offers a transformative look for those over 50. The bangs can camouflage forehead lines, while the one-length cut creates an elegant silhouette. This style is easy to maintain, though it may need a flat iron for smoothness.

Woman with voluminous waves and side bangs, providing a dynamic, flattering hairstyle for over 50.

#8 Voluminous Waves with Side Bangs

Embracing natural volume, this style pairs loose waves with sweeping side bangs, creating a dynamic and flattering look for women over 50. The waves add movement, and the side bangs can be tailored to frame the face beautifully. It’s low upkeep but might require a curl enhancer for definition.

Woman over 50 with a sophisticated long bob and straight bangs for a polished look.

#9 Sophisticated Long Bob with Bangs

The long bob, or ‘lob,’ here is graced with straight, brow-skimming bangs, conveying sophistication and polish. This cut is versatile, working well with different hair types and requires minimal styling, though the bangs might need regular trims to maintain the pristine edge.

Smiling woman over 50 with a layered bob and piece-y bangs, highlighting a youthful style.

#10 Layered Bob with Playful Bangs

This layered bob boasts playful, piece-y bangs that soften the face and impart a youthful flair, ideal for women over 50. Strategic layering adds body, making it a great option for fine hair. The highlights and texture provide depth, enhancing the overall effect.

Short curly hairstyle with bangs, showcasing natural texture for women over 50.

#11 Short Curly Style with Bangs

For those with natural curls, a short cut with bangs can be both playful and easy to manage. The curls provide built-in volume, but remember, they can have a mind of their own in different weathers, so a little curl cream might be necessary.

Charming chin-length hairstyle with wispy bangs for women over 50.

#12 Chin-Length Charm with Bangs

A chin-length cut paired with soft bangs is a charming choice that can flatter most face shapes. It’s an easy-to-maintain look, though the bangs will require regular trims to keep them sitting just right.

Edgy pixie cut with side-swept bangs on a woman over 50, adding a youthful vibe.

#13 Pixie Cut with Edgy Bangs Over 50

This pixie cut features edgy bangs that can really accentuate the eyes and cheekbones. Low maintenance, yes, but the bangs will need regular trims to maintain that edgy, modern vibe.

Woman over 50 with a sleek medium bob and full straight-across bangs.

#14 Medium Bob with Trendsetting Bangs

A medium-length bob with full, straight bangs sets a trend-forward tone. It’s a versatile style but be aware, those bangs might need a quick run-through with a flat iron for that sleek, everyday look.

Stylish pixie cut with textured bangs for women over 50

#15 Short Haircut with Bold Textured Bangs

This short hairstyle with bold, textured bangs offers a contemporary and carefree look. It’s especially great for those with fine hair, giving the illusion of thickness, but remember, texture means a bit of styling product will be your friend.

Long layered hairstyle with feathered bangs for a soft and dimensional look.

#16 Long Layers with Feathered Bangs

Long layers paired with feathered bangs offer movement and softness. The layers work well for thick hair, but styling can take time, especially to keep those bangs looking just right.

Curly hair with bangs bringing out a youthful and spirited style.

#17 Bangs and Curls for a Youthful Spirit

The combination of curls and bangs can create a fun, youthful look. It’s great for texture but can be a handful to style if your curls are unruly or if you’re in a humid climate.

Short and sassy hairstyle with bangs, perfect for a low-maintenance yet edgy look over 50.

#18 Short and Sassy with Bangs

This short cut’s spirited vibe is enhanced by playful bangs. A fantastic choice for those wanting a low-fuss style, but keep in mind the shorter the cut, the more frequent the salon visits.

Warm-toned medium hairstyle with dynamic bangs adding playful movement.

#19 Medium Hairstyle with Dynamic Bangs

A dynamic medium-length style accented with sweeping bangs that can be styled for volume or sleekness. While adaptable to many hair types, remember that the bangs might require regular trims to keep their shape.

Elegant grey bob with stylish straight-across bangs for a chic look.

#20 Grey Chic with Stylish Bangs

This sleek grey bob with straight, stylish bangs gives off a chic, contemporary flair. The color is low-maintenance for natural greys, but those with dyed hair might find it takes some upkeep to avoid roots showing.

Long hairstyle with flowing bangs creating a soft and feminine style.

#21 Long Hairstyle with Flowing Bangs

Keeping your hair long and pairing it with flowing bangs can soften your features and add a feminine touch. This look requires more maintenance, especially for keeping those bangs the perfect length.

