48 Trendy Wispy Bangs for 2024 & How to Match to Your Face Shape

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Wispy bangs are a great option if you have fine hair and can’t pull off a thick, full fringe. They can also work with thicker hair, but require more weight to be taken out. Sometimes there’s confusion on what wispy bangs really are. In my 15+ years of experience as a hairstylist, wispy bangs mean thinner, lighter bangs. These bangs are achieved by adding layers that remove weight.

Key Things to Know

  • Any light bangs haircut is a commitment. Wispy bangs can be considered high maintenance. They require more time to style, and you’ll visit the salon more often for a trim.
  • Ask your hairstylist to slowly cut into your bangs to determine how wispy you want them. They’ll likely use thinning shears towards the end to remove the weight.
  • Invest in a quality round brush and lots of hair clips to pin your airy bangs back during physical activity.
  • I’ve had wispy bangs before; you’ll have frustrating days when your bangs won’t cooperate. You’re better off accepting this going into it.

Here are pictures of the best hairstyles with wispy bangs. Save your top 3, show them to your hairdresser, and discuss which would work best for you.

Wispy See-Through Fringe and Effortless Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: See-Through Fringe and Effortless Layers

See-through fringe and effortless layers often create a dreamy look, don’t they? For a modern, minimalist aesthetic, you should wear these light and airy bangs at the brow-bone level if you’ve got a long forehead. If your forehead is smaller, position them at your nose bone.

#2: Cutting Edge Lob

Wispy bangs are a great way to make thin or fine hair look fuller. This look is contemporary, sleek, stylish, and cutting-edge. My favorite thing about it is that it’s not your typical hairstyle. It’s something different for a change. It’s a hairstyle that will frame and highlight the most beautiful features once achieved by the right candidate. Straight hair and wispy bangs are back!

#3: Wispy Bangs on a Wispy Haircut

For a mild style change, try a wispy haircut with bangs. Wearing wispy bangs with confidence will make you feel refreshed. To keep your bangs separate, use a tiny bit of wax. Boost your curled or wavy style with Kevin Murphy’s Do.over Hairspray.

Elegant Updo with Side-Swept Wispy Bangs

#4 Elegant Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

This romantic hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions like weddings, proms, and dinner parties. A braided updo paired with a fringe creates a stunning and intricate texture. The side-swept bangs add a touch of whimsy and femininity.

Medium-Length Soft Waves and Straight Wispy Bangs
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#5: Medium Soft Waves and Straight Bangs

For adding more movement to the hair, opting for medium soft waves and straight bangs would be an excellent choice. These bangs can effectively frame the face and create a sense of youthful softness. I recommend you choose a beach wave spray that you like. This would add shine and define the waves.

Sunset-Inspired Red Hair with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @dogukandeniz

#6: Sunset-Inspired Red Hair

Try a sunset-inspired red shade if you want a bold yet natural color. You should invest in a color protection shampoo & conditioner. Both help you get the most life out of this beautiful color.

Dark Crimson Bob with Wispy Fringe for ladies with shoulder-length straight hair
Instagram @hairapeutictammy

#7: Dark Crimson Bob with Fringe

For ladies with shoulder-length straight hair, consider a dark crimson bob with a wispy fringe. The deep red hue adds a bold twist to the classic bob. Ask for a soft, fringe to complement the sharp lines of the cut. It will also add playfulness to the overall look. This haircut works well for those with fine to medium hair texture. It creates the illusion of thicker hair with its blunt cut and adds fullness with its choppy layers.

Low-Maintenance Long Hair with Wispy Thin Bangs and layers
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#8: Low-Maintenance Long Hair with Thin Bangs

Consider a long cut with wispy bangs and layers for a low-maintenance hairstyle. This cut is perfect for those who want to keep their hair length. It adds volume and dimension without much upkeep. The bangs will frame your face, and the layers will add movement and texture to your hair.

#9: Cute Side-Parted Short Pixie Bob with Thin Fringe

A short pixie cut looks elegant and chic. If you like to keep your look more formal, then the best way to do this is by introducing a side parting. This, in turn, also creates lift great for those wanting to add volume. If you want to cover your forehead but dread a thick heavy fringe, you need to ask your stylist to give you a soft shape. My top tip is to dry your bangs with a large round brush, as this is more flattering and feminine.

Soft Shaggy Layers and a Wispy Fringe on a messy thick medium-length hairstyle
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#10: Soft Shaggy Layers and a Wispy Fringe

A soft shaggy layered cut with a wispy fringe is super cool. Your hair will look sophisticated with shaggy crown layers and a bombshell blowout. Ask your stylist to carve layers for movement in thicker hair. Add a wispy bang to create a light soft look on heart and pear face shapes.

Auburn Brown Short Wispy Bangs
Instagram @moeko_furuya

#11: Auburn Brown Short Bangs

When it comes to bangs, wispy ones offer a less severe, more lived-in look than blunt or side bangs. They also look great on a lot of different hair types! I recommend using a little root lift at the base of the bangs and blow-drying them with a small round brush for your desired look. I also like to give them a little shake with my fingers for that messy fringe look.

Soft Wispy Fringe with Long Layers
Instagram @lois.k_hair_

#12: Soft Fringe with Long Layers

Styling wispy bangs with layers are usually quick compared to other types. Achieving an effortless appearance doesn’t require more than a moment with your blow-dryer or hot tool of choice. Consider a soft fringe with pretty long layers like the photo above. It’s cut to frame your face and long enough for some styling versatility. You can sweep the bangs to either side and grow them into a nice a-line fringe in a few weeks.

Gorgeous Long Blonde Straight Hair with Wispy Bangs for long faces
Instagram @maggiemh

#13: Gorgeous Long Blonde Straight Hair with Bangs

Long blonde hair with wispy bangs is a great way to flatter long faces. If you have this hair type, use a flat iron regularly to keep it straight and smooth any frizz. You can also use a large round brush with your blow dryer for a sleek and stylish look. Use a texturizing or volumizing spray before styling to add volume to your hair. And remember to treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask once a week to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Long Hair with Brown Balayage and Wispy Bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#14: Long Hair with Brown Balayage

One great thing is that wispy bangs can be customized to suit any hair length. You can wear them dramatically short, down to your nose, or anywhere between. Upgrade your long hair with a brown balayage to add dimension and texture. If you’re not sure exactly how close to the root or how much, or what shade of brown to get, one of the best ways is to allow your stylist to explain all the options and what will suit you the most.

Soft Wispy Bangs with Long Seamless Layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#15: Soft Bangs with Long Seamless Layers

Soft wispy bangs are a beautiful mash-up of long, textured layers and ends. Pair it with a light version of a curtain bang. Be aware that you must schedule in between bang trims with your favorite stylist. It will help to keep this style out of your eyes until you are ready for your next maintenance trim on your end! A 1 1/4-inch curling iron, such as the T3 with Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray, will help you style this haircut at home.

Modern Copper Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @893hairstyles

#16: Modern Copper Wolf Cut with Bangs

The wolf cut hairstyle has evolved to incorporate other trendy styles. It’s to create the best outcome for you. A wolf cut can be styled with wispy bangs. If you want this haircut, the best way to own this style is to recreate it at home. When deciding on how to switch it up after, an all-over color like copper can make this haircut pop.

#17: Pixie Bob with a Bang

Go for a pixie bob with a wispy thin bang. It’s undercut in the back like a pixie to accentuate her head shape and show off her beautiful neck. My favorite things about this look are the fringe to frame her face and the shape of the cut softly. This youthful cut allows her the option of air drying for a very stylish, easy, everyday look.

#18: Cute See-Through Bangs

If you have a wider forehead, I suggest trying a see-through fringe. It’s a great way to help disguise and hide your forehead. If it’s a straight bang, the texture on your feathered ends will soften the shape so they are not so abstract.

#19: Dark Red Shaggy Cut with See-Through Fringe

It’s important to know that thin bangs look best when matched to the rest of your haircut. Simple touches like wispy face framing can add effortless polish and style. A dark red color with a shaggy cut and a see-through fringe is a fun way to enhance your look. If you go with a wispy fringe, you want to add texture to your haircut. Having your thin bangs cut at a longer length will give you flexibility if you need to wear them up and out of your face. Great for someone who likes to style their hair in different ways.

Wispy Long Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#20: Wispy Long Bangs

Wispy long bangs are the best to try if you’ve never had bangs before. A middle part and a quick lesson on how to style them at home are necessary. If you want your hair to look like this photo, you must put effort into styling them.

#21: Medium Brunette Curled Ends with Wispy Fringe

One thing to be aware of is that feathered wispy bangs might be challenging to style if you have a strong cowlick in your front hairline. You may need to wet down your fringe and blow-dry it daily with a round brush to get it looking like the photo above. This flirty fringe is just what you need to spice up your look. You should leave the fringe cut just long enough that it dusts your eyelashes. That will give you a playful, sultry effect. You will need to come in for regular fringe trims.