Elegant hairstyle with bangs and strategic highlights to accentuate facial features.

#22 Highlighted Elegance with Bangs

Adding highlights to your bangs can bring out your eyes and add dimension to your face. It’s a chic way to enhance a simple style, though the highlights will need upkeep to avoid showing roots.

Modern soft fringe hairstyle providing a trendy and face-framing appeal

#23 Soft Trendy Fringe for Modern Appeal

A softer fringe gives a modern touch to the timeless style, blending with layers to frame the face. This fringe is adaptable but may not suit very curly hair without some daily styling effort.

Woman with fine hair enhanced by volumizing bangs for a fuller appearance.

#24 Fine Hair with Volumizing Bangs

These light bangs add volume and are perfect for fine hair, bringing life to a simple cut. Styling is a breeze, but you’ll want to use the right volumizing products to keep it from falling flat.

Stylish woman with a polished bob haircut and refined bangs for a classy look.

#25 Bob Haircut with Refined Bangs

This bob is a neat classic, with refined bangs that offer a polished look. It’s wonderful for creating a clean silhouette, though you’ll need to visit the salon regularly to maintain the precise length.

Mid-length hair with flowing layers and integrated bangs for a voluminous look.

#26 Mid-Length Layered with Bangs

This style’s layers add volume and movement, with bangs that blend seamlessly. Ideal for those with thicker hair, but keep in mind that layers need the right cut to maintain the shape.

Curly hairstyle with bangs, highlighting radiant beauty for women over 50.

#27 Curly Radiance with Bangs

Embrace those curls with this radiant style, with bangs that enhance the face. Perfect for naturally curly hair, offering volume without much effort, though humidity can be a curly girl’s challenge.

Short, edgy hairstyle with statement bangs for a bold, stylish look.

#28 Edgy Short Hair with Statement Bangs

Short and bold, this style’s strong lines make a statement. Great for fine hair that needs a lift, but those bangs will demand regular trims to keep the edge sharp.

Soft curtain bangs framing the face, perfect for a gentle, feminine look.

#29 Curtain Bangs for a Gentle Frame

Here’s a look where curtain bangs create a soft frame around the face, ideal for wavy to straight hair. This style can be very forgiving, but the bangs might need a quick blow-dry for that perfect fall.

Woman with an edgy pixie cut and twisted bangs for a modern look.

#30 Pixie with a Bangs Twist

This textured pixie cut, enhanced with a twist of longer bangs, offers a sassy yet manageable style. It’s a fab choice for those looking to minimize styling time, though the textured look will require a bit of product to keep in place.

Soft wispy bangs for a gentle and low-maintenance look.

#31 Wispy Bangs for Softened Features

Soft, feathered bangs gently sweep across the forehead, softening facial features. This style is low maintenance but may not provide as much impact for those seeking a dramatic change.

Long layered hair with bold bangs accentuating the eyes.

#32 Long Hair with Bold Bangs

Embrace elegance with long layers and statement bangs that draw attention to the eyes. It’s a bold look that may require more effort in styling, especially for those with wavier hair types.

Chin-length bob with precise bangs for a flattering over 50 style.

#33 Flattering Bob with Bangs

This chin-length bob with bangs is a classic choice that suits various face shapes. Easy to manage, but the precision cut means you’ll need consistent trims to keep it sharp.

Medium-length hair with chic layered bangs framing the face.

#34 Medium Chic with Layered Bangs

The playful movement in these layered bangs pairs with medium-length hair to frame the face beautifully. It’s versatile but consider the need for regular shaping to maintain the bounce.

Woman with shoulder-length hair and full bangs in elegant style.

#35 Shoulder-Length Elegance with Bangs

The shoulder-skimming cut with full bangs highlights a youthful spirit. It’s great for adding volume, though the bangs may require frequent styling for upkeep. It is ideal for straight-to-wavy textures.

When it comes to refreshing your look, few things pack as much punch as a new set of bangs—especially for women over 50. Bangs not only inject a youthful spirit into your hairstyle but can cleverly camouflage signs of aging, like fine lines or a thinning hairline. For a truly flattering cut, it’s vital to choose bangs that complement your face shape and hair texture.

From curtain bangs that sweep softly across the forehead to the classic blunt cuts that bring focus to your eyes, there’s a style that’s perfect for adding a dash of personality to your look. To ensure your bangs always look fresh, remember to trim them regularly and style them in a way that boosts volume and frames your features beautifully. Ready to discover how bangs can elevate your style and confidence? Let’s find the perfect fringe for you!