Golden Blonde Rounded Bob with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#22: Golden Blonde Rounded Bob

Adding bangs to your bob is a great way to freshen up your current cut and look younger. This combination is especially flattering if you’re 50 or older. Having hair that frames your face can be very flattering. Start with just a few light pieces of hair instead of a heavy, blunt bang as a subtle way to transition into them. Softer fringe looks great with a cut such as this rounded bob.

#23: Wispy Bangs With Natural Texture

This beautiful bangs haircut is perfect for a subtle and natural look. Collarbone-length hair will provide a smooth and elegant frame for your face, and the wispy, curtain-style bangs add a hint of playfulness.

Creamy Blonde Beach Waves and Wispy Bangs
Instagram @lois.k_hair_

#24: Creamy Blonde Beach Waves and Bangs

Try the alluring style of a creamy blonde with beach waves. The wispy curtain bangs accent this style beautifully, framing the face. Consider round-brushing your fringe under lightly for a bit of lift. Medium layers added to longer hair will give you shagginess and movement. These layers look great curled with a 1-inch iron or wand.

Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @fringe_chloe

#25: Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Wispy Fringe

Medium-length hair with a wispy fringe can be a beautiful and flattering choice if you’re a woman over 50. Coloring your grey hair, this shade of blonde can add warmth and brightness to your face, while the fringe bangs help to frame and soften your features.

#26: Chic Pixie Cut with Wispy Fringe

A pixie cut pairs well with a feathery wispy fringe, especially if there’s more texture around your face and structure in the back. Adding layers will add natural-looking volume. To style, quickly blow dry with your fingers and finish with a pomade or paste to enhance the texture.

Cute Bob With Pixie Wisps
Instagram @yukistylist

#27: Short Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

A cute bob with pixie wisps is the ideal haircut for ladies with thick hair. It requires several layers to create the perfect amount of volume and bounce. This graduated cut with choppy bangs looks best on ladies with oval-shaped faces.

Peek a Boo Wispy Bangs
Instagram @flaxen.and.ash

#28: Peek a Boo Bangs

Peekaboo bangs are soft and lightly feathered off, making them a good choice for women with fine hair textures. To add, they flatter ladies with longer face shapes, as they shorten your facial features. Wispy fringes can be styled on straight, curly, wavy hair types and will leave you feeling fabulous.

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#29: Long Side-Swept Fringe

Long side-swept fringe is the perfect haircut for ladies looking for added volume, bounce, and life in their cropped strands. Wispy bangs look flattering on round faces and square face shapes with high cheekbones. For fine hair textures, one idea is to ask your hairstylist for lightweight hair products, along with a texturizing spray.

rock and roll wispy bangs for long hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#30: Rock’n Roll Bangs for Long Hair

These lash-grazing, rock ‘n roll-inspired wispy feathered bangs are oh-so-chic on this long hair. It’s essential to ask your stylist about styling tips when you want feathery bangs. You don’t have to put much effort into styling the piecey bangs, but the rest of your hair may look different depending on how you style them.

#31: Lovely Bangs for Thin Hair

Haircuts with wispy bangs for thin hair that are long and end just above the eyes suit faces with a lengthy forehead. However, it needs frequent visits to the salon if you want to maintain its length.

waves and wispy bangs
Instagram @nikcabral

#32: Short Hair with Bangs

A neck-length wavy haircut is a versatile and stylish choice that can work with your face shape. The wavy texture adds movement and body to your hair, while the thin bangs frame your face. You can see more wispy bangs on short hair here.

cute short bob with wisps
Instagram @hair.helga

#33: Cute Short Bob with Wisps

Opt for a gorgeous chin-length short bob with wispy bangs that were dry-cut. Dry-cutting allows us to create unique textures and shapes to personalize our haircuts. The greatest thing about this romantic haircut is the volume and tizz! You can always need more volume, right?!

#34: Adorable Long Wispy Bangs

The wispy fringe is my favorite part of this popular hairstyle because it gives a new spin on a classic look! I also love how low maintenance the overall haircut is.

Wonderfully Wispy Side Bangs Hairstyle
Instagram @st.m_a_r_i

#35: Wonderfully Wispy Side Bangs

This soft, short-layered haircut with wispy side bangs creates movement and extra volume. I love the charming face-framing detail. Soft waves accentuate the layers nicely. The side bangs require styling for this look, either by round-brushing or straightening. I recommend this haircut/style if you desire more volume around your face.

#36: Nice and Soft Bangs

Opt for a modern take on a classic bob! Bangs have a way of bringing attention to the eyes. It’s a versatile wispy fringe style, and its soft layers go great in a classy smooth-styled bob. Transform your bang hairstyles into something sassy with some textured waves.

mid-length cut with wispy bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#37: Adorable Mid-Length with Wispy Fringe

One downside is that wispy bangs don’t usually look great when you wake up. You’ll want to spend a moment shaping them each day with a curling iron, flat iron, or blow dryer to achieve the look pictured above.

#38: Bold Yet Soft

Opt for a hairstyle that’s bold yet soft. The wispy fringe softens the harsh look of bronde hair colors but also makes its own statement. Women with a small forehead or smaller heads could feel too closed in with such a full fringe. Ask for a fringe if you have a decent-sized forehead for your hair to lay over.

barely there bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#39: Barely There Bangs

Try light, wispy bangs with your next haircut. The rest of your hair will look great in messy waves or even straight. My favorite thing about these bangs is that they are light and easy to work with, especially if this is your first time having them. This look allows you to see how you like having bangs. If you don’t like bangs, these wispy ones are super easy to grow out or push to the side. Use a smaller brush for more volume because the bangs will drop, and we want our bangs to be flat!

trendy short bob with light wispy bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#40: Trendy Short Bob with Light Bangs

A short bob with light bangs is cut with a soft blunt edge but also has some over-directed texture through the front to lighten all around the bangs. Wispy haircuts look good on so many women and need a quick blow-dry! To style, use Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort spray to give some extra texture to the ends. A quick blow-dry and some texture are all this cut needs!

Sultry Shag with wispy bangs
Instagram @kelledoeshair

#41: Sultry Shag

Go for wispy bangs that are sultry but young and flirty. For women considering this edgy look, be ready to style! The bangs can be low-maintenance, but this look works best if you are prepared to work with them. Try sweeping the bangs section back and forth with a round or flat brush to defeat any hard part, then styling them under as usual. Talking to your stylist is key because sectioning matters a lot for these. Start with a smaller section because more hair can be added if it needs to be thick enough.

light and textured wispy bangs
Instagram @olivejoos

#42: Light and Textured Bangs

This effortless look features a soft wispy bang that is trendy and fun! I love that these wispy piecey bangs are light and textured, making styling easier. You have the option to push them away because they are so light, and that makes them versatile for more active lifestyles. This wispy bang is a great style for fine to medium-textured hair that is not too coarse or curly for easier maintenance. I would avoid this style if strong cowlicks or a widow’s peak were present.

Wispy and Textured Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#43: Texturized Medium Hair with Wispy Bangs

Go for a textured medium haircut with lots of movement and face-framing layers to help the bangs blend in. The bangs are blunt but wispy and texturized to give volume to your fine hair. Face-framing wispy bangs will help you completely change your look and amplify a regular style into a glamorous hairdo! If you like a “wash and wear” look, bangs probably aren’t for you.

#44: Versatile Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a versatile way to change your look because they are long enough to wear as side bangs or full bangs. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s a zero-commitment style that grows nicely if you don’t want to wear bangs anymore. You can blow-dry your hair for volume and use a flat iron to make it look textured. No product is needed! This look is ideal for straight hair or if you are looking for a subtle change. It works for any face shape!

#45: Cool Textured Full Fringe

Wispy bangs are the perfect way to enjoy bangs without frequent maintenance. The softer ends grow more naturally, allowing you to go longer between trims. You can recreate the cool cut pictured above with a lengthy fringe, complementing all face types other than a round one. It’s a great look when you’re the type who only wants to put a little effort into styling your hair every day yet still look mesmerizing!

#46: Playful Wispy Full Fringe

So that you know, wispy bangs often need a bit of fine-tuning at first. For example, as in the photo above, you’ll need them trimmed once a month when cut just past your eyebrows. But pairing long and wispy full fringe with a long bob spices up your everyday look! Cutting correctly adds a lot of character and drama to a haircut. Fine/medium textures tend to be more low maintenance than coarse hair, but it all boils down to how long your hair needs to be for the natural bend of your hair to come into play and how thick of a section you’re taking out for your fringe.

Stunning Red Hair With Long Wispy Bangs
Instagram @anthonydavid_

#47: Stunning Red Hair With Long Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a great choice if you have a heart-shaped face. The textured ends will add softness and balance to your facial features. Red hair with a brow-grazing fringe is the perfect hairstyle if you also have a warm complexion. For blended bangs, ask your hairstylist for precise cut or eyebrow-skimming bangs that taper off.

full side-swept pixie with wispy bangs
Instagram @insta_b.allen

#48: Full Side-Swept Pixie Bangs

I love that wispy bangs will make you look younger because they can take years off your face’s appearance. This type of fringe can make your hair look fuller and flirtier. Get an epic transformation when you add a side fringe into a cute short cut like this. It’s an excellent way to balance a long or oval face.